Chapter 4+5+6

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Chapter 4

When we got there, there were a few scattered people, but it wasn’t crowded. We found a clean spot on the ground and sat down. I rested my back against the tree behind me and pulled out my note pad and pencil, ready for inspiration. The sun started coming out and made her eyes sparkle, her beautiful bright brown eyes. The wind blew her hair around, but when it stopped, it fell perfectly without her tryin. “You’re so beautiful.” I told her. She blushed, bowed her head and tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear. “What you don’t believe me?” she looked up at me smiling, my inspiration. I started playing with my thoughts. ‘Oh her eyes her eyes… Her hair her hair fall perfectly without her tryin, she’s so beautiful…’ “…and I tell her everyday!” I said out loud. “What?” Sydney asked confused. “Inspiration.” I said and winked at her, she smiled. ‘I know I know, when I compliment her she won’t believe me, it’s so it’s so sad to think that she don’t see what I see..’ I starred at her trying to finish the lyrics. “What? …Is there something on my face? …Do I look okay? Bruno!” she laughed. “You’re amazing, just the way you are.” ‘but every time she ask me do I look okay, I say. When I see you’re face there’s not a thing that I would change cause you’re amazing just the way you are.’ I looked up and she was smiling at me. When she smiled, it felt like one of those moments in a movie, the all the background goes in slow mo, except the main subject, which here is; her. ‘and when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while, cause girl you’re amazing, just the way you are.’ “Can I see it?” she asked scooting closer to me. “No I’m not done yet.” “Please?” she said giving me puppy dog eyes and sticking out her bottom lip. “Now, how the hell can I say no to that face?” she reached out and grabbed my notebook. “Oh yeah, like this! Nawwwww!” I laughed and grabbed the book back. I pushed her lightly on her shoulder and she fell over dramatically. “Oh no, help me, help me! This strong man, pushed me down.” I got on my knees and hovered over her. “Really?” I laughed at her. We starred in each others eyes, she leaned up and quickly kissed me then laid back down all the way.  She bit her bottom lip, “sorry.” she said shyly. “No I’m sorry.” I said moving a little lower towards her. “For?” she asked confused. “This.” I said and kissed her. This kiss was sweet and full of lust. I put my hand on the side of her face and deepened our kiss.  “Bruno.” She giggled against my lips. “What you don’t like my kisses?” I asked pretending to be hurt. “I love your kisses, but this is a family park people are starring.” she giggled. “If it’s a family park, let’s get started and make a family.” I said and tickled her. “Stop.” She laughed uncontrollably. “Bruno stop.” she laughed. “No your laugh is so sexy, I love it.” “I need to breathe!” I stopped and let her catch her breath, she put her hands on her forehead to block the sun. she sat up and laughed a little. “My laugh is sexy?” she asked with a smile. “Yeah I love it.” “I hate it sometimes.” I shook my head. I picked up my notebook and wrote again. ‘her lips her lips I could kiss them all day if she’d let me. Her laugh her laugh she hates, but I think it’s so sexy. every time she ask me do I look okay I say..’ “Then I’ll go back to the chorus.” I said and wrote chorus under that line. “But the beginning, something to compare.”  “Compare what?” she asked. “God you’re so nosy!” she laughed. “There’s that laugh again.” I smiled, she stopped laughing and covered her mouth.  “Oh come on.” she shook her head.  “What time are we going out tonight?” she asked. “Three hours.” “Already?” “It’s already eight.” “Really?! Time flies when I’m with you. I need to go make my self beautiful for you.” “If perfect’s what you’re searching for then just stay the same. You are beautiful the way you are.” “That’s so sweet, but look at me, I got grass in my hair a little, a little dirt on my pants, and plus how can I get in wearing jeans? How are we supposed to get in anyway?”  “I know the bouncer.” “Please can we go home.” “Alright.” I got up dusted myself off and we walked home hand in hand. She went in her apartment, I went in mine. I put on blue jeans, chucks, a t-shirt, and a fedora. There was a knock on my door about an hour and a half later. I opened it, it was Sydney. “Damn girl!” she walked in swaying her hips and smiling. He hair was down and in curls, she had on a short, tight, low cut red dress. The top tied be hind her neck and the back swooped down just above her butt. With black high heels. “Do I look okay?” she asked and spun around once slowly. “Words can not describe.” I put my hands on her hips and moved them up and down on her sides.  “You like the dress?” “A-huh, even better off you.” I said and licked my lips. “You tryna get freaky already huh?” she asked seductively. “You have no idea.” I kissed her on her lips. I put my hands on her bare back and pulled her in closer to me. I moved my hands on her butt and rubbed it. “I hate to stop this, but we should get going.” She whispered. “Let’s hurry back.” she laughed lightly. “After you my lady.” “You just wanna stare at my ass.” she smiled and walked in front of me. “No lie.” I said locking the door, she laughed. We took a cab to the club. Nick the bouncer let us in without any hassle.  “Man it’s crazy in here.” she shouted. “Let get you a drink.” I smiled at her.  “How?” “I have connections baby.” I walked up to the bar got us drinks and we went to the dance floor. The song playing was fast paced and good to dance to. She started moving her hips then turned round. I walked into her backside so we were touching, she still moved her hips and I moved with her. I kissed the top of her right shoulder, she smiled. She started grinding into me and it felt amazing. The sexual tension right now is intense, but I don’t wanna make a move if she’s not ready. She’s flirting though, if I don’t make a move and she is ready, then she might think I wanna slow down. I have to be able to test this some how. I sat my glass down on the table behind me and wrapped both my arms around her and placed them on her stomach, she put hers on top of mine. “It’s hard for me to keep my hands off of you girl, with you dancing all provocatively and stuff.” “Don’t fight the urge baby.” she said and did a slow grind against my body. “Keep dancing like that and imma have to take you home early.” “And do what?” she asked spinning around in my arms. She put her arms around my neck.  “So many nasty things.” I said seductively. “A-huh.” she said licking her lips. “I’m gonna do you right, don’t you worry.” she played with the hair at the bottom of my head it gave me goose bumps.  “I look forward to it.” she said and kissed my bottom lip once. She reached over grabbed the cherry out of her drink, put it between her lips and pulled the stem off, she chewed it and winked at me.
Chapter 5
She danced a little bit more with me.
“You ready to get outta here?” I asked her.
“We haven’t even been here for an hour.” she laughed.
“I’m sorry.” she looked in my eyes.
“Promise to bring me back some other time?” she smiled at the end.
“Yeah, but if you dance like this again it probably won’t be for long.” I smiled, she laughed.
“C’mon.” she grabbed my hand and led me out of the club. We caught a cab. She was all over me in the backseat. When we got home I led her upstairs. I closed and locked the door behind us. I grabbed her and pushed her lightly against the door. My lips crashed against hers, little moans escaped her mouth. I moved and kissed her neck, she giggled. We moved to the bed room. She went in the bathroom. I took off my clothes except my boxers. I turned down the lights a little and did a few push ups. 
I went in the bathroom to check my breath, it was good. I looked in the mirror, fluffed up my hair a bit. I opened the door a crack and saw him doing a few push ups, I laughed quietly to myself. I closed the door getting nervous. I took off the dress and looked at myself in the mirror. I saw the white scar on my chest from my surgery. I’m still insecure about it. I opened the door and walked out in my bra and panties. He looked me up and down.
“Wow.” he said smiling. I looked down, he walked over to me. He swayed us a little.
“Oh wait.” I said. I bent over all the way, I forgot I was still wearing my heels. He moved away, I looked up at him, he was holding his phone out. “What are you doing?” I asked.
“…Taking a picture.” I shook my head and took off my heels.
“You better not go showin that to anyone.” I said and pushed him backwards on the bed. I put one leg on either side of him and sat on his lap.
“I promise, my eyes only.” he said. He flipped us so I was on my back. His hands roamed my body and his lips kissed every inch of skin on my stomach. He undid the one hook on the front of my bra and slid it off my arms tossing it to the floor. He kissed the top of each of my breasts and then in between them.  He kissed me right above the top of my underwear then took them off. He took off his boxers.
“Wait, do you have…something?”
“Right, yeah.” he opened the drawer in the side table and put one on. He started kissing me again. When he started it was slow, he got faster quick.
“Bruno.” I moaned, that turned him on more. He went faster and stronger.
“You okay.” he asked.
“Yeah I’m good.” he did a quick grind against my body, I moaned. I pulled on his hair, he liked that too. 
“Faster baby.” I moaned.
“As you command.” he said and made out with me. He went as fast as he could.
“Ahh..Bruno.” I moaned finishing, I kissed him and licked the roof of his mouth, he was done soon after. We were both sweating, but laid in each other’s arms.
“Wow.” he said out of breath, “That was amazing.”
“Oh my god out of this world amazing.” I said wiping my forehead. He gave me a sweet kiss on my forehead, we fell asleep.
The shining sun woke me up. I looked over and smiled at the beauty laying next to me. I notice a white line on her chest, I never saw it before. Her eyes fluttered open.
“Good morning.” she smiled.
“Hello.” I smiled. “What happened to your chest?” she looked down.
“Oh, um I had surgery when I was little.” she said slowly.
“If you don’t mind me asking.”
“I had a heart transplant at 11.” she said rubbing the scar. “I’ve always been insecure of this scar.”
“Are you okay now?”
“Yeah. I was born with a weak heart, I could survive off of it, but I was in a car crash. I was in a coma for a week and lost a lot of blood. They had to change my heart so I would have a chance at surviving.”
“Thank you for trusting me with this.” I told her.
“Thanks for listening and not getting weird about it.”
“Why would I be weird about it?”
“Well usually guys call me a freak when they see my scar.”
“Why do they do that?”
“They’ve always picked on me. If you don’t mind could we change the subject?”
“Yeah, no worries. Happy thoughts.” I smiled and kissed her. “So…last night.”
“Yeah.” she smiled. “Unbelievable.” she said up, I joined her. “I mean, it’s not like you could have dissapointed me, but I loved it.”
“Wait, what do you mean?”
“I had nothing to compare it to.”
“Wait…you mean you were a virgin.”
“Yeah, I told you I was never in a relationship.”
“Well I didn’t know if you ever did it with someone out of a relationship.”
“I’m not like that Bruno. I like to be some what committed, I thought we were at the level.”
“We were, w-we are! I just, I wished you would have told me, I would have made it more special.”
“It was amazing, don’t worry about.”
“I want a do over.”
“What do you mean? You can’t exactly… UNDO it.”
I held her hands, “One night, I’ll make us dinner, set the mood, make you feel special and take it slow. Actually make love, not just do it, in the heat of the passion.” I kissed the top of each of her hands.
“Okay.” she said quietly, she smiled. I hugged her and rubbed her back.
“What time do you work today?” I asked her.
“At one.”
“Uh, it’s already 11:45 you might wanna get ready.”
“AH! Sorry, I gotta go.” she gave me a quick kiss, grabbed her clothes, slipped her dress on and carried her shoes across the hall. I took a shower, got dressed and headed down to the studio. 
“Hey, we leave on Tuesday.” Phil said when I walked in.
“Alright, I’m so excited. What if they wanna sign us?”
“That’ll be god!”
“We’ll have to move to LA, right?”
“Maybe, but it’s beautiful down there and plus beautiful women all over there!”
“Man, I already got one.” I smiled.
“So you’re for real with this girl? I mean she’s cute and can sing, but if it ends badly between you two and we get signed it’s not gonna be good.”
“I really think this is something special. I can’t stop thinking about her and when I’m with her nothing else matters. I really think I might be in love with her.”
“Love her? Whoa man slow down you just met this girl.”
“I said I think! And this feeling is just so different, you know. I’ve had girlfriends before, I’ve said I love you, but I’ve never really been IN love. There’s something about her, you know I even wrote a song about her, well two actually.” 
“Lemme hear em!” I handed him my notebook.
“These are good! Definitely hits.”
“Got any names for them?”
“Somewhere in Brooklyn, and Just the Way You Are. I have to finish the second one though.”
“Get on it! Maybe you can sing them for Elektra, help them to sign us.”
“Maybe, I’m gonna go work on them.” I went in the lounge and tried to finish Just the Way You are.
“Hmm, her eyes her eyes… her hair her hair falls perfectly without her tryin. Shinin tryin, shining. What shines…foil, no, the sun, no, the moon? No the stars! Her eyes her eyes make the…stars look like they’re not shinin! Perfect.”  I finished this song and sang it over and over again. I just remember that Presley lives in LA, it would be good to see her. I'm not gonna call her, it'll be a surprise! Hmm, i wonder what she'll think of Sydney, i'm sure she'll love her. i started to mentally pack for the trip.
Chapter 6
After work when I got home I cleaned up a little. I looked in my cabinets for something to eat and all I had was two boxes of macaroni and cheese.
“Maybe I’ll go surprise Sydney.” I smiled and started to cook. I put on some more comfortable clothes, picked up the pot and knocked on her door. 
“Who is it?” her voices chimed behind the door.
“A very wonderful, handsome man bearing food.” she opened the door.
“Um, I wasn’t expecting you.” she said caught off guard.
“Is this a bad time?”
“No, you can come in just let me get dressed.” she moved aside and I walked in.
“You’re naked right now?! All I see are clothes, I don’t see skin.”
“I’m in sweats and an old t-shirt.”
“And like always you look beautiful.” I said sitting the pot down.
“I don’t have makeup on.”
“You don’t need it.”
“My hair, messy bun.” she said trying to fix it. I grabbed her hands.
“You look fine! You look comfy, relaxed, and hot."