Chapter 4+5

03/07/2011 17:54

Chapter 4


“Amber what’s going on?” Bruno Asks


Amber take a deep breath out “ ex boyfriend is here”


“what... where” Bruno looks around


“he’s sitting on the table behind Katie” Amber points


“oh well he isn’t doing anything to you is he?”


“he keeps sending me notes saying he wants to get back with me an i don’t want to get back with him”


“what did he do to you?” Bruno asked


“he cheated on me then he said he loved me so i was a fool and got back with him not knowing he would do it again” Amber started to cry


“well im here for you now i wont let him hurt you” Bruno wiped her tears away


“thanks” Amber smiled


Edward saw her outside with Bruno so he followed them


“don’t worry” Bruno pulled her up close to him and he got close to her


She closed her eyes and kissed him on the lips. Edward watched and got angry


“Amber what’s going on?” Edward walks to them


  “Edward stay away from me!” She yells at him


“thats Edward?” Bruno asks




“who’s this?” Edward points to Bruno


“The guy of my dreams”


Bruno smiles at her


“i thought i was that guy” Edward grabs her wrist


“no you never were” Amber pushes him away and walks off


“Bruno come on!” Amber shouts


Bruno looks at Edward and then runs to Amber



“what happened?” Eric asks




Phil came back to the table “there’s a party do you wanna go?”


“sure” they all said


“oh i need to get changed” Amber said


“okay you want me to take you back to your house?” Bruno looks at her


“yes please”


“are you coming Katie?” Bruno asks


“uhh sure”



They all got into the car and drove to their house


“we are here” Bruno said


“do you guys want to come in?” Amber asks


Bruno turns around they all nodded their head “sure we would love to”


They all got into the house


“wow its huge” Phil said looking around


“yep” Katie smiled


“im gonna go get changed i’ll be back in a minute” Amber said running up the stairs


“me too” Katie said


They all sat down


Bruno laughed


“what?” Phil looked at him


“Katie likes you” Bruno smiled


“how do you know that?” Phil looked confused


“the way she looks at you”


“oh... right”


“bro what happened outside with you and Amber?” Eric looks at Bruno


“oh nothing really” Bruno looked away


Eric could tell he was lying “hmmm...... you kissed her didn’t you”


Amber heard and listened to them


“yes but i couldn’t control myself” Bruno turned red


“okay don’t go braking her heart” Eric looked at him


“ i wont” Bruno yelled


Amber and Katie came downstairs


All of their jaws dropped” wow!” Bruno said


“what?” Amber said


“you look amazing!” Eric said




“so are we ready to go?” Phil asked


“yep” Katie said


They all got out of the door. Bruno waited for Amber


“lets go” Eric said smiling


Bruno grabbed Ambers hand


They all got into the car



Chapter 5


Phil turned on the radio. The Lazy Song was on


Bruno started singing to it “Tomorrow i wake up do some P9OX meet a really nice girl and have some really nice sex an she’s gonna scream out this is great” Bruno looked at Amber


“Oh my god this is great” Amber smiles at him


“as long as i cant hear okay” Phil laughed


They arrived at the party paparazzi were everywhere


“bro go a different way!” Eric yells


So they go to the back exit and go in


“hey Amb look its Rachel” Katie points to her


“do you mind if i go speak to her?” Amber asks with the puppy face


“sure go, i’ll be at the bar” Bruno gives her a hug


“man, normally gals fall for you but your falling for her!” Eric looked surprised


“everyone changes bro” Bruno says



“hey, Rach!” Amber runs to her


“hey! How did you get here?” Rachel said hugging her


“oh....i uhhh......” Amber stuttered


“okay.....well did you hear?!” Rachel said exited


“hear what?”


“where have you been? Anyway Bruno Mars is coming!” Rachel screamed


“but.........he is already here” Amber


“what?! Where?!” she looked around


“at the bar”


“ do you know?” Rachel looked confused


“he............its a long story” she muttered


“well can we meet him?” Rachel smiled


“sure lets go” Amber showed her where he was


There were lots of girls around him


“hey Bruno” Amber shouted to him


“wha.........what?” Bruno turned around to see who it was


“oh hey” Eric said


“this is my friend Rachel by the way” Amber pointed to her


“hey” Bruno said


“hi! Imma huge fan!”


Bruno laughed


“what?” Rachel said


“oh nothing” Bruno replied


“oh i’d better get back to my friends its nice meeting you” Rachel put her hand out


“nice meeting you too” Bruno shakes her hand


“Amber sit down” Bruno patted the seat next to him


Amber sat “hey where is Phil?”


“ummm.......somewhere” Bruno looked around


“he’s there!” Amber pointed to him


“what around those girls?”




Bruno stood up and grabbed Ambers hand


“yo Phil!” Bruno shouted to him


“sup man?”


“nothing what are you doin?” Bruno looked at all of the girls


“just talking here have a seat” Phil said


Bruno sat down and whispered into his ear “how much have you had to drink?”


“i don’t know about 6 or 7” Phil stuttered


“wow........ok we’re going” Bruno stud up and helped him up




“dude you’ve drank too much and you cant even walk!”


“yes i can walk look” Phil lets go of Bruno


“don’t even try” Bruno grabs onto him


Bruno, Phil, Katie and Amber got to Eric


“bro we have to go back to the hotel” Bruno said


“why?” Eric looked at him


Bruno tilted his head to Phil “he’s had too much to drink”


“oh alright its 11:23pm anyway”


They all got into the car and drove to the hotel


“Hey do you guys want to stay at the hotel with us?” Bruno looks at the both


They looked at each other “well if its okay with you then yea” Katie said


They all arrived at the hotel