Chapter 4+5

12/11/2011 16:00

Chapter 4 

FUCK FUCK FUCK FUUUUCCKKKAJDSJDJSJD! I need to learn not to drink this much when I’m out with everyone. I’m actually having such a hard time keeping on control of my actions. It seems that every two seconds I just wanna take Bruno and fuck him. I don’t know who it is but they keep dragging me away from Bruno. Urgh, just fuck off and let me have my way with my sexy fiancé!! God, just watching him down those drinks, just watching him miss his mouth because of how pissed he is is just so mesmerising. Watching the drink slide down his neck is so irresistible, just looking at HIM is turning me on every fucking second. God damn he turns me on so much. I want him. No. I need him. NOW! As soon as I think that I feel Bruno on my lips, I can tell its Bruno, don’t ask me how or why, but I know its Bruno. I start to grind up against him; I don’t give a fuck if anyone is watching. Again, I feel someone pull us apart! What the fuck!? It’s definitely not Bruno… I hear someone yell over the music “GO IN THE BATHROOM OR SOMETHING IF YA FONNA FUCK ABOUT IN PUBLIC LIKE THAT!! JEEEEZ YA SLUTS….” That sounds like Midey! But I’m really too drunk to even know…….. So I take Bruno in to the bathroom and do what I can with him. Well, I do whatever we can try to do…. Erm. I think we had sex.


We go back out and Mid takes us outside to sober up. “Now I want you two to stay out here until you’re sober. Ya hear me? I’m only doing it in your best interest” she says sternly. I try my best to listen to her. I really do. But I just end up stumbling and falling on top of her. We all start laughing and Bruno yells “Hooly shiiiittt!! Kiss her Mid!!” What a guy! Mid pushes me off her and we sit on the floor. Bruno joins us. I lay my head on his shoulder and just stare in to nothingness. We really are out of it. Mid starts to talk at us but we really don’t pay much attention. Not too soon after that Phred comes out “You know they’re both pretty pissed. Bringing them out here won’t sober them up. Come on, let’s get them back inside” Mid helps me and Phred helps Bruno back inside. As soon as we get back inside we both go on the dance floor and start enjoying ourselves. And that’s all I remember. Until….

My phone starts to ring. Where am I? I look around and I’m in the hotel room in my bed with a splitting headache. I ignore my phone and snuggle up to Bruno. Wait. This isn’t Bruno. Like a ninja I turn my light on and see Mid fast asleep at the end of my bed. THANK FUCK! “Hey bitch, answer your fucking phone already” I ignore it for now. “Where’s Bruno? What happened?” She yawns “You passed out at the club so I bought you back here, they stayed on drinking. I dunno what happened with them, but he was with the guys, I’m sure he’s fine…” Why is my phone still ringing!? I look at the time and its 8am….I wonder if all the guys are back yet…. I get up and look and see if the guys are in their room through the connecting door. I see Phred, Ryan, Jam, Kenji, Dre and Eric in the room all fast asleep. I see no Bruno. Where the fuck is Bruno!?! I open the light and they all start moaning at me “Shut the light you ass hole!” Dre yells. “Oh shit, it’s you. Sorry Lex” he apologises. I really don’t care anymore. “Where. Is. Bruno.” I say. They all look around at each other. “He’s not back yet?” Kenji says. “No! Where did he go? It’s almost 9am!” “Well we left him with a few of our old friends, they seemed to be hitting it off, so we just left him and came back here, Lex I’m sure he’s fine” Phred says reassuringly. He probably is fine, but all these visions of Bruno with another Roxy girl start running through my mind. I know he said he’d never do it again, but he was pretty damn drunk. And I can’t help but always have that small worry in the back of my mind though right? SHIT. I need air. I go over to the balcony and light up a cigarette. “Phred. Gimmie your phone” I dial Bruno’s number and I get a message telling me that his phone is off. FUCK. Now everyone is up and awake. Eric comes over to me and hugs me; I don’t need this right now. He whispers in my ear “Bruno does stupid things sometimes. But you know he loves you, and that’s all that matters” Shit. Even Eric is having the same thought track as me.

“Yeah she’s here, hold on….” Mid comes in holding my phone and says “Lex, it’s the police department, they say they wanna speak to you” My heart starts to beat. What could the police want!? Anxiously I answer “Hello?” “Is this a Miss Lexii Roberts?” “Yes, how can I help?” I look up and see all the guys staring at me intently waiting. “Miss Roberts we have your fiancé detained , we think it’s better you come down to the station to sort this out….Miss Roberts, Mr Hernandez would like to speak to you, would you like to accept his call?” “Yeah, put him on please” “Lex?” He sounds pained. WHAT THE HELL!? “Baby. What’s wrong!? What’ve you done!?” “Baby, I don’t even know, I just can’t believe it happened, I didn’t mean to, I. Just, just, come down to the station ok? I love you” He sounds pained. Oh my God. “I love you too Bruno” “Miss Roberts, you’re going to need to bring bail money too, I’ll see you soon” And I put the phone down. I rush outta there and get to the police station. What could he have done!?


Chapter 5 


I walk to the station which actually is in walking distance and speak with the officer. “He did what!? No, no, that can’t be. He can’t have done that! Why would he? And In Vegas of all places! I refuse to believe it” “Ma’am, I understand this comes as a shock to you, but believe it or not. It’s true. Would you like to see him?” I feel light headed. I can’t believe this. Would he have been better off cheating? Of course not. Urgh, I don’t even know anymore. “Yeah, can I see him please?” He nods and takes me in to the cell blocks. I instantly spot Bruno and he spots me and he presses up against the bars. He looks so distraught, I feel like I could break down here. But I don’t. I’m angry. And I’m not gonna fucking give in. “Lex, I’m so fucking sorry. I don’t know what happened, honestly, I just, I don’t know. I don’t know why I did it” I stay silent and just stare at him. He looks like he’s been crying. Good. Oh who am I kidding!? Just seeing him like this is breaking my heart. I lean in and peck him on the lips. As I pull away Bruno leans in closer but is stopped by the cell bars. “Can we get him out of the cell please? How much is the fine?” I pay the fine whilst the officer talks at me. I’m really not listening; I hope Bruno is because I heard absolutely nothing of what he said. I can’t fucking believe this. We walk back in silence. He tries to put his arm around me a few times but each time I just shrug him off. He tries again “Bruno. Don’t touch me” I look over at him and see he looks hurt by what I said and how I said it. Fuck. “Or not at least until you’ve had a shower or something” I say to try and defuse the tension. We get to the hotel and “Is Eric awake? Does he know?” He asks scared. I nod. “They all know, and they’re all probably waiting for you upstairs. So go.” Urgh, I hate speaking like this to Bruno, but I just can’t get over it. “Lex, baby…” I just open the front door and walk upstairs, he stays outside smoking.

I open the room door and sit on the bed and I light up. Everyone else is here too, I tell them what happened and we just wait for him to come in. Finally he does looking ashamed. “BRUNO ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? LIKE ARE YOU FOR FUCKING REAL!? ARE YOU THAT FUCKING STUPID OR SOMETHING? WHAT WAS GOING THROUGH THAT TINY MIND OF YOURS?” Ryan and Phil restrain Eric as he rushes up to Bruno. “I’M SORRY OK!?” “Yeah, you better fucking be, because when I’m done with you…” again Ryan and Phil restrain him. Bruno looks like he’s about to pass out from exhaustion. Poor thing. Wait, what am I saying? Urgh, no matter how hard I try, I still love him, so fucking much, and even though what he did was wrong and stupid, at the end of the day. I still love him. “Bruno I tell you, if Lex doesn’t break the fuck up with you now, then you’re fucking lucky to have her. Remember that” and Eric leaves the room. Bruno doesn’t look at me; he just turns away and rests his head on the wall. “If you don’t mind, I’d like for you all to leave now” Bruno says defeated, and everyone leaves so it’s just us two in the bedroom. I don’t say anything as I get changed ready for bed. Bruno goes over to the balcony for another smoke. Once I’m ready, I get in bed and just wait. I don’t know what I want to hear from him, but I just wait. Eventually he comes in, has a long shower, gets changed himself and get’s in to bed. He doesn’t say anything or even look at me. Just as I decide to go to sleep and ignore him, he whispers “I’m sorry” “What exactly are you sorry for?” I say in a cold tone. “Everything, I don’t know what got in to me, I honestly don’t know why I did it, I’m sorry. I love you” “Bruno. We all like to experiment. But we don’t do it and get caught or let it get out of hand” “I know baby, ahhhh I’m such a fucking idiot! Areyougonnadumpme?” He mumbled the last part. “What?” he exhales “areyougonnadumpmelikeEricsaid” I think I understood what he said… “Bruno stop fucking mumbling” “Urgh, are you gonna do what Eric said?” “Are you genuinely stupid or something!? Like seriously Bruno. Jeeeez. How could you even th-“ He cuts me off “Ok, ok, ok, I’m sorry….” a silence occurs before he finally says “Well, did you think about breaking up with me? Like did the thought pass through your mind for a split second?”He looks scared whilst asking it. But I’m still angry with him so I don’t comfort him. I think about it before I answer. “No, it didn’t cross my mind” He takes my hand and kisses my finger with my engagement ring on it. And again, he says “I’m sorry” and again he kisses my ring. I peck him on the lips and my heart sinks a little just thinking about everything that happened. Without saying another word I try to get some sleep. Usually I sleep in Bruno’s arms or if not like that then some part of me will be touching him, just for the closeness and just to feel like he’s there. But not tonight, tonight I feel like I don’t want to sleep like that. Oh shit, what’s happening to us.