Chapter 4-6

28/01/2012 21:02

Chapter 4:

“Bruno Im not reallly comfortable because Ive never really been in love before and I have a hard time opening up because I dont wanna get hurt, like I see all these other girls get hurt” “hey look, Im not gonna hurt you Im really trying to get to know you and be your best friend and someone that you can run to when your hurt and need a shoulder to cry on” whhhhhhhyyyy does he say all the right stuff, he cant be real “And on top of that yes I lack a lil in the sexually department” 

Yessssssssssssssss she said it, thats what I wanted to hear. “Look love its ok, Youve keept your inocence and you dont have to feel like you needed to have sex with the first dude you seen that had a nice body and perfect smile” OMGGGGGGG I have to have this girl shes everything ive ever wanted, Like I get to start allll over and make her feel everything shes every wanted to feel, ohhhhh yesss shes def mine. “Bruno its awkward talking about all this, Like I feel comfortable but not that comfortable”  he put his hand on her thigh “Look Sammie im not trying to get in your panties right off the bat, Do I wanna kiss you right now, YES, Do I wanna make love to you all night long, YES, but am I going to wait for the right moment in time, YES, so dont worry about me Im not those dudes that your use to Im grown” 

Wow hes such a gentlemen. he said that in a perfect way, Damn how bad do i want to turn the damn lights off, take my clothes off and let him fuck me on this damn floor ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh “Bruno…..I have nothing more to say….”

Wait what did I say something wrong to her I dont get it what the hell “Did I say something wrong” “No you said everything I wanted to hear” “Oh ok for a second there I thought I was gonna loose ya because you werent really saying anything hahaha” only does she know that I was being really serious about taking my time with her…

“Ok well I have to work in the morning again and i needa get my beauty rest” “Oh yes I really dont want to interupt that” “Ok so ill see ya on Friday for the club thing” “hey imma ask you this because I dont want you to be startled” “Ok what” “Can I kiss you now, is that ok”  dont even say anything back Sammie just take charge and pull him in for a kiss….

Damn shes so fuckin sexy, I cant believe she just pulled me in like that. Damn I must of made something come out of her, but I cant complain I like what i feel. “Damn girl…Okay..nevermind…” we both start laughng and she puts her head on my shoulder as we walk to her front door “Ok so i will call you friday sweetheart” “Ok ill see you then” Bruno kisses her and walks out the door. 

That was the most passionate kiss Ive ever had, its been like 2 weeks and I think I might have a keeper……

Friday Night: 

Bruno and his friend Ryan, Faith and Sammie walk in the club… “Damn this joint is off the chain” Brunos friend Ryan yelled “Yeah man this shits on top” bruno said laughing Me and Faith went over to freshen up at the ladies room while the guys went over to the bar… “OMG brunos friend is so fuckin sexy, who is he” “Damn Faith chill out girl, his names Ryan, Bruno hasnt said much about him just that they went to high school together” “Girl mmm mmm that is a piece of ass that I have to have” “Your so stupid” as the girls put on their lip stick and fix there hair some girls walk in and start talking….

“Did you see him” “No” “hes here” “He cant be, i texted him and he said that he was busy” “Yeah he prolly said that because he wanted you to think he wasnt coming, but him and music, how is he not going to come” “Yeah,i guess, I really miss him, fuck i wish he wouldnt have seen me that night, i fucked up I really did he was sooo good to me, but something was just missing from him” “Well you noe with singers” “yeah girl”

Sammie and Faith walk out the bathroom into the half noisy hall:

“Damn they are going threw it” “yeah, well im glad we dont have thoses problems, come on Sam we got some fine ass sexy men waiten for us lets go” Faith drug me all the way threw the crowd and then I felt a hand grab mine…….



Chapter 5:

“Hey beautiful, I thought you werent going to make it” Dammmmmnnnnnnn wtfffffff how the fuck did he see me “Faith ill catch up to you” “Ok girl see ya in a sec” “So you brought some friends I see” “Yeah I did” “So what are you getting into later” “Going to my friends house” “Oh so you have a boyfriend” did i even say boy, no, whats this guy thinking, hes trynna catch me up “Yeah my boyfriends house” “Is he here with you” “yeah hes over there at the bar, the one with the jean jacket on” “Oh I see, so how long have yall been together” um fuck what do i say, think sammie think fast come on your a good liar “Weve been going strong for 4 months now” “Oh good for you” “Yeah, um it was nice seeing ya but I gotta go..See ya around” Damn this guy wont stop, shit I hope Bruno didnt see me, well its not like Im with him, but wait I called him my boyfriend, but wait is it to soon, and wait does he even wanna be my boyfriend, ahhh shit what did i do….

Shes so perfect, look at that amazing body, and those beautiful lips, i could just kiss them all night, she doesnt understand how bad i want her to stay in my life, i want to share everything with this girl. “Hey cutie, where you been?” “I was talking to that Kameron guy I told you about” “O yeah is he performing tonight” “Um yeah I think so, why you so interested in him” shit i never told her about my love and passion for music, well there will be a time for that “Um i play a few things myself” “WHAT, you never mentioned that” “Yeah sorry I wanted to save a few things for later” “Oh no its ok I thought you were hidding something” “Well maybe I am” damn did i just hear open mic at a club, hell yeah let me go up there and show here a lil somethin…

Bruno walks up to the stage.. 

“What the hell is he doing” “He never told you” Ryan said with a confused look on his face “Um NO, if he told me I wouldnt be askin you and lookin all dumb” “Oh yeah ok well he sings and plays many instruments” “WAIT a minute, you mean to tell me MY BRUNO sings and plays gutair and piano and all different things” “Yes that and All Different Things All different things” hes so fuckin gonna get it from me when he gets off that stage “Just watch him, listen your gonna love him, if you dont already hell prolly sweep you off your feet, lol thats what he always says, he thinks he can get all the girls from him singing hahahah damn Bruno” Wait all the girls, imma need to back up a lil and observe everything for a moment, ive got to slow down no matter how fast im fallin for Bru…

Gosh this is a lot of people and I dont even have my bros, damn, ok suck it up and go for it… “whats your name son” “My name is Bruno, and imma sing a lil somethin for yall tonight, wait do yall have a gutiar I could use” Kameron comes over and hands him one..”Thanks bro, Well imma just do a cover of a song I love…Yall might like it and might of heard it before and if you have then help a brotha out…


You dont have to put on the red light

Those days are over      (Kameron joins in playing the trambone, with some help from his boys James & Dwyane on the Trumpet and Sax)

You dont have to sell your body to the night 


You dont have to wear that dress tonight 

Walk the streets for money

You dont care if its wrong or if its right 

Wow they are really liking this, damn i needa do this more often. “Thanks everyone that was just the beginning of what you will see in the future, Yall have a blessed night” I wasnt expecting anyone else to play with me but it sounded good hearing the live band in the background Oh how i wish Phil could hear this, Phil was my bestfriend, my partna in crime, my left hand man, my Smeeze “Thanks yall, You guys didnt have to do that” “Naw its cool bruh we aint come her to not play, so its cool to see some talent up on this stage” Kameron said “Well we needa get together and have a talk because I can use a band and Im whippen up some shit in the studio so if yall down to come threw one day and do the damn thang then let me know” “For sure bruh”  Damn look at her, I hope she was impressed by what she heard. 

“Bruno” I ran up to him and gave him a huge hug “What the hell bruno, what was that, where did that come from” “Oh what my voice, well ya see that happens when the throat center of our manifestaton….” “No bruno, what the hell shut up” we both started laughing “I said i wanted to wait and save a few things and that was something special that i wanted to show you” ryan comes in around the corner “hahahah my dog, now thats how you do it” “thanks bruh bruh” “Aye imma take Faith outta here shes tired and im tired so well head out and ill get her home safe, so yall can do a lil more talking” Faith didnt even say a word she let Ryan do all the talking, he seemed like he was a smooth talker, and Faith totally would fall for a guy like Ryan…”Be safe Fay” i yelled as they walked away and she gave me the hand gesture that she heard me loud and clear..

Damn now that they are gone what do I do, imma get her outta here. “Hey sweetie you ready to go to” “Um yeah lets head outta here, imma lil hungry” “Ok me too lets hit up Denny’s” “Ok sounds good to me” perfect now we can talk about my music, I gotta tell her everything tonight…I will.. I will….

Pulling up at Denny’s:

“Table for 2, right this way” wow this place is really packed on friday night well hell what am i saying its basically Saturday morning. “Wow Bruno, how did you know to come here” “Me and my boys used to come here all the time” “Oh I see, this is how yall used to get the girls” “hahaha very funny” “I have to pee ill be right back, dont leave me here either” “Now why would I do such a thing” “stay here” “Ok, ok”

I need to let her know about everything, Damn where do I  even start, my life has been so fucked up, I mean im only 21 but damn ive been through hell and back it seems like…”Hi, Bruno” what the hell is she doing here “Lina what are you doing here” “We used to come here when we first meet, remember” “yeah, but, ok, so, I dont want to even see your face let alone talk to you” “Look baby I know I fucked up…” “Fucked some other dude, yeah get the fuck out of my face” “baby look Im so sorry I love you, I missed your touch and the way you loved me and kissed me” why is she doing this to me, (Lina started rubbing Bruno’s back) “Baby dont you miss me” “No Lina, I dont get the fuck off of me, dont touch  me, just go, leave now” “Fine Bruno, But your gonna wish you haddnt said that” “yeah and i bet you wish you hadnt fucked that dude” 

He has such an amazing voice, oh I want him to sing me to sleep, every night. I love it…. woah.. ouch.. “Oh…hey…sorry didnt see you..hey…Sammie” oh gosh not you again “Hey kameron” “So your dude, hes good, we might be workin together” “Oh really, Nice, good to hear that” oh fuck, thats just great, Bruno just doesnt even noe that this dude wants to be with me so damn bad. “hey here’s my number, just save it in your phone, you can give it to Bruno later so we can chat, and if you ever needa talk, call it” and he just walked away just like nothing ever happened, ok ill save it anyways, Bruno might need it later” 

Bruno and Sammie chatted all night about Bruno’s love for music and how it means the world to him…..



Chapter 6:

“Sammie I want to take you somewhere special to my heart” “Ok and where is that Bruno” damn I hope she doesnt think this is corny or anything “Here just put this around your head until we get there” bruno grabs a tie out the back seat of his car and ties it around Sammies eyes “Ok Bruno, dont take me anywhere a kill me now” “Im not, Just chill, you trust a brotha dont cha” “yes” “Ok i got this baby, sit back and cruise” 

Where the hell is this boy taking me, what does he want to show me… (Bruno pulls up to this red building and he undoes Sammies knot and lets her see where they are..”Where the hell are we, whys this place so special to you its just a big red building” 

“Sammie, this is where I spend most of my days” “Ok so you stay here…why…” “Well, im actually trying to get into the music industry, I want to be a solo artist” “Well, I mean from what I just heard at the club, you def have the voice, the looks, and the girl to stand behind you” what, is she really calling me her boyfriend “So does that mean that me and you are calling it official” “Yes, Bruno” YESSSSSS fuck yeaaaahhhhh, I got her “Ok let me show you the inside, (bruno grabs her hand and walks her threw the black gate and into the studio” 

Did I really just say that OMG I hope he feels the same way….” Wow, this is way different then what I thought it would look like, Blue walls and nice equpiment” “Yeah weve been saving up and were actually just renting days and nights from a friend of ours.. Ari” “Of ours” “yeah Me and Phil, my smeeze” whos this crazy dude with the big glasses… “HEYYYY MOI GOI what up, and whos this pretty young thang” wow hes funny “This is Samantha” “Yeah but you can call me Sammie” “Oh, Sammie, Sammie, Sammie what a beauty” “Ok now Phil” “Shut up dog im just playin around” Wow these guys are to funny, this must be his partner he was talking about earlier… So he must be good at what he does besides what I heard… 

“hey Phil, imma show her around a lil bit” “Ok well im headed on my way out anyway so yall have a fantastic night” Phil knew when I said that, it was time to get the hell out, that was always our key saying when we wanted alone time with that special girl, not that I did this all the time, I never bring just any girl here, I only bring a girl here if she shows me that shes interested in me first and not the fame and music and money… Thats why I didnt want to show Sammie this part of me until she learned a lil about who I was first…”Ok im outta here bruh, catch yall later, and Sammie it was nice meeting you and I look forward seeing ya on the flip side” “Bye Phil it was nice to meet your crazy butt too” “get outta here dog” Phil was always trynna charm up my dates hes so crazy like that, but thats moi goi he is always someone you can talk to about your problems…Now let me play my magic on Sammie…. “Heres where all the magic happens, right in this booth” “Can I hear something, Like give me a lil Live Show, I got front row seats now so let me get what I paid for” Damn I got her right where I want her. Time for Action babyyy

He is everything and more I could of ever wanted in someone to Love…(bruno starts singing) 

emmm, emmmm

How do I end up in the same old place,

faced again with the same mistakes,

so stubborn thinkin I know what is right,

but life proves me wrong everytime,

takin roads that lead me nowhere,

how do I expect to get there,

but when will I learn to just put you first.

I come to you now when I need you,

but why do I wait to come see you,

I always try to do this on my own but I was wrong cause only with you can I move on. Can I move on.

OMG look at his face, hes sooo killing me right now I cant hold this in anymore…FUCK IT “Did you like it” (Sammie grabs bruno’s hand and leans in for  kiss, they are now sitting in the couch) “Damn Sammie I take that as a yes…I guess” “yes Bruno I Adored it, you just made my heart melt” i think im starting to fall in love with this boy “Thank You, I wrote that a while ago” “I loved every bit of it, I want to hear more” 

Im so glad she likes it, shes bringing something out of me that no girl has before, what..… Ive only known her for a small time..Do I even believe in love at first site… what the hell.. no..but shes different.. i dont even have words to explain my feelings towards this girl…is that love??? nahhh it cant be “Sammie” “yes” “I want to tell you something, now before I say it dont think Im crazy” what is she doing (Sammie puts her finger over Brunos lips) “Shhhh bruno dont say anything.. Can I just listen to your heart beat” “yeah sweetie” (So he let her lay her head on his chest so she can listen to his heart beat, he starts rubbing his fingers threw her hair and then they hold hands and Bruno lifts Sammies head up with his index finger and he looks her deep in her eyes “I want to make sure that your here for all the right reasons, are you in this till the end” “Yes, I dont want to get hurt, im open and letting you have a piece of my heart now, I expect that you will not tarnish that piece in any way, take care of it Bruno, because if you drop it, loose it or get it wet, Im not going to be the same” “I have it now, see look, Im putting in my wallet itll be safe there” they both started laughing “i know its hard to say this and weve only known eachother for a while but… Im starting to fall for you hard” “Awww me to Bru” shit she calls me Bru, damn man im loving this girl… (Bruno pulls Sammie closer and holds her and kisses her forehead and they ended up falling asleep together listening to eachothers heartbeats until they both begin to beat as one…….