Chapter 4 - Mom...

04/06/2011 10:40

Johnathan and I are at the pool just hanging out letting our calves just lay in the water while we laid back on the cement and just talked about the school.
         “So is every girl like in love with Mr. Mars?” I ask Johnathan. I look over to him and see his face fall a little.
         “Pretty much yeah..” he sighs. “I mean I get it he’s attractive.. and nice.”
I interrupt him, “And funny..” I realize I shouldn’t have said anything. Johnathan looks over at me and hits me in the arm. “What?!”
         “You like him too!?” He looks away from me and crosses his arms. “I thought you were different. One who wasn’t one of Mr. Mars’s CRAZY fans.”
         “I’m not!” I try to explain. “ It’s just Mr. Mars is just so..” I couldn’t explain anymore because Bruno came walking into the pool area. He looks straight over to me and smiles. I smile back, but then as if I were in a movie he turns around all slow like and takes someones hand from behind him. When that person comes out from behind him... my jaw drops and I grab a hold of Johnathan. “Look at Mr. Mars.” I try staying calm but it’s hard.
         “Who is that?!” He exclaims pushing his sunglasses up on his head. I see his jaw dropping and his hand moving.
I grab his hand and say, “Please don’t touch your junk, because… that’s my mom.” I see her brown hair waving around in a ponytail, and her in her bikini. Damn it! Why did she have to be so young looking?! I take my legs out of the pool and put my sandals on. I’m storming out of the pool area with Johnathan trying to follow behind me. When did this happen? How could it have happened? Maybe he was just showing her around the pool. As I make it to the doors I look back and see my mom leaning against him and my face contorts. Bruno sees me and he doesn’t even care. At least I don’t think he does.
         “How is she your mom? She’s... woah!” I roll my eyes and push Johnathan through the door. “Sorry! That must sound weird since it’s your mom.” I nod my head and stand in the elevator waiting for it to get to my floor. The elevator opens up and I step out with John (his new name). “Do you wanna tell me something Tatianna? You’re seriously stressing me out!” John is trying to get me to talk to him. It’s nice but in no way is he close enough for me to confide in him about my personal life.
         “John… why don’t you just go?” I groan and look over at him. I reluctantly get up my bed and am dragged by John to the pool area... again. I wait by the pool door as I watch my mom and Bruno swimming around, I can pretty much feel the anger brewing in my body. When John comes back I see Bruno looking over at me.
         “Ok let’s...” I pull John closer to me and kiss him. When I let go his eyes are wide and his mouth is open as if to say ‘what the fuck was that?!’ I look past his expression to Bruno and give him a smirk. Two can play his game. I pull John into the apartment before he starts to yell at me. “What the hell was that for?! Are you crazy!”
I try to quiet him down, “NO! Ok John. Yes I like Mr. Mars, and to me he’s Bruno. He likes me! Not my mom! I swear, it’s crazy what I’m saying but it’s true! He’s trying to piss me off!” John stands there with his hand on his hip and his other hand out like some prissy snob and a very confused look on his face. “I’m not lying!”

“I never said you were! I believe you in some strange way... I do.” John looks back out there and back to me. “I would talk to him about this little... mom and him dating.” John and I walk into the elevator and he looks at me. “I should tell you something. I lied. Today.. when you asked if I was gay? I said I’m as straight as my boners?” He bites his lower lip and laughs a little. “ I’m as straight as a shoe lace.”

“I knew it! Why didn’t you tell me earlier!?” John shrugged and the elevator door opened up to the lobby.

“Now that you know that.. there will be no more kissing. Not even to get Mr. Mars jealous. Bye Tatianna!” He waves bye to me and I press the 7 button to go back up. Later that night I was watching TV trying to do some home work when my mom came in giggling her ass off.

         “Hey sweet heart!” She kisses me on my forehead and I try not to yell at her.
         “Hi.” I mutter to her.
She looks down at my home work and asks, “How was school?”
         “Fine.” I respond.
         “Good. So I’m going out tonight. I’ll be back later... don’t wait up. You can order in what ever you would like.” She says as if nothing was wrong. But why would anything be wrong? It’s not like she knows I made out with Bruno today.
         “Bruno! Can you believe it?!” She was applying new makeup and trying to some short red dress on.
         “You’re already dating? It’s only been like a month since dad tried to...” My mom looks at me and get really close to my face.
         “We do not speak of him... or what we had before now. I’m pretty sure we had this down two weeks ago.” She explains to me and then goes back to applying her eyeliner.
         “I’m gonna go outside. Bye.” I leave the room and find Bruno walking towards our apartment. He walks straight past me and stands right at the door and knocks. I turn on my heel and walk to him. I stand right up across from him and give him a stare.
         “What are you trying to do with her?” I ask him.
         “Go on a date.” That smart ass.
         “Bull! You kissed me today and now you go for my mom! Way to down grade!” I whisper yell to him.
         “I chose her because she is MY age.” He tries to defend himself.. it isn’t working. “ Plus you seem pretty cozy with Johnathan.”
         “John?! No! He was a dist..” I stop and can’t believe I’m arguing this.
I take those silly sunglasses off his eyes and throw them down the hall. “Listen up! You like me! Admit it! It’s illegal, yes! So? No one needs to find out.” I plead to him. Bruno looks at my door and then back to me. He cups my face in his warm hands and just as he comes in to kiss me the door opens up and we quickly back away from each other.
         “Ready?” asks my mom
         “You look...” Bruno looks over and back to my. “great. Let’s go. See you tomorrow Tatianna.” He waves to me and I watch as they walk down the hall he picks up his sunglasses, brushes them off, puts them back on and smiles back at me. That mofo. I end up falling asleep and waking up the next morning looking at my mom, not even changed, completely out on the bed. What did they do last night? They couldn’t have had sex... no mom wouldn’t do that.
         I get up, shower, change into a pair of short shorts, a black and green plaid button down and put on a pair of sandals. I quickly apply my eyeliner, and put my hair into a high ponytail. I’m in the elevator going down to get to school and it opens up on 5 and Bruno walks in. How is it I always end up finding him? He steps in and the elevator seems to be moving very slowly now. I look at him and he looks at me. Next thing I know I’m up against the doors of the elevator making out with Bruno. His hands are on my waist bringing me closer to him, not that we can really get any closer, and my left leg is wrapped around his body. When the elevator finally lands on L I let go of him and the doors slide open and I go tumbling down onto the floor of the lobby.
         “Woah! You okay?” asks Bruno as he helps me up. “Damn that gravity!” he jokes around and I chuckle. I’m a little frazzled and I’m trying to fix my hair to make it look neater, but I can’t help but smile as we both walk to school. I feel the tension between us at school, I know all he wants to do is kiss me and talk to me but he can’t. For three reasons. One, he’s my teacher. Two, it’s illegal. Three, he’s dating my mom.