Chapter 4

20/04/2011 22:59


"What took you so long to go back home? It's quarter to 5 already. Aren't you going to get ready for the concert?" Calyx said to Alegria, clearly worried about his sister.

"Huh? Uhm.. I just.. I did something. That's all." Alegria said. 'Oh my God.. Please Lord, don't make him ask more questions..' Alegria still can't forget about what happened at the hotel.

'I guess she went to the cemetery.. She doesn't talk about Bruno.. Oh well..' Calyx sighed. "Did you see him?"

"See who?"

"Bruno, of course. So, how did he react about the fanbook that you made?" Calyx said as he sat down beside Alegria.

"He.. Uhh.. He smiled when I gave him the fanbook.." Alegria answered. 'Careful Alegria.. Choose your words carefully..'

"Well... Okay. Good thing it's Saturday today, no work equals no hassle. Oh, by the way, I cooked something for you. You have to eat before you leave."

"Thanks.." Alegria answered. 'Whew.. That was close..' Alegria immediately stood up and prepared. After she ate and brushed her teeth, she went inside the bathroom. She suddenly remembered about what happened at the hotel. 'Why the hell did I do that?' She said to herself, as she held her lips. She can still Bruno's soft lips. Even though she just gave Bruno a quick kiss, she have felt the softness and sweetness of his lips. 'Ohhh.. Stop thinking about it, Alegria.' She took the soap and turned the shower on.

After her bath, she decided about what to bring to the concert. A bottled water, pain killers, towel, a banner that she made three days before the concert, and a camera. 'That should be enough.' Alegria said to herself as she grabbed her bag and put all of her things inside.

'Maybe I should give something to Bruno after the concert.' She looked at her necklace that her parents gave her when she was just a kid. The necklace was simple, it only had a silver, note-shaped pendant with 'Alegria' carved on it's back but it was still meaningful to her. 'Maybe I should give this to him.' But it was too precious. Should she give it to him or not? Maybe she should give him something else.

She looked around her room... T-shirt... No. Jacket.. No. She looked for something masculine that she could give to Bruno but she couldn't find one. She sighed. 'Well.. I guess this is the only thing that I could give to him. It doesn't show masculinity, nor feminity. But this should be okay.' She looked at her necklace, and kissed it. She stood up and got out of her room.

"You going already?" Calyx asked.

"Yeah. Uhm Calyx, can I have" Alegria smiled.

"Have fun at the concert. Oh.. Wait, did you bring some pain killer?" Calyx asked, worried.

"Yes, I did. Where's the house key? You might be sleeping by the time that I come back."

"Here. Be safe." Calyx handed Alegria the key. He stared at her as she went out of the house. 'Will she be fine?'


There were lots of people who were waiting for the concert to start. The stadium was almost full. It seems like all of the fans are excited for the concert. Alegria took her seat. After few moments of waiting, Bruno and the band showed up. The crowd was electrified. They shouted in excitement, including Alegria. This was the first time that she'd see Bruno perform live.

Bruno started the concert by performing Just The Way You Are, followed by Grenade, Runaway Baby, Count On Me, and a lot more. The crowd sang along with him. Some female fans were shouting at the top of their lungs. Some were taking photos and videos using their camera. Alegria kept taking photos of Bruno, finding a perfect shot.

Bruno played Marry You next. Then Alegria decided to take the banner from her bag. It said "I LOVE YOU BRUNO! MARRY ME? :D" Bruno saw the banner and sweetly smiled at Alegria. The song was finished, the fans were still screaming. Then suddenly, Bruno said something to the crowd

"I wanna sing the next song to one special girl tonight." The crowd shouted even louder.  Bruno smiled and continued. "Her name's Alegria and she's right here." Bruno smiled as he introduced Alegria to the crowd. Alegria blushed in her surprise. Her eyes widened. She raised an eyebrow at Bruno, wondering why he did that. Bruno just smiled and started singing. Phil, Kenji, Phredley, Eric and Jamareo all looked at each other, smiling.

"If I told you I was perfect I'd be lying.. If there's somethin' I'm not doing, girl I'm trying. I know I'm no angel, girl. But I'm not so bad. No, no, no.." Alegria's heart melted as she watched Bruno sing. She didn't expect Bruno to do this to her. Before the chorus, Bruno looked at Alegria then smiled.

"You should know there's beautiful girls all over the world. I could be chasin' but my time would be wasted. They got nothin' on you, baby. Nothin' on you, baby.." Alegria just stared at Bruno with serious eyes.

"She's so lucky!" said the girl beside Alegria. "I wonder if she's Bruno's girlfriend." Another one said. Alegria ignored what the girls have said, as if she didn't hear anything. She just listened and watched Bruno and the band perform.

Bruno and the band played more songs and then they bid good bye to the audience. The concert was finished. Some people started go home. After a few minutes, a man with big muscles approached her.

"Are you Alegria?" The man asked her.

"Uh.. Yes.." Alegria answered.

"Follow me." Alegria went with the man and after a few moments, they were already at the backstage.

"Wait here." The man told her.

Alegria looked around. 'Where is he?' Her heart beated fast, but she didn't know why.

"Looking for me?" Alegria turned around, and it was Bruno. Bruno approached Alegria smiling so sweetly.

Alegria noticed that Bruno's clothes change. "Did you change your clothes?"

"Uhm, yeah. I was covered up with sweat, so I changed my clothes." Bruno said.

"Oh.. Uh, by the way. I have something to give you." Alegria removed her necklace from her neck then gave it to Bruno. "I've been wearing this since I was a kid. Don't loose this one, or I'll kill you." Alegria jokingly said as she grabbed Bruno's hand and put her necklace in his palm.

"Wow.. Thanks." Bruno said, as he smiled and looked at the necklace. "I promise I'll take good care of this." Bruno took off his necklace then wore the one that Alegria gave her.. "Should I give this to you?" Bruno showed Alegria the ring.

"No, it's okay. You can keep it. Finders keepers." Alegria smiled.

"You gave me a ring and a necklace, so I'll give you two things too. First thing that I'm gonna give you is... my hat." Bruno took his hat off and put it on Alegria's head.

"Oohh.. Thanks." Alegria said as she arranged the hat to the side."I'd catch a grenade for ya.." Alegria sang, trying to impersonate Bruno. They both laughed and looked at each other. "So, what's the other one that you're gonna give me?"

Bruno looked around, then held Alegria's hand and started walking. "Where are we going?" Alegria curiously asked. Bruno then dragged her to a part of the backstage area where people wouldn't easily notice or see them. Bruno looked at Alegria's eyes. "This." Bruno leaned his face near to Alegria's.  Alegria's heart thumped louder and louder as Bruno's lips were becoming closer to her's. She closed her eyes.

"Yo Bruno, what are you doing right there man? The bus is wait--" Phil stopped and was surprised by what he had seen.

Alegria opened her eyes and moved one meter away from Bruno. She was startled by Phil.

'Damn..' Bruno said as he bit his lips, clearly disappointed. He scratched his head.

Phil tried to hide his laugh. "Ohhh.. Alegria, it's you! Oh,  I'm sorry, did I.. interrupt.. something?"

"No, no! Nothing at all.. Hehe.." Alegria said as her face went red.

"So this is why Bruno was smiling when we were on the way here." Phil teasingly said to Alegria. Alegria shyly smiled, not sure what to say. Bruno kept silent, hiding his disappointment.

"Man, we were looking all over for you." Kenji said, walking with the rest of the band towards Bruno. The bodyguards followed after them.

"Where were you?" Jamareo asked.

"Oh, Alegria. You're here." Eric said.

"Ooohh.. I smell something fishy." Phredley said.

Phil smiled. "I told you Phredley, Bruno likes Alegria!" Bruno just smiled at Phil.

"The bus is waiting." One of the bodyguards spoke.

"Let's go guys." Kenji said as he followed the bodyguards.

Bruno looked at Alegria. "Wanna come with us?"

"No no, it's okay." Alegria shyly answered.

"Naaww girl, come with us. We'll eat dinner at the hotel and celebrate there, since there's no after party." Phil said.

"You should come too." Eric winked at Alegria. Alegria looked at Bruno, still not sure if she'd come. Bruno gave her his 'pleading look'.

"Ohhh.." Alegria's still hesitating.

"Please?" Bruno tried to look as charming as he could.

"Oh.. Alright. I'll come." Alegria finally agreed. She couldn't resist Bruno's cuteness, she thought.

"Yes!" Bruno said, happy that he successfully convinced Alegria.

"Come one guys, the bus is waiting." Jamareo said. They went outside the stadium, guarded by fans who wish to take pictures of them, then went immediately inside the bus. Bruno assisted Alegria as she went inside the bus. Alegria sat at the back part of the bus. Bruno followed then sat beside her.

Alegria was rubbing her hands and blowing them, trying to lessen the cold that she was feeling. Bruno took off his jacket and put it on Alegria's back. Alegria looked at him.

"No, it's okay. You can put this back on." Alegria said and tried to remove the jacket.

Bruno stopped her. "I'm fine, you need it more than me." Bruno smiled and gave her a warm hug. Alegria's face turned red. She looked at the window, trying to hide her face from Bruno.

"Alegria." Bruno gently called her.

Alegria turned to look at Bruno. "Wh--" Bruno kissed Alegria's lips before she could finish talking. Alegria's eyes widened. She didn't know what to do. Her heart was beating so fast. She kissed him back, gently but passionately. After a few moments, they stopped kissing, trying to catch their breathe. Bruno smiled at her, then he gently held Alegria's face. And gave her one quick kiss on the lips.

Bruno looked around the bus to see if someone was looking... No one. He looked at Alegria. "Shhh.." Alegria smiled at him, then put her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. Bruno held Alegria's hands tightly. Their hands intertwined.