Chapter 40+41 - long chapters :)

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Chapter 40

“Why are we going tonight?” Oh my God, I’m so not ready for this. “I mean, you could’ve given me more notice than a couple of hours, Bruno I can’t handle this! I mean, Just, Like how ar-““Shhhhhhhh” he says as he places his finger on my lips. He sits next to me and starts to rub my lower back to calm me down. “Lex, its ok that you’re nervous, but I promise you, they’re gonna love you, and it’s not like I’m gonna go and leave you there, I’m gonna be with you 24/7 just like at home” I take a deep breath and say “Why tonight? What happened with Flo?” “He left, we worked on the song, we made a few demos and now it’s up to him if he wants to use it, although he did seem pretty happy with it. You want me to get you a glass of water?” “Yes please” I drink all of the water in one go and place the glass on the table. “Feeling better?” “No” “Mid’s upstairs, go help her” and he pecks me on the lips and forces me to get up. I make my way upstairs and see my clothes EVERYWHERE. “MID!” “Shush, I’m helping you, now where’s your black bikini, you can’t be wearing your red one in front of the in laws….” “Oh God, please don’t call them that” “Suck it up Lex! One day they will be” “Whatever….who called you anyway?” “Well I called you up and he answered and told me he wanted to leave tonight, so I rushed over to help. Because THAT’S how much of a good friend I am Lex” “Ok then…” and I start to pack Bruno’s suitcase whilst Mid does mine. “How have all of Bruno’s clothes ended up here anyway!? He hasn’t moved all his stuff in yet, or has he?” Mid says confused. “No he hasn’t moved his stuff in yet, but he always leaves stuff here, I mean look! His whole wardrobe must be here! he’s so messy!” “Yeah, he is, but you looooveee him” “I do” “And you like to fuuucckk him” “I do” “Ew, you’re sick Lex!” “Someone’s jealous…..” “He has some ugly ass clothes! Except these, these are hot” and she points to the new clothes I bought him. “I know right, he likes to wear floral shirts a lot, I guess it that sexy Hawaiian-ess in him or something” Once we’re both done with the packing, I sit back on the bed and think about how hungry I am. “I’m so damn hungry, I haven’t eaten since this morning” “And that’s why I made you this” Bruno walks in with a sandwich and a soda. “Wow that’s creepy! Anyway, I’m off, have a happy trip you two” Mid says as she leaves. “Bye Mid” I turn to Bruno “What’s in the sandwich?” “Fuck knows, I’m going in for a shower” I just stare at the sandwich. “EAT!” He yells from the bathroom. I take a bite. Oh it’s just cheese. Yum. Once Bruno’s out of the shower, I go in. When I’m out I can’t decide whether to straighten my hair or not. “Baby, what’s it like in Hawaii? Is it humid?” He pokes his head round the door and says “Yeah, don’t bother straightening your hair, you wanna see what mines gonna be like, afro alert!” urghh. I just stare at my curly hair in disgust. He comes up behind me and says “Lex, I like your hair curly, that’s how I first remember you with this big mess of hair” I just laugh at him and push him out the door “Leave so I can get ready!” “And you’re making me leave the room why?” “You’re a distraction” “How!?” “You watch me…….and you’re hot so I end up just staring at you” “Well, I am hot…..” Jeeez he does make me laugh. I love him so much. I’m gonna try my hardest not to show him how scared I am about this trip. I come out of the bathroom ready to leave and I see Bruno lying on the bed in some black Bermuda shorts and his 88tees shirt on. Man he does love that shirt. “You ready to go?” He asks as he gets up from the bed. “Hawaii here we come” he leans in and kisses me. I pull back and say “None of that for a while” “Lex, I’m not gonna stop kissing you just because my family’s gonna be around!” “Well that’s creepy, well no sex whilst we’re their either, you’re loud as fuck” I say with a smirk and walk off. He catches up with me, slaps my ass which shocks me and says “Oh I think we can work something out”. And with that. We leave for Hawaii. The cab ride up to the airport is unusually quiet, but I think that’s because Bruno’s tired, his head was resting against my shoulder the whole car ride there. “Let me just call them” He says, and I see him dial his mom. “Hey mom. Yeah we just left home” Home? He must’ve told them we live together now. Shit. “Yeah we board at 10, so we should be there about 3:30am ish, uncle Johnny is coming to get us right? No mom, you sleep and we’ll see you in the morning, you sure? Ok, well, I’ll see you later then. Yeah she’s fine, sure, here” and he hands me the phone. Fuck. “Hello?” “Hey Lexii, how are you!?” She seems so happy to speak to me, I feel better about going now. “I’m fine, how’re you?” “I’m amazing just knowing that you two are coming soon!” “I can’t wait to see you all too” “Oh everyone’s so excited about seeing you too, Bruno never shuts up about you you know” and THIS is what puts a huge smile on my face. “Do you need us to bring you anything from L.A.?” “No thank you sweetheart, just get here safe and sound ok?” “Ok, we’ll see you in a few hours then, bye” “Bye!” Awwwhh, she’s so sweet. “Baby you never told me your mom was that sweet before!” “Yeah, she’s amazing” He says as he closes his eyes. We get to the airport and within no time we board the plane. This is it. The plane ride isn’t that bad except for Bruno who sleeps for most of it anyway, even though it’s first class and he has plenty of room to lean back, he still leans his whole body on me. He’s tiny, but he’s fucking heavy too. My arm goes dead so I decide to re position him so his head is resting on my lap, he doesn’t even stir. Wow, he can really sleep. With about an hour to go I decide to wake Bruno up, we need to talk before we get off. This’ll be fun waking him up. “Bruno, baby wake up, I wanna talk” and he opens his eyes. Well that was easy. Still lying on my lap he says “How did I end up here?” “You were hurting my arm so I moved you” “Oh ok, so what did you wanna talk about” he says as he stretches “I wanted to know something….” “Anything” “When I was speaking to your mom earlier, she said that you always spoke about me, what did you say?” “Well, I just told her about how amazing you are and how much I love you and how I wanna marry you. I didn’t tell her that I asked you and you said no.” He says the last part annoyed. I ignore him. I decide to get serious. “When was the first time you told her you loved me?” “After the first time we kissed, in the car park, that’s when I knew. So when I took you back home to mine and I went in to the shower, she called me. I told her then” “Had you told her about me before?” “Yes” “And what did you say?” “I told her how I’d met this amazing producer girl who was hot. Then I told her how amazing, sweet, kind and funny you are. Then I told her how I was falling for you and she said that she knew I was falling for you by the way I spoke about you” “What did she say about all that?” “She told me countless times to break up with Emma, but I never listened because I didn’t think I was good enough for you” I melt at what he’s saying; I lean down and kiss him. “Did they like Emma?” “No, not really, but I think they thought that if I was happy, then it didn’t matter who I was with, but my mom really hated her. My mom likes you and she’s never even met you” “Mom’s just know what’s right for their kids” “Mmmmm, they do” After a while, he smiles and says “You know I’d heard of you before right?” “Really?” “Well yeah, you’re like some producing legend!” “Shut up” “It’s true though, I kinda has this image in my mind of what I thought you’d be like” “And?” “You turned out to be nothing I expected, and I didn’t expect to fall deeply in love either” It’s making me uncomfortable having Bruno speak about me like this so I change the subject. “So tell me about your family again” “You already know everything though!” “I know, just tell me about your close family again” “Ok” and he sits up and says “Theirs my mom. My four sisters, Jamie, Presley, Tahiti and Tiara. You’ll probably get on the best with Presley, she likes food, nail polish and shoes. Then there’s my brother Eric” “What’s he like?” “He’s like a panda, loveable. And he can KILL IT on the drums!” “Does he make weird faces on the drums like you?” “Errr, no. Then there’s my uncle Johnny. He’s musical and amazing, taught me everything I know about music, and that’s it. Well, just close family that is, I’ve got all my cousins, aunts and uncles too, but one thing at a time.” He looks at me and says “You ok?” “Yeah, just nervous that’s all” His kisses my forehead and says “Don’t be” “You ever miss you dad?” I ask. He thinks. “Yeah all the time, I mean at the end of the day he is still my dad, it sucks that I don’t get to see him with my mom but I’m used to it, I’ll take you to meet him one day too, he’ll love you. Do you ever miss your dad?” I don’t even need to think about this question, I instantly answer with a “No” Next thing I know the plane lands. Here we go.

Chapter 41

Holy Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Shit. I can’t do this! We’re not even off the plane yet and I already feel sick. Bruno notices my anxiousness, takes my hand and kisses each finger. This time I know he lingered longer on my wedding ring finger because whilst he’s kissing it, he looks up at me and winks. Sly fool. He links his fingers with mine and leads me off the plane. Here we go. As soon as we get out of the plane all I feel is this searing heat! “The fuck is this!?” I say out of shock. “Ahhhh Hawaii! I’m home!!” He says as he pumps his fists in the air. “Do you still see Hawaii as your home?” “Uhm, well, no not really. Well, kinda…..home is with you. And we live in L.A. together” “Would you ever move back to Hawaii?” “I was the one that moved out remember?” “What about if I wanted to move to Hawaii?” “Then I’d be on the next flight here. With you”. Before we reach the gates to go outside and meet his mom and Uncle Bruno grabs me, pins me against the wall and starts kissing me. His hands roam all over me. This guy has no shame. But I let him. When he pulls back we’re both out of breath, I feel light headed so I sit against the wall. Bruno joins me and we both start to laugh. “Sorry, I just realised that I’m not gonna get to do that for an hour in the car until we get home” He called it home, does that mean he sees it as my home too? “I thought you said that you’re still gonna kiss me in front of your family though?” “Well yeah I’ll still kiss you! Just not like that, jeeez Lex I’m not stupid” “You mean you’re not THAT stupid” “You’re so mean to me!*buzz*” His phone goes off; it’s a text from his brother Eric. OH MY GOD! The text reads “Hey bro! Get your tongue out of her and come outside! I’m dying to meet my new lil sister. Not you.” “Did your mom see!?” I asked shocked. “Dunno, let me ask” He types back *Did mom see?* Why does Bruno not seem fazed by this!? Damn him. He gets a reply saying “Yuppppp, she was the one who spotted you jumpin on her. YOU. HER. OUTSIDE. NOW. LEGGO!” and he grabs me from the floor and we walk outside. Fuck. I need a smoke.

We go outside and I see Bruno’s mom. She’s beautiful, wow. And his brother Eric, huh, they kinda look like each other. His mom runs up to me and gives me this full on hug and I hug back just as hard. Out of the corner of my eye I see Bruno and Eric hug too. Nothing awkward. Just pure brotherly love. “Oh Lex I’m so happy you two are finally here! I hope your flight was ok” but before I get a chance to reply to her Eric grabs me and hugs me too. “Hey Lex, I’m Bruno’s older and better looking brother” His hugs are so soft! I wasn’t expecting that, obviously I hug back too. “Whatever bro” Bruno says and I see him hug his mom. I can’t describe how sweet it looks, he kisses her on the cheek and puts his arm around her and Eric puts his arm around me. No one mentions the kiss and nothing is awkward. I feel calmer now. We make our way to Eric’s car and get in. Bernie and Eric in the front, me and Bruno in the back. “Where’s uncle Johnny?” Bruno asks. “What!? You’re not happy with me instead? Thanks bro” Eric jokes, he’s actually really funny, I think I’m gonna like him. “He fell asleep, but he’ll be round tomorrow” Bernie replies. Eric puts the stereo on and all I hear is, Reggae music? “That’s all they play out here and that’s why I moved to L.A.” Bruno says as he alters his position so his head is on my lap again and closes his eyes. Without even think about it, I start to run my fingers through his hair and gently pull at his tight curls. I think nothing of it, why should I? I wasn’t even aware I was doing it until I look up and see Bernie looking back at us in the rear-view mirror with the biggest smile on her face. Awkward. I stop and pull my hand away. As soon as I do Bruno takes my hand and places it back on his hair. “No, wait, baby you didn’t sleep on the plane, here, lie down on me” What a gentleman, although I wish he didn’t just call me baby in front of them. As soon as my head touches his lap, I fall asleep.

“Baby, wake up, we’re here” I feel Bruno’s hands gently graze my face as I start to wake. I look up and there’s no one in the car. “Where’s everyone else?” “They’ve gone to take our stuff inside, you okay to walk?” I stretch and just nod my head. As soon as we get out of the car the 5am morning air hits me and I perk up slightly. I see the house and it’s beautiful, nothing like mine, it’s by the beach and a lot smaller than mine, but it feels warm and welcoming. A true family home. Bruno puts his arm around me and leads me inside. The inside of the house is amazing, It feels weird, I don’t know why but I feel out of place. I suppose it’s because I’ve never experienced a full family surrounding before, I mean it’s always just been me and my mom. No brothers or sisters or cousins about. I feel all emotional but I try not to show it. “You guys hungry?” Bernie asks “I’m starved!” Bruno says as he runs to the kitchen. I follow after him and see Bernie taking out some Tupperware boxes with food in them from the fridge. She looks exhausted bless her. I go up to her and say “Why don’t you go to bed, I’ll warm this stuff up” “Oh sweetheart I couldn’t let you do that” “Seriously though, you look exhausted and it’s no big thing” She hesitates and looks up at Bruno. “Go to bed mom, I’m not gonna help her so you can be assured the house isn’t gonna burn down” She laughs and says “Ok then, I’ll see you guys in the morning. Bruno, it’s gonna have to be your old room for tonight I’m afraid, goodnight” “Goodnight” and with that, she leaves for bed. “Guys I’m off too, see you tomorrow, night!” “Night Eric” we both reply. “Bruno I can’t smoke in here can I?” “Errrr, no. But just open the patio doors and go outside and do it” “Does your mom know you smoke?” “We both like to pretend that I don’t, I never smoke in front of her and if she asks me if I do. I lie” I put the food on to warm, I don’t know what half of the stuff is but it sure looks good, and go outside to smoke. Bruno joins me and we sit on the grass together, I take a cigarette out and offer Bruno one, he declines. “You really that scared about smoking here!?” “I just don’t wanna get caught! Besides, I’ll just share yours” I light mine and just look up to the sky. “Sing me something?” I ask. “Anything, what do you want?” “Whatever, I don’t care, just sing something to me” and I rest my head on his shoulder. He starts “As I Stand Here Before My Woman, I can’t Fight Back The Tears In My Eyes, Oh How Could I Be So Lucky, I Must’ve Done Something Right, And I Promise To Love Her For The Rest Of My Life” “Baby I’ve heard that one before” “Well someone’s fussy, let’s see…Uhm, ok, I also have this one….. She wakes up in the morning, jumps in the shower. Then rubs on her lotion, while she’s wrapped in a towel. And no music on, but she dance till perfection. I swear the bathrooms the club, the ways she’s showing love to her reflection. Every morning I watch her from behind, but she don’t know. I pretend that I’m asleep, but I don’t miss her show. My favourite part of the day, Is when she dance in mirror. Dance in the mirror. There’s nothing more I can say. Just watch her dance in the mirror. Dance…..and that’s all you’re getting for now. You like it?” “Of course, kinda creepy, but I like it” I peck him on the lips, hand him the rest of my cigarette and go to check on the food. We eat, I clear up, and by the time I’m done, neither of us are tired but we still go upstairs to Bruno’s old room. It’s a small room with all the walls covered in posters and one single bed. Should be interesting sleeping in that tonight. “So this is your old room huh? Should I be creeped out by all the half naked ladies on your wall or flattered that you settled for me?” “Creeped out, definitely creeped out” He says as he comes up behind me and kisses my neck. He wants something, I know it. Oh God. “Bruno, no, don’t even think about it, that’s just wrong” He takes a deep breath and I turn around to look at him. He looks genuinely heartbroken. Shit. Something else is wrong. “Bruno what’s wrong!?” and I place my arms around him. He doesn’t look at me but says “Lex, it’s stupid and dumb I know, but. Come here, I need to explain something to you” and he leads me over to his bed to sit and talk. I wonder what’s wrong…..