Chapter 41-44

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“You are too much Bru,” I say laughing. “I can’t sleep Booty,” he whispers into the phone. “Neither can I, but once I take the kids to school and drop of their stuff at Greg’s, I’ll be on a plane!” “Lace?” He says all sweet. “What baby?” “I just farted.” “Okay I’m going, you’re losing your mind.” He bust up laughing, “If you were here I would hold your head under the covers.” “Bru, I swear if you ever do that to me again,” “What, you’ll do what?” He says laughing. “I don’t know, but I’ll get you back one way or another.” We talk a little bit longer and then I get off the phone. I sneak into Kensley’s room and get her stuff together, Greg has clothes for them, but I always take over their favorite stuff, like music, their pillows, Kensley’s babydoll that she sleeps with.

As I’m putting the kids bags next to the door they come out of their rooms, “Mommy, how much longer till Buno comes home?” I take her hand and walk to the kitchen, on the fridge door is a count down. “23 days baby! But by the time I get back home we will have, 15 days left!” Bruno won’t be home then, but that is the day we are leaving for Hawaii, making an overnight pit stop in LA at his house, so we will see him that day! “What do you think Dre, should we leave all this shit here, and come back after dropping the kids off, or should we just load up and get a cab?” Dre drags his bag next to the kids’, “We will be at the airport forever if we do that. Let’s just come back for it.” With that we head out. Surprisingly our new “friends” aren’t waiting for us this morning. On the way back I’m skipping, literally, and I trip on my own foot and hit the ground. “Holy shit!” Dre squats down and grabs my arm. “Dre! Don’t just give me a second.” “Don’t fucking say that! Are you okay, OH MY GOD! Say you’re okay!”

My face is squished up, I’m holding my breath, I give Dre a thumbs up. He sits down next to me. I take a few deep breaths and then open my eyes. “Seriously Lacey, what did you hurt?” “I think just my hands and knees, I think I just gave myself a heart attack.” I start to stand up and Dre grabs my arm and helps me up. “Thanks Dre.” Thank God we are like a block from home. When we get inside I clean myself up and change my clothes. Then we grab our stuff and head out the door. “You better tell B, or I will,” He says as soon as we climb into the cab. “I’ll tell him after we leave Greg’s.” When we pull up to Greg’s I get out and grab the kids bags, telling Dre to just stay put.

Greg answers the door. “Hey,” I say smiling at him. “Kids have half a day right?” “Yep.” “Hey Lace, I have to tell you something, come in.” I turn to Dre and motion that I’ll be back. When I step inside he puts the kids bags down and says, “I’m going to be moving after the new year.” “Okay?” “To California, I got offered a job that I couldn’t turn down.” “Greg, that’s clear across the country! What about your children?” “If I’m not mistaken, your husband owns a house there.” “And I own one here, what’s your point?” I haven’t told Greg that I’m pregnant. But out of habit, I join my hands together under my growing belly. He looks down at my hands and gasps, “Why didn’t you tell me?” “Because it really isn’t any of your business. I have to go Greg. Have a great Thanksgiving, I’ll call later to talk to the kids.” I pat his arm and open the door. I climb into the car. Frustrated. Dre hands me my phone. He frowns when I look up at him, “What did he say to you?” “I don’t want to talk about it.” I pick up my phone and text Bru. ‘Dre is making me tell you that I fell, so here it is. I tripped and skinned my knees up. I’m fine.’ I throw my phone back in my bag and look out the window, trying not to cry.

Okay so she falls, and instead of calling me she sends me a text, something is wrong, but instead of calling her I text Dre. ‘What’s wrong with Lace?’ ‘We just dropped the kids’ stuff of at her ex’s she looks really upset. IDK’ ‘I’m talking about the fall. I’ll text her about Greg.’ ‘Her knees got bloody, but she seems fine. Scared me for a sec. Just wanted you to know.’ ‘Thanks Dre.’ Wonder what happened with Greg. Should I call her? FUCK! I dial her number. “Booty?” “Hi baby,” she says, her voice is extremely quiet, and breathy, she’s holding back tears. “What’s wrong baby? Talk to me.” “It’s personal Bru, can’t I just text you about it, or wait till I get there?” “I guess I can wait, just tell me if he was mean to you, so I can call him and chew his ass if I need to.” “It’s nothing like that Bru, I promise. I’ll text you and tell you, okay.” “Okay I love you Lace, only a few more hours.” “Love you too Bru.” We hang up and I get a text. ‘Greg is moving to California in Jan for a job.’ ‘And that is a problem why?’ ‘See! I don’t want to talk about it right now, I’m going to make a big deal about it and cry my eyes out, and Dre will feel all awkward and I’m not doing that to him.’ ‘Fine, I’m going to hang out with the guys. You land at 130?’ ‘Yes, and I’m sorry….are you going to be there?’ ‘Absolutely. Love you.’

Our plane ride isn’t that bad 3 hours and then an hour layover and then another hour on the plane. I sleep the first stretch then we grab food and on the next flight I’m so excited that I talk the whole flight. When our plane finally starts to descend, I can hardly sit still. “Lacey, you are worse than a kid sometimes.” “I’m excited Dre, get excited with me!” He puts on a big fake smile and bounces up and down and giggles. “You’re horrible.” “You asked for it.” When we finally land I gather all my things and wait as patiently as I can. I literally have tears in my eyes just thinking about seeing Bru.

Walking through the airport is the longest walk of my life, I keep looking everywhere for Bru, but I don’t see him. Finally I give up looking when we get to baggage claim. I’m bummed out, on the edge of breaking down. As I’m reaching in my bag to get my phone there is a tap on my shoulder, “Excuse me miss,” says a deep voice. When I look up, there standing behind me is the man of my dreams. “Oh my fucking god!” My hands shoot up to my mouth to quiet my scream. “Bru!” I throw my arms around his neck and squeeze so tight. He starts laughing, “Where were you?” “Hiding behind that post.” I slap his arm, “Don’t do that to me ever again!” He grabs my face and kisses me. “I missed you big booty. And I saw you holding your belly, I can’t believe how much 3 weeks has changed your body.” He runs his hand down my dress, smoothing it against my body. “Damn girl. Look at that body.” Our bags start coming down the belt, and I point mine out. He grabs it and we head out. “Brace yourself Momma, its cold out here!”

Outside the bus is waiting for us, “You guys drove the bus here?” “Well we’re leaving Colorado, so yeah.” It’s the first time I’ve ever been on a tour bus. It’s actually pretty cool. “Come on, I think everyone is in the back watching a movie.” He takes my hand pointing things out as we walk through. “These are the bunks, and this one is ours.” Someone reaches out and grabs my legs. “Oh shit!” I jump back and Jamareo peeks his head out and starts laughing. “Jam, you scared the life out of me!” He grabs for my leg again and disappears back into his bunk.

Bruno opens the back door, and the little room is filled with all the guys, some sitting on the couches that line the walls and some lounging on the floor with pillows. Everyone looks up and screams. “Hey guys!” I say waving. “Bye guys,” Bru says as he shuts the door. I look up at him, “I haven’t slept well in days and we have a long drive, let’s take a nap.” I shoot him a doubtful look, “I won’t try anything, I know what you’re thinking.” He helps me climb in, and then climbs in and wraps his body around me. Throwing his arm around my belly. “Roll over Booty.” I roll over onto my back and he pulls my arm up and puts it under his neck. “Isn’t this a little backwards?” “No, this is exactly what I want. Hold me baby.” He snuggles his head down between my shoulder and neck, with the rocking of the bus, and the sound of Bru breathing, I fall into a deep sleep.  



I don’t know how long I’ve been asleep, but I feel so much better. Lace is still sleeping, in the same position that we started. I don’t want to wake her, but I’ve missed her so much. I put my hand on her belly, it’s a lot more noticeable when she’s laying this way. It’s hard all the way up to her belly button. For a few minutes I just lay there, with my hand on her. Lace moves her arms above her head and hits the top of the bunk. “What the!” She opens her eyes, and smiles when she realizes that I’m laying next to her. “Hi baby,” she says reaching up to hold my face. “Hi Momma,” I put my hand over hers and turn my head to kiss her hand. “I thought I was dreaming for a second.” “Waking up next to me? That’s a good dream, I dream about that all the time too.” “What, waking up next to me?” She asks. “No, waking up next to myself.” “You’re crazy,” she curls her hand around my ear and pulls my head close kissing me.

The next thing I know, Bru has rolled on top of me, and there is no room cause the next bunk above us is so close, so he is basically laying right on me. “This is gonna be interesting,” he whispers in my ear. He’s kissing my neck and grinding against me. “This belly is in my way, what the hell, I feel like there is a hard pillow between us.” He’s hiking up my dress, running his hand up my thigh. “Bru,” I say, reaching down to stop his hand. He looks at me, pleading with his eyes. “Baby, there are like 15 other people on this bus.” “Laaaaace, it’s been like 3 weeks. I’m dying.” He starts kissing me again, sending tingles down to my thighs. There is no way I can resist him when he gets like this, he knows how to put me in the mood in seconds. I let go of his hand and put my own hands in his hair.

His hands continue their journey up my legs, making their final destination between my thighs. He rubs me through my underwear for a minute, and puts his mouth to mine to quiet my moans. “Lift your butt baby,” he says grabbing the sides of my underwear. He pulls them down and then I pull my legs to one side, so he can pull them off all the way. “I’m sorry but this is probably not going to be very romantic or sexy at all.” He says. “Bru what if someone opens the curtain?” “It’s a rule we have, no one will open the curtain.” He leans back down on me, pulling my dress up higher, and puts his hands back to work. His mouth meets mine again, just in time to catch a moan. “Bru, someone is gonna hear us,” I whisper against his lips. “I’ll go slow, and your just gonna have to be quiet.” “But Bru,” he stops my arguing, by moving his fingers faster. He gives me a sexy look and raises his eyes brow, “Still want me to stop?” I can’t even respond, I’m so close to climax. I grab his head and pull him back down kissing him passionately.

Lacey’s hands goes down working on my belt. I knew I could convince her to see things my way. She puts her toes in my waist band of my pants, and works them down using her legs. Hey not sexy at all, but were married, and in a tiny space so we have to be creative. “Good thinking booty.” I don’t even try to take them off, leaving my pants around my ankles, I slide myself into her. I hold myself up on my elbows and start grinding into her. This is gonna be the shortest sex in history. I have my face pressed into the pillow, breathing in the scent of her hair. I feel her starting to pulse around me and pull my head back to look at her. She tries to open her eyes, but all she can manage is a squint.


We’re laying there, post sex cuddling in full swing, when I feel something run down my leg. “Oh my God, Bruno.” “What!” His eyes are about to pop out of his head. “Your, you know what is running out of me!” He grabs his foot and pulls his sock off and hands it to me, “Here use this.” “You want me to clean myself up with your dirty ass sock?” I say raising my eyebrow. “It was the closest thing,” he says trying not to laugh. “Okay, get out of my way, I’m serious!” He climbs out of the bunk and helps me down and I dash past Phil and lock myself in the bathroom. “B, what was that about?” I hear Phil say. “She had to pee.” “Urbana was like that, one minute she didn’t have to pee the next minute she was about to pee her pants.” “I hear you guys talking shit out there,” I yell. I clean myself up the best I can, and then wash my hands and come back out. “Hey there pretty lady,” Phil says putting his arms out for a hug. “Hey Phil,” I say hugging him. Bru is sitting at this little table next to Kam. He pats his leg and I sit down on him. “How you doin,” Kam says reaching around Bru to poke me. “I’m great Kam, how are you?” “Fantastic,” he goes back to his phone. We sit around and joke with the guys for a while. Dre comes up from the very front. “We’re gonna stop soon and get gas and food.” Then he looks down at me, “You know that’s where I usually sit when you’re not around.” He puts his hand on his hip, and sways his head back and forth, pointing to Bru with his finger. “Oh really?” I say laughing. “Girl please.” He says, and walks to the back swinging his hips the whole way.

About 30 minutes later we stop for gas, I have no idea where we even are. “Bru, where are we going?” “It’s a surprise.” “What? Why?” “It’s a surprise.” He turns around and grabs a bag of chips. Everyone stocks up on junk food. When we get back on the bus, everyone goes back to the back to watch another movie. “Booty, stay up here and talk to me for a minute.” I sit down next to him, “I’m glad I came out, Bru.” “Booty, why did you get upset about Greg saying that he was moving to California?” I can feel my face drop. I look down at my hands. “Cause the kids are in New York, and my job is there, and our house is there. It’s gonna be hard on them.” “Lace, we have a house in LA,” he says pulling my chin up, forcing me to look at him. “I’m scared Bru, I know New York isn’t as bad as LA as far as paparazzi. I’m scared to give everything that I have worked so hard for up. I don’t think you understand how hard I worked, how little sleep I got over those 3 years that I was single.” “Baby, I understand that you worked hard, and I love you for that, that you were a strong woman and held yourself together for your children, and went to school so you didn’t have to struggle. You are so strong, I love that, but I don’t understand why this is so hard on you.”

She looks down and blinks away tears. I pull her into my arms and hold her tight. “Just tell me baby, stop holding this inside, I’m your husband and I can’t make anything better if you don’t tell me.” “I don’t know Bru, I just feel like if we move to LA, then I’m throwing everything away that I worked so fucking hard for.” I don’t say anything, I know she has more to say, so I just kiss her head and rock a little. “I don’t want to be one of those wives Bru.” “What are you talking about baby?” I pull away from her and look at her. “One of those wives that lives in a huge house, with all these rooms that never get used, rooms that are just for looks. One of those wives that are too busy shopping and gossiping to clean their own house, or take care of their kids so they hire maids and nannies. I don’t want to be one of those wives.” “Well trust me, I don’t want you to be one of them either, I love the wife I have right now, and honestly I would probably get upset if you turned into one of them monsters.” She lets out a little laugh, “I’m just really torn right now Bru, I love what we have in New York. My house, my routine. But I know that it’s easier for you to be in LA, I know that. And then there’s the baby. Brayden has never seen a daycare, and Kensley only went for 6 months while she was too young for school. I don’t want someone else raising this baby, but then again, I want to work still.” “We still have time to work all that out baby, but remember, we are in this together.” She looks up at me and kisses me, tears still rolling down her face. I wipe them away and kiss her back. “Let’s go watch this movie.” 



We’re cuddled on the couch, Bruno has his head in my lap, and I’m playing with his curls. I really hope our baby has his hair. And his dimples, and his eyes, okay, I hope our baby looks exactly like him. I’m not really paying attention to the movie, I’m kinda off in my own world, day dreaming about the baby, how Bru is gonna be with him or her. Bru hands me his phone, he’s typed a message to me on it. ‘What are you thinking about baby? You look like you’re off in lala land?’ I smile and erase his message and type, ‘The baby, just trying to imagine what he/she will look like, and thinking about names.’ I had him his phone back and start twisting his curls again.

Now she’s got me thinking about it. I put my phone down and close my eyes, trying to picture what our baby will look like. In my mind I see Kensley, with dark curls and dimples. I don’t know why I picture a girl, but I do, I always have since our first appointment. I pick up my phone and type, ‘I see Kenny with dark curls and dimples.’ I hand her the phone and she lets out a sigh. “Will you guys just go to the other room, you’re distracting us with your non-conversation,” Ryan says, everyone starts nodding. “Y’all have been voted off the island, now get!” Phil adds. “Man, you guys are a bunch of haters!” I get up and Lace and I head to the front of the bus. Eric is at the front on his phone. “I guess we’re stuck going to our bunk, Boo.” “Well, I gotta pee first.” She heads to the bathroom and I grab a bottle of water. 

“Are you guys going to bed already bro?” Eric asks, getting off his phone. “Naw E, they kicked us out, cause we were texting each other.” He pats the table top motioning me to sit opposite him. “What’s up bro, how’s everything at home?” “Good, I just miss it, ya know.” “Yeah, but I’m so glad that you’re here with me.” “Me too Bru, I love this.” Lacey comes out and stoops next to Eric, wrapping her arms around his neck, “How’s my favorite brother in law?” “I’m your only brother in law twerp.” “And, that makes you my favorite!” She lets him go and sits down next to him. 

Bru’s face gets this shocked look, “What are you doing?” “Oh you mean, why am I sitting here? Well for one thing, he is bigger than you and I can lean into him without worrying about breaking his fragile wittle bones,” I lean into Eric and he plays along, wrapping his arm around me. “Plus he smells better than you right now.” Bru sticks his tongue out at me, and we laugh. “So what were y’all texting about?” “Bru thinks we’re having a girl,” I say, locking my eyes with his. “Well what do you think?” “I’m not sure, but I’m gonna have to say boy just so I can go against him.” Eric starts laughing and says, “This is what we did, if it’s a boy you name him Lace and if it’s a girl B gets to name her.” “I like that idea E,” Bru says. “I can see it in your eyes Bruno, you already have a name don’t you?” He starts smiling. “You know I like different names, but I will straight up veto your ass if it’s some crazy Hollywood bullshit.” Eric starts laughing and says, “If I know my brother as well as I think I do, I bet it’s a Hawaiian name.” 

Bruno gets a big smile on his face, “ding ding ding, we have a winner ladies and gentlemen,” he screams. “Let’s hear it Bruno,” I’m kind of excited to hear this. “Well,” he says rubbing his hands together, “since the day I heard HER heartbeat, this name has been in my mind.” He’s been thinking names for 6 weeks? “Okay, Bru you’re killing me! Tell me.” He raises his eyebrow at me and says, “Aolani Bernadette.” Eric and I both let out a gasp, I smack my hand down on the table. “I love it baby, that will be her name.” He sticks his hand up for a high five. “What boy name do you like Booty?” I think for a second, “I’m not sure, Aolani is such a great name, I’ll have to think for a while to come up with something as great.” We talk a little longer and then I decide I’m ready for bed, I stand up and stretch, “I’m gonna go get ready for bed.” Bruno gets up and starts coming towards me, “No, you stay here and visit with your brother, or go watch a movie. You don’t have to come to bed if you aren’t ready.” He wraps his arms around me, puts his face in my hair, “I’ll come snuggle you, if I can’t sleep then I’ll get up.” 

I grab my shorts off the bunk and drop my pants right there. “Bru! What are you doing?” “Lace, these guys have seen me like this a million times. Last summer our AC went out on the bus on a 15 hour drive, and we didn’t have time to stop so we spent 14 hours in our underwear.” I start laughing thinking about that day, we all thought we were gonna die! I help her climb up into the bunk and I follow, wrapping myself around her. “Do you really like the name I came up with Lace?” “I love it Bru, really, there is no way I can come up with a boy’s name that would even compare.” We lay there for a few minutes and then I roll over and have her scratch my back. “I miss the kids Booty, I want them to come out with us so bad.” “I miss them already too, what are we gonna do this summer when they are out of school and you’re on your?” “You guys are gonna come out, it might get a little crowded on here, but we can make it work somehow.” The more she scratches my back, the deeper I relax, I can feel myself drifting off into a dream land. And before I know it I’m floating with the clouds. 

I wake up to Phil hitting the inside of my bunk, “Yo Brunz we here!” Lace lets out a little groan, “Where is here?” I’m fighting the fog of the deep sleep I was just in. “Come on baby, you’ll see.” I help her crawl out of the bunk, “Do we need to grab anything?” “Maybe your purse, our bags have probably been taken to our rooms already. We can come back down if we need to.” After a minute my brain is working better. “Put your coat on,” she’s wearing a tight tank top and pajama pants, her belly is visibly pregnant. “Bru, you’re wearing shorts.” I look down and shrug. “Everyone under the sun will know you’re pregnant in minutes if you don’t wear a coat, besides its cold out.” She pulls her coat on and I do the same, pulling my hat on and we walk towards the front of the bus. “Oh sweet baby Jesus,” she says as soon as she sees all the people waiting outside the bus. “Who are all those people?” Dre steps back on the bus and hands me a sharpie. “Ready?” “Those are fans! Bruno, they come out and wait for you?” “Every stop we make,” I feel a huge smile take over my face. I truly love my fans, they are responsible for all of my success, and they probably put in more hours than I do. 

Bruno leans in and gives me a kiss, “You go ahead and go inside, I’m gonna take some pictures and sign some stuff and I’ll be in.” Dre walks off the bus and Bru grabs my hand helping me down the steps, at the last step Dre takes my hand and helps me down. Bru is one step behind me and the crowd erupts in a roar of screaming girls. I still have no idea where we are, but I head straight for the door, trying to keep a smile on my face, I’m still not used to all the screaming, it’s kind of intimidating. Right before I get to the door, I hear someone scream my name. When I turn around it’s a group of girls closest to the door. I turn and point to myself and they nod. Ryan opens the hotel door for me and I look from him back to the girls, the girls win. I walk over to them, “Hi girls! How are you?” They are so excited and they all start asking questions about Bruno at the same time. Ryan comes up behind me, puts his hand on my back, “What are you doing?” he whispers into my ear. “I’m just saying hi.” He stays next to me and talks to one of the girls. “Can we take a picture with you?” One of the girls asks, I look up to Ryan, I’m not sure if Bru would get upset with me for doing it. He puts his hand out for the camera and I turn and take a picture with the girls. “Thank you so much! You are so pretty and we are so happy for you and Bruno!” “That is so sweet, Thank You.” I wave goodbye and Ryan ushers me inside. ‘I just took a picture with some really nice girls,’ I text Dana. ‘Awe your first fans.’ 



Inside I stand at the door watching Bruno for a second, there has to be at least 50 people out there, and it’s cold, and he’s wearing shorts. “Is he gonna get to everyone?” I ask Ryan. “Naw, Dre will pull him in soon.” Sure enough, he signs 2 more things and takes a couple more pictures and then Dre pulls him towards the door. He comes in shivering, it’s probably 30 degrees outside. “Booty, I’m so cold,” he says, he sticks his arms inside my coat, wrapping himself around me. “Brrruuuu, your freezing!” I squeal jumping away from him. He wraps his arms around himself and gives me a pitiful look. “Alright, come here,” I say opening my coat for him. He slides back into my coat and I wrap my arms around him, holding my breath to keep from laughing. 

“What are you fools doing?” Dre says. We both look up laughing. We head up to our room, when we walk in the curtains are open, and were high above the city. I go straight for the window. When I realize where we are I gasp, “Bru, we’re in St. Louis?” I turn around and he’s walking towards me smiling, “Yeah, we are.” My Mom lives 3 hours away, I suddenly get home sick. “Baby? Are you okay?” I force a little smile and turn back to the window. He walks up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist, putting his chin on my shoulder. “You’re upset love, don’t be upset. I know what you’re thinking about, and I’m working on it.” I turn around and loop my arms around his neck and put my head on his shoulder. “I love you Bru, I’m sorry.” He sways a little and says, “Come on, let’s get around.” 

“Do we have a busy day?” She says looking up at me, her little mood swing is gone, and staring at me is the strong, take charge woman I fell in love with. “I have a radio thing in a couple hours, but I’m starving right now.” We jump in the shower and get around. Ryan comes over while she is blow-drying her hair, running me through a list of things that we have to do over our 2 day stay here. She walks out of the bathroom a few minutes later, in a pair of leggings and a tight sweater, showing off her curves, and the little bump that will soon be our baby. It takes my breath away. I get up and walk to her, running my hands up and down her, from her hips to her shoulders, taking her in. Ryan clears his throat, “Do I need to leave the room or can we get back to this?” “Ryan, don’t tell me this isn’t the hottest thing since take home chicken wings man,” I give her a little spin and she starts laughing. “She does have that butt going for her.” “You guys are crazy! Let’s go eat.” We go to the room next door and Phil, Dre and Phred come eat with us. 

We end up going to this little restaurant a couple blocks away, Lacey has vouched for their cheeseburgers. Then she talks me into eating what they call a “gooey burger” basically it’s a cheeseburger with peanut butter on it, and it’s amazing! We get back to the hotel with an hour to waste before we have to leave for the radio interview. Lacey plops down on the bed, and I turn my Ipod on, Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’ comes on. “Oh Bru, this may be my favorite song of all time!” She closes her eyes and starts bobbing her head, a huge smile spreading across her pretty little face. I kick my shoes off and climb on the bed, crawling my way to her, singing. “Baby, I don’t think you understand what your voice does to me sometimes,” she says, grabbing under my arms, pulling me up to her. “Oh really?” I kiss her and roll off her onto my side, snuggle my face into her hair and start singing. 

Let’s, let’s stay together, 

Loving you whether

Times are good or bad, happy or sad

She lets out a little moan, and puts her leg over my hip. I laugh a little and run my hands through her hair. “I love you Lace, I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but I’m so blessed to have you.” She snuggles into me, “I love you too Bruno, you’re right, you are blessed, but so am I.” 

We lay there cuddling, and making out for a little bit and then his phone goes off. “We need to head next door and talk about this radio interview with Phil. I have a little set to do there too.” We get up and walk out of our room, knocking on the next door, it’s full of laughing guys. “So Brunz, we just googled your name, and people are talking about a possible pregnancy, they have pictures of Lacey, talking about her weight gain. But they are still calling her your fiancée,” Ryan says as soon as we sit down. “Why does this matter,” I ask confused. “They are going to ask about you Lace, my life has changed a lot in the last year, and they are going to want to know things. I can work my way around it and not answer or I can be straight with them.” He rubs his head and looks up at Phil. “What do you think man? How should I go about this?” “Well I mean, you’ve been straight forward about her up until now, and you can’t hide that belly much longer. I’m not telling you guys to sign up to do magazine shoots, but you could address it. But that is just what I would do, it’s really up to you both.” Then Bruno looks at me, “How do you feel about this?” “Bruno, you handle everything so well, it doesn’t really matter to me how you go about it, but like Phil said, I can’t really hide my belly much longer, so you probably shouldn’t lie about that.” 

“Booty, you could stay here if you wanted to, I think Eric and the rest of the guys are going to explore a little bit,” I look up at him and smile, he’s looking nervous. “Well if you want me to stay here, I will.” “No, that’s not what I meant, I just don’t want you to get bored.” He puts his fingers between mine and pulls me close. “I think I’ll go, I want to see you in action.” He leans down and kisses my forehead, “Well let’s go then!” We load into the van, and everyone is joking and laughing on the way to the station. When we get there, a lot of the same people from this morning are waiting outside, “Bru, how do they know that you will be here?” “They are ninjas, plus the radio station told them.” We get out and he signs more autographs and takes some more pictures. It’s warmer out now,and i’m feeling sweaty, so I didn’t wear my coat this time, Bruno said I might as well just stop hiding since he was going to address it in the interview.