Chapter 41-50

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Chapter 41

I looked at him and tilted my head. Then suddenly he picked me up and put me on the counter. I don’t know why, but I instantly wrapped my legs around him and put my hands on his shoulders. He grabbed my hips and we started making out. I knew where this was going. In some way I wanted it to happen and in other ways I didn’t. I felt him getting hard on the inside of my thigh. We have to stop now. I stopped kissing him and looked away. He grabbed my face and turned it towards him. He looked at me with those big beautiful eyes, I felt like he was looking straight through me. “What’s wrong?” he whispered. “I told you.. we have to take it slow..” I admitted. He looked down. “You’re right.” He seemed disappointed. I hated disappointing him, but we really did need to take it step by step. Plus, things would get loud in the bathroom, and his brother. I just couldn’t do it. He helped me down from the counter and kissed me. “Just wait for the right time, please..” I said holding his hands. “I understand.” he said walking out.

I walked back into the main room. Everyone looked at me weird. Eric looked around the corner towards the bathroom. “Where’s Diamond?” he asked. “She’s coming. We ready to go?” I said quickly changing the subject of the room. No one said anything. “Don’t you all talk at once!” I said walking towards the door. I walked out and slammed the door. Why was I so angry? I hadn’t smoked in a week, ever since I met Diamond but, now was a good time for one. I walked down the stairs and went and stood on the side of my building. I leaned against it and and pulled out my cigarettes and started smoking.

I came out the bathroom after I heard the door slam. “What’s going on?” I asked. “I don’t know man, Brunz is upset about something.” Phil said. Eric shrugged. I could tell Eric was pretty annoyed, I guess because of Bruno. I knew why, but I didn’t understand why he was so upset. I put on a smile, “Come on guys, let’s all just go out and have a good time tonight. That’s what we we’re supposed to do right?” Phil got up, “Right. Let’s get out of here.” I followed Phil and Jasmine out the door and made sure I held the bars going down the stairs. I was still a little tipsy.

I heard them coming so I stubbed out my cigarette and walked out by the sidewalk. “We got everything?” I asked. Phil and Eric just nodded at me. I didn’t care if they were upset at me. They didn’t understand. I went and walked next to Diamond.

She didn’t say anything, so neither did I. I glanced over to her, I wanted to just take her back to my room honestly. We didn’t have to go out. I was trying to figure out why I was so turned on all the time. Maybe it was the drinking. Diamond was different from those other girls. She didn’t always give me what I wanted and she thought about what was best and smart first. The was one of the reasons I loved her. As much as I wanted to fuck her, I respected her for that.

I could see Bruno looking at me out of the corner of my eye.

I knew what he was thinking, but I wasn’t going to say anything. I could just stop and tell him to take me back to his room. And we could ditch going out. But, what would I look like and I would be contradicting myself. He had turned me into a different person. I never craved sex until now. Bruno was different from other guys. Most would have just begged me until I gave in. Or used the fact that I was a little tipsy to their advantage. Just like my ex. That was one of the reasons I loved him. He never forced me into anything I didn’t want to do, I admired him for that.

We all got into the van. The van where we first had sex. So many things flashed through my mind. I tried my best to push it all to the back of my mind, it never worked.. I grabbed his hand and we looked at each other, “I love you.” we both whispered at the same time. We started smiling like fools…..

Chapter 42


We both wanted each other so bad. It was crazy. But, we still had to wait either way it goes. We pulled up in front of club. Instead of going in line we went up to the front. Eric talked to some guy. He gave us all wrist bands and we walked right in. “Wow talk about V.I.P!” I said. “I’m glad cause’ that line was longer then the Nile!” Jasmine said. I giggled. She was right, we would have been out there for a good 2 and a ½ hours. We went in a backroom behind a bar. It looks important in here. The next time I looked up the guys were gone. I turned to Jasmine, “Where’d they go?!” She looked around frantically also. “I don’t know, let’s just stay together.” We went back out through the waves of people. I didn’t see them anywhere. “What the hell, how could they just leave us!” I started ranting. We looked for another good five minutes and I decided it would be best if we just went back to where we were the first time. I sat a table and rubbed my head. I was not on Bruno’s games; I was starting to get a headache.

Then the music in the club stopped and a voice went over the intercom. It was Phil! Me and Jasmine both looked at each other at the same time and ran out there. I looked up and saw Bruno, Phil, and Eric on the stage way in the front. “Good evening everyone, and I want to welcome ya’ll to The Pulse!” Everyone screamed and cheered. “We got a special treat for ya’ll tonight, we got my best friend Bruno and his big brother Eric.” I started getting butterflies. What the hell, they never told me they we’re performing. Maybe that was why Bruno looked so nice and why he didn’t get as drunk. A smile went over my face. “Do ya thing baby.” I whispered to myself. Bruno came closer to his mic, “This song is called, Top of The World.” Everyone started cheering and he started playing his guitar while his brother played the drums, and some guy I didn’t recognize played on the keyboard. I started dancing where I was. I was feeling the music and Bruno’s voice was just.. beautiful. Especially live.

It was amazing to see how confident he was up on a stage. He would do great at his big gig next week. And Phil and Eric jammed right along with him. They dimmed the music down, and he asked the crowd to chant baby baby baby. I did it as much as he asked. He broke out into a little dance that made me smile from ear to ear. I wish I could go up there and yell all this, is mine! I was so excited. He asked the crowd if he could do something special. Oh god, what was he up too. No good most likely. He said someone asked if he could hit it 3 times? What? Before I could think about it all he pelvic thursted in front of this whole crowd and girls screamed for him. I wanted to find each and every one of them and choke them for screaming. But, how could they not it was damn sexy. I guess I had to get used to it if I wanted to be with him. He did it again and chills went down my spine. I really wanted him now. Wait till we leave here. He finished his song and thanked the crowd countless times for giving him this opprotunity. He was so humble. Phil reminded them to buy their demo and they got off stage. We ran back into the room where we had lost them the first time.

I saw Bruno come through a door and I ran up and hugged him. “Oh my god Bruno, that was fucking amazing! You did so good. And the pelvic thurst, I’m gonna kill you but, shit it was…” He kissed me and made me shut up. I wipped my face off he got sweat all over me, “EW!” I yelped. He smiled, “You like it.” He looked so edible sweaty, I observed him more, I could just take him in the bathroom now.. I swear. I snapped myself out of it, wow I am becoming a horn dog. He grabbed my hand and we went back out to the dance floor. We danced together and had a wonderful time. After tonight, I felt really closer to Bruno. I felt like it was special to see him live, I was so excited for him. He was going to be loved by so many people in a couple years.

After dancing our asses off and finding everyone we all went back out the the van. Bruno walked behind me holding me on my hips. I loved this, we should do it more often. ”Damn what night!” Eric yelled. “Hell yeah!” Bruno and Phil yelled. Phil kissed Jasmine, “Owhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Me and Bruno laughed. Phil both looked at us like don’t-act-like-yall-dont-do-worst-shit. I laughed so hard at his face.

We got back to campus and Bruno, Phil, Eric talked over by Eric’s car while me and Jasmine walked ahead. “So do you like Phil a lot?” I had been meaning to ask her this. “Yeah, I really do he’s such an amazing person.” I smiled, “I know, I’m glad to have him in my life.” “What about you and Bruno?” I smiled even harder. “I fucking love him!” I yelled. I could see Bruno looking at me. “I hope your talking about me!” he yelled back. I ignored him and kept laughing at myself. I had an ton of fun tonight and I think it was about to get even better. After saying our goodbyes to Eric we all went up by the dorms.

“So…..” Phil said. He made it so awkward. “Yeah……….” Bruno said. I pushed him towards my dorm and Jasmine pulled Phil towards theirs. They knew what they wanted, boys. When we got up to the room I was eagar to fuck Bruno in all honestly. But, I couldn’t just bluntly say it. He went and laid in my bed and started fake snoring. I put my hands on my hips, “Really?” He snored even louder. “Bruno!” “No, don’t let them take me!” he said in a baby voice. I ran over and jumped on him.

“Bruno, Brunooooooooooooo!” I chanted. He grabbed my arms and I was on top of him. He raised an eyebrow and stared at me, ”Hmm, I like this. I like it a lot.” “I bet you do.” I said rolling my eyes. “I’d like it better if we didn’t have clothes on though…”

Chapter 43

This chapter is dirty. o.O You have been warned, enjoy!

I laughed. He pulled me all the way on top of him and I laid my head on his chest. “Bruno.” “Diamond.” I loved when he did that. “I love spending time with you.” “Well you know what?” I lifted up and looked at him in his eyes, “What?” He leaned up to me and got directly in my ear and whispered, “I like spending time in you.” I melted. Did he really just say that. “Uhh..” was all I could say. He picked me up and pushed my against the only emptey wall in my room. “Rough today are we?” I whispered. “You asked for it.” he said kissing my shoulder. I started getting chills. Bruno did something to me. I didn’t know what it was though..

He stared at me and started sliding my dress off my shoulder. I knew he was looking at me for comfrimation so I nodded. I wanted Bruno more then ever tonight. I was ready to do anything. I started unbuttoning his shirt and we started making out again. His lips we’re always so soft. I always felt something between us, ever since the first time we kissed. Eventually we we’re both naked, and I held myself. “Baby, please don’t do that.” “Theres just something about being fully naked in front of somebody..” I said looking away. He grabbed my face, and moved closer. I could feel him on my thigh. “I love every inch of you.” I couldn’t help but blush. He took my hands of off my breasts and began kissing them. I started biting my lip. He completely surprised me when he started sucking them. I rubbed the back of his head out of pleasure. He knew what he was doing. He always did. How could he be so perfect?

He stopped and smiled, “So you like that huh?” You and your sexy cocky ass! “Uhh… yeahh.” was all I manged to get out. He stumped me again. It was time and I signaled for him to go and get a condom from the drawer in my desk. As he went I started making my way towards the bed. He turned around, “What are you doing?” “Laying down?” I said pointing to the bed. “Nah, we doing something different.” he said signalling me to get back by the wall. I liked this telling me what to do, something different, hell yeah. I did as I was told. He took a moment to put the condom on. I didn’t know what to expect. He grabbed my legs and pulled them around his hips. Oh shit. Without saying another word he went inside me. I put my arms around his neck. He started slow and passionate. I held on to his neck for dear life. The more strokes he took the deeper he went and the tighter my legs went around him. I never knew he was this strong, but I loved it.

I moaned his name right into his ear and it excited him more. He went faster and held me tighter. The deeper and faster he went the louder my moans got. We both started getting a sweaty mess, especially him. ”Shh..” he whispered to me. But, at the rate he was going, I couldn’t. He put his hand over my mouth and smiled while he kept hitting me stronger and stronger each thurst. I was still moaning through his hand. My eyes we’re all over the place. I stayed on the edge of climaxing for so long. I knew that when I finally did, I was going to be loud, really loud. I tried holding my moans in so that he would finally take his hand off my mouth. “You okay?” he asked me when he finally did. “Stop talking and just fuck me Bruno.” Wow, did I just say that? I’m out of control. He rasied an eyebrow and grabbed my ass and went faster. He really liked that comment.

And he did just what I said. We we’re on the wall where my neighbor Amber stayed that I met at orientation. I know she had to hear all of this on her wall. It didn’t take long for me to climax after my last comment. He put his face next to mine and I listened to his breathing get faster and faster with every stroke he took. He was almost there. I wrapped my legs around him tighter and kissed all over his neck. This time when he was done, he moaned, really loud. I smiled like a fool and held in my laugh. He was damn near louder then me.

I wanted to fall asleep right there in that position but that would be so awkward. He took me over to the bed and laid me down. Bruno was covered in sweat, but I loved it. We both started looking for our clothes when there was a knock on the door. We both instantly looked at each other. “Shit.” I whispered. “It was you, you we’re so loud!” I whispered to him quickly pulling on some sweatpants. “I didn’t even make noise, it was all you!” he responded. “You we’re the one fuc—.” they knocked again. I quickly fixed my hair and tried to look presentable and went and opened the door. It was Amber, fuck.

“Uhh.. I know this is really awkward but, you guys think you could be a little quieter?” she asked rubbing the back of her head. She dreaded this situation as much as I did. “I am so sorry..” I said looking down. “Wait a second, Bruno?!” she said looking past me. I turned around to look at him. “Amber?!” he said surprised. The fuck, what am I missing here?

Chapter 44

“I haven’t seen you in forever!” I honestly wished this conversation they we’re having wasn’t right after sex. I was already tired as it is. Talk about awkward. “I know we gotta catch up soon!” he said. No the hell ya’ll don’t have to catch up on shit. “Oh we will.” she said smiling at him. I didn’t like the way she did that. “Yeah so maybe you guys could be a little quieter?” “Sure.” I said putting on fake smile. She waved and I shut the door. Bruno was already laying down and he scooted all the way to the wall. He smiled at me and patted the bed welcoming me to come and lay with him. I switched off the light and went and jumped in the bed.

I snuggled up close to him and kissed him on the nose. I pushed the Amber thing to the back of my mind. I needed to stop being so insecrure. Bruno told me he would never hurt me, so I’m not going to continute to worry. I wanted to get to know him. ”Bruno, I wanna know more about you.” “What exactly do you want to know?” “I don’t know tell me about your childhood.” He laughed. “What so funny?” I said laughing too. “Well when I was little I was the chubbiest kid ever and I was a Elvis impersonator for a good couple years.” “No, you we’re not!” I said laughing. “No I’m serious.” My face went serious. “Oh, that’s cool.” “Sure it is.” “What’s your mom and dad like?” “Well my dad is from Puerto Rico and my mom is from the Philippines. They both met each other in Brooklyn, New York and had me,” he said rasing his arms. ”Aww, you got the best of both worlds huh?” “Hell yeah. I get my voice and some looks from my mom, and bascially everything else from my dad. My dad’s taught me so much man.” I smiled. “What’s your full name?” I asked. “What you gonna do turn me into the cops?” He said in mock horror. I lgihtly punched him and smiled, “No… Bruno.”

“Peter Gene Hernandez.” “Awww, now say it in a accent,” I suggested. He said it again, and put that little riffled in Hernandez I was looking for. It gave me chills. “I love you Peter Gene Hernandez.” I said trying to say it like him. He softly laughed and kissed me. “I love you too Diamond Richardson.” I smiled like a fool. It was good to hear someone say that, especially someone like Bruno. I fell asleep right in his arms, where I wanted to be forever.

I woke up before Bruno and looked to the celling. I wondered what time it was. I tried to move away, but he grabbed me tighter. “No…” he moaned. I laughed, “Bruno I just want to see what time it is.” He let me go. I grabbed my phone, 10:36 A.M. Wow, it really wasn’t that early. But, I guess we we’re up kind of late last night. I flashed back to my last night and then looked at Bruno in my bed. How lucky was I to have this perfect guy. Did I ever deserve him?

I opened my eyes and the sun was flashing right into them. I rolled over the other way and Diamond wasn’t there or anywhere in the room. Maybe she went to the bathroom. I sat up on the edge of the bed and rubbed my eyes. Soon as I stood up my stomach growled, I realized that I didn’t even eat last night. Some eggs and bacon sounded damn good right now. I put my clothes and shoes on. Diamond walked in and I smiled, “Good Morning.” she said. I went up to her and hugged her, “I missed you.” She laughed, “Bruno I was only in the shower. You we’re sleeping.” “I know.. but still.” I really did miss her, I wanted her to be there when I went to sleep and when I woke up. As we unlocked she asked me if I wanted to go and eat. “You read my mind.” I said. “Go home and get dressed and I’ll meet you there.” “Hmmm…” I said. She looked at me. I kissed her really fast and ran out the door. She tried to hit me but missed.

I blow dryed my hair and put it up in a simple ponytail. It was Sunday I wasn’t really trying to get all dressed up. After about 20 minutes I knew Bruno would be getting there soon. I grabbed my keys and jacket and walked out the door.

I got there before Diamond and sat on the bench in front of the cafe’. Girls, always being so damn slow. I mean she even got in the shower before me! I decided this would be a perfect time to smoke. I sat back on the bench and put my sunglasses on. I went to light my cigarette, when someone asked to use my lighter. I looked up, “Yeah here.” It was Amber. “Amber!” “Bruno!” I got up and hugged her. Me and Amber went to middle and almost all of high school together. We both we’re into music and hoped one day to make it big. She was one of my only good friends that I never stopped talking to. She used to like me, but I never was really that into her. ”Who knew I would find you here?” I said. “Same thing I’m thinking!” she said sitting down. I sat down too. “How’s your mom and dad doing?” I said lighting my cigarette. “They’re good. Yours?” “Good good.”

“You and that girl we’re making a lot of noise last night…” she quickly threw in. I almost choked on my cigarette. I nervously laughed, “Uh yeah, sorry about that.” She scooted closer to me. Honestly, closer then I would have liked. ”You wanna know something.” I backed up a little bit and just looked at her. “I think you would have liked it better if I was on top.” I swallowed hard. What the hell did she expect me to say. “Uhh…”….  


Chapter 45


“Don’t worry Bruno, she dosen’t have to know.” “I don’t think that would be… good.” I said scooting away. “Come on, it’ll be way better, I promise.” she said touching my leg. I got up.

As I hit the corner I seen Bruno standing and Amber sitting on the bench. Shit, now this Amber chick. Keep cool Diamond, they are friends. Be cool, be nice. As I got closer I yelled, “Well hello there!” Bruno quickly turned around and he looked nervous. I hugged him, “What’s wrong?” “I was just telling him about my trip to the hospital.” Amber answered for him. I didn’t need her to answer, what the hell. Keep cool. “Aww, squemish Bruno?” I asked poking him trying to play it all off. He nodded. I felt an awkward vibe going, and I didn’t like it. “You guys going in to eat?” she asked. I really didn’t want to eat with her, but I guess I couldn’t say no. I mean we did wake her up last night. “Yeah.” We all walked in and swiped our cards and I went in and got so much french toast.

I was happy to find that they had bacon and eggs, ahh. I went and sat down at the table. Amber was really trying to get me fucked up, like seriously. I wish I had of never seen her. You would think after all these years should would have just forgot about me. But, I guess not. I tried to stop thinking about her because there was no way she was going to get me into some shit, she wasn’t worth it at all. I started eating like I had never ate before. Diamond came and sat next to me and rubbed my back. “Really hungry?” she said smiling. All I could do was nod. Amber came and sat directly infront of me, I wish she wouldn’t have. “So how long have you guys been dating?” she asked. Come on don’t ask all this shit. “Almost a year.” I lied. Diamond looked at me, and I just slightly kneed her in her thigh. She got the message. “Aww, that’s sweet. I wish I could have a relationship like that.” she said eating her pancakes. I bet you do, but you never will. “Yeah, I love my baby.” I said kissing Diamond. Amber looked slightly disguested. I didn’t give a fuck, I wanted her to be grossed out. “I love you too Bru.”

I loved the way Bruno was acting towards Amber. She clearly made him uncomfrontable. I hoped she knew what was coming for her if she tried to get close to Bruno. Because I was no longer playing games with girls anymore. When we we’re all done eating we walked back outside. “So where you guys headed?” she asked. No fucking where you’re going. “Most likely back up to the room to take a nap.” I lied. “Yeah. I’m really tired after that meal!” Bruno said fake yawning. I wanted to laugh so hard. “Oh okay, well I would really like to hang with you guys again. I had a good time.” Bruno grabbed me close to him, and looked her up and down. “Yeah, we’ll see you around.” I waved to her, and we walked off.

As soon as we got far enough to start laughing. We both did. “Oh my god! That was so good, Bruno!” I said holding my stomach. “I know.” he said hugged me. “But, I really do love you.” he said kissing me. “Owhh.. I love you more.” He shook his head, “Negative.” and kissed me again. We both got up to the room and once again things started getting hot. I didn’t mind having sex with Bruno again, if it mean’t Amber hearing it. I wanted her to know that he was mine, all mine, every sexy inch of him.

Before I knew it I was rubbing all over his chest and he was kissing and sucking on my neck. His phone started ringing. “I’m not here.” he said. I laughed, “Bruno get your phone.” “It’s not important right now..” he whispered. It stopped ringing and he started tugging at my pants. “These need to come off.” His phone started ringing again. I pushed him off of me, “Bruno. Go answer it.” “Fuck! Who could this be.” he said walking over to the desk. I loved seeing him upset it was so funny.

“Yes, good afternoon. Diamond’s. What? Now, we have to know now? I can’t get like 15 minutes? Fuck. Alright, I’m coming.” and he slammed his phone down. He rubbed his face in frustration. “Bru, it’s okay. We got other times.” I said hugging him. “Who was that?” “Phil he said we need to get to the studio now, it’s important.”…


Chapter 46

“Okay, well if it has anything to with you making it big, we need to get there.” He smiled. “Thanks babe.” I made sure I had everything and we walked down to the parking lot and got in his car. I turned on the radio, *This Friday, at The Red Velvet 3967 Elm St. it’s the biggest event you’ve been waiting for. Featured music from talents from all over LA. Plus a special appearance by rapper B.o.B!* We both looked at each other and smiled. “This is it, babe.” I told him. “I know, I know..” he said taking a deep breath. I really hoped everything worked out for him. He deserved it.

We pulled up to the studio and I followed him in. I heard Phil talking. When we got to the back he was on the phone. He signaled for us to be quiet. “Yes I’m sure. We can produce it. No we’re not into it for the money, we love our job.” I went and sat on the couch and watched Phil talk. Bruno started pacing. “Our name? The Smeezingtons. S-M-E-E-Z-I-N-G-T-O-N-S. Yes sir. His name? Uh, Bruno. That’s it. More? What else?” I looked at Bruno and he had stopped pacing and was now staring at Phil. We we’re both anxious to know what’s going on. “Can you please give me ten minutes and I’ll return your call when I figure it out. Thanks so much. Goodbye.”

“What’s going on?” Bruno asked as soon as he hung up the phone. “The gig was getting all the information they needed for his Friday. It’s bigger then I thought.” “What do they need now?” “You need a stage name.” “A stage name? What’s wrong with Bruno?” “They said it’s not enough, it needs something else.” He started pacing again. What do they mean he needed a stage name. I started thinking of random words. “Bruno what…” he said to himself. Phil went over to the next and started writing. “It has to be something unique.” I said still thinking. “Describe me.” he said looking at me. “Uhhh.. your funny, cute, smart, talented, down to earth.” I laughed. “Matter of fact, your not really down to earth, your pretty out of this world.” He looked at me and smiled. “Wait. Say that again.” Phil said pointing to me. “What? Out of this world?” I repeated.

“Yeah. What’s the first thing that comes to ya’ll’s minds.” Phil said getting up again. “Stars.” I threw in. “Aliens.” Bruno said. I looked at him funny, such a boy. “Planets.” “The sun.” “I like Bruno Stars.” Bruno said. “That sounds horrible,” I laughed. “Way to shoot down my dreams.” “Awww, I’m sorry.” Phil was thinking really hard on this one. “Bruno, you got a favorite planet?” he asked. “Mars, duh?” I laughed, “Why Mars?” “Because it’s red? Red is my favorite color. Well that’s how I learned it in school.” “Bruno Mars?” I said. They both looked at me quickly. “That sounds kind of tight.” Phil said. “Bruno Mars.” Bruno said again. He nodded his head. “So we like that? We just need it for this gig and if we don’t like it after that we can ditch it alright?” Phil said picking his phone up. “Deal.” Phil got back on the phone.

“Yeah we have the name. Bruno Mars. You like that? Great. Tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday. Got it. Yes sir. See you soon. Thanks again. Bye.” He hung up his phone and started clapping. “Alright Brunz, this is it man!” “Damn Phil, thanks I can’t get over this. This could finally be it.” I looked at them both and smiled like a fool. I was excited to see they do their thing on the stage like they did last night. I knew that they would put more into this time though. Phil turned on their demo CD and Bruno sung along with his own voice. I sat back and let his voice carry me away.

I was so nervous yet, excited for this gig. The first of the rehearsals were tomorrow. Damn, can it come fast enough. I’m going to sing my heart out to whoever was there. And I hoped one of them will see the talent in me that my family and friends saw. All my life, I just wanted to sing. Nothing but, sing. Music was me.

My phone started ringing. It was Michelle. I quickly walked outside and answered. “Hello.” “Hey, I got a couple questions..” Her voice sounded serious. “I’m listening.” “Number one, what the fuck happened in here last night?” Shit. I thought I left everything cleaned. “Bruno.. kinda stayed the night?” “Well duh, I know that.” “Okay well what’s the second question?” “Why do we have a noise complaint and a fee note on our door?” “What?” What the hell, why would we… That bitch. “I can’t tell you everything right now, but I’ll handle it all when I get back home.” “If you say so…” I hung up and started walking back in the studio.

What was the point of her knocking if she was going to fill out an complaint form? What did she want from us? Bruno needed to tell her to chill out or something. We didn’t need anymore problems in our relationship, we’ve been through enough. If he didn’t deal with her, I didn’t mind stepping in…


Chapter 47

When I got back in the studio I was kind of upset so I know it showed on my face. I went and sat on the couch. Bruno and Phil were messing around on the mixing board. Amber had something coming for her the next time I seen her. After a day full of jamming and playing around we all headed back to campus.

When we got in the car Bruno just sat there. I looked at him, “Are we going to go?” “Tell me what’s wrong first.” He always read me like a book. “Nothing…” I lied. “Okay.” He started the car. Was he not going to ask me any other questions? He was trying to use reverse physcology on me, I know it. We drove in silence for five minutes. He knew I hated silence. “Okay Bruno you win!” I said crossing my arms. He smiled, “Now, tell me what’s wrong?” “It’s Amber.” His smile dropped, “She did something to you?” “Well… she kind of reported us to my hall director and got me a fee.” “What the hell, why would she do that. She even came and—” “I know, same thing I said!” He shook his head.

I swear if she tried anything with Bruno, I would have at her face. I guess this is one of things I would have to deal with being with him. Him and his damn good looks and charm.

When we got back on campus and got in front of the dorms I hugged and kissed Bruno goodbye. I would miss sleeping and waking up in his arms, but I had class in the morning. I got up to my room and Michelle was there eating Taco Bell. “Please say you got me something?” “You know I couldn’t go there and not get my best friend in the whole world a nacho bell grande!” she said handing my the bag. “Your the best ever.” I grabbed it and stuffed my face. I had no shame. “So what’s going on now?” I told her about how loud me and Bruno were and how Amber was playing games. “Oh this bitch is really pushing buttons.” I nodded. “Well don’t worry about it, just keep Bruno around so she won’t try anything stupid.”

I walked in and went in my room to check my e-mail. No new ones, that’s always good. I hadn’t played my guitar in a few days so I decided too. A song I played reminded me of my mom. I missed her so much. I wish I didn’t have to come so far. I looked at my phone, 9:32 P.M. I’m gonna call her it’s almost dinner time in Hawaii.

“Aloaha mom.” “Hi Pete!” “How are you?” “I’m great hun, how about you?” “I’m making it. I got a big gig coming up this Friday.” “Big gig? You sure?” “Yes ma’am I got a pretty good feeling about this one. The CEO of Atlantic Records is going to be there, and he’s looking for talents to be on a new record.” “Wow this is really big, you know I’m always praying for you and waiting for your first album on my shelf.” I smiled. “I got a new stage name too.” She laughed, “What crazy name have you and that Phil came up with now?” “Bruno Mars.” ”That’s kind of cute, maybe it’ll work.” “I’m hoping.” “You need to call more often. “I promise I will.” I wish I could hug and kiss her through the phone. Nothing like a mother’s hug. ”Thanks so much mom for everything.” “I love you son, just be safe.” “I love you more.” “Call me with any news you learn okay?” “Your my first phone call.” “Bye.” “Talk to you soon.” I hung up and took a deep breath. Maybe tonight would be a good night to sleep early. I stripped down to my boxers and laid in my bed. It was so empty without Diamond.

After talking with Michelle about everything that was affecting our lives, we both laid it down. I tossed and turned for the first 20 minutes, it was just something about not sleeping with Bruno now. I sighed. I started humming the song he played at the bar the other night. I was soon in a deep sleep.

After I was done with classes, I was pretty excited to go to rehersal with Bruno and the gang. At around 12 in the afternoon I called him. “Hey babe.” “Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.” I laughed, “I guess your in a good mood.” “Even better now that you’ve called me.” I smiled, he never failed to make me smile. “What you up too?” “Well I’m on my way to my room now, to tune up my guitar and write till’ it’s time to go.” “Mind if I come and be some inspriation?” “Not at all.” “On my way.”

I started making my way across campus. As I was getting closer to the cafe’ I seen Amber sitting on the bench. She saw me coming and started waving and smiling. The fuck you smiling at me for like we’re cool. It’s funny how you never see people around on campus untill you actually talk to them or they give you problems. “Can I talk to you, as adults?” She looked at me seriously. “I’m listening.”…..


Chapter 48

“I really just want to know what your problem is. Have I done something I’m not aware of?” “What do you mean? I barely know you.” “That’s for damn sure, so I want to know why you complained to my hall directer about the other night.” I said with a little sass in my tone. “I don’t know what you’re talking about I came to you and told you. I wouldn’t go behind your back like that.” This bitch is crazy. “Well I barely know you, so I can’t make assumptions like that.” Amber looked at me with an innocent face, “Well, I’m not like that and I’m not out to get you, so maybe we should get to know each other better?” BULLSHIT.

I already seen how uncomfortable she made Bruno and the vibes I got from her we’re terrible. “Look, I got enough friends, and I really don’t need anymore. Especially ones, who are trying to get in between my relationship.” No one has said anything, but I can tell somebody used to like another somebody. “Who’s trying to get in between your relationship?” It looks like YOU. “Just forget it. If you don’t want to have anymore problems with me I’d advise you to stay out of my business.” “Whatever, I was just trying to get to know you since Bruno and I were close in the past..” Amber said. I don’t know why she’s trying to play so dumb, I didn’t get it. But, she was not worth any of my thinking time. And the last thing I need is for her to be close to Bruno. “Well that’s nice of you, but it’s the present now,” I said walking away.

I tried to push that conversation to the back of my head because I was going to see Bruno. And he needed to be in an awesome mood for tonight. I got up to his room and knocked. He answered the door and pulled me in. Before I could say anything he had me pushed up against the wall. “I remember this position very well.” he said seducing me with those brown eyes. “You so nasty..” I whispered and we started kissing. “Not in my house,” Phil said walking in the room. Bruno started laughing. I quickly moved from off the wall and stood next to Bruno. “Yeah… not in this house!” I said to Bruno. He smirked to me. “So what time does rehersal start?” “6. But, we want to be on time so we leaving at 5:30.” Phil said pouring himself some juice. “Cool.” He saluted us and went back into his room. I looked at my phone, only 3:42, what to do for about 2 hours. Have sex? No. I need to stop.

I went and sat on the couch and Bruno sat next to me and turned on the TV. Tom & Jerry was on. “I love this.” he said putting his arm around me and pulling me closer. I laid my head on his shoulder and studied every part of him I could see. It was like I was infatuated with this boy. Every little part of him was beautiful. He sometimes just screamed sex. He would laugh at the TV and I would smile because I could feel it. His laugh was always so heartwarming. I felt myself drifting away to sleep.

“Diamond..” “Hmmm…” “Tell me about your mom and dad.” Does he really have to ask me this now. I sat up a little bit. “Well my mom is from Ohio, and my dad is from Georgia. And they met here in L.A. on vacation from their jobs. And I guess they just came back to where they met to start a family.” “That’s sweet.” “Yeah.” “Well they gave birth to one beautiful woman.” I looked up at him, “Bruno, you say the most sweetest things. I don’t know what to say back to some of it.” He held me tighter, “You only deserve it.” I felt myself getting teary eyed. No one in my entire life made me feel the way he made me feel. It was like a fantasy dream, that I was waiting to wake up from. It felt good to just be loved for change. Loved by someone who was just indescribable. I just hoped I wouldn’t lose him, if I did I wouldn’t ever be the same. He was starting to be my everything. My smile, my hope, my passion, just everything. I knew he loved me, but there was just no way he could love me more then I loved him.

I started crying but, Bruno didn’t notice until I tried to wipe my face. He looked at me seriously, “What’s wrong?” It only made me cry a little bit harder. “I just don’t know. I’m happy, but I don’t feel like I deserve you.” He took me in both of his arms and kissed my forehead. “Diamond. Can I tell you a story?”..


Chapter 49

I nodded. “I know you may not want to hear about my past relationships. But, you might need to hear this one.” I nodded again. “When I was in high school, there was this girl. From the time I saw her I had a crush on her, and everyday it would get even deeper and deeper until it was love. I started trying to get closer and closer to her so that one day I could talk to her. I spent my time writing a song that I never planned on singing to her. Out of my luck one day, she noticed me. And I sang that song to her, and we started dating. I was the happiest guy on earth and I felt like I didn’t deserve her. I had cheated on every girl I had been with in the past.” He paused. “And I told myself I would never do it again. And then that day came where she left me for a friend I had that was more popular. I was embarrassed and heartbroken and ever since then I felt like I would never be deserving enough of any girl. Especially one as special as you. I felt like that was god’s way of punishing me. And now that he’s given me another chance, I can’t mess it up. Diamond, your my second chance.” I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to cry more, but that would solve nothing. His words made me feel like we we’re meant for each other. It was just so hard for me to picture someone leaving Bruno, he was just so amazing.

I sat up and hugged Bruno, I never let him go. I never wanted to. I knew things wouldn’t be perfect from here on out because this life isn’t a fairytale, but I was going to try my best to make it damn near perfect. When we finally unlocked we just put our heads on each others. I stared into his eyes. “I love you.” I said to him. “I love you more.” I shook my head, “Never.” He simply smiled. I laid my head on his chest and held his hand and played with his fingers until I fell asleep.

I woke up to him kissing me on the cheek. “Wake up babe, it’s time to go.” I leaned up and never realized I had fallen asleep. I smiled and stretched. “That was a nice little nap.” “Yeah you were talking in your sleep.” I was shocked. “What did I say?” He got close to me and whispered, “Bruno. Yes. Fuck Me. Bruno.”  I looked at him in mock horror, “No I was not!” He shrugged, “Okay.” I pushed him playfully and went to the bathroom. I fixed myself and went back out into the living area. “You ready for this Phil?” I said pointing to him. He flexed his muscles, “I was born ready.” I laughed. Bruno went in his room and got one of his fedoras and put it on. I loved when he wore them, he looked good in almost anything.

We walked outside and the sun hit me hard. I looked threw my purse and found my sunglasses. When I turned Bruno had his on too. Him, the sunglasses, and the fedora. Total turn on. I just smiled and got into the car. We made our way towards the venue. When we arrived, I got butterflies. I was so nervous for the both of them, even though I knew they would do great. And it was just rehearsal anyway. What’s the worst that could happen?

I went in and looked around. Damn it was huge, there was a dance floor, and bar that could seat more then 20 people. “Damn this is really going to be huge.” Bruno whispered looking around. Phil patted him on the back, “We got this man.” I turned to see Eric who I hug greeted. “And how are you?” he said dropping a bag off in the front. “I’m great. Glad to be here to watch you kill it on the drums.” He smiled, “I’ll try my best.” I liked Eric, he seem really responsible. I wish I had a big brother.

I watched E and Diamond talk. I’m glad they got along. Or should I say I’m glad E hasn’t messed up my relationship already. He could probably tell some embarssing ass stories about me. I walked up into the stage and looked off of it. On Friday, there would be more then 200 people here. I paced on it and learned what was where. I sat behind a keyboard and played some random chords that I thought sounded right. I was honestly just messing around.

A guy who looked really important came up to me. “Can you play that again?” I looked at him and played it again. He seemed to be in deep thought. “Again please?” I did again. He closed his eyes and focused on the sound hard. He opened his eyes, “I’m sorry young man, where are my manners, I’m Aaron Bay, and you are?” “Bru…er Peter. Peter Hernandez.” I said shaking his hand. “You’re playing here on Friday?” I nodded, “Yes sir.” “Hmm. I’ll be looking out for you.” he said pointing to me. I smiled, “Thanks, I’m going to put on a great show.” He walked away.

Then as soon as I started playing again a about 10 people walked in. “Okay I need everyone to gather here up front please, I need names.” A guy who looked like the musical director said. Here we go, time to make a good impression from start to finish. I walked off the stage and went up and listened. “Welcome everyone to our first rehearsal. First things first, what band and or artist would like to start us off Friday night?” Everyone looked around at everybody else. Without thinking, I raised my hand. “My band will go.”..


Chapter 50

“And your band name is?” “Well I’m Bruno. Bruno Mars.” “Okay Bruno Mars. You are your band get set up and show us what you got.” I took a deep breath and went and found E and Phil. “Bruno what the hell, why would you volunteer us first?” Phil asked me. “We got this I promise.”

Shit. They we’re first I was so nervous. Bruno came over to me and held my hand. I tipped his hat, “Good luck.” He kissed me, “Thanks.” And he walked up to the stage. I sat in a near table that had a good view. I wish someone was here with me. I felt kind of lonely. Bruno checked the mic, “Check. Check.” Please don’t beatbox, please don’t beatbox. He didn’t thank god. “This song is called, Top of The World.” I smiled, I really did like this song. “1, 2, 1, 2, 3.” They all started playing. I rocked back and forth. Everyone else just stared.

Halfway through the song I remembered the pelvic thrusting. I don’t think he should do that here. At least not until Friday, there was mostly guys here. When he got to that part of the song he got some audience interaction. He told them to chant, “Baby Baby Baby.” Of course I was the one of the only people that did it. He did his little dance and I screamed like I was at a concert. I didn’t care if people looked at me, I supported him so much. They ended it with a little guitar solo from Bruno and I absolutely loved it. Damn he was talented. When they we’re done everyone clapped and some whistled. I screamed and clapped I know I was the loudest. “Thank you.” he said smiling to the crowd. I couldn’t wait till’ Friday now, it was going to be the best.

I wiped my face with a towel and drank some water. The Aaron guy came back up to me. “Well, well Mr. Bruno Mars. That was a good performance. You have a really unique voice.” I smiled, “Thanks sir.” “Heres my card, call me up sometime maybe we can get in the studio and we can figure something out for you.” I smiled ear to ear. I tried to keep calm even though I wanted to damn near hug the guy. “Wow, thanks a lot. I will def give you a call.” When he walked away I did a little dance by myself. “Hell yeah.” I whispered. I looked around for Phil, must be in the bathroom. I walked over to Diamond and she stood up before she even seen me. I picked her up and hugged her. “Bruno, that was once again amazing. Your amazing.” I kissed her, “You want to know what’s even more amazing?” “What?” I whipped out the card and gave it to her. She read it and looked back at me, “He’s.. a… Oh MY GOD!” She hugged me this time. “I know! Baby it’s finally happening.” I said. It was hard not to smile at this point. Everything was finally right in my life.

Bruno was finally going to get his chance. He worked so hard in just these two weeks that I’ve been with him so I know he’s worked really hard before then. He moved me into a corner where people couldn’t see us. We just stared at each other. We both we’re so happy, we didn’t have words. The more he stared at me the more turned on I got. He pulled me close to him and hugged me tight. He got himself a free feel in. I let go and looked at him, “Bruno..” He threw his hands up, “What? What did I do?” I laughed, “Okay you didn’t do anything.” I said air quoting.

“I’m going to go find Eric and Phil and tell them the news I’ll be right back.” He kissed me and walked away. I sat back down in the chair and started day dreaming. I got a tap on my shoulder and turned around. It was a tall, black guy. Really muscular and he had on a white button up and dress pants. He was pretty good looking too. “Hi, I seen you we’re sitting here alone and maybe you needed someone to talk too.”…