Chapter 41-50

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PART 41:

He rubbed softly his cheek on my cheek and went up to kiss my temple. Softly he stroked

the wet hair out of my face and grabbed then my hand.

‘You remember?’, he asked. ‘1 … 2 … 3!’, and we both ran back into the house.

‘Good that we still wearing our bathing clothes!’, I said giggling. ‘It’s a pitty … so I can’t

help you to get out of your clothes.’ I just looked at him with a raised eyebrow. ‘OK OK …

I’m sorry!’, he grinned. ‘Any hidden agenda?’, I asked. ‘Ehmm nope! I’m sorry! … just that

we should change! Don’t want you to get sick again cause of me!’ ‘You’re right!’ I gave him

a peck. ‘My clothes are upstairs! Back in five minutes … or …?!’ I ran upstairs. On the half

he said: ‘Or what?’ ‘Or … better … find it out!’, I winked and ran further. I heard how Bruno

giggled downstairs and suddenly ran up. ‘Wait I’ll catch you!!! … Where are you hun?’

‘Find me! … Don’t tell me that it is so difficult!’ … ‘Ahhh here! …’ I walked over to him with

my bra in the hand and turned around so that he faced my back. ‘Open it!’ ‘Ehmmm what?’

‘Open the bikini top!’ ‘Sure?’ ‘Bruno … you just shall open it! Nothing more … just so hard

for me to open the knurl …’

Carefully he opened it and I took it off and put the bra on. ‘And please a close!’ He closed I

carefully again and kissed after it softly neck. I turned around and put my hands on his

shoulders: ‘I hope I didn’t teased you too much! … But I just needed your help!’ He

laughed and answered: ‘No babe … it’s OK! I’ll get over it … and it’s not like I never saw

you naked!’ With that he clapped a little my butt. And I turned back to take my shirt back on

, got out of the slip and back in my underwear. When I finished we went back downstairs

together and I laid down on the couch and watched Bruno. He didn’t finish yet so I could

enjoy the few …

I laid smiling at him there. He turned around and saw me starring at him: ‘Hey miss … stop

starring like this!’ I giggled: ‘Who says?’ ‘Meeeee!’ He jumped over the couch right on top

of me! ‘Ahhhh help I’m getting smashed! HELP SOMEONE NEEDS TO HELP!!!’, I

screamed laughing. ‘Shhhhht!’, he laughed. ‘Not that the neighbors think I’m going to rape

you and call the police!’ ‘I’m pretty sure they won’t cause they are to old to hear anything!’,

I answered out of breath of laughing. ‘Uhhhh OK!!! Good thing for me!’ He covered his face

in my hair and wanted to blew on my neck cause he know exactly how sensitive I am at

this place. But I already felt how much it tickled so I threw him by the sink of once’s teeth

from my body and he laid next to the couch on the floor.

Trying to hide my open, giggling mouth I looked shocked down to him. ‘Whooohaa!’, he

said just. ‘I’m so sorry! Bruno! This was really not my plan! I’m so sorry babe!’ ‘At least I

know now you’re well versed in the art of self-defense!’, he laughed while he laid his head

back to the floor. ‘So I’m not scared about you alone in the night on the street!’ ‘What???

You won’t be scared?? I mean … this is a complete different situation!’ ‘I know I was just

kidding! Sure I would be scared! But I guess this will never happen cause I’m always on

your side!’, he grabbed my hand and kissed it softly. ‘Would you do me a favor hun?’, he

asked. ‘Sure! Tell me!’ ‘Please help me to get up cause I can’t move on my own!’ ‘Awww

really poor little Bruno?!’, I answered with a baby voice. ‘Did I really knock you out??’, I

asked while grabbing his hand to help him get up.

Suddenly I lay on top of him, also on the floor. ‘I knew it … damn … why was I so naive??’

I looked in his eyes laughing. ‘Anyways … I think … you also would lay on me if you tried

to refuse! … cause you can’t resist meeeee’ The last part he said with a singing teasing

voice, what made me even more laughing. I just poke out my tongue. He was right! I also

would lay there. Even when I knew what he tries. So I couldn’t counter.

‘And you know that I’m right! And you like it’ ‘Huh?’, I asked while getting lost in his eyes.

‘You’re so cute when you snap out of your world …’, he giggled. ‘I guess this is … why we

belong together … we’re on our own planets … and I was already on my way to planet

mars.’ ‘I’ll tell Dre to let you in!’, he giggled but I beat him a little on his arm. ‘What??

DRE?? I won’t get a personal arrival from the owner???’ ‘Maybe you’ll get it when he is

back from his fainting, he fell every moment in, when he’s thinking about this one beautiful

girl.’ ‘What??? And he’s falling for an other girl???’, I asked with my eyes wide open. ‘Yes

he is falling for a girl!!!’ My eyes were even more wide open! ‘WHO IS IT???’ He rubbed

my chin with his thumb: ‘I love how jealous you are on yourself!!’, he giggled.

I punched him again a little. ‘Damn you little jerk! You can’t make those jokes with me! Not

today! This was really enough action!’ ‘I’m sorry! The little jerk is begging you for pardon!’

‘The girlfriend of the little jerk accepts it!’, I smiled. ‘So … why are we still laying here?’

‘Cause I didn’t fulfill my plans yet!’ ‘Plans? What for pla …’ I couldn’t finish my sentence

cause then he already took my breath with this “he’s-drivin-me-crazy-kiss”! Carefully his

tongue slipped in my mouth and he gave me not a little chance to breath. He made me

groan a little cause he completely raided me with this.

I tried to stop him and put my forearm plain on his still naked chest, so that my hands

reached his shoulders. ‘Bruno … you’re not doing yourself a favor!’ ‘What? Isn’t it allowed

to kiss my girlfriend?’ ‘Sure … but first … you shouldn’t kill her with it! And second … you

shouldn’t kill yourself with it!’ ‘What? I just understand I’m a killer! Maaaan … am I that

good, that I kill you?’, he giggled. ‘Damn YES!!! You brought it to the point!’ ‘So where is

the problem?’ ‘That I need to breath time by time!’, I smiled ‘…and … I don’t know …

maybe you’ll kill yourself when … (clearing the throat) … when your little friend is acting

like … crazy!’ ‘Ohh!’ I felt the embarrassment in his voice. ‘I’m … I’m so sorry … but I can’t

help it … it’s just that you’re so … sexy!’, he aspirate the last word and but his hand in my

hair. ‘I can’t control it … BUT I can control myself!! I promise!!! There’s no need to worry …’

‘But I just don’t wanna bring you in a weird situation …’ ‘You can’t tell me that you felt this

the first time …’, he smirked. Now he was the one who heard the embarrassment in MY

voice. ‘Nope!’ I looked down to my hands feeling that my face turned red. He lifted my chin:

‘You see! And everything is fine! … But … there is really one thing I need you to do to me!’

My eyes turned shocked waiting for what he wants. ‘Could we please get up from the floor

now, back on the couch? My back starts to hurt!’ ‘Uhhh yes sure!!! I totally forgot about

that! Sorry!’

I jumped up and helped him reaching my hand. As he stand in front of me he just hugged

me tight, acting like a good boy. But suddenly he blew again on my neck and jumped back

on the couch, laughing, before my hand could punch him again.

‘I love you Mr. Mars!’ ‘For what?’ ‘For being you … and for knowing me so good!’, I smiled,

crawling over to him on the couch. I pecked his lips and then laid down in front of him,

between his legs, leaning my head on his chest. He put his arms around me and grabbed

my hands. He played a little with my fingers and after a while I felt that it were only the ring

fingers on the left and right hand. I was confused but at this moment he began: ‘Nila …

it is OK for me when we wait til we get married.’

Totally shocked I turned around. ‘Why … how … I mean … what?’ ‘Cause … the longer we

talk about it … I’m getting more and more sure that this is what you want!’ I didn’t answer. I

wasn’t shocked about the thing that he would wait. It was more the fact that he wanted to

marry me. He said in the outside that he wants to marry me ONE DAY! But this sentence

made me thinking that it wasn’t just an in impulse reaction … he really PLAYS with the

thought. And not just since today!

PART 42:

‘Why aren’t you saying anything?’ ‘Ehmmmm ehh ehhh … I’m just … this is … ehmmm …’


‘Hey hey hey …’, he laughed, ‘Why are you so confused?’ ‘Cause … this is totally not what

I expected!’ ‘Why? What did you expect?’ ‘I mean you really wanna do this?!’ ‘Sure! I told

you I’ll wait!’ ‘Noo no no not this!’ I put one hand on his chest. ‘I mean you really … you

really wanna marry me?’ ‘YES! What a question? I told you already earlier in the outside

…’ ‘I know … but I wasn’t sure if you really mean it … but now … and … I mean are we

ready for that???’ He began to laugh and I punched him with my hand on his chest.

‘Heey!!! Why are you laughing?!’ ‘You are just so cute! Sure I meant it for REAL! … And it’s

not that we gonna marry today or tomorrow or next week … maybe in a year or two … just

how we like it … when WE are READY! We got every time in the world! I just wanted to

clear the things up, that I’ll never give you away to a new man!’, he giggled by saying the

last part. ‘Aww Bruno!’ I let my head fall back on his chest and whispered: ‘I love you!’,

almost tickling his chest with my breath. ‘Hey … but when you thought I was kidding, did

you meant it for real to want me to be the dad of your kids?’ He looked shocked. ‘Uhhmmm

… well let me think … uhmmm … YES!’ ‘What? Yes, you was kidding?’ ‘NOPE!!! I meant it

for real! I mean … I always wanted to get kids with such a beautiful skin … and honestly?!

I don’t think my chances are so good to find another man like you … or better a sexy,

beautiful Latino with a soft tan and this fire they always got inside. So … uhmmm I think I

have to pick you! Your my only chance to get beautiful kids …!’ I finished with a big smirk

on my face.

‘Wow! This was pretty mean!’ I began to laugh and kissed him to stop his thoughts. ‘This

doesn’t make things better, babe!’ ‘I know…’ I kissed him again and ignored what he said.

‘I mean it for real!’ ‘Common Bruno! You should know me better! I love you! And I never

ever wanna get an other man! I just love you! And you are the only one who my kids

should get this wonderful skin and this fire, from! I love love love love love …!’ Now he

stopped me with a deep kiss. ‘…you!’, I said against his lips and I felt a huge smile on his


‘You are so beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, magical, mystical,

irresistible, cosmical, a wonderful overkill but most of all beautiful!’, he sang suddenly out

of the situation directly in my ear. ‘Did I say that I really really love you?’ This was the only

thing I could answer. He just smiled at me and continued then: ‘Soooo our last evening

here together here, huh?!’ ‘Yeahhh … I don’t wanna go!! … Let’s stay here forever!’ I took

his arm and kissed it up and down with little soft kisses.

‘You know I really want to, but the weekend is almost over.’ ‘I know … don’t let us talk

about it and let’s enjoy it … guess we won’t get this that fast again?!’

He looked over to the fireplace and answered: ‘But it’s not over yet, huh!? … You

remember our first night together in my apartment … in front of the … fireplace?!!’ ‘Sure!

How could I forget this??’ Suddenly he came closer to my ear and whispered: ‘I want this

right now again!’

Softly he took me by side and got up from the couch. Packed with a huge blanket he went

to the fire place and put it on the floor. He came back to me and grabbed me and took me

like I was a princess and laid me carefully on the blanket. Then he went over and lit the

fire. ‘Wooohhh I told you, you got that fire, baby!’ I told him, while he turned around from

the fire and crawled over to me to the blanket. ‘Yeahh and I know I’m able to lit it also in

you!’, he said with that nasty voice. His lips came closer and closer to mine, almost


Suddenly his head plumped down on my shoulder and he pretended to sleep.

‘BRUNO! And you always wonder why I call you “little jerk”!?’ ‘YOUR little jerk! You forgot

that YOUR … or better MY from your site!’ ‘Uhhh suddenly you’re awake, huh?!’ His head

plopped back and he pretended again to sleep.


‘Bruno! Sleepy head, come get up! You’re getting pretty heavy!’, I said while shaking him to

get him off from me. ‘WHAT??? I’m to fat??’, he screamed in a high girly voice. With that

he rolled laughing off from me and pulled me very close to his body and I snuggled up to

him. He felt so warm, so good … so right!

It was getting later and later and we just laid there cuddling, kissing, talking … well actually

more kissing. The time passed to fast and even though I felt so save in Brunos arms, I had

a fitful sleep.

I woke up in Brunos arms. Even more close than I fell asleep. His arms completely

wrapped around me. I smelled him even more than I usually do, I mean with this “nonexisting-

distance” is it no wonder. But it was amazing. I never wanted to lose this feeling,

to wake up next to the man of my dreams …

‘… and the woman of my dreams!’, he mumbled still sleepy. Huh?! Was I thinking loud? I

giggled while thinking about the fact, a kiss on my forehead and then: ‘Hey sweetie! You

didn’t sleep very well, huh?!’ ‘I was in your arms … so SURE!’ ‘But you tossed from side to

side … sure that everything was OK? No bad dreams?’ ‘Well … actually … when you say

it … yes! There was a bad dream … But I don’t really know what it was about … I just

remember that you … you didn’t came back?’ ‘Didn’t came back?? Where from?’ ‘I don’t

know … you just weren’t there … but it doesn’t matter cause you ARE here and it feels

perfect!’ ‘But why did you dream those things?? You know I’ll never go away … well … that

I’ll always come back!’ ‘Maybe the things we talked about … the wedding thing and … I

don’t know … it made me painting pictures in my head what kind of things could happen …

and …’ ‘But I promise you! That will never happen!’ ‘I know …’, I smiled and kissed him

finally his morning kiss. ‘Good!’ ‘But … the fact that my parents had yesterday their

anniversary made me missing my sisters … we always celebrated together when I was a

little girl … but since we moved to America … everything changed. I miss them really bad!’

‘Awww and why they didn’t came with you and your parents?’ ‘Cause they already had

there own life! … You know, I was to little to stay with them in Germany … but my parents

missed their homeland and always wanted to go back!’ ‘You’ll see them again!’ ‘Yep one

day!’, I smiled and kissed him again. ‘Thanks for taking care, babe!’ ‘I just wanted to make

you feel save! … But … now I don’t wanna let you go, cause it feels to good!’ ‘Then just

stay!’, I whispered.

We both knew that this will be the last hours we can stay like this, without any stress or


‘I’m so thankfully that you didn’t stay in Germany!’

PART 43:

After a while just laying there with Bruno I wanted to get up but Bruno pulled me back. I sat

next to him but with the back to his face. He began to play with my hair. Suddenly I felt

how something pulled on my hair and I tried to turn around, but it just pulled more. I saw

how Bruno sat right behind me, a little with his tongue out, in the corner of his mouth,

totally concentrated.

‘Bruno?? What the heck are you doing?’ ‘Shhht! I need to concentrate!’ ‘Auu! Bruno!!!’

‘Shhht’ ‘What are you doing????’ ‘I plait your hair!’ ‘What what what?? You mean you try to

plait it! Auuu!’ ‘Ooopsie! Sorry! No I can do it! Wait a second … FINISH! You look amazing!

I swear!’ I began to laugh: ‘Sure! I bet it is perfect! Lemme see! Mirror mister!’

He helped me to get up from the blanket and guided me to the bathroom.

‘Tadahhhh!’ I laughed even harder. ‘Ohh Bruno sweetheart!’ ‘What?? Don’t you like it?’

‘You really would let me go with that on the street?’ ‘Yes!’ ‘But just to shock other men and


I’m then save for you, huh?! … Bruno … I always wanna tell you the truth so … It looks

terrible!’, I smiled at him and turned around. Bruno started acting like he cried cause of the

pain I did to him with saying this words. I tried to kiss him but he pulled away like a little

restive child. ‘You can’t do everything better just with kisses!’ ‘I know … but this time I can!’

I tried it again but he also pulled away. ‘Bruno! I really appreciate your work … but look at

me it looks like you put knots in my hair! I’m looking like a scarecrow!’ ‘Yeahh you’re right!

Maybe a little! … I should give my new job up, huh?!’ ‘You would do me a favor with this!

You have so much better talents!’ I wrapped my arms around him and let my hands touch

his ass. I tried to catch his look and starred up to him like a little school girl stares at her

crush. I put my puppy dog face on and started to flutter with my eyelashes.

‘How the heck shall I stay serious with this face!’ ‘Haaa this was the plan! And now I wanna

get my kiss!’

After that we both went back to the kitchen and prepared together the breakfast, well

better lunch. We sat again on the terrace with the view on the lake and planned how we

wanna spend the last day here. And for sure we spoke about the fact that we both have to

go back to work and can’t spend so much time together like this weekend. This broke my

heart and we definitely needed to find a solution.

Bruno got of from the table and went back in the house, without saying a word. ‘Bruno?

Something wrong?’ ‘Wait a second! Be right back!’ I saw how he twiddled on something in

his trousers pocket. -Yes, he just wore his boxers! And me just in my bikini- He came in

silence back and sat down. He had his hand on his lap and looked down to them.

‘Bruno … talk to me, what’s up?’ He looked up to me. He looked a little nervous.

Then he reached with one arm for my hand over the table. I gave it to him and he hold it

for a few seconds and then opened the palm of my hand, put something in it and closed it.

Confused I tried to catch his look but he looked just with a shy smiling down.

Slowly I pulled my hand close and opened it. I just starred in my hand.

‘What … what do you mean?’ After a long pause he continued: ‘I want you all the time bye

my side. I know … this wouldn’t work, less then ever when we’re living in two different

apartments. And I’m so sure that you are the love of my life. I want to know that you’ll be

there when I’m coming home … or I can be sure that you’ll come home every day. Even

when we can’t spend the whole day together, is it sure that we’ll see each other in the

evening. And this wouldn’t work without living together. So please move in with me. I mean

we almost spending the most time together in each others apartments. So why not? I

wanna wake every morning up to the love of my life!’ ‘Do you really think, this could work?

I mean it’s a big step …’ ‘I’m so sure! I thought such a long time about it! I’m sure please

please please please say yes!!!’, he begged like a little child. ‘Well …’ ‘Well yes??!!!!’, he

grinned. ‘Well … I mean, I guess this is the best solution to see you more than just at the

weekend, huh?! Soooo …’ ‘Soo, YES?!!!!’, he was still grinning. ‘Soooo … YES!’ I smiled

from one ear to the other.

He walked over to me lifted me up and spun me around like he never did! ‘You don’t know

how happy you made me right now!’, he whispered in my ear. ‘Well when we wanna do it?’

‘As soon as possible! What about uhhhmmm right now?’, he grinned. ‘Bruno … Seriously!

We need to plan it! It’s not just like putting some furniture into one room!’ ‘Well I guess

you’re right! But we can start planning right now! Huh?! What about this? Perfect day for

this?!’ ‘It seems like you planned to plan it today, huh?!’, I giggled while stand in front of

him, still with my arms wrapped around his neck. ‘I have to say … in the last days … I

thought a lot about it … but I was a little scared to ask you, because I wasn’t sure if you

were ready for it! I always looked for the right moment. But I think today is perfect!’

‘Perfect! You are right! … I was also thinking about it … but … I wasn’t sure if you wanted


it cause of work … touring and stuff …’ ‘Why I shouldn’t want! I’m sure we handle

everything together! Til now we could fix every problem!’

‘Ahhhhhhhhh we really gonna do it!!! We really really do!!!’, I screamed in the highest girly

voice I had against his chest. ‘Yeahhh we really really really gonna do it!!!’ He pulled me

close and kissed me long and intensive.

So we sat there for a while just talking about the moving. I was so happy. When I think

about how we met, I never would have thought that it will end up in this.

‘Me, the fan girl in the crowd. The girl in the elevator, in the airplane …’, I thought loud. ‘…

and you as my stalker!’, I continued grinning. I forgot everything around us. Just Bruno and

me. So much Bruno that I starred at him. I guess I looked like a fool. But after a few

minutes he stand up from the table and walked over to me and looked down to me, without

saying a word. He grabbed me by my waste and made me standing in front of him. With

the next move he carried me in his arms to the canvas chair and laid me with my tummy

on top of him.

‘And I’m so damn lucky that I stalked you!’, he whispered. His hands were on my cheeks

and he pulled me carefully closer to his lips. The sweet touch of his lips on mine, was a

symphony. ‘What for was this?’, I asked a little in trance of this indescribable kiss. ‘I can’t

say for nothing special, cause you are so special to me, but I just wanted to show you how

glad I am to have you here by my side.’ I kissed him back, a short soft peck and smiled my

way. I put my head back down on his chest and we both began to snooze.

Slowly I opened my eyes, still laying on Brunos chest. With one hand I fondled softly his

chest. ‘Hey … wake up babe.’, I whispered. ‘Wake up …’, I aspirate and kissed his chest.

As slowly as I did, Bruno opened his eyes and began to smile when he saw me. ‘We need

to get home Bruno!’ ‘Isn’t it our home?!’, he giggled. ‘I wish it would be … but not yet!’,


When I tried to get up from Bruno, suddenly everything turned for something like five

seconds black and my head started to hurt. I took a deep breath. And tried again to get up

and hold with one hand my head. ‘Nila?! Everything OK?’ ‘Yeah … I think … my head just

hurts a little … think I didn’t drank enough today!’ ‘Are you really sure, that you’re OK?’

‘Yeah … I’ll take a pill and in 30 minutes everything will be alright!’ ‘Well OK … when you

say so?!’, he answered, still a little afraid.

PART 44:

I took the pill and 30 minutes later I felt like a new person. We took all our things and made

our way back home to change our clothes and taking a shower. The try to hurry up didn’t

went well, because when I was in the shower I heard how the door quietly opened. ‘Bruno!

Common, get out of here!’ But before I had a chance to fight more against it, he were right

behind me in the shower. Hugging me from the behind, kissing my neck, the warm water

ran down our bodies. His hands moved up and down on my side.

‘Bruno … why are you doing this to me?’, I whispered almost moaning. ‘Doing what?

Loving you? … And you are always the one who says we need to save water.’, he

answered while I turned around to him. I laid one hand on his chest and pushed him softly

against the wall of the shower. He’s not the only one who can tease. Now he was the one

who was almost moaning. With one hand wrapped around his back and the other one still

on his chest I began to kiss his shoulder, down to his collarbone, up to his neck … his

cheeks … I saw how he closed his eyes and how much he enjoyed it. Up to his lips … first

I bit softly his lower lip and sucked it a little. The hand on his chest moved higher, up to his

hair and I grabbed the end of it a little harder. Now it wasn’t anymore an just “almost”


moaning. Our lips were on fire and full of desire. I felt how he opened his mouth a little

more full of desire for my tongue. And I’m such a nice person so I fulfilled his wish, or

better his dream … I giggled to myself, while thinking those thoughts when I’m kissing him,

and slipped out.

With this I turned around and went out of the shower. I turned once around to see him

standing there, shocked that I suddenly went out of it. I winked at him, grabbed my towel

and went out of the bathroom. When I were in my room I heard him giggling to his self. A

few seconds later I felt his arms again around me. ‘I like that baby!’ ‘Uhmm what?’, I asked

innocent. ‘You know what I mean …’ ‘Uhh yes … I guess I know what you mean …!’, I

answered while he tried to reach my lips again. ‘I guess you mean this, huh?’ It were only

a few millimeter till he reach my lips and then he screamed: ‘Aaaaaauuuuu!’ ‘Uhh sorry …

wasn’t it this?’, I answered giggling after I stopped twirled his one nipple. ‘Damn Nila! I

didn’t know that you’re so rude!’ I pecked his lips and said: ‘I’m sorry hun! I’m just starving

and wanna get ready!’ ‘Woha you’re really mean! I mean … damn … wait til we get back

home!’ ‘Uhhh wait … uhmmm we’re still living in different apartments, huh?! So I can ran

away!’, I ran over to my clothes, grabbed them and poked my tongue giggling out to him. I

went in the bathroom and got ready, did my make up, my hair … when Bruno came back

again. ‘Niiiilaaaa … how long???’ ‘Just a few minutes!’ ‘I thought you were starving!’

‘Hmmm maybe?!’, I answered while doing my hair.

Suddenly he grabbed my hands, took the straightening iron away and stroked my cheek.

‘Her hair her hair falls perfectly without her trying!’ ‘Bruno! Shame on you cause you’re

lying to millions of girls!’ ‘Common, you know that I’m right!’ ‘I guess I have no chance

cause you wouldn’t give up, huh?!’ ‘Nope!’, he grabbed my hands, kissed me and I said

against his lips: ‘OK your kisses are awesome … but you’re still a pretty bad liar!’ ‘Well … I

think I have to live with it …’

He leaded me to the car and we spend the evening together in our favorite restaurant with

the few over the beach to the sea. After the dinner we walked to a place where weren’t so

many people and we had again a little more time for us without all the paparazzi and fans.

He took my hand and stopped in front of me: ‘Thank you that you take this all like it’s

totally normal for you … or better that you try to handle it! I know it’s hard …’ ‘Well … it is

… but I give my best! I want you by my side … so I have no other chance!’ ‘I’m so sorry! I

don’t wanna see you in such a situation!’ ‘Bruno … it’s OK! I knew what I was doing when I

said yes to being with you! I knew who you are and that the world knows who you are …’

‘Thanks babe!’, he lent his forehead on mine and stroked my cheek.

It was getting cold so we went back to the car and back to Brunos apartment. He had to

get up early the next morning and me not. I had one week vacation and so I could use the

time to pack my things in my apartment while Bruno was doing his work. It felt so good to

wake up next to him and being kissed when he left the apartment. This was the beginning

to a wonderful life.

Bruno was already two or three hours away when I got up to make my breakfast. I

preferred a chilly morning. I had the time so I took it. I chilled down in front of the TV and

let the time pass. But shortly before lunch time I wanted to get ready and drive to my

home. When I wanted to get up I felt suddenly dizzy … everything turned black again and I

laid back on the couch. The head did hurt again so I stayed there for a few minutes. ‘Just a

migraine!’, I thought to myself and made carefully the way to the pills. 30 minutes later was

everything fine again.

I felt good, so got ready to drove over to my apartment. On my way back home I bought

some boxes where I could put all my things in.

When I stand in my door I just thought: ‘Damn! … A lot of work!’ I put all my things down


and began slowly to pack … thing by thing. I had the whole week, so no need to hurry. I

haven’t heard something about Bruno the whole day, til the evening. He send me a

message: “You! Me! My apartment! NOW! No need to change!’ I stared at the message for

something like five minutes. Then I jumped up, grabbed my bag, my car key and ran out of

the door with a big smile on my face.

Then I stand there in front of his door. Excited like this would be our first date. My fingers

were on their way to ring the bell. Suddenly the opened with a huge zip. In the door stand

my shiny Bruno who pulled me as close as he could, kissed me, spun me around and

kicked at the same time the door to close it.

‘Ohhh damn! I missed you so freakin’ bad!!!’ ‘Wohoho Bruno! What’s up with you?’ I asked

smiling between all this little kisses all over my face and neck. ‘Nothing! I just needed to

see you as soon as possible!’ ‘Wow … did you take some drugs … or why are you so

excited?’ ‘Nohhhoooo!!!! I’m just on a cold turkey! We spend the whole weekend together

and now ONE day without you! It was to hard to stand it!’ He looked up and down on me to

check what I was wearing. I wore my jogging pants and my BRUNO MARS SHIRT! I totally

forgot about it. I bought it after the concert in New York and til now he didn’t know anything

about it, cause I tried not to wear it when we were together.

Surely he stopped at the shirt, looked up to me, again to the shirt, in my face and back to

the shirt. ‘You are looking PERFECT! Since when do you have this? And why I’m seeing it

the first time?’ ‘Ehmm … after the concert … you know THIS concert … well I bought it.’

‘Uhhheeee yeah she loved me! So she bought a shirt!!’, he sang dancing in front of me. I

rolled my eyes and pushed him softly: ‘Exactly cause of this you’re seeing it today the first

time!’ ‘Awww my little fan girly!’, he fondled my cheek like a dad would do it with his little

daughter. I just stand there and looked at him with a raised eyebrow. ‘But seriously! You’re

looking beautiful, like always! And the perfect clothes for today.’ ‘OK OK OK … so what is

the plan?’ ‘The plan is this!’, he grabbed my hand and leaded me in the living room.

On the small table in front of the couch was a big bowl with pop corn. A big blanket laid

and a lot of pillows laid on the couch.

‘DING DONG … ‘Wait a second!’, he let go of my hand and went back to the door. In this

time I walked over to the couch and chilled down. ‘Tadaaaahh the pizza is ready!’, he said

with a huge smile when he walked over to me with a huge family pizza. ‘Aww Bruno! You

are amazing!’, I answered while my looked went over everything he prepared. ‘But who

else is coming?’ ‘Huh? Why should someone else come?’ ‘Cause this pizza is HUGE! We

are just two! Or do I really look that fat?’ Now he was the one who looked at me with the

raised eyebrow. ‘Shut up little fan girl!’ He jumped over to me to the couch and put the

pizza on the table. He kissed me so I had no chance to answer.

We spend a wonderful evening together … but the later it was the stronger got the pain in

my head again. I didn’t say anything but I could see on Brunos look, that he felt that

something was wrong.

PART 45:

‘I’m fine! Everything is fine! Was just a long day!’, I said quickly before he could say

anything. ‘Nila … honestly I can’t believe it! Tell me the truth! Is it really just because of the

long day? Do you really think you can do the moving thing on your own? I mean packing

your things and stuff? … For me it doesn’t seems like it is just because of this.’ ‘I don’t

know … I don’t feel sick or something like this … just tired … so I guess I have to look for

it!’ ‘You sure that you’re OK?’ While laying my head down on his lap I answered: ‘Yeah

daddy … everything is … well … fine! Don’t worry!’ ‘But daddy need to worry when his little

cute girl seems to be not good! Baby … I can’t see you like this! It hurts me when


something hurts you!’, he answered while stroking me from my head to my shoulder …

pretty softly but it felt good. ‘Awww Bruno you little drama queen …’, I said smiling about

how he overacted with his voice. ‘I’m not a drama queen … well … OK maybe now a …

little! But I’m serious! It seems for me not to be normal! A headache for a day … OK … But

its now more than a day and it seems like it’s getting even more worse … hey … hey Nila

what’s wrong??’ He looked down at me and saw my face, trying to hide how much it hurts.

‘Everything is cool.’, I whispered. ‘OK, forget it Nila! We are going tomorrow to the doctor!

Doesn’t matter what you say!’ ‘No Bruno … it isn’t that bad!’ ‘It isn’t that bad?? Are you

kidding me?? Why don’t you wanna go?’ ‘Maaan Bruno … I just spend my the half of my

life at doctors offices or hospitals! I just can’t see them anymore … I’m already feeling like

a gimp! I don’t need any other sicknesses!’ ‘Awww baby … I know that this was a hard

time for you and maybe sometimes still is … but what if there’s really something serious? I

can’t lose you!! So please do me the favor!’ ‘Well … I guess … I really should, huh?!’ ‘Yes

you should! Damn Nila … I love you so much! I don’t wanna imagine … if there’s really

something serious!’ ‘I hope so, too! … But don’t worry … we’ll see it tomorrow! … And you

really wanna come with me?’ ‘Yes! Sure!’ ‘But don’t you have to work?’ ‘Not when my

girlfriend needs me!’ ‘Awww you’re so sweet! Thank you Bru!’ He came closer and kissed

me softly, scared to hurt me. As slowly as he came closer, he pulled away, but I wrapped

my hands around his neck and pushed him right back on my lips. Showing him that there

is no need to worry, he can’t hurt me! ‘I love you Bruno!’ A huge smile ran over his face.

Even if my head hurt so bad, I just enjoyed this moment with Bruno so much.

‘We should better sleep now, huh darling?!’ ‘Yeah would be the best, I guess!’ But I didn’t

make a move. ‘Hmmm … sooo I think you should get up, honey!’ ‘But I don’t want to …

you are so comfortable!’ And I closed my eyes. Suddenly I felt a warm breeze in the near

of my ear. ‘Bruuunooo … don’t do that to me …!!’ He nibbled on my ear, and he knew that I

love it … ‘Bruno … seriously! Do you think you get me with that from your lap??? You just

keep me! … uhhh damn!’, I aspirated the last words.

‘Even if I would love to keep you, and I … damn … love to see you like this, we should

sleep, NOW!’ ‘OK daddy!’, I answered like a little girl with my perfect puppy dog face and

got up from the couch. Standing in front of the couch I felt dizzy again. Everything was

black and I tried to grab Brunos arm. ‘Woooo!’, I said and sat back down. ‘Wooo! That’s

the right word! Everything OK babe? What’s up?? … Talk to me!’ ‘I’m just feeling a little

dizzy …’ ‘OK wait!’ In that moment he lifted me up on walked with me on his arms up to his

bedroom and laid me carefully on his bed. He jumped over me on the other side of the bed

and said while leaning over me: ‘I bet it was the kiss … or the nibbling! No I guess the kiss

… I mean … I’m doing my work perfect!’ ‘Uhh Bruno …’, I answered with a “sure-whatelse-

could-it-be-than-your-kisses-you-little-kid-voice” and flipped on my side, smiling,

facing him.

‘Did I say today, how much I love you?’ ‘Uhhhhmmm honestly?! NOPE! I guess you need

to say it again!’ I did say nothing just grabbed the border of his shirt and pulled him close

to me and kissed him with all the passion I got. ‘Damn!’, he said out of breath between one

of the kisses. ‘I didn’t knew,that you love me THAT much!’ ‘Seriously? No?’, I asked and

kissed him even harder. Against his lips I said: ‘That you know it NOW!’

‘Uhhh your head must be driving crazy!! … Damn … daaaamn … uhhh Nila …’ ‘I love you

Bruno! I love you soooooooooooooooooooo much!!’, I said widening my arms as far as I

could. ‘And much more!!!’ ‘And you are the best that ever happened to me! You can’t

imagine how happy I’m with you! And I wanna be like that forever! And I need you for that

… I need to make sure that you get your sleep now and you’ll better tomorrow!’ ‘Damn I

thought I can bring you up from this stupid idea.’, I laughed. ‘So that means you didn’t

meant what you said?’, he asked with his puppy face. ‘Nooo … cause I love you now even

more, seeing how much you care for me!’ I pecked his lips and got carefully out of the bed


straight to his bathroom, brushing my teeth … cause the most important things are already

in Brunos apartment. A few minutes ago, I heard how Bruno followed and I saw him behind

me in the mirror. He out his arms around my waste, laid his head in my hair and kissed my

neck softly. I smiled, he smiled … we both just smiled. It was wonderful. I turned around

tousled through his hair and let him getting ready for the bed. While he was in the

bathroom I looked for some clothes I could borrow from him … and I found what I needed.

I already went in bed and snuggled under the blanket, waiting for Bruno. He came right

beside me, kissing my neck and then my lips. ‘You look so beautiful, even in my clothes! I

like it when you steal them.’ ‘I’m not stealing … just borrow!’, I pecked his lips again and

continued: ‘Sleep well baby boo! I love you!’ ‘Sweet dreams for you … hmmm well … I love

it when you mumble my name in the night!’ ‘What? No! I don’t mumble!’ ‘Sure! You do! And

it’s so cute!’ ‘Arrrg … good night Bruno!’ ‘Good night baby!’, a last kiss on my cheek and he

put his arm around me and I cuddled up to him.

‘Haaa Niiiiilaaaa nyuaamm nyuaammm nyuamm!’, Bruno pretended mumbling. ‘Bruno!’, I

punched him playfully. ‘Sorry!’, he giggled. ‘OK now the final good night!’

PART 46:

‘Nooo!! Nooo! Don’t go away! Don’t let me here alone!’, a little girl screamed with a tears

flooded face. ‘Why can’t you stay?? Please don’t go! Tell them they shall let me go!

Please!’ ‘Baby but you have to stay! It’s just the best for you!’ ‘But you promised it wont be

for a long time! Take me with you!’ ‘Baby I call you everyday!’ ‘But that’s not the same! You

can’t even visit me!!’ ‘The just check your medicine! … No need to worry baby! Please …

don’t make it harder than it already is, please! Good bye darling!’, her mother kissed the

girls cheek and went to the door, the same time when the doctor came in. ‘Your

medication isn’t enough anymore, we need to do a surgery! It is set for tomorrow

morning.’, the doctor said. ‘Muum you heard this?’, the little girl cried even louder. But the

other was already gone.

The eyes blood shot, she sat there in front of the window in a wheelchair. Alone. No one

who hold her hand … Just alone …

I took a deep shocked breath and sat in bed. My body was sweating all over. I felt so

weak, like I fought the whole night with someone. I looked to my side, where Bruno already

sat next to me with his still sleepy eyes, but already trying to calm me down. He put his

arms around me, laid me back and grabbed me real real close. He kissed my forehead

and asked: ‘Bad dream sweetie?’ ‘Yes … I guess … what did I do? I hope you’re not …’

‘Well actually you punched me a little, so I grabbed your fists but …’ ‘For real???’, I asked

shocked. ‘I’m so sorry Bruno, I hope …’ ‘It’s fine baby … just relax!’ ‘… I guess it was … it

was just the whole doctor thing …!’ ‘You wont be alone! Not again! I’m here!’ …

The next morning I slept longer than I wanted to. I wanted to get up with Bruno and eat

breakfast with him, but he was already gone. It made me a little sad because I already

missed him. When I walked into the living room a bright smile run over my face.

On the table at the couch he set a sweet breakfast for me. I moved over and saw a little


‘A wonderful morning my sunshine,

I hope you feel better today … enjoy the breakfast … and don’t dare you to make a move

today! Lay back and relax! I’ll be back as soon as possible and try to miss you not too


I love you


Those little cute notes just make me loving this man more and more. Even though I

thought this isn’t possible. Still in my thoughts I dealed his number to call him and here his

voice and saying thank you. Right at this moment the phone in my hand began to vibrate

and the picture of the most handsome man popped up.

‘Morning Bruno.’, I answered the call with a still sleepy voice. ‘Morning honey … I hope

you slept good.’ ‘Yes, after sleeping in your arms, it was perfect … and sorry again for

punching you! I really didn’t meant to. By the way … can you read my mind? Cause I just

wanted to call you and say thank you for this beautiful breakfast. And the flower is

wonderful!’, I said while smelling it. ‘But … one point … I need to move … what about the

doctor?’ ‘I’ll come with you! I told you! And til that … RELAX!’ ‘OK when you say so … I

trust you!’ ‘Yes I do! So now … even if it breaks my heart … I need to say goodbye

sweetie! I love you! And text me when you made an appointment!’ ‘OK … love you, too!

Bye bye!’

Right after that I called the doctors office and made an appointment and texted Bruno.

At 3p.m. Bruno came back from the studio to his … well soon our apartment to take me to

my apartment. I needed to take a shower and changed my clothes. The appointment was

pretty late at the day, cause I called them too late, so they had no more time.

We arrived at the doctors office and Bruno grabbed my hand really tight before we went in.

‘Are you ready?’ ‘No … not really … but OK … We need to go in!’

There weren’t soooo many people. Was my luck, so we hadn’t to wait that long.

I told the doctor everything about the pain in my head, when I feel dizzy, when everything

is turning black.

‘So Ms. Maly … OK … but you never had a blackout?’, the doctor asked. ‘No … I just saw

nothing, just black!’ ‘And did you ever faint?’ ‘No … not yet, but yesterday almost. He

caught me before I could fall and laid me on my bed.’, I answered while looking to Bruno.

He was very quiet and looked a little bit scared, cause the doctor face didn’t looked that

happy. It scared me, too.

‘Well OK … we need to make some test before I can say anything else. Please make as

soon as possible an appointment in the hospital for a MRT and an EEG. We don’t have

those technology in our office. But we can’t let too much time pass. I guess they will do the

MRT with a contrast medium, that the can see everything better.’ My eyes popped a little

bit out when he said the last things. It didn’t made me feeling better. ‘Don’t be scared. We

will see what do next when the results are ready. So at first I just can give you medicine for

the pain. Don’t do the next days to much hard work and when you feel that you get dizzy

again, sit or lay exactly then down.’ ‘OK thank you then.’ ‘Goodby Ms. Maly and Mr. …?’

Bruno laughed a little, ‘Hernandez Goodbye and thank you!’

Bruno grabbed again my hand and we walked in silence back to the car. Even the ride

back home was quiet. No one of us dared to say anything. It was a scaring silence. We

both knew what the other was thinking, so no need to talk.

I tried to fight the tears in my eyes back and not to cry. This was just too much for me.

I got out of the car when we arrived and Bruno grabbed again my hand. He has the

amazing talent to make me feel safe in every situation.

We got into his/our apartment and I just stood there. Bruno closed behind us the door

looked at me, walked over grabbed my hands, put it around his back and just hugged me

tight tight tight!!! Tight without saying anything.

I couldn’t hold it any longer! The tears streamed down my cheeks. ‘What what is … what is

when’s really something bad?’ ‘Shhhht … don’t every think it! We get through it! Together!’,

he said calming. ‘But … but you heard him! He said, before it’s too late!’ I saw that he

didn’t knew what to say to it. He heard it with his own ears. His eyes watered also, but he

tried to hide it. He wanted to be the strong, so he took my hand again and led me to the

lining room, on the couch. We sat there both and he hold me in his arms. We talked a little

about what happened. Well me more under tears.

Bruno kissed softly my forehead and broke my thoughts. I looked up to him and smiled.

‘Thank you Bruno! For everything!’

He said again nothing and just kissed my lips. When we pulled off my eyes were still

closed, like I was in trance. ‘I love you Bruno!’ I turned my head for another kiss. It got

slowly more intensive. I felt how my heart began more and more to race. I got out of

Brunos arms and sat straight on his lap, facing him. I put one hand on his cheek and the

another one around his neck. I felt how still some tears were running down my face, right

on his cheeks.

Our lips met each other again. But this time stormier than before. The fire on our lips

burned our thoughts down. Nothing else mattered at this moment. He was all I needed. My

lips went down to his neck, grabbing his hair, pulling it lightly.

My hands slid down on his chest. He felt so good. All the feelings I got inside turned over.

Slowly I lost the control about myself. His hands slid down my back, almost touching my

butt. The kisses were out of space. On my neck, my ears, softly biting it.

My fingers did what they wanted to do. They played with the buttons of his shirt, opening

two or three of it. I really needed him. Back to his lips I bit his bottom lip softly and sucked

it. The hands just slid more and more down, til they reached his pants. Bruno breathed

already harder, but tried to hide it. He enjoyed ever second of what I was doing to him. He

couldn’t hide his groaning anymore. I played with the button of his pants … and finally

opened it.

‘I want you! I need you! Right now Bruno!’, I whispered under my breath in his ear.

PART 47:

His eyes sparkled more than before, when he heard those words of mine. I loved to see

him like this, falling more and more for me, with every touch, every kiss. At that moment he

would have done everything for me.

I didn’t thought it could get any hotter, but the temperature went up and up. With every

touch I made, it felt like he burned my fingers.

Did I already mentioned his kisses? Oh my god!! This kisses!!! He made me crazy!

I knew he was the right one. The man of my dreams! There will be no other man in my life,

hopefully. So it was … the right thing to do! It was … the right … it was the … right thing …

so just go with it! No need to wait anymore.

Suddenly he grabbed me real tight, even tighter than before. I know right, unbelievable! He

grabbed me tight and put his hands on my butt. He lifted me up, still kissing me, stood up

from the couch and laid me carefully with my back on the couch. He kneed over me and

buried his head in my hair, right on my neck and kissed there every spot he knows I’m


‘Nila … it is OK for me when we wait til we get married. I’m getting more and more sure

that this is what you want! I told you I’ll wait! Just how we like it … when WE are READY!

We got every time in the world!’

Suddenly his words were back in my mind. Why can’t they go away? All I wanna do is

making him happy!? It is the right moment, isn’t it?!

Bruno kissed still intensive my lips, but I just lay there with my eyes wide open. This wasn’t

OK … I couldn’t control myself and a single tear rolled down my cheek, touching his face.

Bruno stopped and looked up to me. With his right thumb he softly wiped the tear away.

Another soft kiss on my lips, while he closed his pants. He reached for my hands and sat

me up. This was definitely not what I expected. He hugged me tight. He hugged me tight

and said: ‘This isn’t the right thing! This is not what you wanna do!’

How can he read my mind? Is he really that perfect? How do I deserve this??

‘But but Brun…’ He kissed me again. ‘It’s OK! I told you I can wait!’ ‘This is just so … I

don’t know why that happened?! I really wanna make you feel good … but …’ ‘Heeey … I

do feel good … with YOU, know matter what! I think you’re just confused … shocked …

about today.’

Still hugging me, he let go off of me and made me sitting next to him on the couch. I

crawled as close as I could and cuddled on his side, while he put one arm around me and

comforted me.

‘I’m sorry Bruno … I really don’t know … why?!’ He kissed my head. It was not that I cried

hysterical, but the tears didn’t stopped rolling. ‘I’m really so sorry … I can’t I mean I I …’

‘Nila! Stop with this excuses right now! You really got no reason for it.’ ‘But … but you … I

mean I really do love you, you know right?!’ ‘Honestly, I really don’t know someone who

could love me better than you!’

I couldn’t help but smile. Even when I don’t know what’s wrong with me, he’s here and hold

me tight and don’t leave me. Again I asked myself, how I do deserve this wonder of man.

He grabbed a pack of blow rags and wiped my tears and made it an end. ‘So baby! Breath

in and breath out! And everything is fine!’ He finished this with a kiss on the tip of my nose.

‘I love you Miss-Future-Hernandez!’, he whispered. ‘Why do you always need to say those

sweet thing, that I feel like a fool for being so dumb!’ ‘Okay okay! FIRST nothing is dumb!

Especially not you! Second cause … I love you Miss-future-Hernandez!’, he said the last

part almost singing.

The rest of the day we didn’t really do anything. We just sat there together on the couch

and between that I called to make an appointment for MRT. It was set for the day after


In the evening I got another, but little headache attack, so we decided to go to sleep.

Bruno was really sweet he stood up stand in front of me at the couch, but the back to me.

‘Jump on!’ And so he took me piggyback ride to (now) our bedroom. Arrived in the

bedroom I jumped off and walked over to the bathroom to get ready. While that I heard

how Brunos phone rang and he talked to someone. I couldn’t hear what he said but I was

sure, that he’ll tell me, if it was something important for me, so I didn’t ask. I got ready and

crawled on my side of the bed and waited for Bruno, who was at that time in the bathroom.

‘Ouch! This was my foot!’ ‘Uups! Sorry!’, Bruno answered giggling, while jumping over me

on his side. I already switched the light of my nightstand off, but stared at the ceiling,

waiting for a reaction of Bruno. But he just laid there, still with the light on and stared also

at the ceiling. After a few minutes I couldn’t stand the silence anymore and turned around

to face him, right at the moment when he turned to me. We both looked in each other

faces and I waited again til he said something.

‘I need to go for five days …’ ‘Uhh … shows?’ ‘Yeah … one TV-show and one benefit

concert!’ ‘Hmmm this sounds good, or not?’ ‘The day after tomorrow … we need to go!’, he

answered with a sad face. ‘Oh…’, I could just answer. ‘But hey … this isn’t a problem!’, I

smilded. ‘It will be just five days, huh?! And then you’ll be right back, so no worries.’ I put

one hand under my head and the other one right in front of my face. Bruno grabbed this

one and intertwined our fingers. ‘But I promised to be here for you … and the appointment

is the day after tomorrow. I can’t leave, baby … I promised you!’ He kissed my hand.

‘Bruno you’re really cute. But it is just the MRT … I won’t get the results so fast. You’ll be

back when I get them … I’m sure. Usually the doctors aren’t so fast.’ ‘But what if you get

another attack and maybe you faint and no one is here?? Who shall help you?’ I let go off

of his hand and stroked his cheek. ‘Bruno … baby … you really don’t need to worry! I

promise you I won’t do so much things, so I won’t faint. I wait with packing my things til you

be back, OK?! No stress … no fainting!’ ‘But … I don’t wanna leave you!’ ‘But honey …

that’s your job!’ ‘I know … but I hate it when they give me the dates so short before.’

‘That’s biz!’, I answered giggling. ‘Please Bruno … don’t stay here just because of me,

don’t worry! I’ll be fine I promise!’, I kissed him and waited for his answer. ‘Well … fine …

OK … I think you let me no other chance, huh?!’ ‘Nope!’ ‘OK … Then thank you sweetie. I

hope you’ll sleep well and I wish you wonderful dreams and and …’ ‘OK OK Bruno I know

what you mean! I love you, too!’ He came closer with a smile on his face and kissed me

again for the good night.

We both turned back around on our backs and he switched his light now also off and

searched for my hand. He intertwined our fingers again. It felt so good to feel him on my

side … just laying there, feeling his soft touch, knowing that he’s there …

PART 48:

The next day past to fast and I already missed Bruno while he was still next to me. Just

five days, everything will be fine.

Bruno was the whole day not home but came earlier home, to pack the clothes and stuff

for the short travel.

‘Honey?? Honey? Honey?? Where are you???’, he came stormy through the apartment

door. I was confused and looked around the corner of the kitchen. He saw me and ran

over. ‘Ahh finally! There are you!! I missed you! I’m sorry I didn’t want to stay that long!’, he

hugged me tied and kissed me. ‘What?? You’re pretty early!’, I smiled. ‘I thought you’ll stay

longer … I mean not that I love to have you here … but …’ He kissed me again. ‘You talk

to much! I wont see you five freakin days!!!’ I grabbed his hand and leaded him into the

kitchen to taste what I cooked. I took a spoon and fed him. ‘Mhhhm amazing! What is it?’ ‘If

I’ll tell you, I need to kill you!’ ‘What??? You wont tell me??’ ‘Uhhhm nope!’

‘Pleeeeeaaaseee!’, he begged with puppy eyes. I just poked my tongue out, ‘OK … I see

no chance, huh?!’ I turned around to him kissed him and said against his lips: ‘NOOOPE!’

Later I helped him packing and we spend another evening on the couch, our last evening

together for five days. But we didn’t stayed there that long, cause Bruno had to get up


Back in bed we just lay there and faced each and Bruno just stared at me. He stroked

softly my cheek and let his hand carefully flop down on my hair. I missed his smile while he

played with my hair. ‘Awww Bru … don’t look so said! … is it really just because you

leave?’ ‘I … think … YES!’, he sighed. I moved closer to him kissed him and looked back

in his eyes and couldn’t help biting my lip. I looked back on his lips and then to his neck.

His smile was back, finally! ‘This is what I wanna see!’, another kiss and then I moved

down to his neck and kissed it softly up and down. Out of sudden I blew against his neck.


We both laughed like little kids and then he wrapped his arms really tight around me and

hugged me. ‘Thank you!’ ‘What for?’, I asked. ‘Do I really need to start this long list?’ I

laughed again and after a while we both fell asleep, arm in arm.

They next morning Bruno acted like a little drama queen. He was so worried about me and

hold a little speech about being careful and he don’t wanna let me go. ‘Bruno … you’re

really sooooo cute! But it’s enough now, I got it!’ ‘I’m sorry, but it’s just that I love you so

much!’ ‘I love you, too!’, I smiled. ‘But when you see it from his side, it aren’t really five

days. Cause today doesn’t count, we see each other, and the last day doesn’t count either,

cause that’s the day when you’re back home. And the other three days will fly by! I

promise! And the telephone still does exist!’ ‘Alright!!! Call me please right after your

appointment today, or no wait … I guess we’re at this time still in the air, so I’ll call you!’

‘I’m looking forward! But please promise me, that you’ll forget all this trouble and you have

fun out there!! Or I need to call Phil to kick your ass.’ We both couldn’t help but smile and

with that he gave me the kiss for the final goodbye.

I had my appointment late at 5 p.m cause I called so short before, so there were no other

dates free. I didn’t really know what I should think about it. Should I be scared about the

results, or should I be happy to finally, hopefully know what I have.

I decided not to think about it that much, just going there and wait for what happens til

Bruno is back.

I wasn’t allowed to eat four hours to eat before the MRT because they wanted to inject me

with a contrast medium, to see better what’s up in my head. So I was really hungry and

couldn’t wait to finish that all.

This all took not so much time, but I hate it that the radiologists never say anything

afterwords. They just let you go home in the uncertain.

The first thing back home: EATING! I felt like a pregnant woman! I ate everything I found

and everything I starved for. It was crazy.

Right when I took the next big bite my phone rang. BRUNO!!! I bright smile run over my

face … I answered but I just could here him rarely. The connection was really bad. So our

talk was pretty short. The one thing I waited for, looked for the whole day, lasted exactly

five minutes. This was pretty sad … but just at the moment when I tried to get over it, my

phone vibrated: ‘Sorry baby!!! I’m really so sorry!!! I just wanna let you know, if you

couldn’t hear it, I freakin love and miss you with all my heart … I hope so much that I

everything turns out for good… I love love love you!!! Sleep well baby :)’

This just made my day and I finally could fall asleep satisfied. But the bed felt so freaking

big and alone without Bruno.

The next morning I was woken by my phone, a call. I thought it would be Bruno, I haven’t

looked on the caller ID and answered with my still sleepy voice.

‘Miss Maly? Here is the the Olympic Medical Hospital Center, Dr. Benz.’ ‘Uhh yes, right!

This is me!’ ‘We call because we already got your test results of the MRT from yesterday!’

‘Wwwhatt? That fast?’ ‘Yes! Your family doctor called us to arrange that. So yeah we got

the results. I don’t want you to fluster you, but we really need you to come over here today

for some other tests. And the best would be, to make sure, that everything goes right, that

you stay at least til tomorrow.’ ‘What? Really? Is it that serious?’ ‘Well we can’t give a final

answer. But please don’t worry! We explain everything when you’re here.’ ‘OK … OK …

Uhmmm I get ready and then I’ll come over.’ ‘OK thank you! We see later. Goodbye!’

The test results were already there and I shouldn’t worry??? What was he talking bout??

Staying in the hospital?? For at least two days?


I grabbed all the things I needed and went out to go. It was raining outside. It looked just

like I felt, and Bruno wasn’t here. I was so scared what it could be, and now I need to go

through it on my own.

I think I was never so scared like those few moments, before I went into the hospital.

The doctor and a nurse were already waiting for me. The brought me first in my room to

set all my things down I brought for these days.

At first they made another few test and the doctor brought me into his office for a talk

about what they found out.

‘It’s that we found in between the first and the second coat of your brain a small blood clot.

It is like a small hematoma just inside your head. Can you remember that you hit your

head somehow before you felt the headaches?’ ‘Actually … no not really … I can’t

remember … maybe unknowingly?! Could it happen maybe in the night? Maybe while

turning around in bed, hitting the bed or something?’ ‘Well yes … this could be an

explaining, if you can’t remember!’ ‘So what ca we do now?’ ‘Actually … we need to make

a small ambulatory surgery, but we still wanna that you stay here over night. To make

everything sure. This is why you should bring your clothes.’ ‘An ambulatory surgery??

Ehmm what? How? I mean what will you do?’ ‘It isn’t that complicated! And no worry this

just takes a few minutes, not more than 30 minutes. We’ll make a small hole in the coat of

your head, till we reach the right place and then we’ll take the blood clot out. We need to

do this before the blood clot unlooses from this place and goes into your bloodstream and

wanders to your heart. And if that would happen, the danger is big that you get a heart

attack.’ ‘What a hole I mean isn’t it dangerous?’ ‘Don’t worry the hole wont be bigger than

two millimeter and you’re luck is that the blood clot is not so deep, it is in the first coats.

We just need to do local anesthetic.’ ‘Well … OK … and afterwords, the headaches will be

away?’ ’ You shouldn’t feel anything like pain, what belonged to this blood clot!’ ‘It sounds

still creepy. I don’t really know what I shall think!’ ‘I know … this a big surprise! But at least

it isn’t that bad like we expected it first. But the most important thing is, we should do it as

soon as possible, the best would be today!’ ‘OK! … Alright … then … I guess … we should

do it!’ ‘Fine! Good to hear your decision! The nurse will bring you back to your room first

and we’ll set everything … you can relax first.’ ‘OK … thank you for everything!’

Back in my room I laid down on the bed. I grabbed my phone and saw one missed

message from Bruno. BRUNO! I totally forget! I told him everything will be fine. He wanted

to be here for me. I needed to tell him. … I couldn’t tell him. If I would, he just would get

more worried and I didn’t wanna know what he would do?! … I wouldn’t tell him. Not via

telephone … The doc said that I would be back home on the next day … I wanted to tell it

Bruno, when he was back and I’m pretty fine! Like a new person!

‘Hey baby … everything is fine! I feel good today. No headaches yet! I miss you so much!

Can’t wait to have you back here with me! Love you … Hope you have a nice day!!! ~kiss~

Ps: did I say that I love you? ;)’

PART 49:

I didn’t felt good by ‘lying’ to Bruno. I mean it’s not that I didn’t trust him or so, I just didn’t

want him to worry about me too much. This wasn’t a big thing, but I know my Bruno!

Even though I wasn’t ready for that all, with no one by my site, I was ready! I needed to

pass it now! Now or never! And never would be too late! So this would be a good excuse, I

couldn’t wait for Bruno because I might would have died!

30 minutes later came the same nurse back in my room. She explained everything too me

and gave me a small, it smelled like alcohol, drink, for preparing my local anesthetic. It


sounded pretty weird for me to hear that the wanted to bore a hole in my head.

Well actually it was even more weird that I was so relaxed about this fact. And I began to

realize, that this drink were the same like they give people with claustrophobia when they

bring them for example in the MRT or so. So this shot just made me relax, this got nothing

to do with the local anesthetic.

This reminded me, while waiting for the next part, on my childhood when I spend so many

times in the hospital. Once I had a surgery, they gave me a similar shot and ten minutes

later I began to roll out of my bed and started laughing all the time. And when the nurse

came back in my room she tried to lay me back in my bed, bud I refused like a drunk

person. … I need to say, they told me this all after the surgery. I can’t really remember this,

just a few things in the dark.

Back in reality, it made me still giggling that they gave an ten years old child such a strong

shot! I mean what did they thought? That I may kill the doctor when she touches me?

Dumb that I just forgot how I acted when the made me ‘drunk’, cause I know everything of

the surgery! It was also just an local anesthetic and it didn’t really worked, so I felt every

little thing they did to me. And if the hell would exist, I bet it were exactly like this!

Back to my problem! ‘When in those days the anesthetic didn’t work, what if today will be

the same?!’, was what I thought the whole time. ‘What if I feel every little thing!??’ I was

scared again and wanted nothing else than Bruno by my side.

Three ours later I found myself back in my bed. I touched carefully my head and a

compression bandage around it. The surgery was already done. Slowly I began to

remember. I knew how they brought me in the surgery room but I guess the anesthetic

was so strong that I fell asleep right after.

They said they’ll make just a little hole, so why this big bandage. Did went something

wrong?? I rang the bell for a nurse. And she already came.

‘Uh hello Ms. Maly you’re already awake!’, she smiled. ‘How do you feel? Can I do

something for you?’ ‘Uhm thank you, I feel good. Just why do I have this big badage? Did

went something wrong??’ ‘Oh well no! Everything was fine. Everything was ready between

30 minutes. The bandage is just for stabilization and safety for your head. It’s really difficult

to fix a small band-aid on a head, you know?!’, she winked. ‘Can I do something else for

you Ms.?’ ‘OK … thank you, I’m fine!’

I couldn’t believe that this all was so easy. I was so thankful for the modern technology of

the medicine.

The later the day the more I missed Bruno. I haven’t thought that this would be so hard

without any support.

A few hour later the doc came back into my room and said that I could go home the next

day. While we were talking my heart began to hurt, again! Yeah again! I got this pain since

almost three years but went never really to the doctor. Just once. They checked my heart

rhythm but everything seemed to be alright. Always the same. You got always pain, but

when you’re at the office? NOTHING! That’s the reason why I never really went to.

I decided to tell the doctor about it! This was the chance. Now it hurt, now I needed to say


The doctor noticed everything and planned to do an EKG … everything happened pretty

soon. Finally this time they recognized something. At some parts my heart began to race

without a reason.

‘First, we can do anything than give you a medication. You need to watch it a few days! If it


gets stronger or better, we’ll see what we can do with the medication.’ The doctor also

decided that I should come back the day after tomorrow. So the could check my head

again and if everything’s fine wit my heart.

Hopefully it would be. I never told Bruno about. He was already freaking out when he

heard about my headaches. If I would have told him that I already had a something like a

big heart attack two years ago, and the pain was still there, he would go crazy. He was

already worried about me. I know I should have told him about that, but I really couldn’t.

And honestly, I said enough times that I’m a wrack when it depends on my healthy, so, I

don’t mean he should have know that, but I told him indirect that there is more than the

headaches and my rheumatism.

Well, OK … he shouldn’t have know! How could he? I’m the one who shut the mouth. But

this was always my problem. I never really could talk about my feelings and my problems.

My parents had already enough to do, an my dead was almost in a wheel chair. He around

the clock pain, not even the strongest dose of morphine helped him. My mother was, also

nearly at the end. She had so much to suffer cause of that all. From one day to the other

she had to do everything in our family on her own. This was the reason why I never talked

with anyone about my problems. I never wanted to bring someone in more trouble just

because of me. So I decided to find a solution for everything on my own.

But I’m not alone anymore. I have Bruno, the reason why I need to learn to talk. I can’t just

play the lonely fighter. This wouldn’t be fair. How could he understand me, when I’m not


This made me thinking, if I should call Bruno or text him what happened. But … I couldn’t!

Not this time. Not when I already told him everything’s fine and I promised him that take

care of me. I needed to tell him everything from face to face …

Luckily I had so much to ‘do’ this day, so I passed really fast. Before I knew fell asleep and

the day came where I was allowed to go home.

Right when I was home Bruno called and I picked up. Our connection was PERFECT that

day. I could understand everything.

‘I missed your voice, Bruno!’ ‘What? Just my voice?’ ‘Common … you know what I mean!’

‘Uhmm nope. I guess you need to explain that!’ ‘Hmm … OK OK … Where to start?! First

of all your amazing smooth but passionate kisses … I mean I really do!’, I said with almost

nasty voice. Good that I was already at home an not more in the hospital. ‘Uhhh you really

do?? … Hmm … I guess than you need to get an extra portion when I’m back home!’

‘Uhlala … I can’t wait baby … I really do miss you!’ ‘I know … I miss you, too! But … well

… You haven’t finished your list yet!’ I could see his smirk almost through the telephone.

‘You lil jerk.’, I giggled. ‘Nahh what did we say about the lil jerk thing??? YOUR lil jerk!!!’

‘OK MY lil jerk … I miss … I miss your near the most. And your touch … and laying next to

me in our bed … it’s so cold and empty and much too big for me just alone! I miss my

strong man who holds me when I’m scared and …’ ‘I love you, baby!’, he whispered but I

could hear in his voice, that he smiled from one to the other ear.

I don’t know how, but he can make with so simple things my whole day!

‘I love you, too Bruno! But why did you whisper?’, I whispered back. ‘Cause the guys just

came back in the room. I used some alone time to talk to you. But this was now over … so

I changed the room.’, he answered I a back to normal voice.

‘I want to have my extra portion kisses right now, Bruno!’, I said a little sad. ‘Baby don’t say

that! It makes me feel bad about leaving you!’ ‘Aww Bruno sorry … I’m sorry … this was

not my plan!’ ‘You can’t imagine how freakin bad I would love to give you the double extra

portion.’ ‘Baby?! … I hope you’re ready for a little surprise when you come back home!’, I


said with a teasing voice. And I was not talking about my surgery as a surprise.

PART 50:

‘Baby?! … I hope you’re ready for a little surprise when you come back home!’, I said with

a teasing voice. And I was not talking about my surgery as a surprise.

(just a little reminder)

‘Nila? Why aren’t you at home? … You promised to wait with the moving stuff!’

FUCK!!! He’s already back home. Not that I complaining. I missed him so freakin bad. But

… damn! He shouldn’t see me like this!

‘Nila??? Say something! Baby?’ ‘Uhmm hey sweetheart!’ ‘Nila? Is something wrong?’

What should I say without him freakin out?

‘NILA!! Fucking talk to me!’ ‘OK OK! First of all: Don’t talk to me like this!’ ‘You’re right! I’m

sorry! But you really scare me! Why don’t you say anything? Where are you? I came

home, expecting you were home … man please don’t tell me that something happened!

Nila … please! Where are you? I miss you so much!’ ‘I miss you, too! OK … but you need

to promise me something!’ ‘Everything!’ ‘Please stay calm! And don’t freak out!’ ‘What???

Nila what happened?? Are you OK?? Do you feel good??’ ‘Bruno! Promise!’ He took a

deep breath and answered: ‘… … OK! I promise!’ ‘Better you sit down first!’ ‘What?? Is it

that bad?’ ‘Honey! No … but please … still you promised!’ ‘I have no other chance, huh?’

‘No you don’t…’ ‘Well then … I’m sitting!’ ‘OK … fine … you’re home, huh?!’ ‘NILA! TALK!’

‘Well … without any big words … I’m … I’m in the hospital!’ ‘WHAT??? And you say it isn’t

that bad?? Baby what happened??? Are you OK? I’ll come over to you right now!!!’, he

asked all the questions he already asked a 1000 times. AND he didn’t stay calm, like I

expected it. ‘Where are you?? I coming as fast as I can!’ ‘Wow … so many questions at

once! Well Olympic Medical Hospital Center, third floor, room 24 … and I’ll tell you

everything when you’re here! But Bruno please drive sa…!’ ‘I’m coming! I’m flying!!!’, he

cut me and hung up.

15 minutes later I heard a nurse talking loud with a male voice in front of my room.

BRUNO! He’s already here??? ‘Please let me in! I really need to see her. She’s my …’ ‘No

visit time is over, and at the moment just family members!’ ‘I’m … I’m her husband!!! SO

PLEASE LET ME IN!!!’ My eyes were wide open, when I heard those words! I couldn’t

really thin! I didn’t wanted to let him see me like this! I just could pull the blanket over my

head. In that moment the door pushed wide open and Bruno walked over to my bed. I bet

he pushed the nurse out of the way.

‘Nila!! Baby!!! … Common. Take the blanket away!! I wanna see you honey … I miss you

so much!!!’ ‘No Bruno … I can’t!’ ‘Why?’ ‘Cause you’ll be mad at me!’ ‘Silly, I promise I

won… What are all the things here for?? Why do they record your heart beat? NILA! Tell

me right now what happened!’ I had no chance to react and right at that moment he pulled

the blanket away!

‘What the hell? Nila?’ ‘You promised not to be mad!’ ‘…I’m not mad!’ ‘Come it isn’t that

bad!’ ‘It isn’t that bad? You have a broken arm, scratches all over your arms and face!

What happened?’ I patted the empty place on my bed and he sat down. He grabbed my

hand and stroked it softly. ‘Well … before I tell you about this and this’, I pointed to my

head and my arm, ‘I need to tell you something else. … I already got the results.’ ‘Oh my

god! So soon? What is it?’ ‘Don’t worry, everything is fine, now!’ ‘Now?’ ‘Yeah now…’ I told

him the whole story about the little surgery and he was shocked but happy that I feel good

now. ‘Damn Nila! You should have told me about that!’ ‘I’m so sorry … I just … couldn’t! I

knew how you would react and you shouldn’t worry about me.’ ‘But it is nothing more


important than you! Sure I would worry about you, but I think I deserve it to know what’s

wrong with you.’ ‘You’re right! I’m sorry …’ He came closer and kissed me! FINALLY! Uh I

said that loud. Slowly I pulled away and he bit his lip while looking down on mine. ‘I missed

you Bruno.’, I whispered and he just smiled at me and kissed me again.

‘So now tell me the rest.’ Damn! I thought he might forgot about it while we kissed but, he


‘Soo there is something else I should tell you. I had yesterday another appointment to

check my head if everything is fine now. And … they wanted to check … my heart, again.’

‘Your heart??? And why again???’ ‘Before you say anything else: I know I should have told

you, but you know the reason why not … I had two years ago something like a heart

attack. I don’t really know if it was one, cause I never went to the doctor. Every time when I

went to the doc they couldn’t see anything. And after this attack it was no more that bad.

So I didn’t say anything. It hurts from time to time, seems almost normal! But after the

surgery it hurt again and this time was a doctor here so I told her about that and they

checked everything and gave me medicine for it. And she told me that they wanna check it

again when I come back for the appointment for my head. So yeah yesterday was the

appointment. … And it was wonderful weather, you know?! The sun was shining.

Everything was fine again … so I thought … I … could drive with my … motorbike. I really

missed that so much!!!’ ‘You did what? I thought..’ ‘Wait lemme finish! But suddenly out of

the blue it started to rain, I slid away and boom here I am. … So it was no ones fault or

anything. I was just too dumb!’ ‘Ohhh Nila!’ ‘And now, after that they wanted to check my

heart again for 24 hours and after that I can go home.’ ‘I didn’t knew that you’re still using

your bike. … Damn girl! And I shall not worry about you? How?’ ‘Well, I haven’t for a pretty

long time. That’s why I felt the need. Bruno, you really don’t need to worry about me!

Everything is fine! I’m a big girl. It was just a dumb situation.’ ‘I just feel so bad that I wasn’t

here for you.’ ‘Bruno,’, I stroked his cheek, ‘how should you? No one could know, that the

results were so soon here. And if it wasn’t so important, I would have wait for you! …’ ‘Just

don’t do that again to me!’ ‘I won’t I promise!’

He kissed me again, but this time it felt, like he wanted to erase all the things that

happened in the last days, when he wasn’t at home. He was now almost laying in my bed,

so he took his shoes off and came next to me. That’s the only good point for hospital beds.

Usually you space for one and a half person.

Bruno put his arm around me and we just lay there till I said: ‘Soooo you’re my husband,

huh?! Good to know that!’; I giggled. ‘What else should I say? She didn’t want me to let me

see you!’, he answer shyly. ‘It’s OK babe … I think it doesn’t so bad!’, I looked up to him, to

see how his reaction was. A huge smile run over his face and kissed my head.

‘I love the thought about it!’

Carefully he lifted my chin up and kissed me. He’s making me melting again.

‘Hmm … baby?!’ ‘Yep?’ ‘Where is my surprise?’ I couldn’t help but laugh and lifted my

broken arm in the air. ‘Isn’t it enough surprise?’ ‘Stick your tongue in or I bite it!’ ‘Try!’ I

shouldn’t be always so cheeky! ‘Mmmh tasty!’ I giggled and our foreheads touched.

‘I’m sorry that I can’t give you your surprise in the next days! I really wish I could!’ ‘It’s OK I

can wait, but I’m really looking forward!’, he answered with a big smirk. ‘Uhh but wait, I

forgot! I have something for you.’, he said while he rolled on his side and put one of his

legs on mine. Softly he caressed my cheek and moved my hair out of my face.

‘I wanna give you the first part of your extra large portion kisses, like I promised.’ I could

feel his huge smile on my lips. It was weird to kiss so passionately in a hospital room but I

just couldn’t resist this hot man. And I got an excuse. I mean haven’t seen my ‘husband’


since a few days!

Suddenly I heard a cough. His lovely nurse was in my room. Bruno turned around and let

go off of me like a good school boy. This was kind of awkward. We completely lost

ourselves and forgot where we were.

‘Mr. Maly you really need to go now! And the the beds are ONLY for patients!’

Bruno looked over to me with a big smirk and answered: ‘OK OK! I’ll go now!’ The nurse

walked out of the room but I could see that she waited right in front of the door watching

over to us.

Bruno goodbye kiss was long, soft, sweet and full of provocation for the nurse. Then he

whispered with a big smile: ‘Can’t wait to get you back home tomorrow, baby!’ And pecked

my lips again. He turned around and walked out of the room but stopped then in the

middle, still smiling: ‘About this one we need to talk, Mrs. Hernandez!’, and walked out of

the room.

40 minutes later my phone vibrated:

‘You should have seen her face when I was out of the room! She was more than

confused!!! Awesome! Sleep well my beauty! I can feel now how lonely and cold your bed

was, the last days! I’m sorry :( Can’t wait to get you back home!!! I miss you AND I love

you :*’