Chapter 41 - END :((((

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I awoke hearing some kind of music. Like someone was playing an tiny guitar. The moon was so bright. I could see everything as if someone had turned on the light in our room. I reach over next to me and don't feel anything, I look over and I don't see Bruno either. I feel a breeze go through me and from the corner of my eye I see the curtains move.

I hop out the bed, pull the sheet off and follow the music towards the balcony. I wrap myself up in the sheet and step out onto the balcony. Bruno is sitting in the lounge chair with a half empty bottle of whiskey next to him. Bruno is playing his ukelele and singing some songThe moon light was shining on his face making him look pale, the look of his eye were just like the ukelele. Hollow.

I look at him and start to feel empty myself. He's not even looking my way to let me know that he knows that i'm here but I can't be mad at him. That would be selfish.

He stops singing the song, gets up, leans on the railing and continues to stare out at the ocean. I sit in the lounge chair next to his and stare out myself. Man, the ocean is even more beautiful at night and with the moon shining upon it. It looks like a big pool of mystery.

He finally turns around and looks at me, or through me. I'm not sure but he's staring my way. I look at the ukelele swinging from his hand and watch him drop in on the ground. Then I look back at him.

Hey.” I say

Hey back.” he says

I see you packed the little guy.”

Couldn't take the guitar.”

Why not?”

Too big.”

Not really, a big star like you, they would of done anything for you”

I guess.”

Come on, your Bruno fucking Mars, you're the king, All hail..”

Babe, i'm really not in the mood for jokes right now.”


We're just here just staring at each other not saying a word. It's like I want to say something but I just can't figure out what to say. What can I say?


Alicia no, not right now.”

Then when.”

When i'm good and ready OK.”


Alright then.”

..How did you know that song?”

Dad taught me it. It was the first song he every taught me how to play.”

It's beautiful.”

It's called Aloha `oe .”


It's a Tahitian song. It helps me sleep...used to.”

Oh...I thought you were here talking to the moon again.”

Why would I do anything that reminds me of my mother?”

..I don't know Bruno..i'm just trying to make conversation.”

Bruno puts his head down and we don’t say anything. I look at him and he's still looking down, my eyes water and I get up. I walk into the room get on the bed, get under the covers and just lie there. I don't want to go to sleep but I don't want to stand there not saying nothing.

All of a sudden the breeze stopped and I heard the doors slide shut. Foot steps are coming towards me and then the bed got a little lower. I turn around and look at him but he has his back turned towards me. Sighing, I scoot over and put my hand on Brus lap.

...I know it's hard for you to talk..but it's OK,I'm used to it” I say

..You shouldn't be used to it..”

Well I am, so when you wanna talk...I'm here to listen.”

I wait and I wait and I wait, to see if he would say anything, something but it was a big ole nothing. I sigh and roll over, & feel Bruno lay down but I don’t turn over.

Every morning, Mom used to make all of us a huge breakfast, the whole shabang and I would help her. We would sing and dance and make the whole kitchen a mess an all that.”

Bruno stopped talking and I rolled over. Just as I imagined, arms under his head, ankles crossed over one another and staring at the ceiling. I look up at him but he don't take his eyes off the ceiling, it was like he was stuck in some flash back. It was like he could see it all on the ceiling playing for him like he was watching a movie and didn't want to miss a thing.

Well one day, she was feeling sick. I walked into her room and seen her in the bed with a bowel of hot tea next to her and she had a runny nose and was coughing and all of that. I asked her if she was going to make breakfast. She said no....I got so mad at her, I didn't care that she was sick, I wanted to make breakfast like we always did. So I ran into my room mad as hell and punched a hole in the wall. Mom came in and gave me a tongue lash and I told her I wished she would go away. And you know what she told me?”

What did she say?”

She told me that she promised that she wouldn't go anywhere, that she would always be here rather if I liked it or not..”

What did you say?”

I said, I rather not..she walked out of my room and I knew she was hurt but at the time I didn't care. I was mad...Dad came in all mad and told me to apologies to mom for saying that and I told him I would in the morning... I remember ...They were arguing all night about it but I fell asleep anyways...I Woke up Feeling guilty so I knocked on their door no one answered so I opened it and mom wasn't in there. Neither was dad...i ran all around the house and didn't find her but then I went into the kitchen and seen everyone at the table but told me she was gone..”

He sat up so fast, I thought he was going to run out of the room but he didn't. He stayed there and sat on the edge of the bed. I sat up and put my arm on his shoulder, he was shaking so bad, I thought he was going to explode. I turned him towards me and the look on his face made my stomach turn. It felt like someone was cutting me from the inside out until I was raw.

I put his face on my chest and held him as he grabbed the back of my night gown and bunched it up into his hand. He was shaking so hard that it was shaking me. He held me closer and I kissed the top of his head and that's when he let it all out. Bruno didn't need to tell me in words because I just knew what he wanted to say. He yelled but not out of anger but of pain. As tears soaked my gown I felt The sobs of a man who was living in guilt his whole life...because he thought he killed his mother.

I rocked him back and forth holding him, letting him let it all out. I closed my eyes and all I see was his mom sitting in that chair across the room. In her pink little dress and her tight but and looking neatly polished. Fire filled me up, how dare she come up in here and think that everything is OK when it wasn't. Explaining her story like it was just another day, no bitch you left. She left her fucking kids and worst of all she left Bruno thinking something that he didn't even do. And the fact that his father knew the whole time she was alive and aint tell no one! Golly Jee That makes me so fucking mad!

I stop thinking about it an focus on Bruno. He stopped yelling but the tears kept a coming and I didn't mind it. It's helping him and it's my job to keep helping him. All but an hour past and Bruno finally stopped shaking. He looks up at me and his big brown eyes were red from all the crying and his nose was runny and I frowned. I felt like I wasn't looking at Bruno the man, but Bruno the boy.

It's OK Bruno, you didn't do anything wrong. It's OK, let it go Bruno. She's alive and you didn't hurt her. She's OK Bruno, let it go. Let it go.” I said

He just nodded and I held him closer to me. He laid his head on my chest and took a deep breath. It was as if he's letting go, letting the little boy inside him know that it's OK. She's OK, he didn't do anything. Tears streamed from my eyes but not from pain but from joy. I'm so happy that He could finally breath after all these years. Bruno was guilt free.

I pulled some tissues out from the night stand draw and wiped his face and then he wiped my eyes with his thumbs and he smiled at me. I smiled back.

I Love you.” he says

I love you too.” I say

I..feel like a new person, like I can breath.”


Yeah, it's like that feeling of the heavy weight on my body is gone.”

That's really good babe.”

I know, it's like the weight was lifted off of me. Like at first I was fighting it but then told me it was OK and I let go.”

And i'm glad that you let it go Bruno.”

It's all because of you.”

...I wouldn't say that now..”

Yes babe believe it.. if it wasn't for you, I would of held on.”

I guess..”

I start fiddling with my thumbs and put my head down but Bruno put his hand on my face and looked at me. He was dead serious.

Ok, OK.” I say


Yeah babe?”

Let me make love to you.”



Right now?”

Right now.”


I couldn't even finish what I had to say because Brunos lips were on mine. Laying me down on my back on the bed I felt him kick off his boxers and pull off my shorts. This time he was smart and kicked the comforter off the bed and I threw the sheet off. We paused on the kissing just to take off my gown and then it was on again.

Brus kissing was different but in a great way, it was like an explosion on my lips. He started sucking on my bottom lip all hard and powerful then he bit my lip and I bit his back, and when he bit mine again, he had this hunger in his eyes letting me know I hit the right button. He licked my lips and a tingle from my lips went straight down my spine and down to the very spot making me moist.

His mouth found my ear and he nibbled on the lobe. He ran his tongue down my neck making small circles on his way down. I felt his warm mouth on the skin of my neck as he started to suck, lick and bite it. My hands went straight to his hair as I grabbed his hair, he sucked harder sending that sensation to my core.

I felt my nipples tighten as his hands felt their way down to my collarbone to my needing twins. They wanted some attention but the big sister was screaming for some company. He traced his way down with his tongue sucking on my collarbone. My body wanted him to be there but my body was straining for his mouth to be somewhere else.

Finally he found his way down to one of the twins. Licking and blowing and playing with the one while he tickled other with his tongue. The sensation was now a throb and I'm begging him to fill that hole that's screaming for some attention but he caught me off guard as he sucks on my tenderness Going back and forth, showing them equal pleasure, I felt a quiver and then I felt the satisfaction ooze from between my legs.

I feel his manhood pulse against me, I reached down and palmed what I could but he moved my hand away and held on to my wrist. That was new. He never pulls my hand away that forcefully, I like it though. Bruno looked at me with a passion that I’ve never seen before. He kept his mouth where it was as he teased me with his pulsing manhood moving it around in circles slowly and up and down. My legs began to shake and quake, I started tossing and pulling away not being able to take it but thrusting because I wanted more. I bit my lip until I could take no more and I jerked as I let out a sigh of relief from both of my lips.

As soon I was done climbing my peak, Bruno thrusted himself in me. Hard. Bru thrusted hard but pulled out slow he did it again and again until it was a rhythm of pleasure moving in and out of my body. Our bodies moving together, our voices moaning together the passion flowing between us was stronger than I have ever felt with Bruno or with anyone at all.

Faster and faster as we went together, Bru lifted my back up and held me to his chest. I wrap my arms around his neck and held on as I let my head fall back. He slowed down the pace and played with the twins with his mouth making me release once again. Bru pulled my head up and looked into my eyes. He has the low look in his eyes and no doubt I do too.

I rolled him over but he just rolled me back over. Bru grabbed both my wrist and held them above my head making me defenseless. We both moved together and stared into each others eyes until Bru closed his eyes and let it all go. Getting his own type of satisfaction from his release.

He opened his eyes and smiled at me, I smiled right back at him. He rolled off of me and laid next to me on the bed. We turn towards each other and smile again, with both our breathing slowing down Bru moved a piece of hair out of my face. We leaned in and kissed each other and then stared at each other some more and with out even noticing it. I fell asleep.

The rest of the week was the bees knees! It was the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire life. First we had dancing lessons, learned how to surf,went to a exclusive party all thanks to Bruno, had amazing food and great sex. It was like Bruno was himself again but 100 times better than before, he was excited about anything and everything. We kissed a lot more, talked a lot more and I really got to know about his past. The good and the bad and I was loving every bit of it but like all things, they must come to an end.

We are in the room checking everything making sure we're not leaving anything behind, when there was a knock on the door. I ran over to the door and answered it. It was Tod,the bell boy.

Hello Mrs. Hernandez.” he said

Hello Tod, is everything ready to go?”i asked

Yeah, can we hit the road jack?” Bru said

Yes indeed Mr. Hernandez, everything is all set. Just hand me your bags, I'll put them in the car and come on downstairs so you can drive to the airport and be on your merry ole way.”

Ok, we'll meet you there. We need a moment.”

Ok, sir.”

Tod put or luggage on that thing,left and I just looked around the room. It was like Bruno knew me more now and could just feel what I needed. I walked into the shower and smiled, thinking about all the times we made love walking out I look at the bed and think about all the times we made love. Damn, we did that a lot now that I think about it. I sit on the edge of the bed and touch our new covers for the thousandth time but then I frown. Remembering when Bruno let it all go.

I look at Bruno and he's just staring at me with a smirk on his face. The rays from the sun shine on him making him glow but it's not just the outside now, it's the inside too. I walk over to him and give him a kiss.

Hey sweet lips.” he said

Hey.” I said with a smile

You done?”


You sure? Because once we leave aint no coming back.”

Yeah, i'm sure.”

..We've had a lot of memories here. Good and bad.”

But mostly good.”

You mean but mostly sex?” he said wriggling his brows

Oh yes, lot's of that!” I said with a laugh

Oh hell yeah. But it's time to go.”

Admit it, you'll miss it here.”

As a man, I can not admit that.”

Oh come on, you know you will.”


Come on Bruno, you know you wanna.”

Noo.” he snorted

Are you letting piggy out to play?” I said with a laugh

No but, he's. Taking. OVER. MEE.”



I sprinted around the room as Bru squealed. He chased me around the room while I ran like an idiot trying not to get caught by Mr. piggy over there. I landed in the chair next to the bed and panted while Bruno was in front of me squealing as he talked.

Surrenderrr to thee piggy!” he squealed

NEVER!!” I screamed

Jeese OK..”

Yes victory is mine! Muhahahaha”

Oh god I married a wack job.”

I'll give you a wack job alright.”

Oh really.” Bruno said looking at his watch

5 mins”



We went into the bathroom and left are mark once again. After taking a shower and putting our clothed back on, we both took one last look at the room and left. We got to the elevator and pressed the button to go down.

Did you have a good time?” Bru asked

That's a stupid question.” I said

Well then did you not have a good time?”

That's an even more stupid question!”

Well jeeze!.”

Bruno, it was the best time I had in my life.”

Good, that was the plan.”

Do you feel the same way?”

Yeah, I do.”


The elevator doors opened and we got on. Bru pressed one and grabbed my hand. I like this Bruno, he's more affectionate in public. The elevator ding and the doors open with his mother standing in front of them. Great. Just when things we're going well.

You're leaving.” she said

Yeah.” Bru said

Did you enjoy your stay?”



What do you want mom?”

I just wanted to make sure you guys were OK.”

Yeah, were fine now will you excuse us?” I said

I walked out the elevator and passed his mom while pulling Bruno along with me when I felt a tug. I stop and turn around to see his mom holding on to his arm with tears streaming down her face.



Baby I...i'm..”

Just then he let go of my hand and pulled his mom in for a hug and you know. She looked just like Bru did that day. She kept apologizing over and over and Bru just held her. As much as I wanted to hate her, I didn't. I'm proud of Bruno, he's forgiven her and that's how I knew Bru was OK.

It's OK mom, no sweat right?” he asked


No sweat right mom?”

..Yeah baby.. no sweat.”

“I'll keep in contact OK?”


I promise, I wont call you everyday but i'll call you.”

Ok..thank you.”

You're welcome, oh and by the way, you're a grandma.”

What? Already?”

Yup, twins. A boy and a girl.”

What are their names?”

Joey and Linda.”

Joey and Linda...I'll remember that.”

You better! When you see them, you got to know their names.”

The look on her face looked like she was about to cry tears of joy. Bruno hugged her again and gave her a kiss on the cheek. They let go of each other but then she looked at me. I'm a little cautious but I walk over there. She opens her arms and hugs me and I naturally hug her back. After some time we pull back and she grabs my hands and smirks at me.

You're a strong woman Alicia. I know you'll take care of my baby.” she says

Thank you.” I say

Well, you guys better go catch you're plane.”

Yeah we got to go.”

Ok, you guys take care.”

We will mom.” Bruno said

We hug one last time and go on our marry little way....


The plane ride was shorter than the one getting to Hawaii maybe it was because I really wasn't ready to come home yet but I think it's because that bitch Anna or Amy or whatever her name is, wasn't accompanying us this flight.

We touch down, at about a couple hours after the sun set so I know it's late. We get our bags get into the car that we parked there and drive home. Home sweet home. I open the door and don't see anyone.

Hello?!” I yell

We're up here!”

I smile. That's dad. I feel like I haven't talked to seen him in forever but it was only a week. Bru and I walk upstairs and go into our bedroom. We both drop our suitcases on the floor, I hear a little voice laugh and smile. It was Lindas laugh, all high pitched and cute. I can hear Jo making noises with his mouth. We both follow their little voices into the bathroom, dads shirt was soaked from the twins splashing but by the smile on his face, you can tell he doesn't mind it.

Mamamama!” Jo says

Dadadadadadadadadada!!!” Linda screams

Ha! She loves me more.” Bru says

What every.” I said smiling

Well hello love birds!” Dad say

Hey dad, uh look sorry about the reception...” I say

Eh, no need angel. I had it taken care of.” Dad said

What did you do?” I asked

Lets just say, I throw a mean party.”

Ok good.” I said as we all laughed

So was everything OK?” Bru asked

Yeah, Eve came back though.”

WHAT?!” Bru and I both said

Yeah and I was scared so was going to do something drastic again but no she just came back with a man on her arm.”

What?” I said

Yeah, some guy named Don. Nice Italian guy, he's a cool cat.”


Yeah, it was crazy but everyone had fun. You should call your mom sometime Alicia.”

I don't have her number.”

I put it right next to your night stand.”

What about my dad?” Bru asked

Oh him? He..disappeared after you guys left.”


Well now that you guys are home i'll take care of them and you two rest. I know the flight was long.”

Naa john we got it from here.” Bru said

Alrighty then, well let me get back home to LJ and Kim. They had to leave LJ was getting home sick real bad last night. So Kim took him home.”

Oh OK, thanks dad.” I said

Oh you know I don’t mind watching the grand kids. They love pap pap! Isn't that right?”

Dad gave the twins both kisses and they giggled. I start smiling, dad was a good father and now he was going to be a great pap pap. Dad stood up and gave me and Bruno both a hug and then left. We both walked over to the twins, wrap them up in a towel and take them to their room.

We played, well Bruno and the kids played around after we put them in their pajamas. It hurt a little to see them so fond of their dad and forget mom but it's OK. Soon, they'll switch over again and they'll be all mama soon. We both played with them and read to them until they couldn't take it anymore and fell asleep.

Damn, I wanted to play with them more.” Bru said

We'll have them tomorrow.” I said

Yeah, true.”

Well lets lay them down and go in the room.”

Alrighty, ready?”




Three.” we both said

We laid them both down in their cribs, turned off their light and closed the door. We walked back into our room and I sat on the bed while Bruno sat on the floor. I watched him open his suitcase and my heart started beating crazy. He was about to open that drawer that I was going to that day. I wanted to see if Bruno had unpacked his clothes and claimed this house as a home and what do you know. The drawer was full of clothes. I feel bad, all that time I let his dad get into my head about Bruno and here I was doubting him while Bruno had settled in.

I looked over at the night stand and seen the piece a paper with a number on it. It had to be mamas. Bruno climbed on the bed and looked at me.

So you gonna call her?” he asked

Yeah.” I said

Don't be scared babe, i'm right here with you OK?”


I pick up the phone and dial her number. My heart was pounding! What was I going to say to her when she answered? What if she didn't answer? Do I call back later?


..Hello? Mama?”

Oh Alicia?”

Yes mama it's me.”

Oh angel i'm so glad you called me.” are?”

Yeah angel, it's always good to hear your voice.”

Oh..well i'm glad I make you happy mama.”

Yeah but let's cut to out the bullshit OK.”


Look, Alicia...I'm sorry I hurt your little feelings but I had to take a chance while I could.” could have waited until after the wedding.”

No I could not. That bitch stole my man Alicia. She broke up your father and i's marriage. I had a goal to get after her but I didn't think it would take such impact on you angel.”

Mama, you came into...

I stopped myself, this was getting old. Me falling into mamas traps and her putting me down but no, not today. I just came home from our honeymoon and i'll be damned if she ruins it. So I did what I knew was best. Hung up the phone. I love my mama to death but she was never going to change her evil, self centered, controlling, i'm never wrong ways but that was fine by me. I wont be around mama to often.

Just then the phone rang

Look mama...”

Woah Alicia calm down, it's me Alisia.”

Oh,sorry I thought you were mama.”

Nope just me, figured you be home by now and I just wanted to call you and say thanks for leaving us!” Alisia said

Golly jee! I'm so sorry Alisia..”

Oh it's not just her on the phone chica, it's me too you little horny thing you.” Maria said

I am soo sorry..”

Mmhm you little nasty but it's OK. I understand Alicia you ditched us to go do the nasty.” Alisia said

She sure did little heifer.” Maria said

We all started laughing. Alisia was over Maria and Phils house, everything was cool beans. We talked a little and then that was that. I was gonna see my girls tomorrow.

Was that the gang?” Bruno asked

Yeah, their having a party.” I said

Oh. Eh i'm not in the mood.”

You know what me either.”

well I don't know about you but i'm tired.”

I think i'll join you.”

I love you Alicia.”

I Love you too Bruno. I'll love you forever”

& i'll do the same.”

We kissed and took off all our clothes, turned off the light and got back under the covers. You know even though, my mama is a bitch and i'm not filthy rich. I'm happy. I got a great husband, wonderful twins, a great father and little brother too. And friends that will always have my back. I'm surrounded by people who love me and for once I don't feel broken down, nor do I feel like I am feeling the blues. For once in my life, everything was OK. & you know. That is OK because when your surrounded by love, the Broken Down Blues just floats away...




                                                 Thee End!



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