Chapter 4

18/04/2011 21:31

I needed to sit down. Or I was going to tear my whole house apart. For as long as I’ve been alive, I know I had a lot of anger but that was because of my past. I’ve always had it under control but when it comes to....him. It all comes out & I. Don't. Know. Why.

I clean up the vase & flowers then go into the living room. I look down, when I see a piece of paper. From the pieces of paper I seen, it was his hand writing. I walk into the kitchen & burned it. I know It sounds a little crazy but it felt good. I need to Laundry him. I went to the living room & stared at the phone. Taking a big breath i called up Maria. “Hey Girl” I said “Hey chica Que pasa? Whats going on?”

I just sighed. “He left again.”

“again?, damn what happened?”

“i really don't want to talk about it but are you busy?”

“ I it” she giggled

“I can meet you at Gabby Park alright”

“Hold on chica” she said

“look if your busy then i'll see you tomorrow ok?”

I just hung up out of irritation. I don't even care if she heard me or not. I don't even know why I called her. I guess just out of habit. I grab my notebook with my poetry on in. when I open it, I see someone drew in it,he drew in it. He had wrote my name in pretty shaped letters with question marks all over it, then music notes with question marks circled around them. I guess he was deciding on what to choose & obviously he chose music,which is fine with me. I grab my pen & star to write, just letting my pen flow with the paper. When I got done it reads

he is something else he is so different

i mean he's a cool guy he seems decent

but there has to be more to him

he's a mystery to solve & I want to being

it's like there is another side to him that he don't want me to see

it's like he has something that he locked with a key

it seems like he don't want to open up to me

i wonder what he's hiding

or is this something that i'm assuming

but there is something about him that magnetizes me to this guy

he makes me want to get to know him...i don't know why

he's just such a mystery

and i hope i'm the girl he lets into his boundaries.

Wow, even my poetry is about him & that makes me so angry. I sign my work & close the notebook. I close my eyes & all I see is me & him on this couch, making love. I shake my head & then daydream of him & I on my bed with his arms wrapped around me. I open my eyes, I need to do something to get this man off my mind. I look around to find something to do but then give in & call my girl Alisia.

“hey girl?”

“Hey girl! I was just about to call you”

“why? Whats wrong?”

“ I'm about to go on this double date with no double! I need you to fill”

“ugh a date?”

Alisia is that girl to go to if you wanted a hook up. She knows everybody & I mean everybody. I met her the year after maria left for a year, but when she came back , her & maria fought for some reason. I still don't know the whole story till this day but when we're all together, it's alright ,They get along.

“yes, please I want to go on this date but I promised his friend I would have someone for him”

“ whats he like?”

“the most perfect guy for you!” she said

“you always say that but I don't know girl..I”

As I was about to decline, I thought of Bruno. As soon as I did, I got a headache trying to hold back the tears. Man what is wrong with me? I take a deep breath & agree to the date. We hang up & I go upstairs, take a shower, put on my purple button down with my black sweater just in case it got cold, my black pants with my purple, black & silver flats. I go to my mirror to do my hair when I stop.

I only had my hair out because of him. Only because he liked it. I grab my beehive wig and put it on. Oh did it feel so heavy, so I took it off. I decided i'm wearing my hair for me & only me. I run down stairs grab my purse & walk my way to Franko's Diner. I wear my head held high because I was going to laundry him until the very last cycle.

I get to Franko's & see Alisia waving at me to her table. As soon as I come over I see her & her date.

“Hey sit down next to Eric” she says

“Hi i'm...”

“I know who you are”

I look at him. Way to cut me off jackass but then he takes my hand.

“I promise we will have a good time”

He kisses my hand & I just blush. Alisia starts to fan her self & I just roll my eyes.

“Anyways miss sexy lady, this is my date, Paul” she says

We do our hi how you doings to each other . I turn back to Eric who was staring at me like he was in all adoration.

“you are so beautiful you know that right beautiful?”

I smile at him. “thank you Eric”

“no thank you for pleasuring me with your beauty”

Thank goodness the waitress came over & took our orders because anymore from Eric & I think I would have been sick to my stomach. He's a nice guy & all but your not supposed to make a lot complements the first 10 minutes of a date. I look at him he was just smiling at me. Ugh. Look at me, he's showering me with complements & here I was feeling sticky from the wet complements.

The waitress gave us our food & we get to talking about our interest, well mostly he was talking. I was just listening & nodding to make him feel as thought I was listening to him. I look over to Alisia & Paul. Paul was whispering things in her ear to make her giggle & just smiling her life away.

“So what do you think?” Eric said

“ about what?”

he frowned “about what I just said”

“I'm sorry I didn't hear what you said last”

“ you ok?”

“no my head hurts, will you excuse me”

“sure take your time”

I get up & walk to the bathroom. I go to the sink & splash water on my face then dry my face off, when I see Alisia in the mirror

“Whats wrong girl?”

“My head just hurts that's all & you we're right about Eric, he's perfect”

“See I knew you would like him”

I just smiled at her but for some reason I wanted to cry. She came over to me & gave me a hug.

“What ever it is, it's going to be alright”

I hug her back & we walk back to the table. Even thought she didn't ask what was wrong she juts knew & I hoped that in my eyes your couldn't see the gloom. We sat back down to next to our dates & started talking again. After a while the waitress came back & we ordered dessert because I really needed a vanilla milkshake with the works. She came back with our order & I sucked down that shake like no tomorrow.

“I like a girl who can eat!” Eric said

I just smiled at him & wiped my mouth. Man that was just what I needed. I love ice cold milk, it always made me feel better. We all talked some more & before you know it, it was late. Paul payed for Alisia but I paid for myself. Even thought he insisted that he paid for both I put the $2 down & we all left.

When we got outside, Eric pulled my aside.

“Can I talk to you?” he said

“um sure”

“Look I know girls like you.”

I put my hands on my hips. “oh do you now”

“yeah, you've been mistreated & I understand that your hurting but I want you to know i'm not that guy, I don't know what that cat did to you but i'm letting you know i'm not going to be like him”

“ oh really, I don't like how you assume that there is something wrong with me Mr. but let it be known that i'm fine with out you”

He just smiled “i like you”

“you don't know me”

“i know enough to know I like you”

“oh really?”

“yes” He said as he stepped closer to me


“Look, we can be friend if you like but, i'm not going to lie but I want more than that but, if I have to wait, i'll do it”

I smiled at him. I liked his straight to the point persona. He held out his hand & I took it. If I wanted to move on this was the way.

He walked me home as we talked more about ourselves, as we came along, I stared to like him. We had a lot in common & grew up the same. He was well mannered, sweet & funny. So there was no reason not to like him. When we got to my house he tried to kiss me but I just put my head down. He smiled at me, gave me his number & walked away. I was going to call him, I really was. I put my Purse on the table, take off my shoes & sit on my couch. That was such a nice date, I had a good time. I went upstairs, took a shower, put rollers into my hair, go into bed & went to sleep with a smile on my face.

I popped up to hear a rapping noise. I strained & looked out my window & seen something moving. From the shape of it, it looked like a...........person. I turned my lampshade on & it was just a tree branch scratching my window. With a sigh of relief I went back to sleep but even though I was dreaming. I felt as though I was being watched.SCary