Chapter 4

19/05/2011 17:32

"W-hate arre you d o ing here?" I studdered 

"I think we really need to talk!"

I couldn't believe that Brian was standing at my front door

"Talk about what?" I mumbled 

"About us". He said

"There is no us Remember" I didn't understand why he was saying this now and not two weeks ago when he broke up with me.

"Thats what I want to talk to you about, can I please come in its kinds chilly out here"

"Fine c'mon in" I thought I should just talk to him and get it over and done with.

I walked into the living room and sat on the couch and he follwed. We sat there in silence for a few mintues.

"Im sorry" he said

You're Sorry? I said 

"Listen I know I broke up with you but it was a mistake"

"Well you didnt think it was a mistake when you went running to that little slut Did you?

"I know I know I’m really sorry you have got to believe that" He grabbed my hands and looked into my eyes. I had to admit I missed him touching me and being there for me, he was really the only person I knew that truely understood me.

"Well why did you cheat on me"

"Well you were starting to distance me and I guess I just got angry"

"WAIT! I was distancing you, more like you me I mean you never visited me and when we went out you would act like you didnt even know me and when we talked on the phone you hardly ever said a word". I was starting to get pissed of and asked myself why did I even let him in the house.

"Don't even lie sarah"

"Shut - up Brian, you know the way you acted with me ever since that slut melanie came into the picture, so you know what you can just go back to her and get the fuck out of my house and Don't ever talk to me again"!!

"She broke up with me" he said

"Oh did she now and now you decided to come back to me like I’m seconds well FOR GET IT!

"You know what I never should of came back here, breaking up with you was the greatest dicision I ever made so FUCK YOU Sarah" He got up and left the house slamming the door behind him.

I could'nt believe what had just happened. Tears started to roll down my cheeks as I ran upstairs to my bedroom. I jumped on bed and held my pillow close to me, I could hardly breath with the amount of crying I was doing.


(Back at the arena)


I just stood there, I could'nt believe what had just happened how could she think I was that kind of man? I started to walk into my dressing room finding all the hooligans still hyped up after the show. I grabbed my guitar and sat down and just strummed away.

"Man that was one of the best crowds we've had" Phil said

"Yeah" Eric Agreeded

"and bruno that chick you sung to, she was smoking hot Woooweee"

All the guys just laughed but I didnt say anything 

"Okay guys were leaving in 15 minutes to go back to the hotel" Bill our manager said. The gang quickly went back to the bus

"Hey Bruno you coming?" Phil asked

"Ah yeah I’ll be there in a sec" they left the room and it was just little ol me by myself. I tried to not to think about sarah but I could'nt help it she was just so beautiful she had a honey coloured skin tone, her hazel coloured hair was long and curled, she had the most amazing smile I had ever seen and her teeth were as white as a pearl, her lips were just so kissable especially with that bright red lipstick on them, her light brown eyes were just so memorizing they just pulled you in instantly when you looked at them and God her body looked in great shape she had just the right amount of curves especially on her booty :) as soon as I saw it I instantly just wanted to grab it but of course I was a gentleman so I kept my hands by my sides. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard the door being knocked.

"Come in". It was one of the bodyguards for that night.

"Mr Mars Bill wants you to come to the bus now to head to the hotel"

I stood up and packed up my belongings. 

"Did sarah find you?" The bodyguard asked

"How did you know her name?" I asked 

"Oh, my little brother is dating her"

As soon as I heard that my heart hurt badly

"Oh she’s seeing someone"?

"Well she was but then my little brother cheated on her so they split up"

"so she’s single"? I asked 

"To my knowlegde yes" The bodyguard said.

Suddendly I had the biggest grin on my face and I knew that I would have to meet up with her again.