Chapter 4

19/05/2011 19:01

‘Wow! It’s huge here!’ I thought. “What are you looking at?” Kenji asked. “Uhmm… Nothing, I just think it’s kinda big here.” “Haha! This ain’t the biggest place we perform.” Phil said. “Wow, even bigger places?!” Chrissie said. They all laughed. They started to rehearse. We just watched and giggled once in a while J “Damn, I’m thirsty!” Bruno said after they were rehearsing for half an hour. “I’ll get something to drink.” An employee said. “Can I make it? Then I can do something.” I asked with begging eyes. “Do you have any experience ma’am?” ‘Ma’am… Do I look that OLD?!’  “Well… I worked at a bar for 3 years during my college years.” “Okay, but don’t break anything.” ‘Woohoo!’  I thought. “I wanna watch, see what you can do.” Phil said excited. “What if we’re all gonna watch?” Chrissie mentioned. “Sure, fine with me. We still got an hour left anyways.” Phred said. “In that case, I’m coming too.” Bruno said. “ I’m staying here. Gonna hit a couple of beats. Just bring my drink.” Eric said. It looked like he didn’t sleep well. Everybody now looked at Jamareo and Kenji. “Why not?” they both said. We went to the bar backstage. “What do you want?” “What can you make?” Bruno asked. It sounded like he was challenging me. “I’ll see what they have.” Surprisingly they had all sort of alcoholic drinks. “So what can you make?” Phred asked. “Almost everything.” “Then give me something with a lot of alcohol!” Bruno said. “Uhmm, I don’t think that’s clever.. You need to go on stage in 30 minutes.” “He can handle it.” Phil came in for him. “Okay then, how about a shot of Lambanog?” “A shot of what?!” Kenji asked. “It’s a drink from the Philippines.” “Bring it on. I can handle a lot!” Bruno said really confident. ‘This is gonna be an easy one.’ He thought.  “Here ya go.” I had a huge smirk on my face. ‘He’s never gonna know what’s coming over him.’  He drank it. He stayed calm and relaxed like before when he finished it. But then he made this really weird face. ‘Why did I say yes?’  “What did I just drink?!” “Hey, you wanted it.” “Well next time I’ll say ‘no’!” We all laughed. I gave everybody their drinks. ‘God, I missed this!’ I thought. The show was starting in 10 minutes so we went to the crowd, which was growing and growing. As we stood there waiting we talked and giggled. I was a bit lost in my thoughts. ‘Already Sunday? Weekend’s almost over. Back to the club tomorrow.’

-Meanwhile backstage-

“Why did I drink that? Never knew an alcohol could be that strong!” “Your own fault bro.” Eric said. “Where’s the rest?” Bruno asked curious. “I don’t know. Why do you ask?” “Just wondering.” “Okay.” “Let’s go the show is about to start.” “Bruno, just one thing. Why did you drink that?” “If I knew that, I would be a lot further. Why do you ask it if I asked it just a minute ago?” “Nothing..” he said like he was hiding something. “Whatever… If you wanna tell it, you know where to find me.” “Where?” Eric said with a smirk on his face. “ON STAGE!! LET’S BOK!” The show started. He did all the songs of the album. In the middle of Just The Way You Are Chrissie said something. “What did you say?!” “I said, he has been looking at you the whole time. Didn’t you notice?!” “No, why is it a problem?” “No, I’m just saying.” ‘Whatever.’ After the show was over, we decided to wait  a bit till most of the people were gone so we wouldn’t get pushed and stuff. Just as we were about to leave, somebody pulled my shoulder.