Chapter 4

23/05/2011 19:07

"excuse me miss, excuse me.." I was wandering between sleep and reality.

"What? Where am I?" I looked around. I had no idea where I was, and what had happened.

"Miss, you fainted, so I brought you inside to Tim Hortans before I decided to call the Ambulance for you? How are you feeling?" The old man smiled, and smelt of coffee breath. ew.

"I'm fine, thank you. thank you so much for bringing me in here. Can I ask, if you don't mind, how long have I been out for?"

"I saw you running, and then you randomly fell. So I brought you in here, because I was sure no one else would, and it's dangerous for a young woman to be fainting here" he chuckled, which made me loosen up a bit.

" Well, thanks a ton! I should get going I guess. Thank you..." I reached out my hand for a hand shake, wondering what his name was.

"Tom. Hopefully I'll see you around here again sometime! Of course, not fainting!" He left with a wink, and was gone. Wow, that reassured me that some people were decent in the world. I looked at the time. 6:00PM, wow, time sure had flown by. I thought of what had happened earlier. Was that really today? It feels like days since its happened. Well, I guess I should call Em now...

"Helllo?" Em sounded worried.

"Hey Em, Sorry about ealier, I was just so-"

"Shut up, sorry, but I have soemthing to tell you. I'm coming to get you, where are you? I explained to Em where I was and she was here in less then 5 minutes. People around me started staring as a crazy lady drove a speeding truck to the front of the building. "come on! Get in! This is important!" She didn't say anything the whole ride there, only to curse those that had given her the finger. We finally arrived to Em's house and got out.

"Seriously, what's going on? You haven't said anthhing about it the whole ride here"

"Lis, as your friend, it's my job to protect you."

"What the hell are you talking about" I gave her a suspicous look in the eye "Are you on drugs?“

"No, I'm not on drugs.. You know that Phil guy I met? And how he was with Bruno?"

I hesitated to speak, I didn't trust my voice. "yea..."

She started to smile, and her eyes were glowing " Well, I had a GREAT time with Phil, and now I think we're in love! I haven't been this happy in so long! Remember Toddy? Well, when I was with him, I -" She kept going on and on, of course she didn't know EVERYTHING that had happened between me and Bruno, so she didn't know how awkward it was.

"Yeah, so what about it?"

"What about what?"

"Uhhh,, what do you think about it? Are you coming?"

"Coming where?" I was soo confused, and she was giving me the dirtiest look.

"coming on tour with me and them! Bruno will be there!!! Please?? I really want to go, but I don't to go alone. Phil, is my knight in shining armor! You HAVE to go with me, cuz I already told them you'd come with me!"

I was speechless. Should I go, or should I not????