Chapter 4

23/05/2011 19:23

Bruno let go of me ‘you two…know each other?’ raising his eyebrow.

‘Erm…yes, can you give us a minute please Pete.’ I asked.

‘Sure baby.’ Why did he say baby?!

Bruno walked to a bench and sat down on it casually waiting for me.

It was just me and James now; I pulled him over onto the grass so we weren’t on the concrete pathway anymore.

‘I guess you moved on pretty quick!’ James spat.

‘Yes. I have James. But why won’t you let me?’ I said calmly whilst looking into his brown eyes.

‘I’m still in love with you baby’ he said lovingly.

His mood changed. Grr.

‘Oh please, just stop James. I don’t love you anymore. What you done to me has scarred me for life. I’m still picking up the pieces too my broken heart today.’ I said quickly and quietly so Bruno couldn’t hear.

James just sighed. He was thinking, he always used to do it when we were together.

‘Listen, I’m sorry, but I-I just can’t get you off my mind.’ He stuttered, it looked like he was about to cry. But I don’t really care, all of this was his own fault.

‘Well, I’m over you. If my dad saw you with me right now he will flip. So please, just leave me alone and stay away from me. I know this was all unexpected, but just please stop calling me.’ Why am I always the one to say the long speeches?

‘Fine, but please just know that I still care and love you.’ Whilst he said that I felt someone behind me.

I could smell sweet cologne. I looked over at the now empty bench. Bruno. Oh my god, if he heard that I’d have to do a lot of explaining to him.

‘Goodbye James.’ I said with no expression and walked off with Bruno onto the concrete pathway.

‘So, I’m guessing he’s your ex?’ Bruno asked.

‘Unfortunately yes, I’m sorry I wasted time with him and made you wait.’ I replied.

‘Nah, don’t worry baby. Looked like you had an argument though. Are you alright?’ he asked sympathetically.

Awwwwwwww, he’s so cute.

‘Yes, I’m fine, thank you for asking.’ I sighed.

‘Sooo...would you like to tell me how he broke your little heart?’ Bruno asked curiously.

‘Well he cheated in our apartment, I was meant to go see my dad afterschool but I didn’t because I was super tired so I went straight home and I see him laying on the couch with some ugly blonde chick.’ I spat out passionately with anger.

‘Wow, that’s shallow. Who would ever do that to a beautiful woman like you?’ he said flirtatiously.

I could feel my cheeks blushing and becoming hot.

Do I really want to go through another relationship again? In my mind I always think that relationships don’t last forever and they always have an end. But for some reason I’m not thinking about this with Bruno. Is he really the one? Can I really trust him?

‘Don’t let him get to you honey.’ Bruno squeaks whilst invading my thoughts.

Every time he speaks to me like that it makes me want him even more. My mind is saying no but my heart is saying yes. I always listen to my heart, so I’m just going for it.

I then sighed. ‘Thank you Peter.’ I say blankly.

Bruno then reaches out and covers my chin with his elegant fingers.

‘Cheer up Ashleigh’ he says innocently.

His touch made everything feel better to me. I now felt safe with him.

My cheeks rise and my teeth show with a little giggle. Who ever thought this man would make me the happiest girl tonight by just touching me.

After that little chat we walked to a bench and just sat down and talked about everything, I could say.

He wants to become a singer and release his own album and tour the world and he’s written lots of known songs that I was so shocked about when he told me he wrote them. I just talked about what it was like growing up, even though I moved out when I was 17. I talked about James and I could tell he was getting very angry.

Before I knew it, it was about 3am. I knew Vanessa would get worried so I text her saying I’m alright and that I’m on my way home.

Bruno walked me to my apartment, I would have let him come inside but I was half asleep and I could just hear my bed calling me.

I gave Bruno my number, and he gave me his. Hopefully I should wake up to a very nice text in the morning.

We hugged, said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. I walked to the entrance and walked up the stairs to my apartment. I have no idea how he is getting home, maybe a taxi? I was too tired to think about that anyway.

I walked into the front door, Vanessa was sleeping, and I could hear her snores. I walked straight into my room and went SMACK on my bed. I was gone.


Bruno’s P.O.V

What a night. When I said goodbye to her and watch her disappear through the entrance to her apartment I went to catch a taxi. It was quite chilly outside but it was alright. I pulled my mobile phone out from my jeans pocket and saw I had 6 missed calls from Phil. I have a lot of explaining to do; I attempted to unlock my phone but failed. How the heck do you use these Blackberry’s?

After 3 tries I eventually unlocked my phone and was in a call with Phil.

‘Hey Phil, I’m on my way back to the club. I just went out for a walk and a ciggie for a while. Sorry dude.’

‘DUDE!! What the fuck is wrong with you!? You went for a walk for a WHILE!? Bruno a while isn’t fuckin’ 5 hours!! Watch when I tell Eric’

I gulped. Eric was like my manager. He was my drummer in the band too.

‘Phil I’ll be at the club in 5 minutes tops. Don’t tell Eric man, I was with that girl, Ashleigh.’

‘Come on man, I’ve covered you up too many times with these girls’

‘Well tonight is the last, trust me. Ashleigh is different.’

‘Better be, now hurry!!’

‘Chill man!’ I screamed, and then pressed the red end call button.

Whilst I popped my mobile phone back into my pocket a taxi came. I shouted for it and it stopped immediately. I told the taxi driver the name of the club that I just performed at and before I knew it, I was at my destination.

I stepped out of the taxi and noticed Phil’s face. I walked towards him.

‘Hey man, sorry about that. Young Bruno fell in love a bit’ I joked.

‘Dude, get in the car and lets go home.’ Phil commanded.

I laughed and got in the car, I was just about to fall asleep when the car stopped.

‘Hey Phil, did you get everything from the club into the van?’ I asked, even though this question was incredibly late.

‘Yeah man, packed and ready for the next show tomorrow.’ Phil sighed.

I sighed too, another show.

I got out the car and dragged my feet on the concrete whilst I walked. I walked into my apartment and straight into my room and fell on my bed.

Two minutes later I was gone and sleeping like a baby.