Chapter 4

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Weeks passed and Isabella's foot was getting better. It was hard for her, not using her healing powers to get her foot all better, but she managed to do it.

Bruno thought Isabella felt lonely just waiting in the house for him to arrive, so he decided to take Isabella to the studio. And as always, Isabella was amazed and curious about things.

Isabella was looking at all the buttons and the weird things in the studio. "Wooowww.." Isabella said as she looked around. Isabella then started poking one of the machines inside the studio.

"Hey, no no. You shouldn't touch that." Bruno said as he stopped Isabella.

"Ohh... I'm sorry." Isabella curled her lip, then continued looking around the small studio.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Phil said, almost whispering.

"I know. She's primitive, right?" Bruno smiled at Phil and Phil smiled back.

They started working on a new song, and Bruno started singing it while playing the piano.

"Hands over my head thinking what else could go wrong.
Would have stayed in bed, how can the day be so long?

Never believed that things happen for a reason.
But how this turned out? Removed all my doubts so believe...

That for you I'd do it all over again.
Do it all over again.
All I went through led me to you.
So I'd do it all over again. For you."

Isabella closed her eyes as she listened to Bruno's voice. His voice was comforting that she felt like dancing ballet, but the studio was too small, so she just moved her head side to side.

"You like it?" Bruno smiled as he asked.

"Yes. The song makes me want to dance ballet right now." Isabella said, smiling.

"Oh, you dance ballet?" Phil asked.

"Uhm... Yes." Isabella curled her lip, shy that she accidentally revealed that she can dance.

"How about we go to Chanel's dance studio? You can practice your dancing there. That way, you'll never get bored in the house." Bruno said.

"Really? I can practice my dancing? Wow! Thank you very much!" Isabella hugged Bruno. She has never felt so happy in her life, being allowed and able to do what she loved to do.

Bruno was surprised by Isabella's reaction. What he said was very simple, but it made Isabella really happy. He smiled.

"Come on Phil, let's take a little break and visit Chanel." Bruno said as they went to the car.


"Are you sure she's homeless?" Phil asked Bruno, almost whispering. Isabella was busy looking at the window, amazed by everything she sees. Phil then leaned closer to Bruno. "She can dance, she can play the piano. How can a homeless person avail to have piano and dancing lessons?"

"Well... I don't know about that too 'cause she doesn't talk about it and I don't wanna ask, but I'm really sure she's homeless." Bruno whispered to Phil. He then looked at Isabella, she was still busy looking at the window. He looked back at Phil. "You see, she doesn't know how to use a stove, or TV, or anything. I had to teach her before she could use them all." Bruno told Phil.

"Really? Ooohh... Looks like you're not the only primitive anti-technology person I know." Phil grinned at Bruno.

Bruno tried to stop his laugh, then he looked again at Isabella, then back to the windshield. "It feels good, I feel like a tech genius when I'm with her." Bruno grinned at Phil.

Phil chuckled silently, then Isabella noticed them, but she didn't mind them. She was much more amazed by all these new things that she sees.

"Have you ever been to a dance studio before?" Phil asked Isabella.

Isabella looked at him and shook her head.


"Yes. I always dance when there's no one looking, or when few people are only around." Isabella said, then she looked back at the window, and continued looking at the big buildings.

"Ohh..." Phil looked at Bruno. Then he mouthed 'Confirmed. She's from the mountains.' to Bruno as he nodded. Bruno just chuckled as he drove.

After a few minutes, they arrived at the dance studio, and went inside.

"Oh hey, Bruno! Phil! You came! And Claire's here too!" Chanel said when she noticed the boys entering the dance studio. She wiped her sweat as she walked towards Bruno and Phil.

Isabella looked around the studio. It was full of mirrors and the floor was amazing. "Wow." She said while looking at the studio.

"Yo Chanel you busy right now?" Phil asked.

"Well, not really. Just practicing some dance steps.. Wait, what brings you two here?" Chanel asked, curious.

"Well, Claire here said that she knows how to dance ballet and she has never been to a dance studio before." Bruno said as he pointed Claire to Chanel.

Chanel looked at Isabella. "Looks like someone has never seen a room with big mirrors before." Chanel smiled at Bruno, and Bruno smiled back.

"Well, we'll just sit here and watch the two of you dance." Phil said as he sat on the floor. Bruno sat beside him and stared at Isabella.

"Bruno said you know how to dance. Can you show me some of your dance moves?" Chanel asked.

"Well. Actually, I only know ballet." Isabella said shyly.

"Oh, it's okay. I dance ballet too, so maybe we could get along with each other." Chanel smiled at Isabella.

Isabella became comfortable when Chanel smiled at her, and she smiled back. 'She's really nice..' She said to herself.

"But I don't have any ballet music right now, so I guess... you'd dance without music? Is that okay with you?" Chanel asked.

"Well... Yes. I don't have ballet shoes, but I'll still try." Isabella said. She then started to do some stretching and breathed deep. This was the first time that she'd perform for more than one person, but she wasn't nervous. She closed her eyes and started dancing.

Bruno stared at Isabella as she danced. Her eyes were closed and she wasn't showing any facial expression, but he can feel her love for dancing by just her body movements. He didn't know where she came from, but he knew she was something unique.

Isabella then opened her eyes and started spinning around, smiling at herself. Bruno, Phil and Chanel clapped as Isabella finished the dance and bowed.

"Wooowww... You're good!" Chanel said as she walked towards Isabella.

"Thanks." Isabella grinned.

Bruno and Phil stood up, and walked towards Isabella as well.

"You're really great! Where'd you learn all these ballet dance steps?" Bruno asked Isabella.

"Well. My mother was a great ballet dancer. She taught me how to dance." Isabella said.

'Isabella. Stop it right there. Don't tell them more information about you or your past life.' The spirit rabbit said.

'Oh... Right. I forgot.' Isabella said to herself.

"Ohh... So that explains it." Phil said, looking at Bruno. They both smiled at each other, then they looked at Isabella.

"You know Isabella, our friend Chanel here is a really great dancer. She can teach you some dance steps that she knows if you want." Phil said.

"Really? Wooowww... I'd love to learn a lot from you! I wanna be your student!" Isabella said as she looked at Chanel with sparkling eyes.

"And I'd love to have such an enthusiastic student like you! Come here, imma teach you some dance steps, and let's see if you could follow." Chanel said as she led Isabella to the center of the dance studio.

She started teaching her some hip hop dance steps, and Isabella easily followed them. She has always seen these steps while looking at the well, so it wasn't that new for her. But still, it was weird dancing such new steps that she never danced before.

"You're good! Now, let's connect everything and this time, we'll dance with music." Chanel said as she turned her music player on. "One, two, three, go!" Chanel danced with Isabella, and Isabella kept up with Chanel, dancing like a pro. She didn't have a single mistake.

"Man... Claire can dance. She's good!" Phil told Bruno as he looked at Isabella.

"I didn't expect her to be this great." Bruno said, amazed by Isabella.

Isabella and Chanel finished dancing with the song and Bruno and Phil clapped their hands, amazed.

"That was great! You did a really good job, Claire! You rocked the dance floor!" Chanel said as she put her arm on Isabella's shoulder.

Isabella just grinned as she blushed. She never received such compliments for her dancing before. It felt really good.

"Wow Claire... You're awesome!" Phil said.

"She's a great student." Bruno said, looking at Chanel.

"She's not just great, great is too simple to describe her talent." Chanel said as she looked at Isabella.

Isabella felt really happy with all the compliments coming from the three. She then started crying.

"Wait, wait. Why are you crying? What's wrong?" Chanel asked as she looked at Isabella.

"Nothing. I'm just so happy. I've never felt this free in my entire life. Being able what I really wanted to do." Isabella said as she wiped her tears.

"What do you mean? Weren't you allowed to dance?" Bruno asked, curious.

"My father doesn't want me to." Isabella answered as she looked down.

"That's just so sad. Come here you..." Chanel said as she hugged Isabella and rubbed her shoulders.

"That's hard. But I'm confused. You're so good at dancing! Why didn't he allow you to dance?" Phil asked.

'Isabella..' The spirit rabbit warned her again.

'Oh... Yes, yes.' She said to herself. "Well... Things are complicated... It's better if you don't understand." Isabella told Phil.

They all didn't understand what Isabella meant, but her last words sounded cool.

"'It's better if you don't understand.' That's cool. I like that." Bruno said, smiling.

Isabella just smiled at Bruno. Bruno rubbed Isabella's back as she wiped her tears.

Chanel noticed the way that Bruno looked at Isabella. She gave Phil an 'I told you so' look, and Phil just nodded her head, smiling.

"Uhm, Phil, can I talk to you for a second?" Chanel then dragged Phil outside the dance studio.

"Where you going?" Bruno asked.

"Ohh, nothing. I just wanna talk to Phil about private matters." Chanel said, acting normal.

"Yeah, we'll be back later." Phil smiled as he followed Chanel and they went outside the dance studio.

Isabella then sat down and Bruno sat beside her.

"You were great." Bruno said, looking at Isabella.

"Thanks." Isabella said as he looked into Bruno's beautiful brown eyes.

"You know, I've always wanted to have brown eyes." Isabella said as she leaned closer to Bruno, taking a better look at his eyes.

Bruno was surprised by Isabella, but he didn't move away. He then looked at Isabella's eyes. "Well, you have brown eyes too."

"Uhm... Well... They're not as brown as yours." Isabella said. She forgot that her eyes were no longer violet in color. "Your eyes are beautiful." Isabella said as she moved away from Bruno and smiled.

"Yours too." Bruno whispered.

"What?" Isabella asked. She didn't quite hear what Bruno said.

"Huh? I didn't say anything." Bruno said, acting normal.

"Oh... I thought you said something... My bad." Isabella smiled.

Bruno took his hanky and wiped off Isabella's sweat. Isabella moved away from Bruno's hand.

"What? You're sweating like a pig." Bruno said, smiling.

"But your handkerchief will get all stinky because of me." Isabella said.

"Naaww, it's okay. You'll wash this anyway." Bruno grinned at Isabella as he continued wiping off her sweat. Isabella took the hankderchief from Bruno and wiped herself, she felt uncomfortable for letting a man wipe off her sweat.

Bruno was disappointed. He thought Isabella was gonna like it and just let him wipe all her sweat. But she didn't. He knew she was uncomfortable. 'She never let me get too near to her.' Bruno said to herself.

"Sooo... Tell me about yourself, Claire." Bruno said, changing the awkward atmosphere.

"Why?" Isabella asked.

"Because I wanna know." Bruno said as he moved closer to Isabella.

Isabella shook her head. "I don't want to." Isabella said.

"What? Why? Come on... Tell me something about you. Hmm... How about we play charades? You act something about yourself, then I'd guess what it is." Bruno said.

"But I'm not supposed to tell you anything about me." Isabella said.

Bruno got confused. 'Supposed?' He wondered. "Why is that?"

Isabella sighed. "Bruno, it's really better if you don't understand."

"Ohh, you won't tell me huh? I guess I'd have to use my special powers for you to tell me." Bruno said as he pulled out his hands.

"Powers? What powers?" Isabella got curious.

"This!" Bruno tickled Isabella to the floor and Isabella tried to stop him, but he was too strong. Bruno then went on top of Isabella, still tickling her. Isabella was already weak from Bruno's tickling, so she didn't have the energy to push him off of her. Bruno's hat fell to the floor, and their clothes were already messed up.

"Stop... Stop... Please... Stop!" Isabella can barely talk, she was laughing her ass out.

Bruno still continued tickling her, but then Isabella covered her face and started to sound like she was crying.

Bruno got worried. "Hey, hey... Don't cry. I was only tickling you." Bruno said as he got off of Isabella.

Isabella still covered her face with her hands, as she stood up, then she tackled Bruno and started tickling him, and ran away immediately. "Ha! Fooled ya!" Isabella said as she stuck her tongue out to Bruno.

"You cheater! Acting that you were crying to attack me! Feel my wrath!" Bruno then ran after Isabella and grabbed her from her back. He lifted her from the ground and started tickling her.

"Cheater! Cheater! Cheater! You lousy cheater! Now, I will never ever let you go!" Bruno said as he tickled Isabella to the floor.

"Stop it, please... Stop it... I won't cheat again! I promise!" Isabella said as she laughed to tears.

Bruno then stopped tickling her and laid on the floor beside Isabella, still laughing. "Ahhh... I'm tired." Bruno said as he closed his eyes.

"I was never able to do this before. You know, have fun and laugh out loud. My father basically didn't want me to do anything except playing the piano." Isabella said as she stared at the ceiling. She then shook her head, trying to shake off those bad memories. "I feel so happy right now." Isabella closed her eyes.

Bruno looked at Isabella. He felt sadness in her voice. He wanted to hug her and kiss her at the moment, but he can't. He then rolled to his side and stared at Isabella.

Isabella then looked at Bruno. "What?"

"What are you thinking?" Bruno asked.

"Well... I'm thinking about drinking some water right now. You?" Isabella answered.

"I'm thinking of getting you something to drink. What do you want? Coke, pepsi? Or just a bottle of water?" Bruno said as he stood up and smiled.

"Pepsi? Coke?" Isabella grinned at Bruno. She always saw those on the well, and she wanted to taste one, but since she's in the in between, and she doesn't want to wish just anything from God, she can't.

"What, you want both?" Bruno smiled.

"I've never tasted pepsi or coke before." Isabella grinned at Bruno.

"Well, they pretty much just taste the same, but let's buy both. And I'll get water too, pepsi and coke will just make you feel more thirsty afterwards." Bruno said as he walked away.

"Thank you very much!" Isabella said as she grinned. She was excited to taste Pepsi and coke.

"Don't mention it." Bruno said as he walked outside the studio.

Isabella smiled as she stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. She really was now alive, and she gets to taste new food and new drinks. She was so excited about it. She danced as she waited for Bruno to come.

Phil, Chanel and Bruno came with all the drinks.

"You're here already." Isabella said as she ran towards them excitedly.

"Well. We saw Bruno outside, and we decided to come with him." Chanel said.

"What do you wanna taste first? Coke or pepsi?" Bruno asked as he took the cans from the plastic bag.

"Both!" Isabella grinned. Bruno chuckled as he looked at Isabella. She looked so happy and excited. He then smiled at her.

"Look at you, excited and all. It's just pepsi and coke." Chanel chuckled.

"Wait, Claire, don't tell me you haven't tasted pepsi or coke before?" Phil asked.

"I haven't. That is why I'm excited!" Isabella grinned at them.

Phil and Chanel looked at each other and laughed.

"I know, weird right?" Bruno smiled at them as he handed the can of coke to Isabella.

Isabella took the can but then she just kept staring at it.

"Open it." Bruno said.

"I. I don't know how." Isabella curled her lips she gave the can back to Bruno.

"Okay, look. It's easy, You just lift this ring here, and..." Bruno lifted the ring and Isabella watched with her eyes wide open. "There, it's opened." Bruno smiled.

"Woww... Amazing!" Isabella said as she took the can from Bruno. "But the opening is too small, yeah?"

"That wouldn't be a problem. Just drink like how you drink on a glass of water." Bruno said.

"Ooohh... Okay..." Isabella slowly drank the coke. "Woooowww... It tastes sooo good!" Isabella said. "This is the most fantastic and most delicious drink that I have ever tasted!" Isabella said as she looked at the can.

Bruno, Phil and Chanel all chuckled at Isabella.

"Can I taste the pepsi now?" Isabella asked them as her eyes sparkled.

"Sure, here you go." Phil handed the can of pepsi to Isabella.

"Lemme open that for you." Bruno said as he tried to take the can from her.

Isabella pushed Bruno's hand. "No, no, I'll open it myself." Isabella said as she smiled.

"Alright, alright. You can open it." Bruno chuckled. Phil and Chanel laughed as well.

Isabella then slowly lifted the ring up and opened it. "Yayyy! I did it! I did it! I was able to open it!" Isabella said as she grinned at them.

"Congratulations for opening a can of pepsi!" Bruno said as he laughed.

"Why, thank you! I am very much honored!" Isabella replied jokingly.

"You know, you're like a five year-old kid, but you're more fun than that" Chanel said as she laughed.

Isabella smiled then drank her pepsi. "Mmm... It really doesn't taste too different from coke." Isabella said, nodding her head.

"See, I told ya." Bruno said, smiling at Isabella.

Chanel and Phil looked at each other and smiled.

Bruno then looked at his wrist watch. "Phil, I think we should go back to the studio now." Bruno told Phil.

"Oh, okay. Thanks for the time, Chanel. See you when you have time." Phil said as he hugged Chanel.

"Thanks for stopping by." Chanel smiled as he hugged Phil and Bruno. She then looked at Isabella. "I wanna see you soon." She said as she hugged Isabella.

"Me too." Isabella said as she hugged Chanel back. Chanel then pulled away and led them outside the dance studio.

Chanel waved good bye at them. "Drive safe, and take care, all of you. Oh and Bruno."

"What?" Bruno asked.

"Take care of Isabella for me." Chanel said.

"I will, I promise." Bruno said as he smiled sweetly at Chanel.

Isabella saw the way Bruno smiled at Chanel. She was jealous of it. She wished Bruno would smile at her, the same way that he smiles at Chanel. She sighed.

"Tired already?" Phil asked Isabella.

"Uhm... Just a little bit..." Isabella answered.

"Hey bro, how about you just drop me at the studio and you two go home already? It's been a tiring day for Claire, and her foot has just gotten well. She needs some rest. Imma go home after I go to the studio and get my car." Phil suggested.

"Hmm.. Alright. Let's just finish everything tomorrow." Bruno said as he drove the car.

"No, no... I'm fine... I'll just... Uhm... Wait for the both of you to get done working." Isabella smiled at them.

"No, we're going home early. Claire, you need to get some rest." Bruno said.

Isabella sighed. "Alright... If you insist." Isabella said as she sighed. She then stared at the window and looked at the beautiful lights. She smiled when she saw a couple on the road, they looked so sweet and so inlove with each other. She then looked at Bruno, and shook her head. 'He loves Chanel..'

After a few minutes, they arrived in the studio, and Phil got out of the car. "Take care, Bruno, Claire." Phil said as he watched them drive away from the studio.

Isabella kept silent while on their way to Bruno's place. She was getting a wee bit sleepy now, so she closed her eyes to rest. Her eyelids were getting heavier and heavier, and she felt too weak to open them. She then fell asleep.


"Claire! Claire, wake up!" Bruno was now panicking. She was having a nightmare, and it's been minutes already since she was shouting and breathing heavy. He can't wake her up.

"No... No! Help me!" Isabella kept saying these words while crying. She was dreaming of the townspeople who burned her up.

"Claire! Wake up!!! Claire!!" Bruno shook her as hard as he can, and it was then that Isabella woke up.

Isabella then slowly opened her eyes, and she saw Bruno's worried face. She looked around, and they were still in the car. She sighed. "Just a dream... It was just a bad dream." Isabella said.

Bruno breathed deep as he rubbed his chest. "Man.. You almost gave me a heart attack!" Bruno said as he looked at Isabella.

Isabella wiped her tears as she looked down. "I'm sorry... I... I didn't mean to do that.."

"Don't be. It was just a dream anyway. Come on, let's go inside. It's getting cold out here." Bruno said as he dragged Isabella inside the house.

Isabella was looking around, scared. She didn't why, but she was really, really scared. She remembered how the fire burned her body, and how hot it was. She closed her eyes.

"You okay?" Bruno asked as he carried his towel, clothes and tooth brush.

"Uhm.. Yeah.." Isabella answered.

"I'm just gonna go take a bath. You go after me. A’ight?" Bruno said as he went inside the bathroom.

Isabella was so scared that she went to sit in front of the bathroom door. She waited as she looked around. She was imagining the townspeople coming in to Bruno's house, trying to kill her. She was surprised when she heard the bathroom door open.

"Ohh!" Isabella gasped as she looked around. Shen sighed when she saw Bruno. "Oh... Thank God." Isabella rubbed her chest.

"What? Why are you sitting here? Wait a minute.. Did you peek while I was taking a shower??" Bruno jokingly said as he smiled.

"Of course not!" Isabella said as her face turned red, so she looked down.

"Hmm... You're blushing..." Bruno said as he ducked and leaned closer to Isabella. "If you weren't peeking, then why are you sitting here?" He said as he looked into her eyes.

"I was... Scared..." Isabella said as she looked at Bruno.

"Oh.." Bruno then stood up. 'She's telling the truth.' Bruno then walked towards his room. "You go take a shower alright."

"Alright." Isabella then took her sleeping clothes, her towel and her tooth brush and went inside the bathroom. She removed her clothes then turned the shower on. She was too scared to look at the mirror. She can't take it anymore. "Uhm... Bruno?" No answer. Her heart thumped faster. "Bruno!"


"Uhm... Can you... Can you just sit there... outside the bathroom door?"

"What? I can't hear you." Bruno walked towards the bathroom.

"Ughh... Can you guard the bathroom for me?" Isabella asked. It was improper for a woman to do that, but she was really scared.

"What, you want me to peek on you?" Bruno said, smiling.

"No! Of course not! It's just scary here. Well... Just in case something happens, at least I know you're there." Isabella answered.

"Ohh, so Claire is a scaredy cat, eh? Alright, alright.. I'll sit here and watch the bathroom for you. Just in case some ghost creeps there and watch you while you bath..." Bruno jokingly said.

"Bruno!!! Stop it!!" Isabella said. Bruno then started to laugh. "It's not funny!" Isabella was really scared now.

"Okay, okay. I'll just be here sitting in the bathroom door. And don't worry I won't peek." Bruno said as he sat down.

"Okay... Thanks." She quickly cleaned herself and dried herself up. She then wore her sleeping clothes and brushed her teeth, then she went outside the bathroom.

Bruno then turned around and saw Isabella's dripping wet hair. 'Wow...' He shook his head as he stood up. "You finished already?"

"Uhm... Yes... Thank you." Isabella said as she looked down.

"Alright. You go to sleep now. I know you're tired. And I am now, too. Nighty night. Sweet dreams." Bruno said as he walked inside his room.

Isabella then went to her room and combed her hair. She sat down on the bed and pulled her blanket. She closed her eyes, too scared to open them. Then she heard a weird noise by the window. She opened her eyes and stood up. "What was that?!" She then ran towards Bruno's door and knocked. "Bruno?"

Bruno opened the door, rubbing his eyes. "Wh-what?"

Isabella bit her lip. She knows she shouldn't be doing this, because she was a woman. A woman shouldn't sleep inside a man's room until they're married. She sighed and decided to talk. But before she could do that, Bruno spoke.

"You're scared, aren't ya?" Bruno smiled.

Isabella nodded as she looked down.

"Alright... You can sleep here." Bruno said as he led Isabella inside his room.

Isabella sat down on his bed, still looking down.

"I'll sleep on the floor." Bruno said as he took one pillow and sat down on the floor.

"No, no, no. I'll sleep on the floor, you sleep here." Isabella said as he pulled Bruno up.