Chapter 4

31/05/2011 12:30

Next thing I know someone flashes by me. Bruno. I guess he came to and saw what was happening. Him and Drake are rolling around on the floor fighting. I see that Drake still has the knife and Bruno's on top of Drake and Drake's swinging wildly trying to stab Bruno. I get up and wait for the perfect moment to strike. I watch as Drake's hand comes down and I step on his wrist and grab the knife. As soon as I do the police and SWAT bust through Bruno's bedroom door. I see one for the SWAT people has a gun with a laser light looking think on it and the light is pointing at Bruno and Drake. "Bruno move!" Bruno rolls off Drake and stands off to the side. Drake looks up and see the SWAT and the laser and lunges for me. Before I can even react he pulls my feet out from under me and I land right on my stomach. I yell out in pain and the knife goes flying out of my hand. I lunge for the kinfe but Drake's quicker than me. I try to stand up but Drake grabs me and picks me up. He puts the knife so close to my neck I can feel the blade of the knife breaking skin and blood running down my neck. "Nobody move!" he shouts. "Help me Bruno!" Drake squeezes me tighter and now I can really feel blood running down my neck. I start to whimper. I look over at Bruno and he has tears running down his cheeks. I look around and then I get an idea. It;s risky but it just might work. I put my hands around his arm and dig my nails in. I pull his arm down just enough so that I can't feel the knife on my throat anymore. I punch him in the groin as hard as I can. "Emily!" Bruno shouts. I jump into him and just as I do I hear a crack. In my mind I knew what happened but in reality I just couldn't believe it. I get up and walk over to Drake. As cold as this may sound I have to watch him take his dying breath. I have to be sure. I look at him and he's been shot in the chest. With his dying breath he says something so chilling I will never be able to forget it. "I may be gone but they’re still coming for you." He says it in almost a whisper and it was so quiet I don't think anyone else in the room heard. I watch as Drake's body takes it's final breathe before I finally start crying my eyes out. Bruno comes over and hugs me. I'm somewhat crying because of what Drake said could or couldn't be true and mostly because it's finally over...for good. Me and Bruno go downstairs and sit on the couch while the SWAT leaves and the press arrives and the cleanup team comes and goes. It's 10:30 at night before everyones finally gone. Me and Bruno walk upstairs and grab our bags. I look around and it looks as if nothing ever happened....but a lot actually did. We load out things into Bruno's car and head down to a hotel just a couple of miles away. We get to the hotel and check in and drag our things up to the hotel room. I grab my pajamas out of the top of my suitcase and head into the shower.  I dry off and put my pajamas on and decide to leave the light on so I can see in case I need to get up in the middle of the night. I walk out into where the beds are and see Bruno passed out in one of the chairs. I walk over and shake him. "Huh?" "Cmon get into bed sleepy." He gets up and takes off his hat and jacket. He sits on the bed and takes his shirt and pants off too. Now he's just in his boxers and he looks amazing. He has an amazing muscular body an I can't help but stare. I flop down onto the other bed and shut the light off. "Night Bruno." I roll over and just as I start to get really comfortable I feel someone poke my back. "I'm cold." I pull back the sheets and pat the bed. He gets in and rolls over so that I can see him and he can see me. I look at him and there's just enough light shining from the bathroom that I can see his amazing brown eyes and his black curly messed up hair. I smile at him. "Thank you Bruno......for saving me back at your place......I'm sorry I couldn't of been there when you needed me.' "It's fine I should of listened to you a lot could of been different if I had listened to you." He slides over and starts kissing me. His lips are so soft and warm and I just can't seem to get enough. The kisses start becoming harder and faster and I feel Bruno slip his hand under my shirt and start exploring my body. Our breaths start coming in short shallow gasps umtil I finally can't wait any longer for him. I reach down and pulls his boxers off and pull my shorts off and he pulls my top off. I slide on top of his and we make undescribable love. I'm not sure what time it is before we finally go to sleep but when we do I feel like I'm on top of the world.        


I wake up in the morning and remember what happened last night and smile. I look over and instead of seeing bruno I see a note. I pick it up and read it. 'Went to go get some coffee be back soon love Superman.' I can't help but laugh out loud. Superman! I decide to hop in the shower real quick. I walk out of the shower and decide to throw on my Doo-wops shirt and a pair of yellow butt shorts and my black converse. I decide to throw my hair into a loose bun when Bruno walks in. "Hey.....Superman." I wink at him and he lets out a little laugh. "You musta read my note huh?" "Yea I did." "Well we’re going to be leaving soon for verizon Theater so finish getting ready." "Kay almost done." I walk into the bathroom and throw some eyeliner on and just as I'm about to start outting my mascara on Bruno storms in. "What are you doing!" "I.....I was just...." "You don't need this crap your amazing just the way you are ok?" "Alright." He grabs my eyeliner and pretends to put it on. "What are you doing Bruno?" "What don't you think I look good with luscious lashes?" He starts to blink a lot. "No. You just stick with plaid, skinny jeans, ray bans, and converse kay." "Okay but seriously you look fine without all that on." I put my eyeliner and mascara back into my makeup bag and put it back into my suitcase. I double check that I packed my MacBook and zip my suitcase up and head downstairs with Bruno. We check out and hop into Bruno's car and drive over to Phil's house. He's walking out just as were pulling in. Urbana walks out with Phil and I feel so bad when I see her. It looks like her and Phil have been crying a lot and I just feel terrible. I couldn't imagine having to watch Bruno leave me and not be able to see him for a long time. Phil gets into the car and Bruno starts talking to him... comforting him. All the stops are pretty much the same. We get to the airport and check our bags and go through security. As soon as we all finished getting crossed over we walk to one of the places where you board and we meet up our pilot. He takes us out onto the runway and we board our jet. It's really nice on the inside and there are couches and t.v's and a little kitchen. Me and the guys put our stuff down and set up a table and start playing Poker. I beat them almost everytime. Then after a while that get boring so we play this games called bullsh*t. You get four cards and you either say what they are or what they arent and the other people have to guess whether it's bullsh*t or not. We play that the rest of the flight and we finally land. We grab our thing and make our way through a crowd of obsessed fans and into our waiting limo. The ride to the theater is really pretty. We have about 6 hours to rehearse and I think that the guys were a little taken back by my 'talent.' I knew every pitch change, every lyric, and every chord and I didn't mess up once.


After rehearsals we head back into our dressing rooms. Bruno walks with me to mine and introduces me to my stylist. "Emily this is Kathy. Kathy this is Emily. Don't change her to much I like her just the way she is." He looked at me and winked and walked out. "Come." Kathy said. She lead me into a huge closet and looked me up and down. She picked me out a strechy camoflauge V-neck and a pair of black skinny jeans. I look at the clothes and wonder what in the world made her pick these. I change and look myself over in the mirror. I look really good but this sure is a combo I never would of picked out. She points over to a chair that’s standing in front of a huge mirror. "Sit." I walk over and sit in the chair and Kathy comes up and runs her fingers throught my hair. She starts fumbling in the drawers and picks out a light blonde hair dye. She does my hair quickly and purposefully. She sets a timer and starts working on my makeup. She doesn’t put much on me but she makes me look amazing. The timer beeps and Kathy brushes out my hair. It ends up coming out a lightish blonde with lighter and darker highlights from my dirty blonde hair. She pulls out a pair of scissors from her apron. "Whoa what are you doing?" "Watch." She takes the front parts of my hair and gives me chin length layered bangs. "How would you like your hair styled?" I stand up and grab a brush. "Watch." I throw my hair up into a loose bun and let me bangs and some longer pieces of hair hang out. "Nice." Kathy walks over to a dresser that has a lot of jewlery on it. She gives me 3 long silver chains to wear. "Now for shoes..." "Hey umm Kathy? Can I just wear my converse?" "If thats what you want." I throw my converse on and Kathy leads me to a white looking table. She starts working on my nails. I never really had nice hands. I play college softball and I pitched so when the laces from the ball would come across my fingers it would make my fingertips raw and they would tear open and get infected and tear back open. She puts on fake nails that area about 1/2 inch off my fingertips. She gives them a french and put a design and gem at the corner. "Thanks Kathy your amazing!" I start to walk towards the door when I see a mirrior. I look myself over and feel like I'm missing something. I look around and I find them. I stick a pair of ray bans on top of my hair and feel complete. My shirt fits peefectly against my 120pound 5"11' figure. My skinny jeans are tight but not skin tight. Right before I open the door Bruno walks in. He looks me up and down and stops at my butt. "Kepp looking down mister." He smirks and obeys. "Damn girl you lookin' good!" "Thanks." We walk out of the dressing rooms and head backstage. You can already hear the crowd chanting. "Bruno! Bruno! Bruno!" Bruno gathers everybody up and we all pray that everything goes good tonight and we give the crowd a night they will never forget. Then we all line up and walk out onto stage. Bruno grabs my hand and walks out with me. We all walk to our mics and I start to feel like I've taken Phil's place beside Bruno. But he doesn't seem to mind. "How y'all doin tonight?" The crowd goes wild. "Now before we start I'd like to introduce you to our newest band member......and my lovely lady Emily!" The crowd screams louder and I'm not sure if that’s a good scream or a jealous scream. "Hey guys!" "Now since this is her first concert with us we'd like to challenge her to sing!" The crowd starts chanting. "Do it! Do it! Do it!"  I pick up the guitar and start singing the first song that comes to my mind. Teenage Dream. I dominated it.


The rest of the concert goes good. The guys are laughing and having a good time and joking around.  We say our goodbyes and walk backstage to go get change for the after-party. I walk into my dressing and see a really pretty black strapless dress hanging up. I start to get kinda nervous. I'm not the kinda girl who wears dresses. I'd much rather go play paintball in the middle of summer in florida and get all dirty and sweaty than wear a dress. I sigh and look the dress up and go change. I don't even bother to look in the mirror because I don't want to see what I look like. But I can't help but look in the mirror and when I do I almost don't recognize my own reflection. I look stunning. Kathy comes out and tell me to sit down in the chair that she does my hair and makeup. I sit down and she starts too lightly curl the botom of my hair. She fixes my makeup and grabs me a pair of flats to wear and gives me the same necklaces to wear. I walk out and I start walking towards the guys dressing room and they all walk out and see me. They look me up and down and whistle. Bruno walks up to me and kisses me.. "Damn baby I never knew you could clean up so well!" I start to blush. "Stop it!" He laughs "C’mon." We walk out and of course there are a bunch of obsessed fans wanting his autograph. We start moving down the line towards our limo. We get to the last few fans and I look towards the back of the crowd and see a man in black standing towards the back by himself talking on a phone and taking pictures. Something just doesn't seem right about him. We get into the limo and drive the short distance to the club. When we get there the guys head off in there own directions and me and Bruno just dance and have a good time together. After awhile I notice that his speech is starting to slur and he can't seem to keep himself steady. "Bruno how many drinks have you had?" "" "Bruno! Come on you need to lay down." I walk him to the back of the club and find an empty couch. "Stay here Bruno I'm going to find the guys ok?" He kinda sways and then flops down on the couch. 'Well he's not gonna go anywhere now that he's passed out.' I think to myself. I go look for the guys and finally find them on the other side of the club. "Guys what do you want me to do with Bruno he passed out." "Aww man not again." Phil says. "What does this happen often. He shakes his head yes. I walk him back to the couch where Bruno lays. He picks his up and throws a towel over his head. We walk him out back to the limo but there are still paparazzi trying to get photos of him. I look around and then see the man in black again still standing by himself taking photos. Phil lays Bruno down in the seat. "I'll take him back to the hotel." "You sure?" "yeah. Positive. You go have a good time with the guys." "OK we'll be back soon." "Ok." I close the limo door and tell the driver to take us to the Hyatt. When we arrive Bruno finally wakes up. "C’mon Bruno lets get you to bed." He drags himself out of the car and leans on me the whole way up to the 10th floor where our room is. I open the hotel room door and he flops down on one of the beds. He's got the right idea. I start to yawn realizing how tired I really am. I lay down on the bed oposite of Bruno's and go over that last 2 months we've been toghther. It's been amazing. More than I ever thought it would be. As my eyes start to close I wonder if he knows how strong my feelings are for him and if his feelings are as strong as mine. Before sleep takes me I wonder if he knows how much he really means to me and if we would really last.

Little did anyone know that things were about to get really bad really quick and that someone wasn't going to make it out alive.