Chapter 4

12/06/2011 12:53

I see Jen at my door with her arms folded, shaking her head, & with a smirk on her face.


She looks down at my waist, I did the same & I still see someone's hands wrapped around me. I turn around & I see Bruno! How in the hell did he think it was ok to sleep in my bed....WITH ME!? I moved his hands off my waist, I got out of bed, went into the bathroom washed my face & brushed my teeth. I walked out towards the hallway.

"Jen its not what it looks like, I swear we didnt do anything at all"

"Nothing at all?" she said with a raised eyebrow

"Well...there was some kissing, touch here & there but that was it I SWEAR"

"Mhmmm...I believe you. Lets go down stairs & get some coffee"

"Ok. I'll make breakfast also"

We walked downstairs & went into the kitchen. Jen got the coffee ready while I started making french toast, eggs, bacon, & sausage. After I was done, I fixed my plate & Jen's plate. We both sat down at the table & begin eating. While I was eating, I noticed Jen kept staring at me.

"Are you sure nothing else happened?"

"No Jen! If something did dont you think I would have told you by now?"


"Ok then"

"Damn Tori, you dont have to be such a bitch about it. I just asked you one thing"
"You kept asking me that one thing & Im not acting like a bitch"

"Ok whatever" she said rolling her eyes

I was a little pissed off when she said I was being a bitch. But hey I cant stay mad at her! She is outspoken & I love her for that. It was silent for 5 minutes, until Jen started talking again.

"So is he a good kisser?"

"What? pfft....he was alright"

"Tori" she said with a raised eyebrow

I sighed

"Ok let me stop lying, girl he was a good kisser"

"On a scale of 1-10 rate"

"Can it be over 10"

"Damn that good?"


" what happened when yall got here last night"

I take a sip of my coffee

"Well if you must know....."

"Tori come on & tell me!"

"OK! So when we got here I invited him in, we had some wine, we danced, & we--"

"Wait what did yall dance to?"

"Is that really important?"
"Uh YES!"

I sighed & shake my head
"This Woman's Work by Maxwell"


"What did you mean by that?"
"Nothing I thought yall would dance to you know..... Panty Droppa by Trey Songz"

"Panty Droppa Jen? Really?"

" set the mood" she said sipping her coffee
"Why would I want to hear him sing about some panties dropping & its not mine dropping?"

Jen spits out her coffee & starts to laugh

"Im serious" I said with a smirk

"Ok....finish the story"

"Where was I?"


"Oh yeah after we danced, we looked into each other's eyes, then we kissed. He then layed me on the sofa & started kissing on my neck. Im not gonna lie to you, it felt so good.

"I bet it did....that explains the hickey on your neck"

"What? There's no hickey on my neck"

"Tori go look in the mirror"

I get up from the table, go into the bathroom

"Jen there is no hic-- oh"

I looked in the mirror & there it was on the side of my neck. It was really big & it was purple. Damn how did I not know he was giving me a hickey when he was kissing on my neck? I went back to the table & sat down.

"See I told you"

"Shut up Jen"

"Are you gonna finish the story"

"Yeah....when we were making out he tried to take my panties off but I had stopped him right there."

"Wait....what? WHY!?!"

"Because you know....."

"No I dont know"

"Yes you do"

"Oh.....Tori you were having the flashbacks?'

"Yeah" I said with my head down

"Tori that was in the past"

"I know that Jen but I cant forget about what happened that night. Its hard for me to forget about it & you know it."

"Yeah....but lets talk about why in the hell was he in your bed"

"I dont think we should talk about that" Bruno said

Both of us turned around, & we see Bruno standing in front of the entrance to the kitchen. He looked a little rough, but thats what a hangover would do to you.

"Good morning Bruno" Jen said

"Good morning Jen" he said with a smile

He then glares at me & starts to smile, I look at Jen & she has a smirk on her face.

"Tori just made breakfast, fix yourself a plate & come sit down with us"


He fixed his plate, came to the table & sat next to me. He smiled at me & I smiled a little. We all just sat there in slience for 15 minutes, until Jen got up.

"Well im going to take a shower, I'll leave you two here so yall can talk."

"Ok Jen" we both said together

When Jen left, it was all silence again for at least 5 minutes.

"Damn girl you can cook"


"So Bruno..."


"I thought you were sleeping on the sofa last night"

"Well I was but I couldnt sleep at I got up, went upstairs & layed next to you"

"How did you know where my room was?"

"I didnt know....I just went into the first room that was close to the stairway"

"So why did you wrap your arms around me while I was sleeping?"

"Playing 21 questions with me huh?" He said while sipping coffee


He sighs, puts the coffee mug down & starts to explain

"Well when I laid next to you, I kept noticing you tossing & turning in bed. You looked like you were having a bad dream, so I thought if I wrap my arms around you maybe that will help you sleep."

"Well it did. Why did you give me a hickey?"

"Oh. ummmm I really cant explain that one. Lets just say it was the heat of the moment."

" sure was" I said rubbing my neck

"So Tori, what are you doing today?"

"Nothing, Im just gonna chill out today. why?"

"Well I wanted us to hang out today....but since both have hangovers, I guess chilling out isnt bad"

"Yeah I do have one hell of a hangover right now"

"we have a date tonight"

"No we dont" I said

"Yes we do. its gonna be you, me, Kenji, & Jen. Shes gonna be here right?"

"Yeah shes coming back over tonight"

"Perfect. I'll bring a couple of movies we all can watch together?"

"So bascially you're saying movie date at my house tonight?"

"Yeah im saying that" he said with a smirk

"Ok then how about 8?"


"Yeah....perfect" I said with a smile

"Well I gotta go, I will see you later tonight"


We both walked to the living room so he can get his stuff & we walked to the front door. He opened the door, he looked at me & I looked at him. He leans towards me & kisses me. I couldnt resist those soft lips of his.

"Thanks for letting me stay the night & for breakfast"

"You’re welcome"

He gives me a quick peck on the lips, walks to his car, gets in & drives away. I closed my door, & went back into the living room. Jen is sitting on the sofa watching tv.

"So guess who has a date tonight?"


"Yes me, & you too!"


"You have a date with Kenji also"

"Tori explain what the hell are you talking about?"

I sighed "Well Bruno said that we have a double date tonight. So me, you, Kenji, & Bruno, are gonna watch a couple of movies here tonight"

"I cant wait for tonight!"

"I cant wait either!"

"Tori I have to go what I will see you later"

"Ok Jen"

"What time will they be here?"


"Well I'll be here at 7:30"


Jen leaves, I go back into the kitchen & begin cleaning. After I was done cleaning, I looked at the time & it was 2pm. I went into my room to change into my gym clothes, grabbed my car keys, ipod, & blackberry. When I got to the gym I noticed a guy staring at me, he was staring at me like he knew me from somewhere. I politely smiled & said "hi" as I walked past him. Although he did look kind of familar, I made my way to the treadmill & started to run on it. While I was running that same guy got on the treadmill next to me & started running.


I looked at him, he smiled I got off the treadmill grab my stuff & left. When I was about to leave he walked up & tapped me on the shoulder.

"Ok seriously I dont know who you are can you please leave me alone!"


"How do you even know my name?"

"Ugh just forget it!"



"Im Eric, Bruno's brother, we met at the diner"

"Oh yeah....Gah! Eric im so sorry I didnt know who you were"

"Its ok" he said laughing

" how are you?"

"Im great, thanks for asking & how about yourself?"
"Im good.....well it was nice seeing you I have to go now"

"Ok I'll--"

"Hey Eric where have you been? I've been looking for you" Phred says

"I've been right here talking to Tori, you remember her dont you?"

"Oh're the waitress at Moe's"

"Yes I am"

"So how are you?"

"Im good Phred, how about yourself?"

"Im better now that I seen you" he says with a smile

"Uh....ok...well I have to go it was nice to see you guys"

" Mhmmm...nice seeing you too" Phred says as he traces me with his eyes

When I was walking away from both of them I heard Phred talking to Eric.

"Man do you see the ass on her? I gotta have her."

"Shut up Phred"

"Aw come on Eric, just look at her ass"

" come on"

I just shook as I was walking towards the exit. When I get to my car I run into Bruno.

"Hey baby!"


He pulls me towards him & kisses me. I looked over with the corner of my eye, I see Phred looking at me, shaking his head & talking to Eric.

"Were you about to leave?"

"Yeah, im going back home now"

"Awww I should've came here earlier"

"Why? we're gonna see each other tonight"

"So I can see whats your workout method for that perfect ass of yours" he says as he smacks by butt


"Well babe I have to go, I'll see you & Kenji later ok"


He kisses me again & goes inside the gym. I get into my car, When I look up, I see Phred winking at me. I politely wave at him & did a fake smile. Im thinking to myself what the hell was that? was he really flirting with me? why? he knows me & Bruno are talking....or does he? I get to my house, walk inside & sit on the sofa. I turn on the tv & begin to watch, as I was watching tv my phone starts to vibrate. I look & its a message from Bruno.

"Cant wait 2 c u tonite :) <3"

"I cant wait either :)"

After I was done texting, I started watching tv again, then I fell asleep. My phone starts to vibrate again & it was a message from Jen.

"Gonna pick up some beer for the guys tonight :) be @ yours in 20 mins "


I look at the time & its 7:10pm. I jumped up & ran up stairs to take a shower. After I was done I put on my favorite cartoon shirt that stops at my belly button. I went to my dresser drawer, grabbed my black baggy pants, & put them on. I went back into the bathroom to fix my hair up in a ponytail. Then the doorbell rings I run downstairs to open it.

"Got the beer for tonight" Jen says happliy

"Great now get your ass in here, I got something to tell you"

Jen walks into the house & she is dressed kind of like me but her pants were really baggy like mines.

"What do you have to tell me?"

"Hold on a sec, I need to order the pizza & wings"

"Ok but hurry up"

After I ordered the pizza & wings, I went back into the living room. I sit down next to Jen & began to tell her.

"Ok so I was at the gym today, there was this guy there looking at me like he knew me. While I was on the treadmill he said my name & begin to smile. So I grabbed my stuff & left, when I was leaving he came up behind me & tapped me on the shoulder & that's when I kind of lost it"

"You went off on the guy Tori?"

"No, now let me finish! So I told him to leave me alone & before he could say anything I asked him how did he know my name. Then he finally told me his name was Eric & he was Bruno brother."

"Felt like a jackass huh?"

"Yeah I did for how I reacted. So we talked & then Phred comes up--"

"Phred? Who’s that"

"The guy who was with Bruno & Eric, he had dreadlocks"

"Oh yeah I remember now"

"So he comes up to me & Eric. He begins talking to me, while he was talking to me he kept flirting with me & looking at me up & down. When I was leaving I heard him say to Eric 'Man do you see the ass on her? I gotta have her.' I shaked my head as I was leaving, when I got to my car I run into Bruno. He kisses me & I see Phred looking, shaking his head, & talking to Eric."

"Do you think he was a little mad about the kiss?"

"If he was, I dont see what for. So me & Bruno talked, when I was about to leave, I see Phred winking at me."

"Oh wow, so are you going to tell Bruno about this?"

"No, I'll just let it slide this time. Next time it happens I will."

The doorbell rings, I get up to go answer it. I opened the door & its the pizza delivery guy. I paid him & closed the door. I took the pizza & wings into the kitchen & walked back out into the living room. Then the door bell rings again, I walk to the door & opened it. Its Bruno & Kenji, Bruno was wearing a t-shirt, jeans, denim jacket & converse. Kenji was wearing white v-neck shirt, black jeans, & vans. They looked very casual.

"Hey baby"


He hugs me & kisses me on the cheek.

"Kenji you remember Tori?"

"Yes I do, nice seeing you again" he says as he shakes my hand

"Come on in guys"

They both come inside & walk towards the living room.

"Wow you look really--"

"Really what? I can go change I--"

"No, no its fine...I like it"

"I find it sexy that a girl dresses down, you can really see her true self" Kenji says

"Well thank you Kenji, if he keeps this up I might leave you for him"

"Oh is that so?"

"Yeah" I said while hitting his arm

"So where's Jen?"

"Shes probably in the kitchen Kenji, come on follow me"
We walk into the kitchen, we see Jen at the table eating

"You couldn’t wait any longer huh?"

"You were taking too long I was--"

"Hi Jen" Kenji says with a smile

"Hi Kenji, I know I look a mess but--"

"No I like the way you look. I love it when a woman can be herself around me. I find that sexy."

"Well thanks, I guess"

"Ok well guys there's pizza & wings here & I have beer in the fridge. Bruno you have the movies?"

"Yeah they are on the table in the living room"

"Ok I'll go get a movie started"

I went into the living room & grabbed one of the movies. "The Hangover"? Does he know this is my favorite movie?

"I do know"

I turn around & see Kenji, Jen, & Bruno walking towards the living room. Kenji & Jen was on one sofa while me & Bruno was on the other sofa.

"Let me get my food & then we can watch the movie"

I walked back into the kitchen fixed my food, grab me a soda & walked back into the living room. We all ate & watched the movie.

"Ready to watch another movie?" Bruno said

"Yeah" Kenji, Jen, & I said together

Bruno put in a dvd

"What movie is this?"

"You'll see"

I see that its "Paranormal Activity"

"Hell no im not watching this!"

"Why not?"

"Bruno, Tori doesnt like scary movies, she always cry when she watches them"

"Shut up Jen!"

"Im telling him the damn truth!"

"Ok, ladies come on now, Tori just please watch it with me"

How could I resist those brown eyes. I sighed


We sat there watching the movie, I look over & I see Jen covering up here face while Kenji is holding her. Within 45 minutes of the movie, I couldnt watch it anymore so I got up & left.

"Where are you going?" Bruno says


I went outside on the patio & sat down in one of the patio chairs. I rested my head on the back of the chair, & looked up at the stars.

"Hey are you ok?" Bruno says

"Yeah im fine, I really cant get into scary movies like that"

"Im sorry I didnt know I--"

"Its fine"

"Come on back inside please?"

"I am"

We walked back into the living room hand in hand. I see Kenji & Jen sleeping on the sofa & Kenji was holding her tight. I sat down next to Bruno & he wrapped his arms around me.

"So am I going to get to see you like this more often?"

"What do you mean?"

"You know...dressed down"

"I dont know maybe"

"I hope so, I never had a girlfriend- I meant girl who dressed this way & was happy with it. My last girlfriend was so worried about what she was going to wear & what her hair was going to look like. I use to tell her she looked beautiful without the makeup & everything."

"Well thats not me at all im happy with myself & the way I look"

"Where have you been all my life?"

"In between this house & work"

He laughes & kisses my forehead

"So about that 'never had a girlfriend- I meant girl' thing, are you saying we're together now?"

"Yeah I am"

"But we only been on 2 dates"

"I know but its something about you that I really like"

"Aw really?"

"Yeah you make me feel really great, you’re not like any other girls I dated"

"Any other girls? what the hell? well damn how many girlfriends you had before me?"

"To be honest with you, I dated girls but I only had 4 real girlfriends. So what about your love life?"

"Eh...well put it this just wasnt meant to be & im going to leave it at that"

"Oh....did you love him?"

"I thought I did, I actually thought he was the one, until I actually seen his true colors" I said as tears fill up my eyes

"Oh...I didnt mean to ask you that question, I didnt know it was going to make you cry"

"No its ok im fine"

He wipes the tears from my eyes & holds me even tighter than before.

"Well you dont have to worry about, im here for you & I will never hurt you"


"I promise baby"

He kisses me & buries his face in my hair. I look at the time & its 11pm

"Its 11, me & Jen have to be to work at 7am...I have to get to bed"

"Ok baby, Kenji get up man we have to go"

Kenji gets up & sees Jen still laying on him he kisses her forehead & gets up. Jen gets up. Bruno grabs the movies, we all walked to the door Bruno kisses me & Kenji kisses Jen. we said goodnight to each other & closed the door.

"Im going to stay here tonight I have my uniform here"

"Ok thats fine, Jen?"


"Me & Bruno are together now"

"What! Ok you have to give me details tomorrow because right now im sleepy"

"Ok & you have to give tell me what you & Kenji were talking about, while me & Bruno was outside"


"Goodnight Jen"

"Night Tori"

I changed into my PJs & got into bed. I cant believe im saying this but I think im falling for him just after 2 DATES! I think he is-- I know he is right for me. I fell asleep.