Chapter 42+43 - long chaps too ;)

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Chapter 42

This chapter has adult parts, I don’t want to offend people, but if you don’t like reading things like that, then don’t read it and save me the abuse. Enjoy you horny Hooligans! :)

We sit on the bed and he looks down at his lap. I take his hand and say “Bruno, what’s wrong?” He looks frustrated now, “Never mind, it’s stupid anyway” “Tell me” “No, it’s dumb, let’s just get some sleep, I’ll sleep on the floor or something….” Just as he gets up from the bed, I put my arm out in front of him so he can’t get up. “Leeexxx, please, let it go ok?” “Not until you tell me what’s wrong! Why has your mood changed all of a sudden?” He looks at me straight in the eye and says in a serious voice “You promise you won’t laugh” and from my heart I say “I promise” He inhales and says “I wanna have sex with you. In my old bed” WHAT THE HELL!? “And? You always wanna have sex with me, why did you get so upset when I said no?” He gets up and walks around “Because Lex, it’s different here, I mean, I used to lie in this bed thinking, wishing, praying that one day I’d find some girl who’d love me back the same way I love her, that one day we’d make beautiful love right here, right in this bed. My bed” That still doesn’t explain why he got THAT upset when I said no. Unless. I cross my legs on his bed and say “Did you ever ask Emma this?” He looks sad again and just nods. “And did she say no?” Again, he nods. “You don’t have much in life do you?” I say jokingly, he doesn’t even respond, he just comes up to me and starts kissing me. I pull back but he just starts on my neck. Fuck. “With your family in the house!?” “Yeah, that was kinda part of the fantasy too, that we’d do it secretly whilst they’re here” “Huh…..The bed’s kinda small” “I don’t care” “What if we fall out?” “Hold on to me tight and you won’t” I don’t know why but I just start laughing at that. He looks at me frustrated. Silly Bruno. He says “If you’re not gonna enjoy this and play along I’ll just stop” “Sorry baby *I peck him on the lips* so what are we doing again?” “Just pretend like it’s our first time with each other again” “But….” “Shhhhh” and he silences me with a long kiss “Just go with it *kiss* and we’ll both go slow with it *kiss*” and we do. Despite the fact that I had to remind Bruno to slow it down just like he said a couple times, but apart from that. It was beautiful and breathtaking. I can’t help but lay awake thinking about how amazing married life would be with him. If only he asked me again, I don’t care how he asks or says it anymore, I don’t need all of that from him. I just want him. Forever.

Was that knocking I heard? I slowly wake up as the sun shines on my face; I turn and look at Bruno sleeping like a baby. He does look adorable when he sleeps, I could watch him for hours. I check the time and wow. Its 2pm, jetlag much. *Knock Knock* SHIT. Luckily in the night I got up and put some shorts and Bruno’s Mickey Mouse top on, but Bruno. Well he likes to sleep naked. And on top of the covers. Fuck, what if someone comes in! *Knock Knock* Are you guys awake? I wanna come in for a second” Fuck! I whisper “Bruno, Bruno get up and cover yourself!” “No, I’m tired and hot, stop staring” A bit full of himself ehh “Bruno your Mom’s at the door, she wants to come in” He yawns “Mehh, she’s seen it all before” “You’re disgusting!” I say through laughter, he then starts to laugh and finally gets under the covers but decides to hug me and rest his head on my chest. “Get off me” “No. You can come in” He says as he closes his eyes again. Urgh, this man. This sexy, sexy naked man… Bernie walks in and says “Did you guys have an ok sleep? I’m sorry about how you both had to sleep in the single bed” “It was perfectly fine, honestly” I say before Bruno interrupts with a “Best sleep of my life” Yeah I bet it was. “Good, breakfast, or should I say lunch should be ready soon, come down whenever you’re both ready” She says with a smile as she leaves. “You guys were LOUD last night! Well, Lexii, you weren’t but Bruno! Maaan, I could hear you yelling all the way from my room! That’s just nasty!” Some girl calls from outside. HOLY SHIT! They heard us!? I look down at Bruno in anger and frustration. He’s still just got his eyes closed and has no expression. He doesn’t even care! She calls again “Don’t deny it Bruno and don’t ignore me!” “Pres, shut up, we didn’t even have sex last night so I don’t know what you heard” She pokes her head around the door, oh wow she’s beautiful, her hair is amazing, so curly and full, and she looks a little bit like Bruno. She looks at me, smiles and says “Hey, I’m Presley *She then turns to Bruno and says* Oh yeah, if you guys didn’t do it last night then why is your underwear thrown all the way across the room then?” I feel Bruno smiling against me “Damnit!!” He says whilst laughing. “Exactly, I’ll see you guys downstairs” and with that she leaves. As soon as she’s gone I whack him with the pillow! “I KNEW we’d get caught somehow!! You need to learn to shut up!!!” “Ouch! Lex, stop” “Urgh, I can’t believe you let that happen, unless. Oh my God, you’re sick. You knew we’d get caught!! Wow, you have some fucked up fantasies” He rolls his whole body on to me, pinning me to the bed and says “But you looooveee it” Before I have a chance to object he kisses me. I shake him off my lips “Get off me! I need to shower” “Nope” “Brunooooooo, get off” It’s as if I said, please ignore me and kiss my neck which is exactly what he does. Great. I see his neck and I can’t resist it, I stick my tongue out and lick him. “Lex, if you think by licking me you’re gonna make me stop then you would be wrong, so very wrong. In fact, if you’re in the mood for licking…..” Oh my God. He’s so damn horny all the time! I think about this for a second. “Bruno get off, I need to pee” He stops and thinks for a second. He then finally decides to get off of me. I seize my chance and run in to the bathroom locking the door saying “I lied! Shameeeee” “Damnit!” I hear him say; although I know 100% he’s probably gone back to sleep.

When I get out of the shower I see what I expect to see. Bruno sleeping. I actually don’t care anymore; I pull the sheet off him, exposing him completely and pour freezing cold tap water all over him “SHIT!! THE FUCK LEX!!” I just watch him freak out as I fall to the floor in hysterics! He sits up and shakes to wake himself up. He looks at me with his eyebrows furrowed and lip sticking out “You’re mean” He says. Awwwhh he’s so damn adorable. I kiss him on the cheek and force him in to the shower. As soon as he’s out and dressed. We make our way downstairs; I can hear a load of talking. I stop at the top of the stairs. He takes my hand, looks in to my eyes and kisses it “You’ll be fine, I’m not gonna leave you remember?” I nod and we walk downstairs, but just before we get all the way down, I release Bruno’s hand, kinda embarrassing to have him holding my hand in front of everyone. But he just places his arm around me instead. “Oh my God here they are!!!” And some man, who I’m guessing is Bruno’s uncle comes running up to me and hugs me. He holds me at arm’s length as if he’s examining me and says “Hi sweetheart, I’m Uncle Johnny, *He turns to Bruno* She’s beautiful, she’s a keeper” “I know” Bruno replies as he hugs his uncle. I then see four beautiful girls standing there who each in turn come up and hug me and introduce themselves. His sisters are so nice. Before we get a chance to speak Bernie says “Ok, let’s sit and eat” and we all sit around this table loaded with food. I love to eat. So does Bruno, but I wonder if his family does too? I wait and watch everyone put food in to their plate, and just by looking at the portions, I know they do too, I smile to myself thinking how I’m gonna fit in well here. Bruno takes my hand under the table as we all eat. “So what are you guys gonna do today?” Tiara asks. “Well, I wanted to just go down to the beach today, just relax and do nothing” Going to the beach with Bruno sounds amazing. I wonder if it’s close. “Oh, really? Ok, but tomorrow we get to spend the day with her” Pres says as she shovels food in. “What do you wanna do tomorrow?” I ask. “Go shopping of course!” Jamie says. “Her favourite thing in the world. Apart from me that is” As if Bruno just said that in front of everyone! I kick him under the table but he just squeezes my hand. Prick. We finish up and it was delicious. Everyone helps with the plates, they really do do things as a family, I’m not used to this, it’s just different to me. “Let’s go to the beach” Bruno says as he takes my hand and leads me upstairs. “Nope!!! We get her for *she looks at the time* half an hour, then you can have her” Jamie says have me for what!? Even Bruno looks confused. “Have her for what?” Bruno says as he wraps his arms around me, as if protecting me. What a fool he is. “We just want her to have some girl time” Tahiti says. “You wanna interrogate her don’t you” Bruno says. In unison his four sisters say “Yes” and they burst out in to laughter which makes me laugh. “Don’t have her for too long. And don’t scare her off with your weirdness!” Next thing I know I’m being pulled upstairs in to someone’s room. Fuck. What do they wanna know!?

Chapter 43

I get shoved on the bed and all the girls jump on it too, they start talking to each other but I don’t pay attention. I could really go for a smoke. I see a balcony and wonder if I should ask but I decide against it. “Lex do you smoke?” Tiara asks. I just turn to her and nod. “Well if you wanna smoke then we can go in Bruno’s room and you can do it on his balcony if you like?” “Ahhh that would be amazing” and we go into Bruno’s room and I light up. “Soooooo, Lexii” Jamie says. Shit. What do they wanna know? She continues “How long have you and Bruno actually been dating then? He makes it seem longer than it’s actually been” I don’t even need to think about this, instantly I answer “2 months” They all look shocked. “WOW, only 2 months!? And he’s fallen that hard for you!? He really fucking loves you you know” I smile at this “Yeah I know, I love him too” they all awwwhhh together, great, now I feel uncomfortable. “So how did you two actually meet then?” “Oh, I’m the head of a producing team and what we do is, sometimes we let budding producers come in and we show them how everything’s done and work on a few things together. I happened to choose Bruno because of his beautiful voice. He came in, *I realise that I need to word this properly. I can’t just say, the moment I saw him I wanted to fuck him right there and then* and we instantly connected. Not to mention I thought he was hot” I say the last part with a laugh, and we all laugh together. “Errrr let’s see, what else do we wanna know” Jamie says. “Just ask her” Presley says annoyed. I never even noticed that Presley wasn’t sitting with us on the bed; she was going through my suitcase and trying my shoes on. Jamie looks worried, shit. I know what she wants to ask me about. “Lex, we heard about London, and we want you to know how much of a stupid dumbass he is. He would never do anything like that free willingly, that other bitch must’ve provoked him to have done it or something. Honestly, he’s not like that. Not that we’re saying it was acceptable what he did, because it wasn’t. But we wanna make sure you’re ok about it because he really does love you” Fuck. Do we really have to talk about this? Tahiti takes my hand and says “its ok, you can tell us” where do I begin? “I still love him, so much, but it killed me to find out, I trusted him and he betrayed me. I didn’t want to take him back. I tried really hard not to crumble and run back in to his arms but I was too weak and TOO in love with him. I just wanted him to hurt as much as I did” after I say this I feel slightly better. “Awwhh sweetheart, you think he didn’t hurt as much as you did? After it happened he called mom up and poured his heart out too her, Lex he was crying and I’ve never heard him like that before. He was scared. Scared about losing you forever. He was saying all this messed up stuff and we all knew he wasn’t in the right state of mind. If anything, he was hurting SO much more than you were” After hearing this my heart breaks. “I know he loves me” is all I manage to say. “Yeah, he loves you. He was kidding himself with that other skank he was dating. Hey you have some AMAZING clothes…….” Pres says from the floor. “Urgh, yeah that Emma was such a bitch, you met her right?” Tiara says “Oh yeah….I met her, you guys didn’t like her either?” “Noooooo, she was bossy and annoying, we told him to break up with her countless times but he never listened, thank fuck he found you. Hey Lex, why did you say no when he asked you to marry him!?” Uhhh, Bruno must tell his family everything…..Do I tell them the real reason why I said no or do I lie? I lie. “I’m not ready to get married….” “Ooooohh she hesitated!! Come on Lex, tell us the truth, how did he say it anyway?” Well I suppose they asked….. “He asked after sex.” “NO WAY!!” They say disgusted. “Yupp and after makeup sex, I mean, I need something good to tell my mom right?” “Preach to that girl” and we high five. “Lex, I’m borrowing some of this stuff…..” “Take what you like” *Knock* *Knock* “Come onnnn, give her back” Bruno moans from the door. “Awwwhh, Brunz did you miss her?” After a long pause, he replies “Yes.” I know he was trying to find a smart reply but couldn’t think of one. Jamie gets up and unlocks the door for him. He walks straight up to me and kisses me on the lips. I kiss back; I suppose I missed him too. He looks at them and says “Now leave. We need to get ready for the beach” and with that they leave. It’s already 5pm but he still wants to go, this must be some beach…..

It really is an amazing beach and the temperature of the water is just perfect. We get in the sea and I instinctively wrap my arms and legs around Bruno, I don’t like the sea. After a while of him swimming and me clinging to his back I ask “Baby why is there no one else here?” “It’s private, well, it’s not private, but people tend not to come here, they usually go to the huge one down their” “Did you use to come here a lot when you were growing up?” “All the time, like I said, no one would come here so I could come to the beach, take off my shirt and not have a sea of women following me everywhere” Oh sweet Lord he is cute “Why are you laughing!?” He says in mock horror. “Because you’re too cute that’s why, I’m sure one day theirs gonna be huge groups of girls who would kill to see a shirtless picture of you” “And you get to see it for free! Your life is Awesome Lex” He’s so damn sarcastic all the time, but that’s what makes him, him. “So what did my sisters wanna know?” “Not much, just about us, how long we’ve been dating, how we met, that kind of stuff…..” “You’re hiding something from me” He says in a serious voice. Fuck. He can read me so well. I just look back at him. “They asked about London didn’t they” I just nod. “What did they ask?” “Just if I’m ok about it” Slowly he asks “And what did you say?” “I told them I love you” He breaks eye contact and hugs me. I know this hug, it’s an “I’m sorry hug” I break away and say “They also told me how after you called your mom up and spoke with her” “Yeah, I called her up a bunch of times, you heard one of the phone calls when I was on the balcony” To be honest I try not to think about that night too much, so I’d forgotten that I’d even heard that conversation. I change the subject “They also asked me why I said no to marrying you, do you tell them everything!?” “They asked you that!? Damn, they’ve got big mouths” “No, YOU do!” I say accusingly “And I work wonders with this big mouth” he says with a wink. I kiss him to show him that I’m ok with the London situation; well I’m as ok as I can be right now. “I love you” he says. “I know” I whisper back. Kissing in the moonlight in the middle of the sea. How perfect.

“It must be at least 10 by now, let’s go out!” Bruno says all excited. “Where do you wanna go?” “A bar, you’ve never seen me perform have you!?” “No! And I really want too” This time I say all excited. “Well lets go out and you can see how the Ernandez brothers work” FUCK. Did he just say that with the accent!? Holy shit that was sexy. “Fuuuuuccccckkkkkk” “Hmmmm, did my baby like that?” “Yeahh, say something else” “te quiero” he whispers. “Say something else” “te quiero mucho Lexii” and he leans in for a long kiss. We leave the beach and go back to the house to get ready to go out. We come out of the shower and Bruno puts on his black skinny jeans and checked red shirt. He’s worn this outfit before, but fucking hell does he look sexy in it. To top it off he puts his Ray Bans on. “Fedora or no Fedora?” He asks. “No Fedora, I like your hair, the curls are sweet” “You know, if we ever had kids then their hair will be messed because we both have curly hair” Did he just speak about having kids with me!? Shit. I just laugh and go to put my heels on. I decided for a short black dress. Nothing fancy, besides, it’s hot as balls here. I’d be mad to wear pants…… We go downstairs and I see Eric, he’s wearing the same Ray Bans as Bruno too, how cute! Next to Eric I see a beautiful woman next to him, wow, everyone here really is stunning. She must be his wife. Eric comes up to me and gives me another huge hug “Hey Lex, this is my wife Cindia” and he points to her. “You forgot to say you’re beautiful wife Cindia” I correct and I hug her. “Sooooo happy to finally meet you!” She says. “Great to finally meet you too” I turn around and see Eric and Bruno talking about places to go. Bruno turns to me and says “Baby you hungry?” “I could eat” “That’s my girl!! Lulu’s it is then” “What’s it like their?” “They have good live music there on a Friday. But most importantly. Food.” “Good live music?” “Yeah, they don’t just let anyone up on stage, but the guy knows us so it’s cool”

We walk to lulus and the air is beautiful. It really is paradise here, the guys walk in front whilst me and Cindia walk behind them talking, and she really is nice. I’m glad Eric found someone like her. We get to the club and go inside, it’s definitely nothing you’d find back home in L.A. There’s a huge crowd, but the atmosphere in here seems all calm and relaxed, and the stage is tiny. It’s prefect. Bruno goes up to the organiser and says “Hey Adam, got a couple slots for us tonight?” “Hey Bruno!! Dude when did you get back!?” “Yesterday, I came with my girlfriend. This is Lexii” and he puts his arm around me. “She’s hot” “I know, so can you get us up tonight?” He looks through his book “Errr, we are booked tonight, but I think I can squeeze you in” “Awesome!” “But on one condition, remember what I told you last time? You thought about it?” “Urgh, dude come on, just write our names down” “Nope” “What’s wrong?” I ask. “He refuses to put Bruno Hernandez on the list; he says I need a better stage name than that. Can’t you just write Bruno down?” “Nopeeee” Wow this Adam guy is annoying…..I have been thinking of a few names for Bruno for one day when he got famous. Fuck it, I decide to tell him. “Uhm, well, you could always be Bruno Mars?” Bruno looks at me shocked. “I like it” I hear Eric say. “Yeah me too” Bruno says with a smile. “Adam, put Bruno Mars down on your list” “Bruno Mars is it! You’ll be on at 1, so you can eat first” “Thanks dude” We walk in and sit down at a table, order and start to eat. “Lex where did the name Bruno Mars come from!?” Bruno asks. “You like it?” “I fucking love it!! How’d you come up with it?” “Because baby, you’re out of this worldddd” I say whilst laughing, I’m already feeling tipsy from these drinks, shit. I should stop. “Bruno Mars, it has a ring to it….” Bruno. After a few drinks the announcer finally says “Up next we have the amazing Bruno Mars!”