Chapter 4

18/06/2011 09:55

As the light from outside disappeared into the sunlight, Melody had her night planned out – a nice, quiet night at home. Just her, a pizza and The Notebook. She threw her hair into a messy bun and chucked on a tracksuit. The album Doo-Wops & Hooligans was sitting on top of her laptop, as Hannah had said she would lend it to her. It was imported onto her laptop, but she felt weird playing it. Having to listen to Bruno’s voice, hearing his songs tell stories about his life. But they were friends now, right?


She played the first song – Grenade. She understood the heartbreak that Bruno was singing about. Then Just The Way You Are came on, and the song made her smile. Bruno was always very charming, and that was something that had stuck with him.


Our First Time was the next song. Melody found herself giggling to herself. She couldn’t imagine Bruno singing such a song, and being like that. The doorbell rang and she hurried over, expecting it to be the pizza delivery man.


She opened the door to find Bruno standing there, holding a pizza box. He wore a fedora with a hoodie and jeans. Melody stood in her doorway, shocked. It had been two weeks since their last encounter.


“How did you know I lived her?” asked Melody.

“I have my ways, I guess.” Said Bruno. “You want this pizza?”

Melody suddenly felt sick to her stomach. She looked like a mess. She wasn’t expecting any visitors.


“Just let me get changed into something a bit nicer and fix my hair..”

“Melody, you look fine. I promise.” Bruno smiled at her. She rolled her eyes and let him in. She showed him to the kitchen. She opened the pizza box and got out some plates while he looked at some of the pictures that were on Melody’s fridge. She only had one photo of herself when she was younger, and she was with her father. Bruno could hear Our First Time playing faintly from the other room, and it brought a smile to his face.


“You know, you could warn me when you’re gonna show up at my place, uninvited might I add.” joked Melody.

“I’m only here for a couple of nights. Thought you might want Mr Maaaars to stop by.”

“No no no, of course I do. I just need to fix myself up...” she walked into the bathroom. Bruno continued looking at the pictures of Melody & her friends while she quickly fixed up her hair and put some light make up on. She also put on a nicer sweat-shirt before returning to the kitchen. Bruno was holding a bottle of wine that he took out of the fridge.


“Wine and pizza? What a nice mix.” Said Melody. Bruno smiled and opened the bottle. Bruno noticed she was wearing her glasses. She had obviously been wearing contacts the last few times he had seen her.

“You should wear your glasses more often, they look cute.” Said Bruno. Melody’s head immediately popped up. “In a friendly we’re buddies kind of way.” Added Bruno. Melody gave him a friendly smile.




Bruno and Melody hung out on the couch most of the night. They talked about so many different things – how Bruno’s career got started, how Melody’s did, but Melody was in amazement by Bruno. How he became such a big international success. She always knew he had the potential, but it was still a weird concept for her.


“You know, there are probably hundreds of girls who would be super jealous that I’m in the same room as you right now.” Said Melody. She took a sip of her wine. Bruno took off his hat and ran his hands through his curly hair. Melody couldn’t help but giggle. It might’ve been partially because she was a bit tispy though.


“What??” Asked Bruno. She kept giggling and he looked at her, confused. He couldn’t help but notice she still had that cute giggle.

“Your hair, silly!” She said.

“What about it?” He asked. Melody moved herself closer to Bruno and ran her hand through his hair. “It’s still so curly!”

“You made me think there was a spider nesting in it or something!”

“Spider’s don’t nest!” Melody started cracking up laughing as she fell back on the couch.


Bruno got up and sat down on the floor, looking at Melody as she laughed. She took him into another world, there was something about her that he couldn’t explain. She stopped laughing and was laying down, they were sitting face to face.


“You want another glass?” Asked Melody. Bruno shook his head.

“I’ve probably had a bit too much, I won’t be able to drive. I gotta call Phil or someone to come get me.” Bruno took out his phone but Melody grabbed it from him.


“Uh uh, it’s 1am they’ll all be sleeping. You can just stay here the night.” Melody stood herself up and walked to the cupboard and began grabbing blankets.

“I can’t do that Melody.” Said Bruno.

“It’s fine you silly billy, I’ll sleep on the couch & you can go in my room.” Bruno couldn’t help but notice how much “quirkier” she was when she had a few drinks in her. He never thought she would even be the one to be getting a bit tipsy. He took the blankets out of her hand.

“If you seriously insist, I’ll be the one on the couch, alright?” Said Bruno. “And that’s an order miss.”

Melody went right up into his face. “Fine.”


She bit her lip and walked away, turning around to smile at Bruno before she went into her bedroom.




Melody came out of her bedroom with an oversized shirt and shorts on. She looks really cute, even when she didn’t try to. Bruno could never understand how a girl like herself couldn’t see her own beauty.

“What?” Asked Melody.

“Whaaaat… wait, what?” Said Bruno. Melody laughed.

“You’re looking at me funny.” She said this as she walked into the kitchen to get herself a glass of water.


Bruno was going to call out to her and tell her that she looked pretty. But decided not too. She came back in the room.

“I’m sorry I don’t have anything more comfortable you can wear…”

“It’s cool. You go get some sleep.” Said Bruno. Melody liked the way he was so genuinely caring. She loved the way he smiled at her too. She bit her lip and said goodnight before going to her room.




Bruno slowly fluttered his eyes and looked around the room. His back was a bit sore from the couch, and he had a bit of a headache. He sat up and rubbed his eyes. He put his hat on that was sitting on the table and walked to the kitchen. He leant against the doorframe and watched Melody, who was quietly singing to herself while making pancakes. She was already dressed in jeans and a loose, leopard print top. Her hair was up and she had two curly strands that sat against the side of her face. Bruno would never usually notice these small things on a girl, but Melody was different. She turned around and stopped singing, immediately embarrassed.


“Sorry, did I wake you? God, I’m so stupid with my horrible singing, I’m sorry!” She turned back to the stove to flip her pancakes and Bruno stood next to her.

“You didn’t wake me, it’s fine.” She gave him a quick smile before looking back at the stove.

“You’re not a bad singer.“

“I thought you might want some breakfast.“

They both spoke at the same time and ended up laughing. “You first.” Said Bruno.


“I thought you might want some pancakes. I’m not the best at cooking though.. I try.” Said Melody.

“How’s your head?” Asked Bruno.

“I think I had a bit too much to drink last night. I didn’t do anything embarrassing, did I?”

“No. A lot of giggling. But it was cute.” Said Bruno. Melody went quiet, and Bruno realized he shouldn’t have said anything. He said he wouldn’t fall for her, and he convinced himself he wasn’t, but that just slipped out. There was a silence as Melody flipped one of the pancakes.


“You have a really nice singing voice, you know.” Said Bruno.

“Whatever you say...” Said Melody.

“You should just take a compliment every now and then.” Said Bruno. Melody shrugged her shoulders as she took the pancakes off the frying pan.


They sat at the small dining table and ate. Melody asked Bruno about his plans for the next couple of weeks. He said he was going here and there to promote his new album so they would definitely have to do something again when he returned.


“How are your parents going?” Asked Bruno. Melody’s expression changed.

“Mum’s good – shes just doing her usual thing in Hawaii”.

“And your dad? He probably hasn’t changed a bit.” Said Bruno. Melody looked down at her plate. Bruno already knew – she didn’t need to say anything.


“I’m so sorry Melody… when?”

“Three years ago. He had a sudden heart attack.”

“Well you know I’m only a phone call away if you wanna talk.” Melody felt pleased to know she had a friend like Bruno. But he was just a friend. Sure, he was charming and sweet and cute… but she couldn’t get ahead of herself here. They had a past which she couldn’t forget.


“Speaking of a phone call away…” Bruno pulled out his phone and it was buzzing. It was Phil. “Sorry, I gotta take this”. Bruno excused himself from the table and went down the hall.


“Where are you boy? We thought you might’ve got attack or something by a mob of screaming fans.” Said Phil.

“It’s cool. I’m at Melody’s.”

“You spent the night at Melody’s? Geez boy, you don’t take your time.”

“Nothing happened, and it’s not like that anyway. I had a bit too much to drink, gotta be responsible man.” Said Bruno. He heard a knock at the front door and Melody went to answer it.

“Yada yada yada… just make sure you’re at the venue in the next hour, alright?” Said Phil. Bruno walked out into the kitchen, but Melody wasn’t there.


He went into the entrance of Melody’s loft and found Melody there, hugging another guy who had just come in. He had blonde, surfy hair and blue eyes. He turned to Bruno, and he suddenly felt like he was having a high school reunion.


“Well, if it isn’t Bruno Hernandez. Or should I say Bruno Mars. How’s it going?” Sean put his hand out and shook Bruno’s. Melody felt awkward standing there. The last time Bruno saw Sean, was at the high school dance. When he was telling Melody what had really happened with them. What he was doing here, in Melody’s house, he was unsure of.


“I’m good thanks man. It’s been a while.” Bruno felt anger towards Sean, but kept this hidden.

“Well look how far you’ve come! Good on you.” Sean acted calm and cool. He put his arm around Melody.

“Bruno crashed here the night, he’s only here till tomorrow and it was late so.“

“It’s fine Melody. There’s nothing to explain, it’s cool.” Melody gave a small smile to Sean. He seemed to have changed since their days in high school – he was nicer, more considerate. Bruno saw nothing weird about it.


Bruno felt out of place here. He should’ve known better – a girl like Melody would have a boyfriend. But why was this even bothering him? They were just friends.


“I should probably get going, I got a rehearsal to get to…”

“Bruno, please stay.” Asked Melody. She had a tone of desperation in her voice.

“It’s okay, I’ll let you guys do what you gotta do, thanks for letting me crash here, I had a great night.” Bruno walked towards the door.

“Bruno it would be nice if you stayed.” Said Melody. Bruno felt weird about the way she said it. But he didn’t want to bother her, he already showed up uninvited the night before.

“We’ll see each other soon. It was nice seeing you again Sean.” Said Bruno.

“You too.” Bruno gave Melody a small smile, and walked away.




Melody sat in her room, looking at the photo of her father that stood on her table top. Sean had never been there to help her through the rough times she had since her fathers death. In the couple of years they had been together, things had been more stressful than anything. There was a knock at the door and Sean opened it. She looked up at him, and tried to look like everything was fine.


“So… what really happened with Bruno last night?” Asked Sean. Melody raised an eyebrow.

“We ate some pizza, had a couple of drinks, talked, there’s nothing really to say.”

“You expect me to believe that?” Said Sean. His tone immediately changed, and Melody already felt like she knew what was coming.

“Yes Sean I do, because you didn’t even come home last night and I’ll believe whatever you tell me. Because that’s what you do when you’re in a relationship with someone, you trust them.”


Sean grabbed her wrist and she smacked his grip away. Standing up, she walked over to the window where she looked outside at Bruno, who was hopping in his car and driving off.

“Did you sleep with him?” Asked Sean.

“God, no Sean. Please don’t do this now.”

“I can do this whenever I want, Melody.” He approached her and Melody could feel him close behind. But she didn’t dare turn around.


Melody didn’t even know why she was still with Sean. He showed her no love. But he was abusive – first it started off verbally, and it got violent once. Melody was terrified after he slapped her once. She didn’t want the same thing to happen again. But that’s why she was still with him – she was afraid of really hurt. He had these crazy moments sometimes, and they freaked her out. When they got together back in Hawaii, he was different. Sweet, considerate.


Melody looked down, still feeling Sean behind her.

“Sean, nothing happened, and either you trust me, or you don’t. But there’s no reason not to. You remember what happened with Bruno back in Hawaii... I’m not that stupid to fall for him again.” She took a deep sigh. “And I have you.”


She cringed hearing herself say that. Sean kissed her on the cheek, and she felt repulsed.

“I’m glad we’re on the same page.” Said Sean. He walked out of the room, and Melody had a million thoughts going through her head.