Chapter 4

26/06/2011 15:05

-A month later-

Bruno walked in my room (well his room but I was sleeping there so I consider it my room). "Come on, we're going to the beach. Get ready."He said. "Ugh why are you so obsessed with the beach?" I asked. "Just get ready. We leave in ten minutes." He said. I closed the door and put my bathing suit on, I walked downstairs and Bruno was sitting on the couch waiting for me. "What happened to you? You used to always get up really late and take forever to get ready and now you get up really early and take five minutes to get ready." I said. Bruno laughed. "That's because I didn't have anyone to take care of a few months ago.",he said. He grabbed my hand and we walked outside,"Let's walk today. It's not too far away and it's so nice outside.",he said. I groaned,"I'm so tired. Carry me.",I said. Bruno rolled his eyes but he picked me up anyway. I looked up at him and smiled,"Thank you.",I said. When we finally got to the beach Bruno put me down and layed on the sand,"I take it back. That was pretty far.",he said. I laughed,"Maybe next time you'll let me stay home.",I said. "No you can't just sit inside all day! And I'm not going to fight with you anymore. I'm going swimming.",Bruno said getting up and walking to the water. I got up and started walking down the beach,I didn't know where I was going,I just wanted to get away. I knew I had been really depressed and all I wanted to do was sleep but I didn't get why Bruno got so mad at me,my mom was dieing! I think I have a right to be acting how I was acting! I was so busy being mad that I didn't notice the guy running down the beach towards me and I bumped into him,"Oh I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention.",I said. I looked up to see who I had bumped in to and saw Brandon standing in front of me,"You never called me. You're ok now?",he asked. I looked down,"Um no not really,my mom's still in the hospital and she only has a few years left. Like maybe three. They caught the cancer early but there's nothing they can do for it. She's coming back home sometime soon though.",I said trying to fake a smile. "I'm so sorry.",he said. Bruno came running towards us,"You ready to go?",he asked me. "Uh yeah sure. Bye Brandon.",I said. Brandon waved,Bruno grabbed my hand and we started walking home,"Who was that?",Bruno asked. "Brandon...I don't know what his last name is.",I said. "Did he ask you out?",Bruno asked. "No,why?",I asked. "Didn't you see how he was looking at you?",he asked. "Um what do you mean?",I asked. Bruno shook his head,"Don't you realize that almost all the guys at our school are in love with you?". "What? No they're not.",I said. "I think I would know. Guys come up to me all the time and ask me if you're single.",he said. "And you tell them no?",I asked. Bruno laughed,"Maybe.",I slapped his arm,"Bruno!",I yelled. He smiled,"None of them are good enough for you anyway sugar.",he said. I would have been mad but I love it so much when he calls me sugar. "Let's go.",he said. We got home twenty minutes later and Bruno's mom stopped me as soon as I walked in,"Your mom's home. She wants to see you.",she said. I didn't ask any questions,I just ran to my house as fast as I could. "Mom? Mom? Where are you?",I asked. "I'm here.",I heard her say quietly from her room. I went in her room and stood beside her bed,"How are you?",I asked. "Not so good sweetie.",she said. " long do you get to stay here?",I asked. "Not very long,that's what I needed to talk to you about. I told you that I bought you a house and I wanted to come give you the keys to it,you can move in whenever you want. I'll be home for a few months before I start chemo then I have to go back to the hospital.",she said handing me the house keys. "I don't get it mom. Why do bad things always happen to good people? It's not fair!",I said. "Sweetie I know but this is God's plan and what happens happens. Everything happens for a reason.",she said. I sighed,"Don't spend time worring about the future. Yes I'm going to die,and I know it's hard for you to know that you're losing your mom but I've accepted what's going to happen to me. Why can't you? I talked to Bruno and he told me how you've been acting. Promise me you'll go to school everyday and eat at least two meals a day.",she said. I didn't say anything,"Promise me!",she yelled. "I can't mom. I want to but I don't know if I can.",I said. "Honey you're stronger than what you think,you can do whatever you want to. At least promise me you'll try.",she said. "I promise.",I said. "Alright now stop worrying about me and go spend some time with Bruno or someone.",she said. I reluctanly left and went to Bruno's house,I heard him and Eric talking and I decided to listen to their conversation. "I just don't know anymore Eric. I love her but she's so out of it. Whenever we're together I'm either forcing her to go somehwhere or forcing her to eat or trying to cheer her up,and I'm running out of Dr.Phil speeches.",Bruno said. "I don't know,maybe just give her some time.",Eric said. "I guess but she needs someone to take care of her.",Bruno said. "Let mom take care of her.",Eric said. "Eric,it's not like that. I can't just leave her with mom and go do whatever,I love her.",Bruno said. "Fine,but don't come complaining to me if you don't want to listen to my answers.",Eric said. "Whatever,I'm leaving.",Bruno said. I sat down on the stairs and waited for Bruno to come down,"Hey. What did your mom say?",Bruno asked me. "She gave me a few Dr.Phil speeches and the keys to my new house. You want to come help me pick out some furniture for it?",I asked. "Sure,why not?.",he said. Bruno drove us to a expensive furniture store and we got out,"So what do you want?",he asked. "I don't really know,furniture I guess.",I said. Bruno laughed,"Well that narrows it down.",he said. We went inside and Bruno started looking around and picking stuff out,I didn't really know what I wanted my house to look like so I just followed him around. I was still really depressed about my mom but not as much now that I had talked to her,I was going to miss her so much. "Hello? Did you hear me?",Bruno asked. "No sorry,what did you say?",I asked. "How much are you spending?",he asked. "I don't care. As much as all the stuff you pick out costs.",I said. Bruno laughed,"I don't think you have that much money.",he said. A few hours later Bruno had his jeep filled with new stuff for my house. I started laughing,"What's funny?",he asked. "Nothing I just find it funny that you liked that so much.",I said. "Yeah well,shopping is just one of my many hobbies and talents.",Bruno said.

-An hour later-

"Where do you want this?",Bruno asked bringing in a lamp. "I don't care,you're designing my house. Put it whereever you want.",I said. After thirty minutes Bruno had finished arranging things,"Done. You like it?",he asked. "Yeah it looks great.",I said. "Thanks. I've got to go somewhere but I'll be right back.",he said. "Alright.",I said. I sat down on the couch and watched tv for a while,"I'm back.",Bruno said. "Yay. Where did you go?",I asked. "Secret. Come over here.",he said. I walked over to him,"Close your eyes and hold out your hands.",he said. I closed my eyes and held my hands out in front of me,Bruno put something small and furry in my hands. I opened my eyes and looked down,a small black puppy was looking up at me. "Awww Bruno he's so cute! Thank you!",I said. "You're welcome.",Bruno said. "What kind of dog is it?",I asked. Bruno smiled mischeviously,"Great Dane.","Bruno! Great Danes get huge!",I said. "I know,he can be your guard dog.",he said. I smiled,"Aw that's my Bruno,always looking out for me.",I said. Bruno smiled,"Yep. That's me.",he said. "You're too sweet. Can you take me to the pet store and the grocery store? I need to get some stuff.",I said. Bruno laughed,"Well since I'm "too sweet" I guess I can.",Bruno said. We got in the car and Bruno started driving to the pet store,"What are you going to name him?",he asked pointing to the puppy. I thought for a minute,"Elvis.",I said. "I like it. That's a good name.",Bruno said. The puppy barked,"I think he likes his name.",Bruno said. I smiled,"That's good.",I said. Bruno pulled into the pet store parking lot,"I'm going to stay in the car. Don't take to long,I have a special surprise for you tonight.",Bruno said. I got out and walked in the pet store,what did he mean he had a special surprise for me tonight? I had a few ideas but I wasn't sure any of them were right. I got some stuff for my puppy then went back out to the car,"What's the special surprise?",I asked. "If I told you it wouldn't be a surprise.",Bruno said. "Bruno come on,I want to know!",I said. "Nope.",Bruno said. "Which grocery store do you want to go to?",he asked. "I don't care,the closest one.",I said. "Alright,here we are then.",Bruno said pulling into a parking lot. "Ok,hold Elvis while I go in.",I said. Bruno took the puppy and I went in. When I came back out Bruno was holding Elvis like a baby. It looked like he was saying something,I walked closer to the car and realized that Bruno was singing. I got in the car,"Awww look at you being a good daddy.",I said. "Oh I was just um....singing to your puppy.",he said looking embarassed. "Don't be embarassed,it's cute.",I said. He smiled,"Girls can't resist guys with puppies.",he said. I laughed,"It's true. Take him to the beach and you'll have girls all over you.",I said. "Nah,you're the only girl I need.",he said leaning over to kiss me.

-Later that night-

"Ok close your eyes.",Bruno said leading me into my house. "Bruno what did you do to my house?",I asked. "Look for yourself.",he said. I opened my eyes,"'s beautiful!",I said. There were rose petals and candles eveywhere and there were no lights on except the light coming from the candles. There was a round table where the couch usually was(the couch was gone)and it had a beautiful dinner set up on it. "What's this for?",I asked. Bruno laughed,"You completly forgot didn't you?",he asked. "Forgot what?!",I asked. "It's your birthday!",he said. "What?! No it's not! Nobody else said anything.",I said. "That would be because I told everyone not to say anything so I could surprise you. After we get finished here we're going to my house for your other birthday party.",he said. I smiled,"You're too sweet.",I said. Bruno laughed,"I know. You've already told me that.",he said. "I just thought I should tell you again.",I said. Bruno smiled,"Right this way ma'm.",he said pulling a chair out for me. "Bruno you should have swiched them around,the party first and this last.",I said. Bruno laughed,"Babe I thought about it but if it would have been the other way people would have gotten "Ideas"...about what would have happened.",he said. "And what if their "Ideas" were right?",I asked giving Bruno a sexy smile. "Babe you better stop or I'm gonna have to start ripping your clothes off.",he said. "I don't think I would have a problem with that.",I said. Bruno smiled,he grabbed me and pushed me on to the couch,he started kissing me and he was starting to take my pants off when Elvis came up to the couch and licked Bruno's face. "Elvis get away!",Bruno yelled standing up. Inside I was cussing and screaming at Elvis but outside I was acting like it was no big deal. "I guess we should go to my house for your party.",Bruno said. "Yeah,I guess so.",I said. We drove to Bruno's house and when we walked in all the lights were off,"Hey,we're here.",Bruno said. Everyone jumped out and yelled "Surprise!". I tried to act surprised but I think everyone could tell I already knew about the party. My mom walked over to me and Bruno,"Bruno did you tell her?!",she asked. "I'm sorry,I didn't mean to.",he said. My mom smiled and laughed,"That's ok Bruno. Hey sweetie come over here and let's sit on the couch and talk.",she said. I followed her over to the couch and we talked the whole party,I loved my mom. And the worst feeling in the world was knowing that she was going to die and not being able to do anything about it.

-3 years later-

It was the day before our high school graduation and my mom got to come home from the hospital for a few days to come to our graduation and Bruno's going away party. I was stitting in my new living room playing with Elvis,"Hey. Can I stay here for a few days?",Bruno asked. "Don't you ever knock?",I asked. "Yeah but only when I feel like it. So can I stay?",he said. "Yeah,you don't have to ask. You can spend the night whenever you want.",I said. Bruno smiled,"Thanks.",Elvis came up to him and jumped on his leg,"Who's a good doggie? You are!",Bruno said petting him. He looked at me,"Man he's gotten huge!","Well yeah! He's three years old.",I said. "Yeah true,I'm gonna go get my stuff out of the car.",Bruno said. He walked back in with a suitcase,"Who's mustang?",he asked. "Elvis's. Whose do you think?!",I said. He laughed,"Dumb moment. It's a nice car. Did your mom get it for you?",he asked. "Yep,I haven't driven it yet though.",I said. "What?! Let's drive it right now!",he said grabbing my keys off the counter and walking out to the garage. I grabbed Elvis's leash and hooked it to his collar,"Come on baby,we're going for a ride in mama's new car.",I said. I put Elvis in the backseat and got in the car,"Where are we going?",I asked. "Not sure,whereever we end up.",Bruno said. "Are you nervous about tomorrow?",I asked. "What do you mean?",Bruno asked. "We're going to be done with high school and we won't have anyone to take care of us,we have to find jobs or go to college. And we'll be considered adults.",I said. "It won't be that bad. We'll be alright.",he said,"Hey that could be a good song. Let's could go-'got our friends got the night,we'll be alright'. I think I could make something out of that. What do you think?". "I think it sounds like a hit,like all of your song ideas.",I said. He smiled,"I'm glad you think so.",he said. Bruno finally drove us home a few hours later,"You really like that car don't you?",I asked. "Yeah it's a really really nice car.",he said. "Bruno I'm really going to miss you. We only have the rest of today,tomorrow,Saturday,Sunday,and part of Monday.",I said. "Hey,I promise I'll come visit you all the time. And we'll spend all the rest of my time here together.",Bruno said. "Promise?",I asked. "I promise.",Bruno said.

-Sunday(around 6)-

Me and Bruno were sitting on the couch talking,"I'm going to miss you so much. Why do you have to leave?",I asked. "Sugar you know why. My career won't take off here,I have to go to LA.",he said. Ugh there he goes again,calling me sugar. I layed down and put my head in Bruno's lap,"I love you.",I said looking up at him. "I love you too.",he said running his fingers through my hair. "Where's Elvis?",Bruno asked. "He's in his kennel in the garage. Why?",I asked. "Uh,no reason. Just wondering.",Bruno said. "Oh ok.",I said. "Well I'm gonna go take a shower.",Bruno said getting up and walking into the bathroom. I went into my room and layed on my bed,a little while later Bruno walked in and layed down beside me. We started kissing and well I'm sure you can guess what happened next(but this time there were no interruptions). When I woke up the next morning Bruno wasn't in bed beside me but Elvis was,I got up and walked into the kitchen thinking Bruno had gotten up to cook breakfast but he wasn't there. I looked everywhere but he wasn't here aparently. I looked down at Elvis(who had been following me around the whole time),"Where's daddy? And how did you get out of your cage?",I asked. I got dressed and got ready for Bruno's goodbye party,I would just ask him where he had gone there. The party was going to be awesome,almost everyone in our neighborhood had taken off work to come. I looked at the clock,it was eight thirty,I still had an hour and thirty minutes before I had to be there. I didn't really know what to do until then so I just went back to bed. Elvis's barking woke me up,"What time is it?",I asked looking at my phone. "Oh sh*t!",I said jumping out of bed and running to my car. It was eleven,I was supposed to be there an hour ago! I drove over to Bruno's house as fast as I could,I saw Tahiti and Presley standing by their front porch,"Hey have you guys seen Bruno?",I asked. They both shook their heads and I walked inside,I wasn't too worried about finding him though,I still had four hours until he left. At one I was getting a little worried,I had been walking around the whole time I was there but I hadn't seen Bruno once. I started asking everyone if they had seen him and almost everyone told me they had just seen him but they didn't know where he was now. At two I was about to have a heart attack,I still hadn't seen him and he was leaving in an hour,and I was not going to let him leave without saying goodbye. I started walking towards his house to see if he was inside and I saw him walk around the corner,I ran after him but when I got there he was gone. I looked everywhere for him(and I do mean everywhere)but I couldn't find him,I started asking people if they knew where he was again but no one did. A little while later I bumped into my mom,"Do you know where Bruno is?",I asked. "Oh sweetie I'm sorry,they just left for the airport.",she said. I ran up to my room in my old house(I didn't feel like driving and I knew I couldn't anyway,I was crying too hard)and cried,and cried and cried and cried. I stayed there for a few hours before I heard my mom coming up the stairs. I ran over to the door and locked it,I didn't feel like talking to anyone. She talked to me through the door but when I still hadn't said anything thirty minutes later she left and came back with Bernie. I decided to let her in because I thought she might know why Bruno had left without saying goodbye. "Sweetie I don't know,he had been in a really bad mood lately. That's why he went over to your house,he didn't want to see any of us. But don't worry I'll call him later and yell at him.",she said with a smile.