Chapter 4

07/08/2011 23:33


I grabbed the single key and walked out of the house. I knew where the cemetery was.  It wasn’t that far too walk. After 10 minutes I got there. It looked like an old scary cemetery from a horror movie. It was heavily deteriorated from the last time I was here.  I walked in searching for my mom’s grave.

Bruno’s Mind :

Me and Phil were trying to figure out how to finish a song we just wrote.  I told him what happened. He thinks I’m an idiot for still not telling her I’m the one that hit their car. He’s right though.  I wanted to tell her but then she begun about her history.  I really think we can be good friends. But the golden string to friendship is honesty.  I looked out the window. ‘You have got to be kidding me..’ Phil looked at me confused ‘what’s up man?’ he stood next to me. ‘Look at that girl over there at the cemetery…that’s her.’ Phil frowned ‘..what the hell is she doing at a cemetery.’  I sighed ‘She’s going to have tea with the queen. Why do you think she’s there!?’ Phil and I laughed. ‘Go.’ He said. ‘..why?’  Phil smiled ‘I know you’ll regret it if you don’t. That’s why’  I sighed and nodded at him. I grabbed my jacket,  walked out of the studio and walked across the road to get to the cemetery. I crossed the road and ran over her. ‘Hey, wait up!’ I yelled. She turned around in a split second, shocked to see me of course. ‘W..what are you doing here?’  she asked me a little freaked out. ‘I work here.’  Is what I answered. ‘You work at a cemetery!?’ she said disgusted. I laughed ‘No, no! I work across the road.. I’m a songwriter/producer.’ She smiled at me ‘cool.’ I got a text message from Phil saying ‘She is smoking hot man!’ I smiled at my phone – which was pretty weird for her – and putted it away again.‘Your girlfriend?’ is what she asked. I smiled ‘no..well..he kind of is my wife in the music industry.’She cracked up ‘You’re funny.’ She said smiling. ‘It was my best friend..he’s probably spying on us right now.’ She laughed again. She was very beautiful. Skinny, Caramel skinned , Long Brown hair, nice ass, cute smile, killer legs, big green/grey eyes. ‘Wow’ I said not knowing that I said it. She looked at me ‘…what?’ she smiled at me. ‘..nothing you…you’re just very beautiful…I didn’t realize that.’ She smiled ‘thank you…’ I looked at the grave where she was standing by. “Maria Del Rosa James. Mom Rest In Peace, Alissa & Joelle’  that’s what was on the grave. ‘You’re mom is…’  I couldn’t end my sentence or she did ‘..death, killed, brutally murdered…’ I was shocked. Very shocked ‘I’m so sorry for your loss…’  She looked at me ‘Don’t be sorry for something you didn’t do…you never did anything.. you saved us..’ It hurt me with her thinking I was a hero. ‘Yeah..right..about that..’  she started sobbing slowly. ‘They wanted Joelle to…she doesn’t know..but I offered myself instead of her…they took me..did horrible things to me..’ she was crying. I felt like a dick..really..I couldn’t tell her now..she’d be torn.  I comforted her by holding her to my body. ‘…it’s okay…you’re save here..’  she continued so bravely she had a very strong mental condition cause she kept talking without bursting into hysterical crying. ‘I…I couldn’t let them take my I offered myself…they were okay with that..’ she sniffed ‘I left home thinking it would be okay to do it because I was protecting my sister from something she wouldn’t have survived..and I know that if I did I may not have survived either.’I looked at her still holding her close to me ‘…really don’t have to tell me all of this..’  she looked at me with blurry red eyes ‘you wanted to know why we moved her right?’ I nodded ‘But not now…I need to get you home first…not like this..’ she looked at me sniffing one more time then she nodded and took my hand