Chapter 4

23/08/2011 11:15

Here we are in the japanese restaurant, we ordered sushi and other dishes like teriyaki, edamame, dynamite, stuffs like that. I was sitting between phred and phil, with bruno in front of me sitting between abb and dee. The whole time when we're eating, twas only abb and dee talking about how much they love bruno and the band. I was sitting there like a nerd who have no friends. Yes, forever alone :(. Phil and rest just join in talking and laugh and joke around. But then phred begin to ask this random question which make me feel like I'm not left out anymore. Me and phred talk about ourselves and the foods, jokes, laugh, and the show tonight. I notice that bruno made this look to me, he stare at me as if I'm an enemy of his. Like a jealous look. Whenever I notice that, I look up to him and just smile, as if nothing happened. I wanna know why!!


-We finished eating-

I was about to pay when I reach out the bill, phil hold my hand, "we're gonna pay for this" he smile. "No,no, don't, its my treat, you're in singapore, so be my guest please, all of youuu" I said with my puppy eye. "That look? You'll have to try harder next time" said bruno, without smiling with a serious stare. I wonder why did he act like that all of a sudden. First time I met him in the street, he's like this super cool, gentleman, funny guy, and now, a beast. I wanted to ask but I can't. We went out of the restaurant, heading to the park, which we planned it during the lunch. I was in very front walking with phil kenji phred beside me; bruno, abb, dee, jam and eric behind me. Abb and dee are the freaks I must say, they won't let bruno get out of their sight. I don't mind with that. But I feel bad for bruno. I feel a bit jealous. We arrived at the park, me phil phred kenji jam were laughing like a fool. I got to know them more now. And I realize that bruno still has this look toward me, and I'm getting pissed.

"Something wrong with me?" I ask, not to make him angry.

"You think?"He said. I sighed"...ok".


Bruno's pov


I bump into this girl, she's cute and beautiful. She has a cute smile too. And that small dimple on the right cheek. she have her friends with her, they're a hooligan. But then I notice that she isn't, I sighed. But on the other side, I'm happy too. I got to know their names. KAY, that's her. I'm gonna make her MY BABY, oh wait, who should I pick.. Kay, the girl I met, or Rita the girl I have crush with for over 3 months. I have this interest on her. "Bruno bruno, can we have a picture with you?" Abbey said, "sure" I replied. I take a picture with the girls, but not with Kay. So I made this an opportunity to hand out my phone and to take a picture of

us. Only the two of us. I ask her too, to pay us with the amount of a large number I must say or eat with us. I hope she pick to eat with us. And boom, gotchaaa.

The walk to the restaurant is always abb and dee walking with me. Why can't it be Kay??? Damn!


-in the restaurant-


I saw Kay with phred, they're so close, it got me on my nerve. That should be me talking and laughing with her , not him! I was so jealous that I got mad at her too for not talking to me. We finish eating, and I see her getting money out of his wallet, then phil quickly grab her arm. She refused to take our treat, that makes me even mad, first she didn't talk to me, and now she didn't want my treat. Great. Its hard for me not to be sensitive right now. I told her with my mad look, and she just stare at me, like she's scared, she let out a sigh. I'm so sorry kay, I can't control myself..


We walk out the streets heading to the park, I see her with phred again, walking and laughing, so close to each other. This is f*ckin annoying. Abb and dee won't let me go away from them, its getting hotter for me, I'm becoming the sensitive one right now.


-In the park-


She asked me "somethings wrong with me?" I wanted to tell her, "yes there a lot wrong with you, why can't you just stay put here with me? Talk to me? Hang around and sit with me?" But no, I don't wanna be such a baby. "You think?" I said. She sighed and said ok. Then she continue talking to phred. I lose my temper. But I don't want to show it to everyone.

"Guys let's go. Rehearse time! Now!" I said

"Chill dude" phred said

"Alright let's go dawgs!" Phil said smiling.


I saw kay getting up. And told us good luck, I wanted to smile, but my face refuse it. So it turns out that I only have my straight face. Abb and dee hugged me, and the others too. Kay said goodbyes and see you later to us, and hug each of us except me. My heart sank. When I'm about to leave, kay grab my hand, and said "good luck bruno and.." Long pause "take care" she said. My heart jumps and I wanted to hug her so bad, but I can't. "Thanks" I said looking at her then quickly put my rayban on and walk off. "I'm so sorry kay"