Chapter 4

27/08/2011 17:58

Chapter 4


She said YES! I'm the happiest man alive. I lay on my bed. Thinking what should i do. I counted the money I've kept so far. Its 5k. Enough to go to L.A, buy a tux and eat dinner with Sasha at the "Red Sasha". I decided to bring her there on our prom night. Oh crap! The prom night? its next week and i need the tux ! I looked across my balcony. Her curtains are down. Maybe she's asleep.  I looked at the clock. Its 3:00pm. I jumped into my shower and changed into a pair of dark blue jeans and a white shirt. I put on my black converse and ran downstairs. I saw pop. He's in the living room.
"Where are you going?" he asked.
"The prom night is next week, so i gotta pick a tux." i said. 
"Okay then," as he continued to watch the t.v. . I opened the door and walked to Sasha's house. Pop saw me and screamed
"I thought you're going to the the tux shop?!"
"I do! But Sasha have to be there!" i replied.
"Oh, BruSha! haha," he laughed and closed the house's door. Our house feels empty. Jaime, Tiara, Tahiti and Presley stayed with my mum since my parents were divorced.

I knocked on McAdam's door. Sasha's mother, Amy opened.
"Oh Bruno, come on in. Sasha is in her room." she knew who i looked for.
"Thanks mum!" i ran upstairs. Amy doesnt allow me to call her aunt, or Amy. She preferred I call her mummy, for some reasons, i have no idea why. But if the reason she knew that I'm going to be her son-in-law, maybe thats not going to happen. I opened her door room. She's sleeping. The face of an angel. She's beautiful. I lay down next to her.


"Sasha! Wake up..." he whispered in my ear. I opened my eyes slowly. Bruno is facing me. I turned around and looked at the clock. Its 3:30pm.
"Yes, Bruno? May I help you sir?" i asked him.
"Haha, funny. I want to buy the tux for the prom night. Wanna come?" He offered. Of course I'll go! He gotta be kidding me.
"Yes, sure. Now, get out." i laughed.
"Wait, why?" he make a puppy face.
"Awwww, Bruno. I WANT TO CHANGE MY CLOTHES." i said, he giggled.
"Sorry!" he laughed and left my room. I changed into a yellow blouse and a pair of dark blue jeans. I grabbed my bracelet written "BruSha". The gift from Bruno on my 15th birthday, since its been 10 years we've known each other.  I grabbed some money to buy me a dress. I put on my black sneakers and ran down. I saw Fyza and mum were talking to Bruno.

"Hey," i smiled and sat down next to Bruno.
"I knew it you're going to the prom with Bruno!" Fyza smiled.
"So?" i asked, whats wrong with her?
"Theres chance that you and B-" she couldnt finish her sentence because my mum covered her mouth. Bruno's face turned red.
"FUNNY!" i make a face and ran outside.