Chapter 4

04/09/2011 11:41

“I swear I was gonna slap him!” I angrily said, caught a pan and put butter in it. Al was carefully listening to my story while I was making slim pancakes. “This guy is such a kid! Like it isn’t hard to chose a design for a bloody cap!” I grabbed the jam, the honey, the nutella and placed them on the table. “And Mel! Oh Mel! What has he done to her? She’s on his side … I think he hypnotized her or something … She always loved fluffy hair … ” I finally finished making the last pancake and sat next to Al. He looked at me. “You’re not eating?” I asked “Babe, don’t you think you’re overreacting ?” “What?” “Yeah … Bruno Mars is immature, he’s arrogant and stuff … But who cares? You should be happy to have a one week holiday thanks to him” I suddenly realized Alex was right. Why do the hell I couldn’t stop talking about Bruno fucking Mars? Damn, that was a serious problem.

Even if I was on ‘holidays’, I decided to to go work. Al was gone skating with his friends and I wanted to finish Jay’s cap. Melly wasn’t there when I arrived and I convinced myself the earlier I would begin, he earlier I will end.
It was 3 P.M when I finished Jay’s cap and it was honestly one of the most beautiful cap I ever created. It was composed of three levels of blue color. On the top, there was a ‘MUSICIAN FOR LIFE’ sewed in red and at the bottom, there was a little golden trumpet. And on the left side, he asked me if I could ad a @TheKingJay.
I called Jay, excited to show him my work. He gave me the place and the hour where we should meet with his usual delighted voice.
Before my Jay meeting, I bought a mocha – the last one, let me you remember, ended up on the floor because of Curly Hair.
I nearly slapped myself when I realized that I was thinking of Bruno Mars. Damn him!
“Constance! Over here!” I recognized Jay thanks to his glasses and quickly hugged him. There were too many people at Times Square. “Thanks for calling me” said Jay “Watching TV television in a hotel isn’t very entertaining”. I laughed and told him he could have chose a less ‘crowdy’ place. He wasn’t very clear at this subject and I wondered why. “New York wouldn’t be New York without a full Times Square” he quickly said. “Yeah true … And oh, I nearly forgot to give you what I wanted to show you” His face brightened when he opened the bag which contained his cap “THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!! SHE’S BEAUTIFUL” I blushed and he gave a ‘Phil enormous hug’ “Panda Hug !!!!!” he said with a big smile on his face. We started to laugh but he became serious again. “Damn it, we’re going to be late. Come on Constance, let’s hurry up” “Hurry up? But Jay …” I didn’t have the time to finish my sentence, he grabbed my hand and we quickly walked through all the people. After a 3 minutes intensive walk, we finally stopped. “What the hell is wrong is you ?????” I asked half-furious, half-joking. “You’ll see” he answered with a huge smirk. He carefully stared at the people around us and I really wondered what was going to happen. Damn, it didn’t sound good.
Jay finally smiled. He glanced at me and I don’t know why, but yelled “OH GOD, A GIANT PIGEON BEHIND YOU !!!!” It was so convincing that not only me turned back if a giant pigeon was indeed going to crash somewhere, but all of the people who heard Jay shouting that, turned around. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a pigeon that crashed into me, but a man. I couldn’t help it, my coffee slipped of my hand and it spread all over the yellow’s tee shirt of the dude.
“DAMMIT !!! My favorite shirt!!!!” “Sir, I’m very … PETER???? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE???” Curly Hair looked at me, obnoxiously sighed and grabbed his baseball cap which felt on the ground. “I could ask the same question, Coffee Girl!” “Jay brought me here and shouted there was a giant pigeon behind me so I turned and bumped into you” Bruno looked at me, trying to figuring out if I was joking or not. When he realized I wasn’t, he burst out loud. “A giant pigeon??? BAHAHAHAHA” “Shut up!” I said, crossing my arms. “And you? Why are you here?” I asked, glaring at him. “Melly and I had a walk and we found ourselves here” I shook my head. “I hate that bitch sometimes” Peter frowned. “Why?” “Damn Peter, can’t you see it it’s not an accident? It was what they planned since the beginning” “What???” “Are you mentally deficient? Look around you, Jay and Mel aren’t here anymore, they must have run away as soon as we crashed into each other” Bruno’s face darkened and he mumbled “I’m gonna break Jay’s salary” Then, he looked at his clothes. “My Honolulu tee shirt … Damn, it’s ruined. This was my fav …” “Don’t you complain Peter! When you split your coffee over me, it was damn ho. Mine was half coldt” “I think I have the right to complain!” “Oh come on, you’re not going to CRY??” “I’m not a kid!”
I was going to start shouting when someone interrupted us “Excuse me, are you Bruno Mars?” Curly Hair glared at the 30 years old woman who asked this and coldly answered “No, I am not. So please, let me be” He tuned back at me and I looked at him, astonished. “What?” he asked. I blinked several times. “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???” I yelled “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO TURN DOWN AND LIE TO THAT WOMAN??? YOU DIDN’T BECOME A CELEB TO HAVE SOME PRIVILEGES WHENEVER YOU WANT!!! YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT TO BE RECOGNIZED AND SOMETIMES BOTHERED !!! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’RE SUCH A PRICK !! YOU HAVE OBLIGATIONS! WHEN SOMEONE ASKS YOU FOR AN AUTOGRAPH IN A KIND WAY, YOU JUST DON’T IGNORE IT!!!” He looked at me, absolutely stunned. “Erm … I …” he started. “SO NOW, YOU’RE GONNA GET THIS POOR WOMAN, TELL HER YOU ARE BRUNO MARS, APOLOGIZE AND TAKE SOME PICTURES WITH HER RIGHT ?????” He looked at me with his puppy eyes and I knew I was winning. He didn’t answer something, caught the woman’s shoulder. I saw her smile and kindly talk to Bruno. It was all good. He went back to me, with a smile on his face. “You were right … I shouldn’t have turned her down. I always think people are gonna ask me some uncomfortable questions but she was very kind. She thanked me because her boyfriend sang to her Just The Way You Are” I couldn’t help but smiling
Another person came to Bruno and then about 15 people were around him. I could clearly see he was uncomfortable. Plus, Bald Man wasn’t there to protect him. So I decided to give him a little inch. “EVERYBODY HERE” I yelled with my loudest voice “Y’ALL GONNA SEE BRUNO, HE WILL ALL TALK TO YOU. BUT PLEASE, ACT LIKE HUMANS AND NOT LIKE STARVING EAGLES. PLEASE, MAKE A LINE FROM HERE AND EVERYONE OF YOU’S GONNA SEE BRUNO” I was actually surprised that people obeyed me and Peter gave me a thankful look even if I saw it was hard for him to give it to me.
It’s been 20 minutes did his little autographs improvisation and all the people were kind. Bruno didn’t seem to have any problem.
A young woman came to me and started talking to me with a respectful voice “Thank you very much for making that happens, celebs never do that, they’re all too arrogant or scared by their fans to do that, thank you so much” “But … I’m not his manager …” I tried to explain her. But it was too late, she left. I looked at Bruno and realized how those little things could make people happy.
30 minutes later, Peter has seen all the people who were queuing. “See, it wasn’t THAT long” I told him. He turned to me, sighed. “Yeah, you’re absolutely right. I’m gonna make this more often” I triumphantly smiled and against all the odds, Bruno said with a very frank voice “Thank you”.