Chapter 4

29/11/2011 19:13

I'm pacing back and forth. Chips? Check. Dip? Check. Drinks? Check. Sandwiches?

Check. I hate sandwiches. Jam and I made about a thousand of them just to make sure that we got enough for everyone. If not we got back up. This is really our party but I says it's mine because Jams mom would kill him if she found out that we were throwing a party at her house while she's in New York. She lived on top of a hill and if you looked over her fence, you could see the whole city plus jam has the nicest jukebox with all the jammin songs and a huge place and a pool. For a guy who say he don't have nothing, sure does have a lot.

We both lean on the door and look at our work and you know. We did a damn good job. I mean it wasn't really hard, just some lights hanging up around the pool and stuff.

“You ready my man?” jam asked

“Not really, kinda nervous but i'll be OK.” I say

“Good, is Gina coming?”

“Now you know how Gina is.”

“What's her excuse this time?”

“I don't even know if I want to come.”


“Yeah man.”


“I don't even know if I want to be with her anymore.”

“You don't”

“How you know?”

“Because, you never seem happy around her.”

“I mean she's nice and all but somethings missing in her.”

“Yeah like Excitement.”

“I second on that.”

“So are you going to break it off with her?”

“See that's the thing Jam..”

“Awh Preeshey You too nice.”

I shove him and we start laughing. I check my watch, damn 5:45 already?. I run upstairs, put on my black & white stripped shirt & black jeans. I Pull my hair up coz it's gonna get hot and check myself out in the mirror. Oh yeah, I look snazzy.

I hear a door slam and I guess that's jam in his room getting ready for the party too. Hopefully he'll find a girl but if not, i'll keep ragging him about it. Just for fun. There was a knock on the door and look at the clock 6:00. who shows up on time for a party? I run down stairs, straighten myself out and open the door.

“Hello Phred.”

“Hey, Gina. What are you doing here?”

“You don't want me here?”

“No no, it's just that you said you weren't coming. & I'm not expecting you,that's all.”

“Oh, yeah. I did tell you that.”

“Well why don't you come in, the party didn't start at you can see.”

I took her hand and pulled her inside. I am surprised to see Gina here, I mean It's always nice to have your girl at the party but Gina really don't like parties like this. We sit on the couch and she grabs my hand. She really don't say anything. If she's not gonna talk then why is she here.

“Phred, this is hard for me.” Gina says

“Ok, what's hard?” I ask

“I..I know that...I have been strict on..our relationship. Setting rules and boundaries but I think you've waited long enough.”


“Yeah, I mean 6 months is a long time.”

“It is but we don’t have to rush just because it's been 6 months.”

“No, I want us to move forward.”

“Really Gina, you don't have to do this.”

“..No, i'm ready.”



“Alright, i'll go along with it.”

“Good. Good.”

“ what?”


Gina grabbed my neck, which I was not expecting and pulled me towards her. She starts kissing me and I kiss her back. She pushes me back and I lay on the couch, I put my arms around her and pull her towards me and she doesn't resist. Wow, this is really happening right now. With Gina. On jams couch. I slip my tongue in her mouth but then she pulls back and sits up. Well, that's how far that's gonna go.

She is looking kinda flushed and her once neat hair is a little frizzy and out of place. Her breathing is a little fast but i'm steady. I guess she's really a beginner at all this intense kissing and all. I smile at Gina and she just smiles back. I waiting for her to make the next move but she don't.

“I'm not ready to go that far yet.” Gina says

“That's fine with me.” I say

“Well, that was nice.”

“Yeah. Nice.”

“Well..maybe later we can..ya know.”


“You know...”

“What Gina? Have sex?”


“Ok..i'm down. Are you?”

“...there's something I have to tell you.”

“I already know you're a virgin..”

“Virgin? Who said I'm a virgin.”

“Wait. What?”

She scoots over and I sit up. Wait a minute, what does she mean she's not a virgin?! This whole time I though that was why we were going at a snails pace but oh no. That's not even the case. I look over at her kinda frustrated that she had me thinking a lie the whole time we are together. I hate liars & I hate secrets.

“So, this whole time. You weren't a virgin.” I say

“..Yeah.” Gina says

“So. Remind me why I waited.”

“Because it's nice to wait for a lady when she's ready.”

“Gina, that's bullshit.”

“Don't curse at me.”

“Don't lie to me.”

“I didn't lie to you.”

“I asked you if you we're one and you shook your head no.”

“..I..I Know.”

“So if you haven't noticed, that's called lying Gina.”

“I, really didn't mean to lie.”

“Tell me why Gina.”

“ I..”

“And I want the truth, I deserve it after being lied too.”

“..The last guy that I was with..was a fast relationship. We did it and then two weeks later he didn't want me anymore.”

“So basically, i'm paying for what he did.”

“No Phred, I just wanted to make sure you wanted me.”

“What? What do you mean, you had to make sure? I asked you out.”

“So did he..”

“Oh so now you're comparing me to this guy I don't even know Gina.”

“No, Phred it's not even like that. I just wanted to make sure that you wanted all of me!”

“Gina are you freaking serious right now?! I never pushed you or forced you to do anything. I always did what you wanted to do. I told you I was willing to wait. I told you I care about you. I never take it too far and you mean to tell me that's not good enough to tell you that I want you Gina?!”

“It is and it was all consistent even after 3 months but..”

“But what Gina?!”


She reached out and touched me but I flinched away. I do not want to be touched by a liar or a girl who test me and makes me pay for what her ex did and then compares me to him. No. Gina put her head in her hands and I hear her start to cry. Huh. I stare at her and feel guilty. Damn it, why am I always the nice guy. I pull her towards me and she cradles into my chest and I rub her back.

“Gina, i'm sorry. Stop crying please?”

“I've..never..seen me before.” She spits out

“..I'm. Not...OK.. I am mad but that still didn't give me a reason to make you cry and i'm sorry.”

“It's OK, Phred but you have every right to be mad at me.”

“I know I do.”

“Well, i'm sorry but lets put this behind us. OK?”


The door bell rang. I kissed her and got up to open the door. A Flood of people came in and jam came down to start the music. This party is going to be jumping.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“I need another drink!” I say

“Alisia! No you don’t!” Alicia says

“Dios mio Chica, it's just a party.” Maria says

“Yes I do! I'm so freaking nervous, I don't know why I came. I should of stayed home, i'm going to make a fool of myself!” I say

“No you're not, you're going to be fine. That's why we were at Maria's teaching you some moves.” Alicia says

“Oh my god, I forgot the moves.” I say

“Oh Lord you are such a drama queen!” Alicia says

“Who?” I ask

“You Alisia.”

I scoff and roll my eyes. I am not a drama queen, i'm just fucking nervous. We're heading to Phreds party and he's gonna see me and i'm gonna die. I'm so nervous, sweating like a pig doesn't even come close to how I am.

After I drove off from my house, I came swooped up my girls but before we left, Alicia insisted that I learn how to dance. Let's get this straight. I don't dance and like Alicia, she don't drink. I say we're even as long as I can drink & she can dance but no she just had to take that shot but whatever. I'm not making a fool out of myself. I'm gonna do what I always do, drink.

Alicia starts to drive up the hill to jams house and you can her the music from down here. My stomach is rolling with a flock of butterflies. Just thinking about seeing Phred is giving me that feeling of a rush.

She pulls up to the door and you can see people dancing in the windows. I feel sick to my stomach but nothing a shot can't fix. We step out the car and Alicia and Maria are jumping up and down with excitement, while i'm already ready to go home.

“Gosh, I’ve been dying to dance!” Alicia says

“Me too!” Maria says

“Well you gals can dance and i'll just sit down and watch you two.” I say

“Uh no, you're dancing even if I have to make you.” Alicia says

“Yeah, whatever. I'll just stand there.” I say

“Ugh you're no fun.” Maria says

“Yes I am! I'm a shit ton of fun!” I say

“Whatever.” Alicia says

Now it was Alicia who was rolling her eyes. She grabs my hand and Maria knocks on the door. Jam opens the door. He had a smile on his face like he always dose, Jam was just as cute but I got my eye on Phred. We walk in and people are everywhere, you could feel the mood in here; horny & sweaty. Alicia and Maria run to the middle of the room and started dancing. They look at me and move their hands trying to make me come over there but I don't. I look to my left and ooh, free drinks.

I walk over, pour me a shot and sit on the couch. I start to watch Alicia dance with some guy and damn that girl can dance, poor boy. He's trying so hard to keep up but she keeps switching it up on him. She waves at me and I just smile at her. Alicia is something else when she dances.

I Look around for Maria and make a face. She is pulling a boy along on her way upstairs, heifer. She's always doing that at EVERY party. What's her problem, must she always be a heifer 24/7? I shake my head in disgust, and she has the nerve to get mad when people call her a whore. Well if she'd stop fucking random people maybe she wouldn't be labeled as one.

I look up and see Alicia headed my way, shit, time to play dumb.

“Alisia, lets dance!.” she yells

“What?” I yell

“Let's dance!”

“What? I can't hear you”

“Alisia, Stop acting stupid!”

“What are you talking about?”

“We made a deal!”

“I don't remember no deal!”

“I took a shot for you!”

“No you didn't”

“Ugh Alisia!”


Alicia pulls me up off the couch and I take my shot. She drags me onto the dance floor that i'm dreading to be on. Alicia takes my arms and pulls me in and out and twirls me around, she starts making funny faces at me and I start to laugh. She is so silly but that's why I love her. I start to get the feel of the music and move a little on my own.

“See, there you go!” Alicia yells

“Yeah, this is easy!” I yell

“I told you.”

“Yeah yeah yeah”

“And you we're in the car freaking out.”

“I know, I was there.”

Alicia sticks her tongue at me and I stick mines back. Alicia twirls around and my heart drops. I see Phred and his girl with her arms around his neck and he's looking at her. He looks so good tonight but her would look even better if he would lose Gina.

He looks over my way and smiles at me, I smile and wave back getting that feeling in feeling in my stomach again. Gina looks over and burros her eye brows at me then turns Phreds face back to hers. Bitch. He can look if he want to, i'm not complaining. Alicia gets approached by a guy and I just nod at her and smile. I don't know how she can dance with a guy and not feel uncomfortable.

I watch her walk away then look back over to where Phred is. Was. Where the hell did he go so fast? My head is starting to pound from all this stuff going on and the smell of sweat don’t help either. With a headache,I push my way through the room and end up by the doors of the pool. I slide them open and close them behind me. You know, it's crazy that it can be loud and go to quiet within the matter of seconds.


“Oh Shit, you scared me.”

I turn around and what do you know, it's Phred sitting in a lounge chair. I walk around the pool over to the corner where he was siting. If he would of never said anything, I would of never noticed him nor seen him. I notice he has a bottle of liquor sitting next to him with no cups. I know there is a empty chair next to him but just the thought of being close is making my heart beat fast. It's bad enough the butterflies in my stomach decided to multiply.

“Are you going to going me?” Phred asked

“Yeah sure.” I said sitting next to him

“So, you enjoying the party?”


“So, why aren't you in there, dancing the night away?”

“I'm uh, not really a dancer.”

“Oh, so why come?”

“Because I wanted to and I had no choice.”

“Alicia & Maria?”

“You got it.”

“Yeah, I though so..”


It got real quiet. I look down and start to smile, that was the longest I talked to him. I'm proud of myself. Well you always have a first for everything. I'm starting to get a little awkward with all the silence so I guess it's my turn to speak up.

“Sooo... what brings you out here?” I ask

“Oh, just that my girlfriend don't know what she wants.” he says

“What do you mean?”

“Well one minute she's ready to do stuff and then once we start it's too much.”

“Well at least she's trying right?”

“Yeah but why all of a sudden though. That's what I don’t get.”


“It's like, we'll be kissing then like if I slip my tongue in her mouth then it's too much, or if we're kissing and I put my hand under her shirt, it's too much.”

“I guess..she want's you to pace yourself.”

“But why start if she wants to stop.”

“Maybe..she likes to tease you or something.”

“Gina teasing? Yeah right.”

“Well then...i don't know.”

“I don't know myself.”

“..Sorry I couldn't be much help.”

“Don't say that, you helped by listening.”

Phred puts his hand on my thigh and I stop breathing. I look down at his hand and Oh my god, his hand is on my thigh and I don’t have on any panty hoes on. Touching bare skin. I look up at his face and stare into his brown eyes and blush. I turn my head away but Phred puts his hand on my chin and pulls me towards his face.

“Look at me.” he says

“I am looking.” i say turning red

“You always do that.” he says

“Do what?”


“Oh. Sorry.” I said turning even more red

“No it's OK. I think it's cute.”

“Cute? I hate it.”

“Don't hate it, I like that you turn red around me..”


"..I don't know. i just do."


“Can I tell you something?”


“You're beautiful, you know that?”


I swear I was turning into a tomato. Phred didn't say anything but kept looking into my eyes. I put my head down but he brings it back up. My hair falls into my face and he tucks it back behind my ear and rubs his thumb on my cheek. My heart is beating so fast i'm surprised that he can't hear it, my palms start to sweat and I gulp but my throat is still dry.

“Phred, how could you?”

We both turn around and see Gina standing in the sliding doors. She turns around and starts running back into the house.

“Gina wait!” Phred says

Phred got up so fast he knocked over his chair. As I watch Phred run after Gina, I pick up the bottle he was drinking out of. Well, I guess this is the closes I'll ever get to kissing Phred. I open the bottle and look at the overview. Cheers.