Chapter 43-47

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Chapter 43

I slowly opened my eyes to the sun blaring right into them. I smiled as I heard Bruno’s light snoring in my ear. I moved my legs a bit and winced in, I was def sore from last nights’ events. I reached down to try and pull his arms from around me and he started to stir. He let me go and I listened as he flipped over on his side. I slowly crawled out of the bed and limped my way to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror, my hair was wild as ever and my eyes just had a tired look in them. I sighed a bit as I used the restroom and jumped in the shower. I felt much better as I started to get out the shower. I heard Bruno singing and strumming away on his guitar and it made me feel even more better. I hadn’t heard him do it in awhile, I had missed it a lot. I wrapped myself up in a towel from the rack and slowly opened the bathroom door. I could see him sitting on the edge of the bed in his boxers, with his ray bans on, his guitar in his lap. I smiled as I walked through the door, “What are you doing?” He sang his words as he strummed some notes, “I’m singing darling..” I laughed he was so cute. I went about getting dressed as he sang and I danced a bit.

I snuck in a couple of looks as she got dressed. She couldn’t see my eyes since I had my shades on, but I really enjoyed it. “Bruno.. what we doing today?” she said as she turned to me. I shrugged, “It’s up to you babe.. we can stay here.. and spend time or.. you can leave me.. lonely..” She tilted her head to the side, “Stop it..” I smiled at her just observing her, she really didn’t know how much I loved her. “Come here..” I said setting my guitar on the bed. She walked towards me and scooted back on the bed. I held out my arms for her as she came and sat on my lap. “I love you..” I said looking at her in the eyes. “I love you too Bru… but, I can’t see your eyes..” she said reaching up for my glasses. I moved my head, “Don’t touch!” She laughed, “Stopppp.. I need to see them brown eyes boy!” I held her arms down and went in and started digging my chin into her shoulder. She screamed and laughed all at the same time, “Not now Bruno! Oh my god!” I laughed as I held her wrists together and started tickling her with the my other hand. She struggled so much that she almost fell but I caught her. “See.. you better be careful..” I said smirking. “You’re the one doing this!” she said threw her laughter. I pulled her up to my face and leaned in and kissed her. As we unlocked she leaned in and kissed me, deeper this time. I helped her move into the bed as we started to make out.

I grabbed his face with both of my hands and kissed him passionately as he reached up and took his sunglasses off. I closed my eyes and kept kissing him, I felt him crawl on top of me, and I finally pulled away as I was out of breath. He reached down for my shorts and started pulling at the strings as he kissed my neck. I moaned a bit before I snapped out of it. “Bruno..” I whispered. “Hmm..” he said into my neck. “Not now..” I said smiling. He lifted up and looked me in the eyes with a disappointed look, “Why’d you lead me on?” I frowned, “I didn’t.. you just move really fast..” He took a deep breath and hung his head, “I’m sorry..” I shook my head, “No it’s alright.. I just think I’m alright for awhile after last night..” He smirked as he crawled off of me. I sat up on my elbows, “What you smiling for?” “Nothing..” he said walking out of the room. I rolled my eyes, “Whatever..” I whispered to myself.  I heard the bathroom door close and I got up and went for the kitchen. I looked up to the clock on the wall and it was 11:12 A.M. I went and pulled out some eggs and bacon. I sang to myself as I toasted a couple pieces of bread.

I held my towel against my face as I dried it. I could smell bacon and eggs in the air and it made me even more happy to be home. I heard my phone ringing as I started to brush my teeth. I quickly opened the bathroom door, “Babe can you get that please?!” I said with my tooth brush in my mouth. After a couple of seconds I saw her running towards me and I quickly moved as she went into the bedroom. I went back in the bathroom and finished brushing my teeth as I heard her answer. I really couldn’t hear her over the running water. I finished up as quick as I could and turned it off as she was walking towards me. “It’s Brandon.” she mouthed. I nodded to her as I took it from her hands, I wiped my mouth with my towel as I answered, “Hello?” “Yooo B, what’s good!” I shook my head as I looked at myself in the mirror, “Nothing much man.. I’m making it.. what’s the word?” “Well first I wanna say sorry for calling you so early..” I frowned a bit, “Oh na man.. it’s good..” “Well.. I just wanna to go over a couple of things with you..” “Listening..” I said as I threw my towel onto the toilet seat and walked out of the bathroom. “Well you got Grammy rehearsals starting this next Monday..” I nodded and kept listening. “And then.. after that I got you set to leave… Let me see..” I opened my drawer and started looking threw my shirts. “Leaving Feburary 28th to Berlin..” he finally said.

I turned off the stove and started making our plates. I could just hear Bruno’s voice, but I had no idea what he was saying. I reached in the fridge and poured us both a glass of orange juice. I turned as he walked in with some shorts, a t-shirt and a ball cap on. I smiled but, he really didn’t look too happy. He sat at the bar without even looking at me. “Bruno.. what’s wrong?” I said grabbing some napkins. He looked up to me and then back down to his plate, “Nothing..” I took a deep breath as I walked around and sat next to him at the bar, “I know when something is wrong..” “I don’t wanna talk about it alright..” he said strongly. I frowned, “Okay..” I could tell whatever it was it was really bothering him. We both started eating in silence and he knew how much I hated it. “Look.. I’m gonna be gone a really long time alright..” he said as he set his fork on his plate. I looked over to him and shrugged, “It’s gonna be okay..” He looked over to me his eyes sad, “I’m gonna be gone almost 2 months..” I opened my mouth, “Really.. that long…?” He looked back down to his food and shook his head, “That’s too long..” “But, Bruno.. you need this.. you want this..” “I know baby.. but, it’s just.. I’m scared.” I frowned, “Why are you scared?” He didn’t say anything and he started putting eggs in his mouth. “Bru.. just tell me..” I said softly.

“I don’t wanna fuck up okay.. I don’t wanna lose you..” I said admitting something that I really hadn’t wanted too. “I don’t wanna cheat anymore.. and I feel like if you’re not around.. I’ll end up drunk and making a mistake.. I’m admitting it alright.. I can’t be trusted…” I said motioning my hands around. I didn’t even want to look at her, I felt like less of a man after I said that. I felt her hand on my back, “Bruno.. can you please calm down..” I put my face in my hands, “I’m calm..” She started to rub my back, “No.. calm… down..” she whispered. I hid my smile a bit as she went down my lower back. “Don’t do that..” I said trying to sound serious. “Or what..?” she whispered into my ear. I couldn’t help but smile, she always kept me from getting myself upset. She moved her hand, “Now let’s eat.. and enjoy our day together…” she said in a soft voice. I looked over to her and smiled as I moved my hands from my face, “Alright babe..”  ”Remember.. I love you Bru..” I shook my head and laughed, “I love you sweetie.” After we we’re done eating we decided we would take watch a movie to keep any frustrations off of my mind. I was looking forward to Grammys rehearsals week. This was my first big award show, not to mention it was the biggest of them all. To win a Grammy would mean so much to not just me, but the guys, and my family. I honestly was just honored with the number of nominations I got. I wanted it to come quick, but at the same time I didn’t want the end of February to come.

I kept drifting off to sleep as he held me in his arms. Every time I would close my eyes, he would laugh a little waking me back up. I moved my head a bit more making myself a little bit more comfortable, I closed my eyes and that was it.

I slowly opened my eyes to the black couch in my face. I took my hands from underneath the blanket and rubbed my eyes. I frowned when I realized that I had a blanket. I listened as I heard voices from somewhere. I flipped over on the couch to the patio door slightly opened. I heard Bruno’s laughter and it made me smile. “Nah man.. help yourself..” I heard him say. “You sure?” I heard the unknown voice say. “Yeah.. Diamond’s sleeping.” I paid close attention as I heard someone walking towards the door. An older man with white hair came to the door and opened it slowly. I had never seen this man one day in my life but, he looked really important…….


Chapter 44

I stared at the guy but, I really didn’t mean too. He jumped a bit when he seen my eyes, “Shit.. I am so sorry..” he said in a low tone. I sat up a bit holding the blanket close to me, “Oh no.. I’m sorry I should have said something..” Bruno came to the door his ball cap on backwards, I raised a eyebrow I loved when he did that. “What happened?” he said all serious. “I scared him on accident, I’m sorry sir.. I’m Diamond.” He put on a small, “No worries, I’m Barry nice to meet you.” Bruno grabbed his shoulders, “This is the CEO of my label babe..” My eyes widened I felt like a complete dumbass now, “Oh my god.. I’m so sorry.. do you need anything?” He laughed, “Directions to the restroom would be nice.” I looked behind me, “1st door on the right.” He nodded and Bruno let him go. I looked back to him as I heard the bathroom door close. He shot me a look and walked towards the kitchen. I sat up on the couch in my knees, “You could have told me!” He started pouring himself a drink, “I didn’t know he was coming either.. you think I would be in this?” he said pointing to himself. I laughed, “I like that look..” He rolled his eyes, “I bet you do..” I looked up to the clock over the stove and it was almost 4 already. “Why are you drinking so early?..” I said frowning a bit. “We’re not even going to go threw this..” he shot back. “Whatever Bruno..” I said turning around in the couch.

I took a couple chuggs of my drink as I watched her get up and fold her blanket up. I heard the water running in the bathroom as she walked into the bedroom with it in her arms. Barry came back out smoothing his shirt down and looking around, “Very nice home here..” I smiled and looked around as well like I didn’t live here, “Thanks.. it’s all her man..” “Well.. I have to get going here.. got a late meeting and a couple of more errands to run.” I quickly sat my drink on the counter and reached for for his hand, he shook it with a smile. “Thanks for meeting me, it was really nice to be able to talk to you outside of the office.” He nodded, “You keep it up buddy.” I patted him on the back as we walked to the door, “You got it.. we’ll talk very soon.. You have a good day alright?” I said smiling. He opened the door and pulled out his keys as he got to his car. I threw my hand up to him saying goodbye as he started his car. I closed the door behind me and went right back to my drink downing the rest of it. I put my head into the counter, I really didn’t need to be drinking this early but, I felt myself getting stressed out for some reason.

I started to walk to the bathroom but, then seen Bruno was his head down on the counter. “Hey!” I said making him shoot his head up. “What are you doing?” He put his head back down on the counter without answering me. I shrugged, and just continued for the bathroom. I took my time using it and washing my hands, just because. I decided I would make myself happy to at least cheer him up, there was really no point in arguing for the rest of the day. When I walked out he was pouring himself another drink, I frowned a bit but, didn’t say anything. I leaned against the couch, “So.. what did Barry say?” “He’s just talking about touring and what not.. he honestly just came here to see me.. we weren’t supposed to talk about work, but I always slip up and say something about it anyway.” He starting drinking his drink as I talked, “Well.. you’re a hard worker you know.. I could see why you said something..” I said trying to put some positivity into the conversation. He put a irritated look on his face and adjusted his ball cap, “I guess.” I took a deep breath, “Bruno.. you’re not leaving tomorrow.. can you at least cheer up..” “Babe.. I’m fine alright?” he said motioning to himself his drink in his hand. “How many drinks have you had?” I said really wanting him to stop now. He shrugged and frowned, “I don’t know.. why does it matter.. I’m at home..” I put my hands out, “Okay.. okay..”

I hated when she tried to control when I decided to drink, I knew she just cared but, I just hated having a sober mind with all this stuff going on. “I just hate this shit..” I said in a stern tone. I heard her sigh, “It’ll be okay..” I shrugged and continued drinking, “I guess.” She shrugged as well and started for the bedroom. “I’m sorry!” I said as she closed the door, I felt like a complete asshole. I downed another drink, and before I knew it was I pouring another.


January 27th, 2011

I really don’t like when Bruno drinks just because he’s got something on his mind. I mean he’s an adult but, when he gets drunk.. he’s just not him. This whole touring thing was really getting to him already and he still had almost a whole month to be home. I feel like there was more that Barry had told him, but he just wasn’t telling me. I came in here to write.. and get my thoughts together before it turned into a argument. We haven’t argued not once this year and I want it to stay that way. But, in the back I know things aren’t perfect, I knew it was coming. It would be so stupid for us to argue about this because we would both have to suffer. I was still taken by the fact that he had admitted all those things to me today. I didn’t think any different of him, I actually felt a bit closer to him. It was sometimes hard for him to show his other feelings besides love. Maybe it was just the beginning of something different.

I’m actually really excited for him to go on tour. I know I’m saying this now like it’s easy and I’m not gonna cry or anything. But, I am going to cry, no actually I’m going to cry a lot. 2 months.. it’s even longer then I thought. He would even be gone during my birthday and that’s what kind of hurt the most. But, I wasn’t going to be selfish to the rest of the world. Bruno was not only a musician now, but he was a celebrity. He had a job to do, and I wasn’t going to stand in the way of that. If I wasn’t here he would still be doing his thang, and I want everyone that can to hear his amazing voice. He can change some lives with the things he does, I just know it.


I took a deep breath as I closed my notebook. I opened my nightstand drawer and threw it in along with my pen. I slowly got up from the bed hoping Bruno would be a bit of a better mood now. As I got to the doorway and seen him sitting at the bar his face in his hands, my mind changed. I went and stood in the front of him and grabbed his hands. He intertwined our fingers together as they hit the smooth counter top. I look back up to him and his drunken eyes and I couldn’t help but smile. “I’m sorry..” he said with a smirk. I shook my head, “It’s alright..” “No.. I’m sorry..” he said frowning. “Okay.. I accept your apology..” I said rolling my eyes. “That’s better.. but, I gotta show you something..” he said raising his eyebrow and letting my hands go. I backed away as he came around the bar, “Come on follow the leaderrr.” I laughed, “Alright..” I followed him into the back room. On the way in he reached into his pocket and pulled out a cigarette. I frowned a bit, him smoking was starting to bug me a lot. He was doing it a lot more often then he used too. He put it in his mouth and lit it as we walked over to the piano. He smiled, “K sit down.” I sat down with a funny look on my face, unsure of what he was doing. Half the time I was always unsure of what he was doing. He came behind me putting his hands on the piano, his cigarette in his mouth. “Okay.. put your hands here.. and here..” he said putting his hands on the keys.

I smiled a bit as she put her hands on mine on the keys. “You’re gonna give me piano lessons now?” she said softly. “Hell yeah.. this is the best time.” I said into her ear. She took a deep breath, “Okay.” I grabbed her fingers and started helping her play the chords for Just The Way You Are. I could see her smile on the side of her face, “You’re doing great babe..” I let her hands go for a second to adjust my cigarette and then grabbing her hands again, helping her play the melody over and over. My mind started to drift off into something else as the noises of the piano started sounding distant each second. I let her hands go and see kept playing them over and over as I backed away a bit. I grabbed my head, I felt a bit dizzy but I told myself that my drinks we’re finally kicking all the way in. She stopped playing a turned to me in the stool, “What are you doing?” I shook my head as I turned around, “I’ll be back.” I heard her walking behind me as I went for the bathroom. My stomach was burning and my chest felt tight. I accidently dropped my cigarette into the sink as I started to run the water. I saw her lean against the doorway watching me, “Bruno..” she said almost at a whisper. I leaned down into the sink and threw water on my face, trying to get ahold of myself. “What?” I finally said.

“You know.. you do some weird shit when you drink..” I shook my head as I grabbed a towel and wiped my face, “Yeah.. so what..” “That’s why you should just do it.. on special occasions..” I stood all the way up, “Can you please stop telling me to stop drinking?” I said raising my voice a bit. She stood up straight as well, “I’m not telling you to stop.. I’m telling you to do it at a better time.. you’re not even doing it for fun now.. you’re doing it just because..” I shrugged and frowned, “Why does it matter.. I’m not hurting you am I?!” he said pointing to me with his eyes low. I took a deep breath, “No you’re not but..” He cut me off, “Exactly.. so just stop telling me what he fuck to do alright..” “Why do you gotta talk to me like that?” I said almost sadly. He shook his head and moved past me going back out into the living room. “Bruno.. this is why I don’t want you to drink.. this is it right here.. I wish you could see how you act.. you’re not yourself..” I said raising my voice a bit. “I don’t know what to tell you..” he said going in the fridge again. “Oh my god.. please don’t drink anymore..” I said raising my voice. He just gave me a cold smirk. Why is he doing this to himself….


Chapter 45

I pulled out the bottle and started to pour myself another glass. She came towards me and grabbed my wrist before I could pick up the glass. I snatched it away quickly, “What are you doing?” She stared at me with pleading eyes, “Please just stop…” “I don’t understand.. I can’t enjoy myself?” I said looking back and forth between her and the bottle. “Yes.. but this is the wrong way to do it.. just please talk to me..” I turned from her and started pacing, so many things we’re running threw my mind. I was letting myself get so stressed out about this. I was nervous, anxious, so many things we’re happening in just these two months. As I turned for the last time she came and stood in front of me stopping me in my tracks. She looked at me straight in the eyes and reached up and took my ball cap off. I watched her as she slowly put it on the counter and put her arms around me. I closed my eyes and put my arms around her making her bury her head in my chest. “I don’t like when you do this..” she said her voice muffled. I kissed her forehead, “I’m sorry babe.. it’s so much going on..” “Look at me Bruno..” she said softly. I looked down to her eyes, “You can do anything.. you are Bruno Mars okay.. there is no one in this world like you.. you are so special.. and you we’re born to do this.. you don’t even need me telling you this..” I nodded and just listened as she spoke to me.

“I’ve watched you for 8 years and you’ve done nothing but get better and better..” I said putting my hands on his shoulders. “You are better then what you think you are.. I promise.. I don’t want you to turn into some drunk or something just because you have a problem.. I love you way too much to just sit here and let it happen..” He shook his head and opened his mouth like he was going to say something but, then stopped. “Just let it out baby..” I said tilting my head a bit and moving my hands down to his arms. “I’m afraid to lose you.. if I lose you I won’t be me anymore.. Not to add that I will have to spend 2 months without you..” he said shrugging. I looked up to his curly hair down to his eyes, “You don’t have to be afraid to lose me.. I’m here for you.. and things like this.. you’ve got people who support you through anything.. this is all happening for a reason..” He quickly looked away from me and his face got tight. He reached up and wiped his eye quickly. “Aww Bruno..” “Diamond.. you’re my everything..” he said as he looked back to me. I held my breath a bit, that was one of the most sweetest things he had ever said to me. I finally exhaled and pulled him into my arms again, “And you mean the world to me Bruno..” I was really glad that I got him out of his drunk mindset, our conversation could have went wrong in so many different ways.

“Babe.. stop stressing over it.. you still have more then a week..” I said trying to calm her. “I know.. I just don’t want to wait till’ the last minute.. and then.. I don’t have anything.. this is the first time I’ll actually be going out with you to something big as this and..” “Look I’ll take you to buy something alright?” I said stopping her rant. “Really?” she said turning to me from the closet. I laughed, “Yes baby.. I’ll take you that’s no problem..” “Oh my god.. thank you so much Bruno..” “No problem.. you want to go today?” “Today?” I shrugged, “Yeah why not.. I’ll call Dre here in a second..” She came over and gave me a huge hug, “Thanks Bru..” I closed my eyes and rubbed her back, “You deserve it..” As we unlocked I hit her on her butt and bit my lip, “Now go get ready..” She looked at me in mock horror, “Wow..” I laughed, “Just go.. come on..” She raised her eyebrow and smirked as she walked all sexy into the bathroom. “Alright.. just keep teasing me..” I said as she got in there. “You won’t do anything about it..” she said closing the door. I heard her lock it as well, “That’s what I thought.” She laughed as she started her water. I slipped on some jeans and a t-shirt and grabbed a blue and black plaid shirt on. I grabbed my black and grey fedora and threw it on my head. I had been up some hours before her, for some reason I really couldn’t sleep much last night.

I stood there soaking up the water for a couple of more minutes. It really took all my frustrations off that I had, had all afternoon. Me and Bruno rarely ever went shopping together. It was either I go out with my girls and buy things or he goes and buy what he wants. It was always just a surprise when we brought bags home. I remembered the year I opened the door for him and Phil and Phil walked behind him, bags in hands with the shittest look on his face. I laughed a bit, I would never forget it. A really busy week was going to start tomorrow. Today was exactly a week till’ the Grammys and I was excited to find that Bruno’s moms and his sisters would be coming to town. I was really looking forward to that, and if Bruno won a Grammy then there would be no words to describe how happy I would be. This was the biggest thing ever, the superbowl for singers as he always said. I got out the shower and made my way into the room to him on the phone with who I guessed was Dre. I continued on getting dressed not bothering to even listen to their conversation. It was hard now that we always needed Dre wherever we went. I hadn’t been to the mall in forever, and it seemed like a really fun trip ahead.

“He’ll be here in 10 minutes..” I said hanging up my phone. She turned to me smiling, “Alright.” I smirked, as I stood up. I hadn’t been shopping with her before and I was hoping she wasn’t going to keep me there all damn day. I grabbed my cigarettes and ray bans off of the dresser as I walked out of the room. I didn’t want to say that I was smoking because she would have something to say. I went out on the patio and lit it looking up to the clouds. The Grammys just hadn’t slipped my mind since February had started. It was already the 6th and I felt like time was just flying right past me. I didn’t want that to happen. I shook my head trying to get it all off of my mind, there was no point of getting myself upset. I heard Diamond call for me and I quickly threw my cigarette into the grass. “I’m out here..” I said putting my hands in my pockets. She came and slid the door open, “What are you doing?” I looked up to the sky and smiled, “Just looking..” She smirked, “Oh alright..” Before things got awkward I walked towards the door and slid it all the way open walking in. “You ready?” I said exhaling. “Yeah just looking.. for my keys..” she said patting her pants. I smirked and looked to the key rack and they dangled there. I crossed my arms, she never failed to do this. She started looking underneath things and I just stood there holding in my laughs.

I turned to him, “So that’ fine.. just don’t help me look..” He shifted his eyes up to the key rack and I gave him a look. He shook his head, “You do it every time, I’m sorry it’s entertainment.” I pushed him playfully as I heard Dre’s horn blowing outside. He threw his ray bans on his face from off of his shirt, “Let’s get it.” We made our way to the mall downtown and it was a beautiful day. The tall palm trees stood proud not letting any small breeze move them. I was hoping we could even have some dinner here. Bruno grabbed my hand as we got out and Dre locked the truck up. “Look.. don’t ya’ll get lost.. I wanna enjoy myself here too..” he said as we walked into the front doors. All of a sudden there we’re people everywhere and Bruno squeezed my hand. I looked up to him and he adjusted his hat on his head. I could tell he was nervous already. We made our way into a couple of stores just browsing. A couple of people stopped us, most knew his face but, not who he was. We would just laugh it off and continue on to the next store. I finally found a store where I could get a dress from. When I grabbed my 4th dress off of the rack I took a took breath. I was starting to get so frustrated. I looked over to Bruno as he sat on the bench outside of the dressing rooms. He motioned his hands signaling for me to keep calm.

I played with my ring as I waited for her to come out again. I could see Dre off in the distance looking at t-shirts on a rack. I heard her call out my name and I quickly got up. “Where are you?” I said going past the small rooms. “Back here..” she responded. I followed her voice and got to the room she was in. I slowly pushed the door open, “What’s wrong?” She held her dress up with one hand and pulled me in by my arm, “What the hell.” I said as she closed the door. “You want everyone to see me?” she said turning to me. I laughed, “Babe.. there is no one out there..” “Alright alright.. just help me with this..” she said pointing to a zipper. I grabbed her hip with one hand and the zipper with the other. “Alright you ready?” I said as I looked at the both of us in the mirror. She nodded and helped her zip it up the best I could. “Yes!” she said as I got it to the top. “It looks good babe..” I said smiling as I looked her up and down. She turned to me and leaned in and kissed me softly, “Thank you Bru..” I bit my lip as we leaned out, “Mhmm..” She looked me up and down and I raised a eyebrow, “What?” “Oh.. nothing… I like that jacket on you..” she said looking back to the mirror. I nodded, “Yeah..” I thought for a second and started taking it off. She quickly turned to me, “What are you doing?”

“What..?” he said as he got it off of his arms. I laughed as he looked me up and down, I was slowly getting the picture. It wasn’t until he started unbuttoning his shirt that I fully got the picture. “Bruno.. we’re in the mall..” I said threw my laughter. “That’s what’s going to make it fun..” he said as he came in and started kissing on my neck. Oh my god….


Chapter 46

This chapter is dirty, you have been warned. o.O But, enjoy!

He reached up and started unzipping the dress. I just smiled at him the entire time, for some reason I always wanted something like this with him. However, I wouldn’t tell him that. “How do you want it?” he asked as he came up to my face. I looked around, “Uhh.. I don’t know.” He giggled as he pulled the dress down over my thighs, “I guess I’ll pick then..” The way he said it tuned me on, and made me nervous all at the same time. He bit his lip as he leaned in and kissed me again. I closed my eyes and kissed him passionately as I moved my hands all over his chest. I reached down and rubbed him through his jeans. “Mmm.” he said smiling against my lips. He reached up and took his fedora off as we unlocked. He hung it on a nearby hook and started unbuttoning his jeans. “You should let me.. do something for you..” I said as I looked him up and down. “Do what you gotta do..” he said sexually. I slowly stepped out the dress and pushed him back up against the wall. I fully undid his jeans for him and pulled them down to his knees as I went to mine. I tugged at the bottom of his briefs pulling them down to his knees as well. I looked up to him and he tilted his head a bit and gave me a sly smile. I never took my eyes off of his as I grabbed him and started stroking. He bit his lip and I slowly took him in my mouth. I kept watching him as I took in more and more. I could tell he was struggling to keep his attention me.

I kept stroking him as I did it and he reached down and pulled his t-shirt up out of my way. I started going at it, going as fast as he could and he threw his head back and started letting out soft moans. “Babe.. don’t stop..” he whispered making me get more into it. I loved the way he would clench his shirt as I took it all in. I rubbed all on his thigh as I did it making him moan even more. “Stop stop, get up hurry..” he said looking back down to me. I quickly stopped and stood up. He grabbed my hips and turned me against the wall. I raised my eyebrow and took a deep as I looked at the creme colored wall. My stomach started to tingle, I felt like this was going to be a time I would never forget. It was so quiet that I could only hear the faint beeps from cash registers. I closed my eyes as I felt him start to pull my underwear down to my knees. “We gotta hurry alright?” he whispered. I nodded quickly holding my breath. He pushed my back down making me bend over more as he slid himself inside me. He grabbed my arms tightly as he started to thrust slowly.

I bent my knees a bit and watched myself go in and out of her. I was going way to slow only trying to keep quiet. There was no way I could finish like this. I reached up and covered her mouth was my hand and bit my lip as I pushed myself deeper inside her. Her moan vibrated my hand and it wasn’t nearly as loud as he could have been. “Just work with me babe..” I whispered as I closed my eyes. She moaned continuously into my hand as I searched for her spot. I threw my head back and focused on the feeling. I could hear her saying my name threw my hand, but I ignored it. I looked back to her face and she was really feeling it, but I wanted to see the face from her that she made when I got deep inside. I slowed down and took my hand from over her mouth. “I was fucking calling you..” I smiled, “I thought you we’re moaning..” I lied. She rolled her eyes. “Put your hand over your mouth..” I said quickly. She raised her hand to do it, “What..” “Just do it.” I said widening my eyes and cutting her off. She did it and I grabbed both of her hips, clenched my teeth together, and started pounding her. She put both of her hands over her mouth and her closed her eyes tight. Her high pitched moans made me feel so good. I looked back down to myself and started leaning into her, I loved it like this. I wrapped my hands around her stomach and put my face into her shoulder.

“Hurry..” I whispered close by her ear. “I’m almost there..” she moaned taking her hand from over her mouth for a quick second. I dug my face into her shoulder as I started letting all my moans go, I couldn’t hold them anymore. “Baby.. you gotta hurry..” I said out of breath. She dropped her arms to her side and started letting her moans go free as well. I was so into it that I didn’t even care. I reached down and grabbed her hands and intertwined our fingers together. “Fuck.. baby..” I moaned. I felt her get tighter around me and she held her breath. I watched her face as she started cum and I let myself go as well. We both moaned out as we came together. We hadn’t done that in a really long time. I kissed her shoulder, “I love you baby..” “I love you too Bru..” she whispered. I let her go and reached down and pulled my briefs and jeans back up. I lifted up my t-shirt and wiped the sweat from my forehead. She turned and smiled at me, “You’ve been wanting to do that haven’t you?” She shrugged and shook her head, “I mean it was okay..” I laughed, “That wasn’t my question.” She didn’t try to stop me enough. “Bruno.. let’s just get out of here before someone notices..” she said putting the dress back on the hanger. I reached up and grabbed my fedora off the hook. I threw it on my head as I bit my lip.

I rolled my eyes, he was one sexy bad ass. “You ready?” he said looking back to me as he opened the door. I nodded and held the dress close to me, I felt like everyone in the whole mall would know what just happened. As we walked out to the lobby again Dre quickly stood up from the bench. “Where in the fuck have you guys been?” he said looking between the both of us. He pointed back to me, “I was helping her try on her dress..” He frowned and looked me up and down, “Right.. that’s why your pants are unzipped huh?” I held in a laugh as he quickly zipped his pants up. “Come on man… where else are we going..” he said as he started to walk off. We followed him out of the store and Bruno looked back to me and widened his eyes. I just shrugged, I was just glad he didn’t hear anything. We went about buying my dress and we made a stop at the bathroom so that I could freshen up. “You hungry?” he asked as he put his arm around me. I laughed, “Uh yeah.. after all of..” “Shhh..” he said cutting me off. I put my hand over my mouth, “Fuck..” He laughed as he pointed up to a small pizza place, “Pizza?” “Sounds great Bru..” I said as we turned for it.

“Babe.. what if I don’t win anything..?” Bruno said as he strummed his guitar. “You will..” I said picking up some clothes from the floor. “How do you know?” he said pausing his strumming.  I stopped picking up the clothes and turned to him. I looked him straight in the eyes, “You will win.. trust me..” He took a deep breath and continued strumming, “Alright babe..” He continued on and broke out into Grenade as I finished cleaning the room. He always sang this song with so much passion and I found my self closing my eyes often and just feeling his voice deep in my soul. It started to get late and we called it a night, tomorrow was the start of one of the most important weeks in his career. I looked up to him as he pulled me close to him. I reached down and pulled the blanket over us. He moved a piece of hair from my face and kissed my forehead, “Babe.. say a prayer for me?” I frowned a bit, he was saying it all like the Grammys we’re tomorrow. But, I wouldn’t stop from giving him a prayer maybe he really did need it. I closed my eyes and prayed out loud, thinking about my father as I ended it. I took a deep breath as I finished, “Amen..” “Thank you beautiful.” he whispered. I smiled and closed my eyes, what a day.


Chapter 47

“I swear there is never shit on..” I mumbled under my breath to myself. I shook my head as I flicked threw countless channels. Each day this week was getting worst and worst. I couldn’t wait till Bruno was done with all of this rehearsing tomorrow. Even after spending more then half the day with Michelle yesterday it still felt long and drawn out. Not to add that I had been feeling weird, I think it was from that pizza that we ate at the mall last Sunday. I told Bruno that I didn’t like sausages and he told me to eat it anyway. I had so much to look forward to this weekend, going out tomorrow, Carla’s baby shower on Saturday, and then the Grammys on Sunday. Not to add that Bernie and the others we’re coming in Saturday night. I looked up to the clock and it was a little past 10 P.M. I groaned to myself and threw my head back into the couch. Even on the other days he wasn’t gone this late. I didn’t want to call him and make it like I was smothering him, so I didn’t bother. I wasn’t even tired. I moved the blanket from over me and went into the kitchen grabbing myself a soda and a bag of chips. I did not need this, this late but I needed something on my stomach. I sat there sipping on my soda flipping threw TV channels and I smiled as I came across MTV. I sat there dancing in my seat at the top 10 music videos. I looked out the patio door as I saw headlights flash into the fence.

I smiled as I sat my soda and chips on the coffee table, words could not express how much I missed him today. I sat there anxiously waiting as I heard car doors slamming and voices before the door. Instead of Bruno’s keys, there was a bang. I frowned as I got up from the couch and went towards the door. I flicked the hall light on as I opened the door. Phil pushed Bruno inside the house and I quickly moved out of the way. Ryan followed in closing the door behind him. “What is going on?” I said looking between all of them. “Don’t fucking touch me..” Bruno said out of anger. I looked right into his eyes and realized that he was drunk. I put my hand on my face and took a deep breath. “Learn how to control yourself then..” Phil shot back. “I thought you guys we’re supposed to be rehearsing?” I said confused as ever. “We got out of rehearsals over 2 hours ago but, we just had to go and have A DRINK..” Phil said looking Bruno right in the eyes. I really hadn’t seen Phil this upset before. I looked to Ryan and he just shook his head, I felt so embarrassed. “Just let me do what I wanna do man, why do all of you try to control my life.” Bruno said putting his hand on his chest. Something was really wrong with him lately, and I didn’t like it one bit. He reached up and started unbuttoning his shirt violently. “Calm down Bru…” I whispered.

He shot Phil a look and started walking towards the back room. “Just leave me the hell alone..” he yelled as slammed the door behind him. I put my hands on my head, “What happened?” Phil slowly walked over to the bar and sat on a stool and Ryan leaned against the wall next to the door. “I don’t know what he would do if weren’t around him..” Phil said as he rubbed his face. “What did he do?! Why aren’t you guys telling me?” I said raising my voice a bit, they we’re clearly beating around the bush. “When he’s drunk.. he says anything out of his mouth.. and I mean anything..” Ryan said motioning his hand around. I looked back to Phil and he looked really frustrated. “Phil.. I’m sorry…” He waved his hand, “No.. you shouldn’t be sorry.. Bruno’s keeping something from all of us, he’s been drinking wildly.. You know me and him are tight man.. I never have to talk to him like that..” I nodded, “I know.. but, I don’t know what to say or do if you guys won’t tell me what happened…..” I said softly. I didn’t even know if I wanted to know or not. Phil looked over to Ryan and he shrugged. He took a deep breath before he spoke, “Well.. we we’re at the bar.. and he started talking about how he was when he was a teenager, you know all the girls he used to get just trying to impress some girls that we’re there..” Ryan finally admitted. “Only because I was there I think..” he added.

“Before he could try and talk to any of them more then he should I stopped him.. and he got mad.. ” Phil said not making eye contact with me. I shook my head, “Phil please don’t tell me that…” He shrugged, “I’m sorry.. and I know he doesn’t mean any of it.. I just don’t know..” he said sadly. “He talks big shit when he’s drunk..” Ryan said putting his hands in his pockets. I went over and leaned against the bar putting my elbows on the cold surface, I put my hands on my face and let out a frustrated groan. “I know Diamond..” Phil said softly as he rubbed my arm. This was not the right time for Bruno to start acting out, it really wasn’t. There was way too much ahead of him, but Phil was right something was really bothering him. I felt it all week, each day we we’re talking less and less and of course spending less time because of his rehearsing. “Do you have any idea of what could be bothering him?” I said moving my hands from my face. Phil shrugged, “No.. there really isn’t anything.. It’s on his damn mind.. I bet it’s something he has to make a decision on and he doesn’t know what to do..” I was mad and felt bad for him all at the same time. “You know I’ve know Bruno for a really long time.. and he doesn’t act like that when he’s drunk.. I mean he flirts.. but he doesn’t get mad like that..” “I know..” I said agreeing with him as I looked down to the pattern on the bar.

I felt like the only way that Bruno would get through all of this was with my help. I told him that I would always be here for him, and I mean’t it every time I said it. I lifted up trying to make sense of everything that was going on right now. Phil got up, “Well.. we should get going.. last day of rehearsals tomorrow and they gonna work me like a slave..” I laughed a bit as I patted him on his back and Ryan opened the door, “Thanks Phil.. really..” He put his arm around me and gave me a side hug, “No problem girl.. you take care of em’ alright..” I nodded, “I’ll try not to have a argument tonight..” “Get him to bed on time, please..” he said as they walked onto the driveway. I smiled a bit, “I will.” “See ya later Dymez..” Ryan said getting in the car, I waved and smiled as I closed the door. I took my time turning out the lights and cleaning up what I had, had before I turned the TV off. As I turned it off, I could hear Bruno singing softly. I guess I didn’t realize it at first since the TV was on. I slowly crept towards the door as his voice along with the piano filled my ears. I leaned against the wall and listened,

I know I’m not perfect.. but, at the end of the day.. who is..

She wanted someone that’s perfect.. but, okay..

But, can you tell me who is..

I shook my head to myself holding back some tears, I hated that he felt like that. I just didn’t understand why. I slowly pushed the door open and he kept singing unaware that I was in there. He sang his heart out, screaming each note as if he was up on stage. I slowly went behind him and put my arms around him. He stopped playing the piano quickly, messing up some notes, “Diamond please don’t…” “Bruno.. you have to tell me what’s going on with you.. you can’t keep doing this..” I whispered closing my eyes and hugging him tightly. “There is nothing wrong with me..” he said softly. “What did Barry tell you that you’re not telling me..” I shot back trying to figure him out. He reached up and grabbed my arms and peeled them from around him. He quickly got up and I back away, “Don’t ask me that..” he said pointing at me. I threw my hands up, “Okay..” I knew right then that it had something to do with that. 100 things started racing threw my mind, I just couldn’t pin point exactly what it was. “Can you at least hint me or something? I miss you now Bruno..” I said honestly. I felt like I was on the other side now. The times where he told me that he missed me when I was right there with him, I felt it all now. “Look at me Diamond..” he said pointing to himself. I looked up to him and his drunken eyes, “Yes baby..”

“I will never make it in this business alright..” I frowned, “What are you saying right now?” “Barry told me that I’m fading in with the crowd.. I’m just not that good.. My album sales have been at a stop for the last two weeks.. this is why I didn’t want to do this..” “Why the hell would he tell you that.. he’s suppoused to be supporting you..” “Come on babe.. don’t blame it on him.. he’s just stating facts..” I shook my head several times, “No.. No.. No he’s not.. he dosen’t know what the fuck he’s talking about..” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Bruno was so nice to the guy when he was there, I didn’t even get the vibe that he had gotten bad news. “Why didn’t you tell me this when he was here.. I would have told him some shit..” He put his hands out, “See baby.. that’s why I didn’t you would have made things worst.. It’s just so hard right now..” he said softly. “Bruno.. it’ll get better.. you’ve got time.. people just don’t know about you yet.. that’s all..” “How long is it going to take.. are they gonna wait till’ I’m dropped from the label?” “Stop talking like that.. come on you’re way better then this..” “He told me.. that if I don’t making some good sales by this summer, then I’m done.. for good. He’s gonna drop me..” My jaw dropped, “This summer? That’s only in a couple of months.” He grabbed his head, “I know.. and I don’t know what to do.. music is all I know..” “You can get signed some where else..” I said shrugging trying to make him feel better. “When you get dropped from two labels, it’s hard to get into another one.. no matter how good your voice is.. No one wants a failure..” My hate for this music industry just got a whole lot deeper, people just didn’t see real talent at all. There we’re so many artist out here using this auto-tune bullshit that real music just didn’t matter anymore. Way to fucking go world…..