Chapter 4+5

17/01/2012 00:12
Chapter 4
Oh my god my head was killing. Damn I drank too much.What happened last night? I took my phone off the night stand and checked the time.

It was was 7:08AM. Oh man I woke up early. All of a sudden an arm wrapped around me, someone kissed my cheek. “Morning babe” The whispered in my ear.

I flung myself out of bed and looked at the person who was laying next to me a second ago.

Shit it was Bruno.

“Whats up Mel?” He questioned me.

“What happened last night?” I glanced down and realized I was naked, I grabbed the nearest cushion and covered myself with it “And why am I naked?”

“Can’t you remember?” he said, reaching for his boxers and putting them on under the covers.

“No. All I remember is dancing with you on the dance floor and… shit!”

He just looked at me and smiled as I remembered the previous night.

“So you remember now?” he grinned and it immediately gave me get butterflies.

I really shouldn’t still feel this way about him, after all I was still with Jasper. I think.

“You took advantage of a drunken girl. Shame on you Peter Hernandez I’m telling your mom.” I replied laughing at my own comment.

“No, you were only too willing. You tried to take your clothes off in the club but I insisted that you should wait till we got back to my place and well here we are” he said gesturing at his wrecked room.

“You’re room’s a mess!”

“Wait till you see the lounge. You were pretty drunk babe, poor lamp. What did it ever do to you?” he joked with me as I had a flashback of pole dancing with it. Oh my god.

I just burst out laughing, “Shit, I really did that huh?”

He laughed along with me and we were silent for a while. I sat back down on the bed covering myself up with the covers.

“I can’t believe we had sex. I thought we swore never to do that again Bru?”

“Ah but we were very drunk.” he raised his eyebrows at me

“Well there’s an excuse. What am I going to tell Jasper?”

“You’re never going to stay with that jerk?”

“Don’t tell me what to do Bruno! It’s my own fucking life.”

“That never meant to sound mean. Okay just a bit. But seriously! He’s fucked with you so many times!” He almost shouted at me, man Jasper always got him so wound up.

“Bruno, we had sex. Now leave it at that. If you think we’re going to get back together you can think again. Although Jasper’s a dick I need some time to think. I thought I’d never see you again and so I moved on. You had you’re music and I had him. You haven’t spoken to me in years! What makes you think you can take advantage of me!” I bellowed at him, shoving my clothes and converse on as I spoke and turned towards the door.

At this point Bruno had his hand on my arm and he span me around to face him.

“Why walk away from this baby? What we have is special. Can’t you feel our connection?” he said so quietly. He looked really hurt.

“Look I’m sorry Bruno. I just need some time to think.”

I turned the door handle and walked into his lounge, man he was right it was a mess.

“I’ll see you later Brunito. I’ll write my address down for you. Just don’t be a stranger again okay?”

I grabbed a post it and wrote it down for him. I turned around and looked in his eyes. Oh man, I felt my legs go weak just looking in them.

“Bye Bruno.”

I opened his front door and started to walk out.

“I still love you.” He whispered.

I whipped around and looked at him as a single tear ran down his cheek.



Chapter 5

“What?” I asked him breathlessly.

“I said.. oh forget it.” Bruno answered.

We stood there for a few minutes just looking into each others eyes. Before I knew it I started to walk slowly towards him. My eyes never drifting from his, my legs felt like jelly and my heart melted just looking into his warm eyes. I hesitantly put my hands on his chest and I felt his heart beating. I looked at where my hand was and wiggled my fingers. I looked up at Bruno and he was still looking at me. When we met each others eyes once more we smiled at each other. Bruno then took my face in his hands and leaned towards me, eyes locked on my lips. I inhaled deeply, he smelled amazing. I couldn’t resist him any longer and I stretched up on my tiptoes to reach his lips faster.

Then something exploded inside me. I thought everything I felt for him had gone but when our lips made contact it was so tender that I thought I was going to faint. I wrapped my arms around his neck and got more into out kiss pulling his head even closer to mine so our foreheads touched.

He stopped kissing me for a moment and mumbled against my lips “I love you so much Mel. No girl can ever be as amazing as you. Girl you’re amazing just the way you are.”

I replied with, “Cheesy line. But I like it.”

And then I pulled his lips back to mine and made the kiss more urgent. I just felt the tip of Bruno’s tongue slide along my lower lip and it made me tremble.

We were interrupted from a buzzing noise coming from my pocket. I smiled against his lips and then pulled away to look at my phone. Damn It was Jasper. I’d forgotten about that loser and now he’d interrupted my time with Bruno. I flipped it open and it was a text message, “Look babe, I’m sorry. I was drunk she didn’t mean anything to me. And who the fuck was the guy on the phone last night? Please come back. Jasper. X”

I slammed it shut and looked up at Bruno.

“What is it Mel?” He asked when he saw the look on my face.

“Oh it’s just Jasper. I need to go talk to him” He looked both pained and happy by my words. Like he was undecided about something.

“Leaving so soon? We just got started baby.” he said with a lighthearted voice.

“You know I’ll come back! Just give me a few hours.”

With that I pecked him on the lips once more and glanced over my shoulder and waved at him whilst I walked out the door. He smiled at me and came to shut the door after me.


The journey home seemed to take a lifetime even though I only lived a few streets away. I took the elevator up to my floor and took the keys out to open the apartment door. The lights were out but there was a glow coming from under mine and Jasper’s bedroom door. I flicked on the light switch and threw my purse down on the sofa.

“Jasper?” I called out and I heard footsteps coming from in the bedroom.

“Hey babe what are you doing here? I’m so sorry! I love you.” Jasper was saying as he practically ran towards me and took my face in his hands and pressed his lips under my jaw. He started planting kisses up my neck and then planted one right on my mouth.

“We need to talk” I said to him.

“I know babe I kn-” he started to say but he was interrupted by someone shouting from the bedroom.

“Who is it babe?” They shouted.

I gave Jasper the coldest glare ever and stormed towards the room where the voice had came from.

“No Melanie, don’t!” I heard him shouting from behind me.

Too late.