Chapter 4

02/02/2012 10:30

The next day I wake up with a terrible headache. I almost forgot how a hangover feels urrgh but although my whole body is aching I feel good, kinda relieved... Bruno and I danced a lot together, it was great! I didn't have so much fun for a long time. All of the guys are so cool, hilarious and easy-going. I really couldn't wish for a better accompany, plus I found a perfect band for the event, so everything's gonna be alright. After I talked to Bruno I wasn't anymore into Ryan. It's not that he didn't try to get me home and I thought about it. No lie he's a fine piece of man! But I never were this One-Night-Stand kind of girl, so I let it be. Added to that I started working with his friends and I really don't want to get a disrepute as a slut. It was the right decision to not hook up with Ryan, although I'm really dying for sex now... ok time to get other thoughts! I grab my phone to see what time it is. 2pm. I notice I got a message from Lena, my best friend. 

"Hey hoe thanks for welcoming me back! Don't call me if you don't have a good pretext for forgetting me... like a threesome ;)"

Shit. How could I forget her? She came back yesterday from a 5 weeks business trip in Kansas. She's working for a company that does organic farming. As a biologist she's often on road and has to check all the plantations who are all over the States and South America. I envy her for being able to travel so much. I've been in Mexico once but I'd love to go to Chile, Costa Rica, Brasil... all the stories she tells about these countries sound so good. She promised me the next time she's going to the South she'll take me with her. She's just the best! I know her now for almost 10 years and we have a wonderful friendship. I kick my ass for forgetting that she came back yesterday, but I know she won't be angry and I love her for that. I text back. 

"Sorry no threesome... I simply forgot it :( If u still love me and wanna give me my souvenir u brought from Kansas :p u can come over... at about 5? Gotta get my car first..."

I had to take a cab yesterday because I of course wasn't able to drive anymore after all this dancing juice and with showering and eating I thought I can get ready within 3 hours...

"Get your car? So that means you got too drunk to drive yesterday??? I'm so proud of ya *tears* 5 is fine with me... I want EVERY detail!!!"

I smirk. I love her so much! I'm really looking forward seeing her, now I realize how much I missed her! After rolling around for some more minutes I finally can drag myself out of bed. I take a long shower first and then make me scrambled eggs with tomatoes and toast. The cab I ordered comes punctual at half past 3 and drives me to the bar. Of course I got a fine for parking without ticket. But I don't mind, the night was definitely worth it! Just when I'm about to get in the car I see Phil across the street standing next to an old Toyota jeep with a paper in his hands and not looking very happy. I yell his name and go to him. When he sees me a big smile flitted his face. "Hey party animal, glad to see you survived last night." He says and hugs me.

I smile back. "Only looks like that. I feel like a living you doing?"

He looks more serious again. "I'm ok. It's only... I got this damn ticket!" He responses. "I mean 50 bucks are they fuckin' serious?"

"I got one too. That's Santa Monica..."

"Yeah I know we're often here and it's always like that. I'm the only one with a car, beside Eric but he's married and his wife doesn't give him the car for our club trips... So it's always on me to drive, to pay for the gas and those damn tickets. And yesterday I even had to pay for the damn cab 'cause nobody had any more fuckin' money!!! I'm really done with that. It's not my fault I'm the only one with a steady job!" He spits out all his frustration.

"Hm I can pick that up!" 

"What? No way! It's ok, somehow I get this money from them!"

"But I want to. I feel kinda responsible...if it wasn't my birthday you probably didn't drink so much and could drive by your own... So let me pay for this!"

"Hm... Really? Ok... but you deduct it from our fee, alright?!"

I smirk. "Ok."

"Thank you so much, Caroline." He says happily and hugs me tightly.

"It's ok, Phil! Where do you work by the way?"

"I'm an amateur in Disney World. Ya know doin' all these shows with masquerade and costumes 'n stuff. It's not the best job and kinda hard to combine with studio sessions and gigs, but I love it! Seeing all those happy, laughing faces make everything worth! I love that, being on stage, entertaining the people... I just know one day all this will pay off and we're touring the world with our songs..." He responses enthusiastically with a big grin on his face. He's so lovely and I admire that he holds on his dream.

"Hm you definitely have the will and talent to make it big! I would wish for you... And Bruno doesn't have a job?" I ask curious.

"He had... as a temp in a clothing store, but ya know he kinda lives in the studio after he sold all his instruments it's the only place he can play and come up with tunes and whenever they called him that they need him he either called off or he went there being tired as shit so that they had no other choice than fire him..."

"Hm... so he lives from gigs?"

"Yeah, plus selling songs and sometimes DJ'ing... Today he puts on at Roxy's."

"Roxy's? Wow that's a good club! I guess he must be good then..." I answer impressed.

"Yeah he is. Music is all he knows, his life! He got that job after we sold a song to Brandy last year. She knows the owner and ya know it's all about the contacts here..."

I chuckle and nod my head in agreement. "Yeah, I know... You sold a song to Brandy? Which one?"

"It's called Long Distance."

"Really? I know that one! It's really good. Wow I'm impressed! Like I said you guys are really talented. I'm positive that you'll make it some day soon!" I say back honestly.

He nods and smiles back. "I appreciate that a lot. Thank you!"

I look at my clock and see it's time to head home if I don't wanna leave Lena in front of a closed door. "So Phil I don't wanna be rude but I gotta go now. A friend will come over soon and I have to go to the grocery store before, filling up my empty fridge a bit. I see you Monday at 1?"

"No prob I gotta go too, Disney's callin..." He says letting out a extra big sigh. "But yeah Monday I'll come too!"

"Fine! Then I wish you much fun at work and til Monday."

"Yeah see you then. Was nice meeting you and thanks again for taking over the fine!"

We hug, say our goodbye's and I go back to my car. I arrive at home in time and just when I unpacked my shopping the door bell rings. It's Lena. I open the door and we hug each other tightly. She looks wonderful and I'm so happy to see her again.

"Oh gurl, I missed you soooooo much!" I say smiling big.

"I missed you too!"

"Come in! How was Kansas?" 

"It was cool, but ya know there's fuckin NOTHING there! No bar, no club, no shop, no restaurant... FUCKIN NOTHING!!! I nearly died on this farm. And there weren't even some nice young handsome farm boys! No, only those old men... I'm really in desperate need for a fine ass now, I tell you!"

I chuckle. Oh Lena in those things we're so different. She's a slut, but I know the reason behind so I don't judge her. She never really had a working relationship, all the men who wanted to be with her, were just not her league, boring... and the two times she was deeply in love the guys dumped her. The first because he didn't love her as much as she did and left her after some weeks. The second one couldn't deal with her being abroad often, so he brought her to the scratch either he or the job and well she's single now, so you can imagine how she decided... I absolutely admire her for this decision choosing her job over love. I don't know if I could do the same, otherwise I also think that a guy who demands to quit my job doesn't really love me... Whatever... We go into the kitchen and I continue unpacking my things.

"Do you want something to eat?" I ask her.

"Yeah, always! Watcha have?"

"Erm.. lasagne, chicken wings, pizza, enchiladas..."

"I vote for lasagne."

"Ok." I say and put two frozen ones into the oven. "They'll be ready in about an hour."

We go to the living room and sit down on the couch. Lena tells me more about her duties in Kansas. And I tell her what I did the last 5 weeks and about the event next month. That Mary is partly satisfied with my work but didn't like any of the bands I introduced to her. Finally I get to the happenings yesterday and she watches me intensely.

"I knew that you met a guy you like! Otherwise you wouldn't get drunk and party so much. So tell me about him!"

"First yeah I like him but not like THAT. I mean ok there's something about him that somehow caught me but I shrug that off. I can't fall for him! He's not the kind of man I want..."

"Why? Is he ugly?"




"Then what the hell's wrong with him?"

"He's 23... and broke"

"So what?"

"Lena! I just turned 28!"

"I still don't see your problem! By the way happy belated bday bitch. You know that we celebrate that tonight, right?! Plus I need to go out after those 5 weeks of boring farm evenings!!!"

"But..." I start but she cuts me off immediately knowing exactly what I want to say.

"No buts, Caro. I don't care if you're tired after your party night! We go out today! Point!"

"Ok, I think I have no other choice then..."

"No you don't! But back to this Bruno guy... so he's younger than you. Guuuurl that's a GOOD thing! 23-years-old are GREAT! Believe me!" She grins.

"Oh Lena..." I shake my head. "I never had one who's younger than me..."

"Then I would say time to change that! Gurl you're free now! You were in a relationship-prison for more than 5 years! And now that you're out you need to rehabilitate. FUCKIN LIVE, CARO! Catch up on all the great things you missed out! There's so much glory in this world... waitin' for you... you just gonna take it!"

"I know, I know. You're right. Why is it that everybody's tellin' me that?"

"Cause it's true! duh... Didn't you say he's DJ'ing sometimes? Then call him and ask if he does today and if not ask him if he knows a good club!"

"Erm... Actually I know where he's tonight..." I grin at her.

"Ok. Then I'd say we know where we're going! Oooohhh we dress up nice and you'll get him and I'm gonna get me one of his nice young friends!" She laughs and rubs her hands. "Uuuuuhhh that'll be goooooodd. I'm excited!"

I just laugh and shake my head. I really don't wanna get to hyped up in all this get-Bruno-thing. He's still someone I'll work with so I don't wanna spoil that or bring myself into any awkward situations. BUT I wanna get to know him better and he was the one who told me about givin' chances so I just take his advice, right?

We chat more about this and that, watch some TV, eat the lasagne and finally get ready. I choose a simple black short dress, my black heels and my short-sleeved red blouson. I wanna put the attention more to my face than my figure so I make smokey eyes and put on a long silver chain and creols. I bind my curly brown hair in a loose ponytail. Lena borrows my silver sequin dress, does her make-up too and we head out.

As we enter the club I immediately spot Bruno, he's already DJ'ing. He's wearing no hat, a simple white shirt and a golden chain with a cross pendant. His hair is styled straight and pumped. He looks like a modern Elvis. I like his style though he got a babyface... We find 2 empty bar stools at the counter and order our cocktails. Lena nods her head in his direction and ask if that's him. I nod. She does two thumbs up and I chuckle. I look around more and recognize Ryan near Bruno with two girls sitting next to him. Then Bruno puts on Rude Boy and one of the girls jumps up. She drags Ryan to the dancefloor and immediately starts to rubs herself tightly on him. He does the same. It doesn't take long and his hands are all over her and they kiss and make out. I sigh and feel happy that I didn't hook up with him yesterday and then got replaced today. Bruno totally was right about him, but how can I judge him? He's handsome, young and single, he can do whatever he wants... I look back to Bruno and see... HELL NO! The other girl stands now next to Bruno! Her right arm is around his shoulder and with her left hand she slowly strokes his chest going further down until the desk hides the view. She whispers something in his ear or is she licking it? I turn around quickly taking some huge sips of my cocktail. Lena makes a questionable face and I just nod my head in his direction. She looks there and then at me again with big eyes and shrugs her shoulders.

I feel so dumb now. How could I think he really is into me? He gets all those young thin good-looking girls and I really thought he's interested in ME? Shame on you Caroline. I gulp the sips and head to the restrooms, Lena is following me quickly.

"Gurl, he got another chick... SO WHAT? Please don't let you get down 'cause of that. We just arrived! We look amazing! The music is good... Let's just have a fun night ok?! If he's so silly to choose such a bitch over you then it's his loss. Did you see all the other fine men outta there??? Did you even notice the one next to you??? He stared at you all the time. Caro, pleeeeaaaaase!!!"

I look at her. She's -again- so right. I fix myself and we go back to our places. Before I can sit down she takes her drink, gives me mine and drags me on the dancefloor right next to 2 handsome men. We start dancing and drinking and soon the 2 men get nearer to us. I smile at one and he pulls me close to him. I tense a little but he instantly backs up a bit to make me feel better. He really dances very good and I start to like it very much and enjoy myself. After 4 songs our glasses are empty and the guys offer us to buy another drink. We go back to the bar, order and start dancing again. It goes this way for a couple more songs when Steven, that's his name, asks me to get out to get fresh air. I agree and we go outside. I didn't look to Bruno the whole time not even a short glance and I'm proud of myself. Who need a Bruno Mars? There are so many cute men for example this one next to me. I smile at Steven, he smiles back and... I wait, but...nothing... He just keeps staring at me, not saying a word. I try to think of any question.  

"So what's your job, Steven?" Urgh Caroline how flirty! That's the worst thing you can ask!

"I programm softwares. You?"

"Event manager."

"And how old are you?"

"28. You?"

"29... Perfect hm?!"

"Hmhm..." God please teleport me outta here!

Just when I thought it couldn't get more boring and I really get uncomfortable he asks bluntly. "So do we kiss now or what?"

"Excuse me?" 

"Kiss? I mean that's why we got outside didn't we?"

"Erm first of all NO I didn't come outside to kiss you! I wanted to get some fresh air... you can also kiss inside you know?! And second it's not that you got me into the right mood with this boring convo!" I say a bit annoyed. I mean ok I started with a stupid unsexy question, but I'm still in this phase of getting back my flirt skills... so I kinda expect from guys to get it going... which he didn't do at all... Bruno did it perfectly yesterday... I'd give everything that it's him  now I'm talking to and not this Steven-guy... Urgh Caro don't think of Bruno like that! Why do I even compare him with Steven?  

"Whatever... if you don't want..." He says flatly and goes away.

I keep standing there for a minute annoyed by this impoliteness and then head back inside as well. Great! Already the third flop on my list and it's only the second night... anyways this doesn't get me down! Fuck guys! I just wanna have fun with my girl and dance!

I look around and try to find Lena on the dancefloor. I spot her and make my way through the crowd towards her when suddenly someone taps my shoulder. I turn around and see Ryan with a big smile. I smile back and he hugs me hello. It's very loud so a conversation wouldn't make much sense. He invites me to come over to his table and I say that I'm here with a friend and that we might join them later. Then I wave my hand goodbye and walk away quickly. Finally I got to Lena. She's still dancing with Steven's friend and Steven dances next to them. I glance at her and she immediately understands my girl-this-guy-is-a-mofo-can-we-please-get-away-from-here-now-look. She hugs her guy and says something in his ear then she shoves me towards the bar. 

"Sorry Lena but this guy is really a no-go!" I apologize for dragging her away from her guy.

"It's ok. Mine wasn't the hit too!"

We laugh at each other and order 2 more drinks. 

"Cheers to us! Who need men anyways?" She states, we clink our glasses and take a big sip.

Then I hear that another DJ gets introduced for the rest of the night. I look over to the table Ryan and the girls are sitting. Now there are 3 more guys. Maybe friends of them? Whatever...

Then all of a sudden Bruno stands next to us grinning at me. "Hey you! I didn't expect you to be here after the party yesterday... How you doing?"

"I'm fine thanks and yeah my friend Lena here persuaded me to go out. She was abroad for 5 weeks and just got back yesterday. She was in Kansas and really needed some LA nightlife again, plus we wanted to celebrate my bday since she wasn't here... yeah so we came here..."

"Oh cool." He responses and shakes Lena's hand. "Nice to meet you Lena!" She greets him back and he turns to me again. "So how'd you know I was here too?"

Shit. Should I tell him the truth that Phil told me? But then he surely thinks I came here because of him. No I can't concede that, so I lie. "Oh I didn't know. It's a coincidence... We know that here's good music..." I press my lips and take a sip of my drink.

"Oh alright..." He smirks. I hope Phil didn't tell him that he met me, if so I'm really screwed... "Nice coincidence I would say... You guys wanna join us? We got a free-drinks-table since I DJ-ed here tonight..."

I look at Lena and she nods. "Yeah sure!" I answer and we follow him to their table. He introduces us to everybody and we sit down next to the 3 guys. Their names are Dre, Ari and Jason. Jason? Wasn't he that tech who was missing yesterday? Dre is really big and chubby the total opposite of Ari who is small and skinny. They are all nice and very funny. All of Bruno's friend seem to have this unique, sarcastic, foolish humor. I like it. It's so easy to chat with them without getting bored or feeling uncomfortable. I think Lena could like Jason. He's totally her type, tall, light muscled, longer hair and this kind of grunge but sexy style. The way she looks at him makes me think right... Bruno and Ryan don't really pay much attention to us. Ryan is always on the dancefloor with his girl dancing or rather making out. Bruno isn't on the dancefloor but he dances right next to the table with this other girl who constantly rubs her ass between his legs and everytime she backs away a bit a bulge is clearly visible. I hate to see that! But what can I do? If they don't dance she sits on his lap and they slide their tongues in each other's mouth licking out every food rest between the teeth. It's so disgusting! I could throw up! And if that wasn't enough he sometimes winks and grins at me... What the hell? Child games! Anyways I don't let him destroy my mood and instead talk a lot with Ari. He tells me about how he met Bruno, how they came up as a production team 'The Smeezingtones', what songs they wrote and which of them they already sold, plans and dreams for the future and so on and on... I invite him to also come to the meeting at Monday and he said he will, any new contact is another step forward... and he's so right! 

Time flies by fast and before I know the DJ plays the last song and we all head home. Bruno left a bit before us with this chick. I'm kinda jealous, but otherwise it's good that it goes that way! So I at least know that he's doesn't want me and I can fully concentrate on work.  

Lena decides to sleep over at my place, so we can talk some more and just spend time together.

"Sooo this Bruno guy... I really don't know about him! I first thought he's not into you, but I don't know..." She says thoughtfully.

"Oh Lena didn't you see him dancing and making out with this girl? I mean it's obvious that he's not interested in me!"

"Yes I saw that... but still... I have this feeling..."

Great! Why does she confuse me? "Well I'm sorry I don't trust any feeling only what I see! And my eyes can't lie to me because he just did in front of me!"

"Yeah that's exactly the point! Why did he tell you to come over when he just makes out with this bitch?"   

What the fuck does she mean???