Chapter 4

01/03/2012 13:42

I don’t mean to be rude but the best thing to do is to leave the studio without saying my goodbyes. I go to leave but someone grabs my arm. Obviously its Bruno. Damn he’s the one i wanted to avoid. Guess i just can’t pass him. He lets go of my arm and i stare deep into his brown eyes. I can see he’s burning to ask me something and he’s going to say it weather i want to hear it or not. He says with a confused face, “Laila. Why do you look so scared?” “Scared? I’m not scared, it’s just abit awkward don’t you think?” “Nah it’s not awkward at all. Why would it be?” “Well I have a boyfriend and you’re going to have to sit at a table with him.” “Well it’s not news to me that you have a boyfriend. You’re beautiful, so i ain’t shocked.” “Okay so you’re telling me that you are perfectly fine with my boyfriend sitting with us at this meal tonight?” I place my hands on my hips. “Yeah of course i would be” “You’re lying. Now look me in the eyes and say that. Tell me you’ll be fine with it?” Bruno straightens his hat and looks at me directly in my eyes.“No i wouldn’t be perfectly fine with it but i’m going to have to be. I’ve only just got you back in my life as my friend again and i don’t want to lose you. So there you have.” I KNEW it. I knew this would pain him but i can’t help it. I can’t not invite Joe even though he has been invited. At least Bruno is going to make an effort to be cool with it and i’m happy he is. I smile at Bruno. “Well thank you for being honest and i’m sure it will be okay. Joe’s a nice guy i promise… Anyways, something tells me you didn’t grab me for this talk?” We both laugh at each other. “Yeah you’re right Laila. Actually i grabbed you to ask if i can have your number? And no i’m not hitting on you, i just wanna stay in contact from time to time, now that our paths have crossed again. That’s if its okay with you of course?” “Oh jeeze Bruno, don’t be silly. Of course that’s okay. I miss our chats.” I give him my number and he gives me his. “I guess i’ll see you guys tonight at 7. Oh and Bruno, tell everyone i said bye its just i gotta shoot.” “Okay no worries, i will and we’ll see you then… High 5 before you go?” I look and laugh at Bruno. I high 5 him but i cant resist a hug from him. “Oh come here you.” I open out my arms and he gladly dives into them. Again the memories of us start coming into my head and i have to pull away. I smile bashfully at him and make my way to the car.

I get to my house and i have the urge to text Bruno. Yes i know i’ve only just got his number but i really want to do it. No i can’t, i’ve not long just left him. I’ll wait and speak to him tonight. To get my mind off of him, i’ll go pick out something to wear tonight. I just chuck everything on my sofa and go straight to my bedroom. I think i’ll wear a dress tonight. I spend at least an hour and half just trying on things before i finally choose what to wear. I’ll just wear a studded one shoulder navy straight dress. I hear Joe come in.“Hey Laila baby, i’m home.” “Hey Joe, i’m in the bedroom.” He soon comes running in. “Hey beauti, WHOA! Looking fine girl. Where you off to?” “More like where are WE off to. Dan invited us for a meal tonight with the guys who we are helping in the studio are coming too. So go shower and look all fancy.” He shrugs at me. “Oh okay. Sounds cool. Can’t wait.” “Before you freashen up, does this look okay? What i’m wearing?” I spin around and do jazz hands. Joe comes up close and says “Girl you looking amazing.” He kiss me on the cheek and makes his way to the bathroom. I just carry on doing my hair and make up. I just curl my hair and and do a ‘rock chick’ look for my make up. Joe finally finishes getting ready. He’s dressed in smart jeans and a shirt. It’s his turn to spin around and do jazz hands. “How do i look baby?” I smile at him. “You look hot. Better then me i’d say.” He comes over to me and takes my hand. “No way Laila, that’s not possible. No one can look better then you.” He kisses my lips. “You ready to hit it?” I nod at him and we leave to attend to the meal.

At first we think we are the first ones to arrive but then i spot Dan, Bruno, Phil and Ari by the bar. Before we go in, Joe spots them too. He stands facing me gob smacked. “Laila. I-i-is that who i think it is? Is that the guy who sings Nothin’ On You and Billionaire?” Its like he is fan girling over Bruno. “Yes Joe, that IS Bruno Mars. And the other two guys are his right and left men, part of The Smeezingtons and YES they are the guys i am working with.” Joe looks excited to meet them. His smile says it all. Of course i’m not going to tell him about me and Bruno…YET, really he doesnt need to know. We walk into the place and i introduce Joe to everyone. When i get to Bruno, i see him fake a smile when meeting Joe. I feel a little awkward doing this but i gotta do it. “Joe, this is the famous Bruno Mars and Bruno, this is Joe.” They both shake hands and say nice to meet you. Joe takes this moment to bond with Bruno. “Dude, i really like the songs you’re featured in. You wrote them right?” “Umm yeah, for both songs i thought of the hook and a masterpiece was made my man.” We all go to sit at our table and just before i walk Bruno gently grabs me and whispers in my ear “Nice guy. He better treat you right.” I nod at him and say “Yes he has. Dont worry.” We all sit down and get ready to order. Joe sits next to me and Bruno sits in front of me. Kinda weird but its okay. I share the menu with Joe and i can see Bruno stare from time to time. Bruno asks what i’m ordering. “So what you gonna have Laila?” “I was gonna go for the chicken sharing combo but i got no one to share with?” “What about Joe?” “He wants fish.” “Well i’ll share with you. If thats okay with Joe.” Joe butts in, “Ahh go ahead man thats cool. I trust you.” Joe jokes around and Bruno just laughs along. We finally get to eat and everything is going fine. No awkwardness at all. Everyone is getting on well. It comes to finishing our meal and i need a cigarette break. Joe tries to stop me. “May i be excused guys?” “Oh Laila, c’mon now. Do you have to have one?” Bruno looks confused but just listens.“Yes Joe i do. I’m not a baby i can go alone.” Now Bruno butts in. “Whats up guys?” “Laila wants to smoke and i dont want her to go alone.” Bruno thinks about this. “Well if you want, i’ll go with her. I’m a smoker too and i could do with a break. That way she’s not alone.” Joe nods. “Ah thanks man. But y’all need to stop soon.” Me and Bruno both look at Joe, smile, then leave to have a smoke.

I go to get my cigarettes out but Bruno stops me and offers me one of his. He gives me one and lights it up then lights his own. He watches me for a while before he says something. “Since when did you start smoking?” I laugh at him. “Erm i’d say about two years ago. Yeah our break up hit me hard.”Bruno jokes. “So you’re saying i’m to blame?” “No i’m not saying that at all. I guess they helped me cope. So whats your excuse?” We laugh. “Yeah i guess i do it to too cope.” We take this moment to talk some more. Re-build our friendship. And i take this moment to see how sexy Bruno is looking. Black skinny jeans, white V neck t-shirt with a checked shirt on top and his loose curly hair. DAAAMN he is hot. I can’t help but stare and Bruno notices. “Laila…Laila, you okay?” “Huh what? Yeah yeah i’m good.” Was i that obvious? I see Bruno laugh and i tell him we better head back in. We stub our cigarettes out and go back in. As we walk in smiling and laughing, i see Joe stare intensely at me. He doesn’t look happy. Something tells me one of the guys has told him about me and Bruno. Uh oh, this is not really good. I sit back down next to Joe and he whispers to me “We need to talk when we get home.”