Chapter 44+45 - they get longer & longer...

01/11/2011 22:08

Chapter 44

They both walk up on stage and the crowd goes wild, I don’t know if it’s because they know who they are or if it’s because they’re just a hyped crowd. But it’s amazing. There’s already a keyboard player on stage and Eric whispers a few things to him before Bruno walks up to the microphone and says with a wink “Hey guys, I’m Bruno Mars” and the crowd goes wild again. The smile on his face is so huge it’s unbelievable, just seeing how happy he looks makes me smile like a fool too. “You guys ready to have some fun with us tonight!?” I’m actually having a hard time hearing what he’s saying because of the crowd, but it’s worth it just to see how happy it’s making him “Good!! We’re gonna play you some of our favourite songs and if you’re lucky a couple of my own songs too”. They start playing a bunch of covers; they play a range of songs from The Outfield, to the police, to Michael Jackson. The MJ cover he does is just amazing! The way he’s arranged the music is just unbelievable. He really is talented. Of course I sing along loudly to every song with a drink in my hand. Each time Bruno finishes a song he starts on a different drink too. We both should stop. The best thing is that Cindia likes to dance too, so we both sing and dance along to our men performing. One thing that I really can’t get over is how much chemistry he has with Eric, I mean he can just look at Eric and they both instantly know what to do. I kinda wish I had a sibling to share that connection with….

“Guys, you’ve been fucking AWESOME tonight! Do you mind if I sing one of my own songs to close the night?” As per usual, the crowd all reply with a huge yeah, including me. Although I think I know what song he’s going to sing. Bruno goes over to the keyboards and right on queue I hear those four chords being played. He’s singing my song. Our song. “Her eyes, her eyes, make the stars look like they’re not shining…” I don’t know how he does it, but by the end of the song he has the entire crowd singing along with him. I feel so proud, I just know he’s gonna make it and I’m so proud to be able to say that I was there from the start. He comes off stage drunk as fuck, this is gonna be interesting. He comes up to me and shoves his tongue down my throat. FUCK. Not while Eric is watching, I should’ve stopped him, but I didn’t, shit, this alcohol is getting to me too. Next thing I know Eric threw water on Bruno and he pulls away “The Fuck Eric!!” “Get your tongue outta her, and give me that” he takes Bruno’s alcohol away and gives him a glass of water. “Fine” and Bruno sits down. It’s kinda funny how he listened to his older brother, just like a little kid. All this family stuff is making me depressed. “What did you think?” Bruno asks me. “Amazing, as usual, and you know what else is mesmerising?” “What?” “You’re amazing live, like you’re truly good, and your guitar skills. I mean, just wow. The way you hold it and the way you play it. *I lower my voice so only Bruno can hear me* and the way your hands move all over the guitar, the way your fingers work so fast, the faces you make, how you throw your head back in ecstasy, how you grind up against it and how sweaty you get. God damn Bruno….” I look up at him and his eyes are wide open. He just starts to take huge sips from his water. He’s so damn cute. “You, me, bathroom now” Bruno says, I just laugh and make no move to get up. “Bruno, Bruno, HEY BRUNZ!” Eric calls Bruno but he’s still dazed so he doesn’t hear him. I nudge Bruno so he snaps out of it “What?” “You wanna leave? Cindia’s tired” “Uuuuhhmmm, no, we’ll come later” Oh God. I’m not up for bathroom sex now, especially when Bruno’s drunk. I stand up “No, we’ll come with you now” Bruno gives me this annoyed look but gets up anyway. “Baby, let’s stay and dance for a bit, we haven’t danced together tonight” he pleads with me. “Ok, just dancing though” I say with a wink. He looks confused, but he’ll understand in a second. We say bye to Cindia and Eric and move on the dance floor in to this HUGE crowd of people.

I fucking love to dance. I don’t even know what it is, but now they’ve stopped with the live music and are playing tracks. Like I said, I don’t know what song this is, but I just start moving my hips to it. It sounds raunchy whatever it is. Everyone is pushed up against us, but I’m determined to have every inch of me touching him. I turn my back on Bruno so my back is touching his chest, he puts his hand on my hips and we start to grind to this music. I feel all loose from the alcohol. It feels fucking amazing. His hands move all over me freely, people are looking but I really don’t give a fuck. Jealous bitches. He’s mine. The music starts to speed up and so do we, I turn to face Bruno but he still pushes himself up against me and we’re just as close as we were when I had my back against him. I can feel every single inch of him. Fuck. His hands move up to my hair and I move mine to my favourite part of his body. His neck. People are also grinding against us but we don’t take any notice of them. I look around and see everyone else kissing at least someone and I wonder why we aren’t doing that. It’s as if Bruno knows what I’m thinking because he grabs me and kisses me, whilst still dancing.  After a while I feel all dizzy and hot from all the dancing and alcohol “Let’s go home” he says. I just nod. As soon as we get outside, the early morning air hits me and it feels amazing, I don’t even know how long we were in there for, I check my phone and it says its 3am. Shit. Urgh I can’t be fucked to walk. “Brunoooo, let’s get a taxi back? Please” “What’s the point? The house is only up the road” “Yeah but my feet hurt, I’ve been wearing these heels all night” “Just take them off” “And walk on the filthy ground!?” Ok, maybe that was a bit too dramatic. He thinks. “Piggyback!?” “No, its fine, I’ll just walk without them” “Your loss” I take my shoes off and Bruno takes them from me and holds them whilst I attempt to walk. “Fuuuckkkk” I say in pain. “Look, just get on my back” and he leans down in front of me so I can get on his back. “Wait” I light a cigarette first then get on. It’s quite fun being on his back. Weeeeeeee. “Am I heavy?” “Lex, you weigh NOTHING! I could carry you all day” I kiss his cheek because it’s the only part of him I can reach. Occasionally I give him my cigarette so he can have a drag, we both should stop smoking.

We get back home and obviously everyone is asleep, but Bruno is so fucking loud!! “Shhhhhhhhhh!!” I say. “Shhhhhhhh!!” he mimics me but louder. If he wasn’t drunk right now, I swear he wouldn’t have gotten away with that. He stumbles in, knocks stuff over and climbs up the stairs. This is THE most hilarious thing I’ve seen in a while. Ok, now my laughs are louder than him knocking random shit over. Holy Fuck I do love him. We get up to his room and I shut the door. I turn around and see Bruno collapsed on his bed. WHAT!? He can’t be asleep already? I take a closer look and see that he actually is asleep. Wow. Poor thing. I get changed in to my pyjamas and with great difficulty, I get Bruno changed too. Well, when I say changed, I mean I remove everything he’s wearing except his boxers, that’s how he likes to sleep. I’m so shattered by now that I just crawl up next to Bruno in the little space we have on this single bed and instantly fall asleep.

I wake up with this splitting headache! Ouch. I wonder how Bruno’s is gonna be. I look over at him and see he’s still sleeping. I decide to have a shower to hopefully ease the pain. I get out and I actually feel better, I get changed and go wait for Bruno to wake up. Not long after I join him on the bed does he start to toss and turn. Poor thing, his head must hurt. He looks up at me, I wonder if he remembers much of last night…. “Morning” I say, he opens his mouth to reply but just smiles at me instead. “What happened last night?” He finally says. “You don’t remember?” He shakes his head slowly. “Oh, well, after you performed, we stayed and danced for a bit, I made out with this girl in the crowd and we had sex in the bathroom then we came home” He just looks at me like I’m an idiot. “I remember us NOT having sex in the bathroom, and I’m pretty sure I’d remember you making out with some girl” “Daaamnn Bruno, you’re too smart for me. Now get up, go jump in the shower, it helps” and he does just as I say. He gets changed and we go downstairs. As soon as we get down we see Bernie standing there with two Aspirins and water. What a saint. We both take it and down it in one. Yuck, I hate the taste of it. “How’re you both feeling?” “I feel like shit” Bruno replies and he sits at the table and starts to eat. “I don’t feel as bad as him” I say as I join him at the table. Whilst eating Bernie says “You both were loud when you came in last night” “NO WAY! NOT AGAIN!! Bruno what did I tell you about being loud like that! Have some self respect you dumbass” Pres says. Bruno just stares at her. “Not like that, you’re the dumbass” He looks at me and says confused “Not like that right? We didn’t….” I just shake my head. I finish eating and as soon as my fork hits the plate Presley says “Finallyyyy Lex!! Let’s go!!” Shit, I forgot we were gonna go out today, oh well; I suppose this could be fun. She grabs my hand and we go upstairs to get ready.

Chapter 45

“Lex, your clothes are all amazing! Like just wow, and your shoes, holy fuck! You gotta let me borrow some, in fact, can I wear these today!?” Pres says all excited. “Knock yourself out” I reply as I try to find something to wear. We get ready and it’s no surprise that she wears my clothes and shoes. Not that I really mind, I suppose in some ways, we kinda are like sisters now. Wow, this is all too weird for me. I say bye to Bruno and we leave to meet the others. “We’re gonna meet them at the mall, they had something they had to do. Lex, you can drive right?” She asks me as we walk outside. “Yeah I can drive” Oh God, I hope she asks me to drive; I haven’t driven in so long, I love driving. “Will you drive Trimaine’s car?” “He doesn’t mind?” “Nope” “Sure! I love driving, I haven’t driven in a while though” we get in the car and I start to drive and she asks me “Why haven’t you driven in a while? Don’t you drive to work?” “Well, I used to, but Bruno doesn’t really let me drive anymore, he always drives like the gentleman he is” “Awwwhhhhh” she says as she directs me where to go. “Holy shit Lex, you drive FAST!” “Oh God, you’re just like your brother!” “I am not!” “You SO are!”

We get to the mall and meet the others; they all run up to me and hug me which I thought was sweet. I really do love these girls, they’re amazing. We go into a few shops and I notice that they aren’t really buying that much. I’ll change that. “Oh wow, this dress is beautiful!” Tiara says. We all run over to see it and it really is gorgeous, it’s a short deep purple fitted dress. Behind it I find this even nicer one. It’s a glittery black designer strapless cocktail dress. “Hey Pres, this looks like your size” I put it up against her and it’s exactly her size. “It’s amazing” she says as she takes it over to the mirror. “Tiara, you gonna buy it?” “Noooooo, it’s over $1,000!” She says as she looks depressed and puts the dress back. Presley looks at the price “Fuck, so is this one!” and she also puts it back. “Well, maybe I’ll just hold the dresses and try to find something similar” I say as I look for dresses for Jamie and Tahiti. I find this Navy blue dress with sleeves for Jamie and a white halter neck for Tahiti. Of course I find this beautiful short red fitted dress for myself. When they’re not looking, I go over to the cashier and buy all the dresses. They come up to over $5,000 but I don’t care. They’re all worth every cent. I ask the woman to put them all in separate bags too and just at that moment, Jamie comes over. “Lexii what did you buy?” she asks confused. The others all join. One by one I hand them they’re dresses. “OH MY GOD YOU DIDNT!!” Tahiti screams happily! “Lex, we can’t accept these! It cost you too much” Just as I’m about to reply, Pres interrupts “Yeah I mean Bruno told us you were loaded, but we didn’t realise it was THIS much!! Thank you Lex!!” and she literally jumps on me out of happiness. I look at the others and they’re all just gazing at their new dresses. “I felt bad because I didn’t bring you anything from L.A. so here’s just a little gift from me” “If this is a little gift, I wanna see what a big present is….” Tiara jokes as we leave the store to get something to eat.

“What’s Bruno like? I mean. We know what he’s like at home with family, but I wanna know what he’s like with you, he’s romantic right?” Jamie asks. “Yeah, he’s so romantic; I mean the stuff he comes out with, the words he says are all just amazing. And he’s exactly the same as he is here at home” “What, you mean he’s goofy around you at home too?” Press says. I smile and nod. “Is he the jealous type?” Tahiti asks. “Oh yeahhh he is, he punched my ex once. Right in the nose” “No way!!” “Yes!! Even I couldn’t believe it, and we weren’t even dating at that point!” “My baby brother is hard” I laugh at this, but I laugh at this joke in more ways than one. Don’t be dirty in front of his sisters Lex. I just reply with a “Yes he is”. “Do you wanna marry him?” Tiara asks. She’s been quiet for a while, this must’ve been why. Fuck. I suppose I should just answer them. “You all know I do” “I know, but I just like to hear it” she replies. Jamie looks at me and says “Lex you’re so perfect for each other *she takes my hand* and I honestly wouldn’t want my brother dating anyone else apart from you” I try to hold back the tears of happiness, what she just said come as such a shock. I just smile because I’m literally speechless. The only thing I manage to say is “I really do love him. I’d be incomplete if we weren’t together” “So would he” they all say back.

We decide to leave after a full 7 hours of shopping! When we all get back to Bruno’s I realise he’s not there. The others all go in the living room to look at all the clothes we bought, I decide to go inside and speak with Bernie. “Hey Bernie, how are you?” I ask her. “I’m fine thank you sweetheart; did you have a good time shopping with the girls?” “Amazing, they’re so much fun” “You’re an only child right?” “Yeah, my mom would’ve liked more kids, but it just never happened” “So you grew up alone right, oh Lexii, that’s so sad, the girls are your sisters now. You know how much they love you don’t you?” “Of course I know, I love them all back exactly the same” “Bruno’s just outside playing ball with the guys, he’ll be happy you’re back” She smiles and I know she’s thinking about asking me something too. I hope she doesn’t ask me about marrying him. “You know Lex, he’s my baby, my baby boy and even though I love him and Eric the same, he’ll always have a special place in my heart. I suppose typically I’m not supposed to like you, because you’re taking my baby away from me. But Lexii, I love you just the same as I do my girls. I know I haven’t known you for that long. But I know what I feel and I can see how much Bruno loves you. The way he looks at you, you don’t notice, but he’s ALWAYS looking at you with this huge smile on his face. He always has to be touching you in some way too, if it’s not holding your hand, it’s him putting his arm around you, or he’ll be kissing you somehow. It really is beautiful for me to see, I’ve never seen him this happy before” I’m smiling like an idiot now, just to have the approval from Bernie means the world to me. I hug her with all the emotion I have and she responds back with an even bigger hug.

“LEEEEEEXXXX!!!” I hear Bruno yell from the door, what the hell!? “FUUUUCK IT HURTS SO BAD!!!” Is he in pain!? I get up and see Eric and some other guy on either side of Bruno holding him up, he can’t even walk. They bring him in and sit him out the couch. I see tears rolling from his eyes as he’s got them closed in pain. Shit.