Chapter 4

25/04/2011 15:55

We were in the hospital. Bruno lay in his bed sleeping, while I just stared at him and had my hand on top of his. I felt his fingers starting to twitch and then grasp my hand. His brown eyes fluttered open. "Bru?" I said. His eyes dazed over to me. I raised my eyebrows, like "Hello?" He smiled. "What happened?" he said. His voice crackled. "Umm, we went bowling, and this guy, kinda like, threw a grenade at me, and you caught it. You know you didn't have to do that. I mean I coulda di-" "Shush! I caught it for you. No need to thank me" he said. He acted like getting hit by a grenade was plain old everyday chores. "Dude! You coulda died! I'm lucky I'm talking to you now!" I said. "I'd pay all my money just to talk to you. I wouldn't care if I was deaf or mute. Anything to see your face." he replied and smiled. He grasped my hand harder. "Awwwe! Thank you! But I'm not THAT import-" "You are." I could tell I blushed, because he laughed. "What?" he smiled at my face. "I love it when you blush" he said. "You mean whenevr I'm beet red? You love that? Ok! I'm fine with that!" I said with a smile. The doctor came in. "Good to know he's talking. He's going to have to take this medicine everyday to help his spine from moving out of shape. Apparently, the grenade had hit him in the back." the doctor said. "Oh what a walk in the park huh?" I said. The doctor raised his eyebrows and left. "You can go home tomorrow bud" he said. I looked back at Bruno. He was already staring at me. I just know that look on his face. "Well, I should let you sleep. By the way, you're pretty sexy when you sleep." I said smiling and winked. "Oh am I? Well.. let me tell you!" he chuckled. "Nah, I can tell you want to leave. I'll be sexy in my sleep for you! Love ya" He said. He kissed me on the cheek. "Feel better hun!" I said and I walked out. As I walked out of the hosptial, I was thinking, He said 'Love you' Hmmm.... I have a loverrr! Just kidding!


The next day, I checked on Bruno. "Room thirteen ma'am" the assistant said. I walked to the room. Bruno was sleeping. Er, was he? I saw the corner of his eye peek open. Then he started to fake snore. "Hahahah you don't have to fool me!" I said sitting down next to him. "What?! I just wanted to look 'sexy'" He said. "How ya feelin'" I asked. "Err, my spine is better. I feel fine actually. I had to do these spine exercises, they were weird. Doc said I can get out today though. Go out to eat with me? Pleeeeasse?" he begged. I felt bad for him. Poor baby! "Of course" I smiled at him. "How bout I'll call you when Imma get outta here, and I'll pick ya up" he suggested. "Sounds great! See ya then!" I said. "Bye babe" he said. I felt bad walking out. But it wasn't like, on purpose. I looked back and I saw a nurse getting close to him. It irratated me a little. He started to back up. She got closer. I ran down the hall towards her and jumped on her back, screaming, "Get off of his you useless piece of roadtrash!" She fell on the floor and before I knew it, two REALLY muscular guys picked me up and plopped me on the ground outside of the hosptial doors. I just got kicked out of a hosptial. Guess I can check that off the list of things to do before I die!

I was really bored at home. Not being able to see Bruno's sexy face bothered me. I was literally staring at a wall. Of Bruno posters though. My phone rang, and it was Bruno! He had said he got out of the hosptial. "Oh yeah, and nice attack on that nurse. She wasn't my type anyways" he added. When we got off the phone, the weirdest thing happened. Bruno was at my door. That was fast wasn't it? "Lets hope today we don't get in a stand up hun" I said. "Ay you're lucky to have a sexy and strong man with you. I'll do anything for you." he said. Bruno obviously really cared about me. On the ride to dinner, my phone kept getting text messages from Phillip. Most of them were based on the topic of Phillip, himself, being in the hosptial for his kidney. His kidney? He was also talking about surgery. Bruno must have saw my puzzled face. "Whats wrong babe" he said. "Oh, um, Phil keeps texting me, he says he's in the hosptital for his kidney. Is he okay?" I asked Bruno. "OH right... he's been having kidney pains lately. I hope he's okay. He's like a bro to me, ya know?" he said. Awe. Brothers. "I know, lets just pray that everything will be okay." Bruno looked at his hands and was praying. I got another text from Phillip. It said, "Cait, help me. I've just been diagnosed with Kidney Cancer. Help me. Can you and Bruno come to the hosptial as soon as you can? It would mean a lot
(:" My jaw dropped. "Bruno" I said. "BRUNO" I screamed. "What what what is it?" "Phillip texted me. He needs us at the hosptial." I said. "Why?" Bruno said. "He's been diagnosed with Kidney Cancer." Bruno's face dropped. "Mark, Mercy Hosptial A.S.A.P!" Bruno called to the driver. Poor Phillip. And Bruno was just saying he loves him like a brother. But wait, aren't I kicked out of the hosptial? Let's hope not...