Chapter 45-49

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Chapter 45

Many hours later we were still in the hospital. There was only me and Bruno left, everyone had gradually went home after he woke up and the twins had gone with Bernie.

“I can’t believe I was out for three months,” he was saying, “Did you miss me?” He teased.

“Of course I did you idiot. Three months without you. It was killing me.” I replied.

“And here you are dressed in my clothes wearing my cologne. Tut-tut.” He laughed.

I punched his arm playfully. “You ain’t to big to be beat up kid.”

“You know what you’ve been missing for three months?” He asked me with a huge smile on his face.

“What?” I asked him confused.

He pulled me close and whispered in my ear, “The sex dragon.”

“Oh no you don’t.” I laughed pulling away from him, “At least not here you don’t.”

“Come on Mel, you’re no fun.” He started kissing my neck. Damn he knew how to turn me on, “I’ve been in a coma for three months, give me some sympathy.”

He continued kissing my neck until I pushed him away.

“No. Bruno I can’t. Remember the last time we did it around people? Poor Jaime. You can’t wait til you’re out. So be a good little boy and do as you’re told.” I said patting his head.

“If not a freaking dog Mel.” He burst out laughing. When he finished laughing he finally sighed. “Fine I’ll wait at least til we’re home. I pray that it’s soon. I’ve missed you.” he started feeling my ass.

“Bruno. What did I say?” I asked him.

“Ugh. No sex. I promise I won’t try and turn you on anymore. You better do something special for me then.” He asked me raising his eyebrow hopefully.

“Maybe.” I said as I took my phone out of my pocket. I check the time. It was 1am. I better get going home.

“I’d better get going B.” I said standing up but Bruno had other ideas and grabbed my hand as I was standing and dragged me back down to the bed. He kissed me full on the mouth. Soon enough we were making out. I’d missed this. Just being with him. Darn I loved him so much. After a few minutes I pushed him away.

“Look I’d better go. I’m surprised the doctors let me stay this long. Well it’s not every day your mega star husband waked up from a coma now is it?” I asked him rhetorically.

I kissed him once more and headed for the door.
“I love you Mel.” He said blowing me a kiss.

“I love you too Bru. More than you will ever know.” I replied blowing a kiss back.

Walking towards the elevator I though about how lonely I’d felt the last three months without him there. Tomorrow we would finally get him back home. He was right I’d better plan something for him. I let a smile light up my face. I didn’t care how weird I looked. I had the love of my life back and I couldn’t be happier. It was a shame he had to stay in overnight though.

When the elevator doors opened I headed straight for the exit. I took the car keys out of my pocket and headed for the car.

I seen someone out the corner of my eye that looked familiar. I turned around to get a second look. Shit. It was Amrita. What the fuck was she doing here?

I decided to follow her to see where she was going. But I could already guess where she was headed. She went into the elevator. I took the stairs to Bruno’s floor. Moments later she came out of the elevator and headed straight towards Bruno’s room. She knocked on the door and entered, when she was in she closed the door behind her. I walked over to the closed door and pressed my ear against it.

“What the fuck are you doing here Amrita?” Bruno snapped at her.

“I came to see you baby.” She replied, sounding seductive.

I heard footsteps. “Don’t come any closer,” Bruno was warning her, “What’s that?”

“Just a little something to help you sleep my love.” She replied.

I flung the door open and there she was. Sat on Bruno’s bed with a syringe in her hand. It was already in Bruno’s arm and he was once again unconscious.

“What the fuck have you done?” I shouted at her.

“Just gave him something to sleep. He won’t be waking up for quite some time now.” She said with a huge smile on her face.

“DOCTOR!” I shouted as Amrita drifted past me and out the door.

I wasn’t going to lose him again.

I’d just got him back.


Chapter 46

“Bruno no.” I was muttering again and again sat by his side.

The doctors were rushing around me trying to get him conscious again. They said that whatever was injected into his body can be prevented if they get it out of him in time.

They had all sorts of syringes in hip and he had drips everywhere.

“I got it!” One of the doctors shouted.

Everyone around me sighed with relief.
“What now then?” I asked the nearest doctor.

“We just wait till he comes around. I wouldn’t be surprised if he could hear us now. He can still go home tomorrow.” We both looked at Bruno. Then all of the doctors left the room and a smile lit up Bruno’s.

“Oh my god. You are such a tease.” I laughed.

He laughed too. “You know you’re so hot when you’re concerned.” He said still teasing me.

“You couldn’t even see me!” I said back still laughing.

“I didn’t need to.” He winked at me.

“So now I’m gonna go!” I said getting up to leave. Bruno caught my arm and pulled me to sit on the bed next to him. He put his hand on the back of my neck and pulled me in to kiss him. His lips were so soft as they brushed mine, I swore every time we kissed the feeling got more intense.

He pulled away but I left my forehead leaned against his.

“I’m going to miss you. Don’t forgot to plan something for me tomorrow when I get back. I’ll be looking forward to it.” He winked at me again. He pressed his lips to mine and then pushed me away.

“Go on the Mrs. Hernandez. You’d better get your sleep cause you ain’t gonna be getting any for a while” Again he winked. Could he possibly have something in his eye? I thought to myself jokingly.

“The way you’re going the only thing you’re going to be getting is sleep.” I winked back at him.

“Do you have something in your eye Mel?” He asked.

“No! I was trying to wink. I’m just not sexy enough to pull it off”

Bruno burst into laughter. “Of course you are. Now go on get home before you stay here all night.”

With that I kissed him on the lips once more and blew him a kiss goodbye as I walked out the door.

It had been a long day so as soon as I got home I practically fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.


The next day I was rushing around to get something nice sorted for Bruno coming home. Even if he did only want the sex really.

I’d prepared a nice little evening for him. The twins were with Hayley, champagne, fancy food, I even bought some new lingerie.

I was so nervous! I hated wearing anything remotely sexy. Bruno would be home in about 15 minutes so I was rushing around putting the finishing touched to everything.

When he was due to arrive I sat myself down at the table. The front door opened and there he was. I ran up to him and flung my legs around him and kissed him within an inch of his life. “I love you, I love you, I love you. Welcome home baby.” I said still kissing him in between words.

“I’ve missed you so much. And look at this!” He said gesturing to the room the was filled with candles.”It’s beautiful Mellie.”

“Come on lets eat!” I said leading him to the table. We ate quickly and drank our champagne and I was now starting to feel a little bit tipsy. I excused myself from the table and went to the bathroom that was adjoined to our bedroom. I snatched my lingerie off the bed on my way and went into the bathroom. I quickly changed and glanced myself over in the mirror. I look quite hot, if I do say so myself. I was all nerves now and the butterflies were going in my stomach. I ruffled my hair once put on some lipstick and went out the door.

I leaned against the door frame and closed my eyes so I couldn’t see Bruno’s reaction. “Come here baby.” I said seductively.

“Um okay?” The voice returned. Only it wasn’t Bruno’s voice.

My eyes flashed open as I took in the additions to the room. Almost the whole band was there. They were all staring at me. Even Phred went “Damn Bruno you’re lucky.”

I was just stood there like a rabbit in the headlights. Once I’d registered what had happened I ran back into the bathroom and locked the door.

I heard laughter erupt from the lounge.

Moments later I heard a knock on the door.


Chapter 47

I opened the door to reveal Bruno stood there with a smirk on his face.

“Babe I’m sorry. If I’d have known that you would be dressed like that,” He looked me up and down, “Damn, I would have swept you off your feet there and then. The guys wanted to come round, after all I have been in a coma for three months.”

“I don’t blame them it’s just that..” I trailed off looking to the floor. I can’t believe that I’d walked out practically naked in front of everyone.

Bruno came closer to me and took me into his arms. “Look nothings wrong. It was a mistake, no one will mind.” He took my clothes off the floor and passed them to me, “Get changed and come back in alright babe? I want to see all of my favorite people.” He turned away to walk out the door but came back in shortly after and smacked me on the butt, “Especially you.” He winked at me, “You better wear that when everyone’s gone. You look sexy as fuck.” And with that he kissed me once and exited.

I still can’t believe how embarrassing it was though. Just get it together Melanie. I got myself dressed again and threw on a hoodie for extra measures. I even put up the hood.

I walked cautiously back to the front room where sure enough everyone was still waiting. I sat down next to Bruno and he put his arm over my shoulder.

“So Melanie, care to explain?” Phil asked and the whole room burst into laughter.

“What were you wearing?” Kam joked and was once again in hysterics.

“Or what wasn’t she wearing.” Jamareo added.

At that I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Oh my god. What was I doing honestly?” I laughed with all of them now. I looked at Bruno. His face was serious. When we all looked at him he burst out laughing.

“You’re face though Mel!” He said between laughs.

I punched him playfully in the stomach.

“Hey, I’d love to see you walk in in front of everyone with nothing on.” I started laughing at the thought of it.

“Well we’d better be going.” Eric said, “Little bro probably wants us out the way. Mel gave us a preview of what they’re going to be getting up to tonight.”

I felt myself blush.

“I’m so sorry.” I apologized.

“Don’t apologize” Phil said, “Most I’ve laughed in a long time.”

“See you guys later then,” Bruno interjected sounding eager practically pushing them out of the door.

“Bruno’s gonna go soooome” Jam was chanting and everyone started joining in. The lot of them were so immature.

“Get out before I kill you all.” Bruno was laughing now as he came over to me wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing my neck. I turned around and kissed him.

“That’s it I can’t take anymore.” I heard someone from behind Bruno. I opened my eyes and seen Phred run out the door slamming it shut behind him.

“Well that was fun.” I said when everyone had left.

“I know. They’re so damn lucky that they got to see you.” He said biting his lip at me. He raised his eyebrow, “You still got it on?”

“Mhmm” I said nodding my head.

“Well Mrs. Hernandez get your ass in that bedroom now.” He said picking me up and carrying me towards our room.

It was so good to have him back.


Chapter 48

Two weeks later and the wedding was just around the corner. It was all in order, invitations delivered, color schemes picked. I was really looking forward to it, looks like I was going to get my fairytale wedding after all.

“Babe come on!” Bruno shouted as he stamped out his cigarette.

“Coming.” I ran over to him and kissed him on the cheek and got into the car.

We were on our way to a photo shoot of our engagement, it was the only chance we could get. With Bruno being in a coma and the twins being on the way.

“I’m so excited about this” Bruno said leaning over and kissing me. He pulled away and leaned over me to kiss both of the twins on the head. We were getting everyone in this photo, even if it killed me.

“Me too,” I replied taking Bruno’s hand.

We arrived at the destination where our photo shoot was due to take place. We were greeted by our wedding planner Shareen. None of what we had planned would be possible with her. She had become a really close friend of ours as well. She came over to us and shook our hand and kissed us on each cheek in turn, after all she was French.

She spoke in a french accent which I thought was fascinating. “Ah Melanie, Bruno! So nice to see you after so long. I really hope you enjoy today. Think of it as my gift to you.” She gave us a brief smile and led us to a limousine which was parked outside the building we met her at.

“What is this Shareen?” I looked at her an I felt a huge smile light up my face.

“Wait and see,” She said gesturing for us to get inside.

I took the twins and put them in first then I grabbed Bruno’s hand and dragged him inside, we were followed by Shareen and she shut the door behind us. I could feel excitement brewing, even though I knew that it was only going to be pictures that were going to be taken.

The limousine stopped about five minutes later but I couldn’t tell where we were as the windows were blacked out. I woke up this morning thinking that we were going to have a normal photo shoot like we had planned. Bruno whispered in my ear, “I hope you like this baby, this is all for you.”

“You never planned anything without me Peter Hernandez, how could you?” I mocked.

Shareen opened the door and I stepped out into the open. I was blinded by the sun and I had to take my ray-bans off the front of my shirt and put them on. We were on the beach. It was a beautiful circled off area though. There was a huge gazebo and the beach was lined with lilies, my favorite flower.

I looked to Bruno who was getting the twins, I ran up to him and gave him the biggest kiss I could manage. “Thank you. So far so good boy.”

I walked over onto the beach and took my converse off. The feel of the sand in between my toes again was amazing. I walked over to the gazebo and lifted the flap.

“SURPRISE!” Was yelled from all directions and I think I nearly had a heart attack.

Inside was everyone we knew. My mom and dad, the Hernandez family, Hayley and all the Hooligans. There was no one missing. “Oh my god.” was all I could say. It was set up like a party, food and tables and everything. I heard someone enter the gazebo behind me and they put their arms around my waist from behind. “You like it?” Bruno asked me.

“Like it? I love it!” I yelled and cheers erupted through the room.

“This is our second shot at our engagement party, as the twins decided to pay an early visit last time. We’re going to chill with our friends and we’re going to get our photo’s taken. Everyone’s here, no one’s been missed. I made sure. Shareen helped organize the whole thing.”

I pulled away from Bruno to see Shareen to see her stood texting on her Blackberry.

I ran up to her and gave her a huge hug. “Thank you, this,” I gestured to the room around us, “is perfect. J’adore!” I laughed at my attempt of french.

She blushed and a smile lit her face, “Merci! It’s my job Melanie. Enjoy this my dear, you deserve it after the year you two have had”

Bruno was by my side and he had his face in my neck. “I’ve already gotten more than I deserve.” He whispered against my neck so only I could hear.

I turned to face him, “What do you mean?”

“I mean, I already have the perfect children. And not to mention my perfect drop dead gorgeous wife. I could not be happier. You make my life worthwhile Mellie.”

I pressed my forehead to his and kissed him. The room erupted into cheers again. There were also a few groans, I guessed they came from Phred and Jamareo, always the ones to complain.

“I love you.” Bruno said.

“I love you too.” I replied.

I had the biggest smile on my face.

I was such a lucky girl.

Nothing could knock me now.  


Chapter 49

The party was now in full swing. Shareen kept informing us that we had our photos to still be taken but we were in no hurry. Firstly I wanted to make sure that I got to speak to everyone that had come. Eventually I had made my way around the large group of people and now I came across my mom and dad.

“Mel!” My mom squealed and embraced me in a hug, “I’ve missed you so much, I can’t believe how much my little Faith has grown!” She cooed at Faith who was sleeping soundly in her car seat by my feet.

“Melanie.” My dad acknowledged me with a firm nod of the head. He never changed. “Where is Peter?” He asked sounding no more enthusiastic than he had when greeting me. He still didn’t approve of famous people. I must admit he was getting better, he at least spoke to Bruno now instead of ignoring him all together. He was always going to be the boy that knocked up his daughter to him.

“Here I am.” Bruno announced himself and stood beside me wrapping his arm around my waist once he was stood next to me facing my father.

“Good to see you son.” My dad said, with was it? It was, a smile on his face. He extended his hand towards Bruno and Bruno didn’t hesitate and firmly shook his hand.

“Good to see you too Mr. Franklin.” Bruno replied.

“Oh please call me David!” He said smile still on his face, what was with him?

“Oh okay! How are you feeling David? Recovering well?” Bruno asked him.

“I’m doing great recovering well yes. Heart attacks are a pain in the arse if you ask me.” They both laughed.

Shareen was next to us moments later. “Come on everyone outside now, Mel and Bruno need to get changed.”

I looked at her in confusion. “Get changed?”

“Yes, now don’t protest. Bruno show her where to go.” Shareen instructed.

Bruno grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the far corner of the room. I seen a stunning dress in the corner. Bruno picked it up and handed it to me. “Here you go.”

I took it off him and quickly got changed. It fit me perfectly. It was just a simple summer dress but I knew that it was going to make our pictures. Bruno had a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and gray knee length shorts and of course the signature fedora. He looked amazing.

“You look beautiful as always.” He said.

“Not too bad yourself Hernandez.” I replied smirking at him.

I took his hand and we went outside. Everyone was at the edge of the sea. Shareen was waving her arms frantically next to a photographer. “Hurry up or the suns going to be too low and the lighting isn’t going to be right!”

“Such the perfectionist.” I whispered to Bruno from the corner of my mouth.

He chuckled and we finally reached the group of people. “Now get in the water, not too far to drench your clothes.” The photographer instructed.

“In the water?” I asked him.

“Yes!” Bruno yelled picking me up and dumping me in the water. I nearly slipped when he put me down and had to cling on to his arm.

The photos started off simple. Just smiling and happy. Then they were just of me and Bruno and were feeling a little but more intimate. One photo he lifted me up and kissed me. I thought it would be nice. Except when he put me down I fell and got soaked through. “BRUNO!” I screamed pulling him into the water with me. The flash of the camera continued to flare the whole time.

When we were dried up Shareen wanted us to go and see the finished photos. “Now these are unedited snaps. So if you don’t like them just let me know before the magazines print them.” She left us alone to flick over them.

They were absolutely perfect. The ones of me and Bruno and the twins were beautiful I noticed how much they looked like us.

The best ones were of me and Bruno when we were play fighting in the water. “I like this one.” Bruno said pointing to one where he was kissing me when we were both wet in the sea.

“Me too.” I said hooking my finger into his belt loop and pulling him closer.

“We sure are two photogenic people.” Bruno joked. He leaned in and kissed me on the lips. “Bring on the wedding.”

“Bring on the hen party I say.” I replied kissing Bruno again.