Chapter 46-50

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“Ugh, I don’t feel like going to work today,” I said as I wrapped a blanket around my shoulders.

“Then don’t go,” Bruno replied as he came up behind me, kissing me on my neck.

“As much as I’d love to stay,” I said in a short breath, trying to keep myself from becoming distracted by him, “I’ve got far too many things to get done.”

“So,” Bruno said, entwining his fingers with mine. “Take the day off just this once. I’ve got nothing to do all day anyways,” he begged, still kissing my neck.

“Don’t you have a bunch of work needed in like two weeks?” I asked, confused at what he’d said a couple of days ago.

He shrugged his shoulders against me. “I’m taking a few days off to sort some things out,” he softly spoke as he rested his chin on my shoulder before kissing my neck again.

Bruno suddenly jumped as his lips touched my skin as he shouted out, “Shit!” He stumbled back from my body, reaching his hand down to his phone that was apparently ringing at the moment.

“Hey, I uh—I am,” he said, slowly turning from me as he began walking down the hall. “Phil, listen, I—“ he yelled, the second half of his statement getting cut off as he slammed the door to his music/den room.

I stood halfway in the hallway awkwardly for a moment, trying to decipher what I should do. I heard Bruno’s muffled voice coming from the room, and by the sound of it, he didn’t seem very happy. I let out a small sigh, deciding on just heading upstairs to get ready and not going in to bother Bruno.

Bruno came upstairs a half hour later. I was already ready by the time he stumbled into the bedroom, scratching his head.

“Everything fine?” I asked, curiously watching him as he sat down on his bed.

He nodded his head, setting his phone on the nightstand. “Yeah, we were just discussing a few things,” He replied.

“It sounded like you were arguing,” I pointed out, tossing my brush and some hair supplies back into my bag.

“I tend to get pissy when I’m stressed,” Bruno said with a sad smile, shaking his head.

“I’ve noticed,” I replied with the same smile.

“Do you have anything planned for tonight?” Bruno asked after a moment of silence as he sat, watching me gather my things.

“Not that I know of,” I replied, standing up from my bag and scratching my head as I thought.

“Alright, well I want to see you when you get off of work,” He said, standing up to walk over to me.

I nodded my head in agreement. “Of course,” I said, slightly smiling at his neutral face. “I’ve got to go now, Bruno,” I said in response to his arms wrapping around my waist.

“And you will,” He said, giving me a small kiss. “As long as you come here when you’re off,” he added as he pulled back.

“I promise,” I replied, giving him one last peck on the lips before leaving.

“Fuck working, I need a drink,” I said as I flopped down in one of the white, comfy couches, tossing my notebook aside.

I saw my co-worker, Maddy, nodding her head in agreement as she let out an exasperated sigh. “Well, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere,” She said with a sideways glance towards me, smiling.

I slightly laughed at her statement, wishing it was five here. “I don’t think Twitch would be too happy if he found out we left to go hit up the clubs,” I said with a laugh.

“I think I can hold off one more hour,” Maddy replied, sitting up straight as she reached across the coffee table in front of her, shifting through the hundreds of papers that scattered it.

I glanced up across the busy room, watching everyone as they hurried on with everything. I noticed Ally and Jake standing next to another friend near one of the large meeting rooms. They seemed to be in a pretty deep conversation as I watched, avoiding getting back to work. Ally took a glance in my direction, making eye contact for a split second before she turned her head towards Jake, whispering something in his ear.

“What do you suppose that’s all about?” I asked, nodding my head in their direction. Maddy glanced up from a paper towards them, shaking her head after a moment. “Probably gossiping. It’s not like Ally’s the best at focusing anyways.”

I smiled as I nodded my head, agreeing with her statement. I grabbed my notebook and laptop from the table before standing up as I walked back to my office.

A half hour later I was just getting ready to pack up my things when I saw Jake and Ally standing outside my door.

Ally opened the door, slightly shoving Jake in front of her.

I glanced up from my computer, smiling at the two of them. “What’s up?” I asked, propping my head up with my arm.

Jake slightly shifted as he rolled what appeared to be a catalogue or magazine into a tight tube in his hands, his eyes halfway glancing at the floor. My expression slowly turned curious as neither of them said anything for a moment.

“I uh,” Jake began, lifting his head up to face me. “I really hate to be the one to do this to you,” he continued, scratching his head nervously. “And I don’t want to be known for ruining anything,” He added as glanced down to what he was holding in his hands, unrolling it as he smoothed it out, revealing it to be a magazine. He took a small step towards my desk, opening it to a page in the middle.

“But I think you should see this,” He finally said, sliding the magazine towards me, his finger pointing to a small article at the bottom of the page.

I stared down at the open page below me, suddenly feeling nauseous. I grabbed it from my desk, gripping hard onto the pages as I glanced back up at Jake’s empathetic face, a horror-stricken expression plastered onto mine.

“…Oh my god,” I softly whispered out as my heart sank. “I can’t believe I’m such an idiot.”





I fought back angry tears that threatened to drop from my eyes, my gaze still glued on the black and white print. My head spun in confusion and realization at the same time as I tried to keep my calm.

I took a small breath, reading the small caption beneath the picture again:

Los Angeles, CA— Bruno Mars was seen leaving a downtown L.A. club last Saturday night. The “Grenade” Singer appeared to be leaving with a mysterious mistress on his way out. Although her face is hidden, it appears to be quite obvious the young lady wasn’t fashion designer Abigail Midley, who we believed to have been Mr. Mars’ girlfriend.

I shifted my gaze back up to the picture, not wanting to look at it. Bruno’s unmistakable hat was what had probably drawn the attention to him in the first place. He appeared to be walking only a few feet from the doorway, his head looking forwards. His mouth was half parted, and his eyes gazed off in the distance, noticeably glazed over.

His left hand was clutching his Blackberry and a pack of cigarettes, the gleam of the camera’s flash reflecting off of the golden ring he always had on his finger. His right hand, however, was set back behind him, resting itself on the lower back of a woman.

She was only a couple inches taller than Bruno due to the high heels she wore. Her face was hidden with her left hand that appeared to be moving the hair away from her eyes. She could have been anyone with such little detail in the picture of her, but I knew the second I read the caption that it was Sydney.

The way his hand rested on her hip showed it wasn’t just his usual ‘friendly’ gesture. Something about this picture and the way he was acting was extremely suspicious. I felt a small surge of anger flood through my body as I continued to analyze the snapshot.

I suddenly felt angry, any trace of sadness that filled me immediately ceased. I had forgotten that Jake and Ally were still in my office, but I thanked them for telling me as I shoved my things into my bag hurriedly. I ignored Ally’s concern when I didn’t reply to her questions, and before I knew it, I was storming out of the office.

I got into my car angrily, my mind set on only one route. I wanted to yell and scream and kick him so hard for this. I didn’t care what happened; he still avoided this all week. My heart rate was beating out of control, and a few angry tears managed to slip their way out, but I quickly recovered myself as I pulled up in front of his house.

I grabbed the magazine, walking to his door and…knocked. It was strange, I couldn’t remember the last time it was I had to actually knock on his door. But it didn’t feel right, and I knew I wasn’t just about to walk in on my own when I was about to explode on him.

Bruno opened the door, a confused expression on his face until he realized I was the one knocking. He smiled as he opened the door wider. “Oh, hey!”

“What the hell is this?” I asked, walking in the doorway as I slightly held up the magazine.

“I thought I told you not to pay any attention to those tabloids,” Bruno replied, giving a sideways glance to the magazine. “They’re just a bunch of shit.”

“Oh right, a bunch of shit. Or do you just say that so that you can keep your shit hidden?!” I slightly yelled.

“Baby, what are you talking about?” Bruno asked in a calm voice. Don’t act like you don’t fucking know.

“Oh I don’t know,” I said sarcastically. “Maybe just this picture of you and Sydney leaving a club together,” I flatly stated, shoving the magazine towards his chest threateningly.

Bruno nervously glanced down at the tabloid, looking shocked for a moment before looking away. He let out a small sigh, running a hand through his hair. “Abby, I—“

“No!” I shouted, not wanting to hear another bull-shitted excuse like he’d been giving me all week. “You told me nothing was going on between you two!”

“Because there isn’t!” Bruno defended back, daring to look me in the eyes.

“Then explain this!” I yelled, shaking the tabloid in my hand once more.

“Baby it was late, and I was drunk as hell. It was just one mistake, I—“ He’s not even going to try to deny anything, I thought, the sound of it making me physically nauseous.

“Unless you somehow manage to convince me this isn’t you in this picture, then there is no mistake.” I said through a clenched jaw.

Bruno grew silent at my last statement as he shifted uncomfortably, making me nervous.

“What happened?” I asked coldly, staring at his eyes that were avoiding mine.

”Nothing,” he emphasized, glancing up at me for a second.

“Bullshit, Bruno!” I said, furious at his continuous lies. “I know enough in hell that you didn’t just take her home when your hand is on her hip like that!”

Bruno took a hard swallow, slightly kicking the floor with the tip of his shoe, not speaking.

A sudden wave of realization swept through my body as I watched him, and every part of me that at one point felt strong suddenly collapsed. “Oh my god,” I softly whispered out, feeling tears beginning to form. “Bruno, what did you do with her that night?” I asked, slightly raising my voice.

Bruno shook his head, reaching up to scratch it.

“Bruno!” I shouted, wishing he would tell me that nothing happened.

“Baby, listen,” Bruno softly said, looking up at me again.

“Stop saying that,” I said, shaking my head as a few tears escaped. “Please, pleasejust tell me nothing happened after this picture,” I begged, wanting to believe it wasn’t true.

He took in a deep breath, not replying as he shook his head, avoiding answering the question he and I both knew the answer to.

“You fucked her, didn’t you?” I stated flatly, not expecting an answer.

“…You know I love you, right?” Bruno asked with sadness in his voice as he avoided answering directly, making eye contact for the first time since I arrived.

I shook my head, more tears beginning to fall. “No. You don’t!” I halfway shouted, trying to hold my shaky body together. “Y-you cheated on me…” I said in a voice almost inaudible, barely whispering out the last words from my lips.

“Abby, it was a mistake—“

“That doesn’t matter to me!” I said as I cut him off, wiping a few tears from my eyes. “You lied to me Bruno! You looked me straight in the fucking eyes and lied.”

“I know. I shouldn’t have lied to you. But there isn’t anything going on,” He pleaded, his eyes full of regret.

I looked away from him, not wanting to see his apologetic face. “Oh right, and are you going to use this magazine to prove that one?!” I asked sarcastically, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Abby, can you just hear me out?”

“No! You know what,” I asked, my voice suddenly shouting once more. “I’ve heard plenty of your bullshitted lies in the past week on how you’ve been going to the studio or doing some work with the guys and now I’m sick of it! You think by telling me that you love me so much and that you’re going to take time off to fix things is going to make everything better. I’m not stupid Bruno, and I’m not going to fall for that shit again!” I yelled as I slightly paced the entry way, wiping tears from my face.

“Please,” Bruno said, shaking his head. “Let’s just talk about this baby—“

”No,” I stated through my teeth. “And stop calling me that. Nothing you can say, do, or sing about is going to fix anything! Don’t you understand?! The damage is long done…” I softly spoke out the last words, realizing what I was really doing right now.

“Abby, please—“ Bruno said in a begging tone as his voice cracked.

I felt my body finally allowing myself to cry freely as several tears fell from my cheeks. I brought my hands up over my head, walking in a circle as I half talked to myself. “I thought you were different,” I said, thinking back on a couple of ex’s I had who cheated on me. “But you’re really not. You’re just the same fucking dick as every other guy,” I choked out, now really avoiding eye contact. “I, I h-hate you,” I softly mumbled out while I began to cry, my mind trying to make up what I wanted to do.

Bruno shook his head sorrowfully. “No, please don’t say that,” he said with shame.

I shook my own head, turning for the doorway. “I can’t do this anymore,” I said, picking up my phone that somehow ended up on the floor. “I’m sorry,” I said, reaching for the door handle. Why the fuck am I the one telling him I’m sorry?

“What are you saying, Abbz?” Bruno softly asked in a small voice.

“I just, I need to figure out this on my own,” I said, stammering.

“Baby, can we please just talk about this?”

I slightly tensed up at his sentence, turning to face him again. “Give me one good reason why I should stay!” I said with a clenched jaw, the anger returning to me.

“Abby, I—“ Bruno began before cutting himself off as he choked up on his words.

“Exactly.” I stated, grabbing the door and opening it.

“Abby,” Bruno quickly said, and I felt his hand gripping my wrist.

I stopped midway out the door, my muscles tensing at his touch. “Let go of me,” I said through a clenched jaw, not looking at him.

I felt his grip loosen on me as I slipped from his hold, walking out the doorway. I walked back to my car, feeling the tears now really beginning to flow. I walked in a rather slow pace, hoping in the back of my mind that he would come running out of his house, telling me that this wasn’t real.

But he never came back out.

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I stared at the calm waves rolling onto the beach, my mind already halfway shut down. A small breeze blew my hair away from my face, drying the tears to a tight mask around my eyes. Why do I always end up here? I thought as I refused to take any step closer to the water.

People around me went about their day, walking their dog or going out for an early morning run. The weather was turning cool quickly, and I would be pretty surprised if I saw someone getting into the water today. I looked down at my phone. It was still pretty early in the afternoon. And already ten missed calls from Bruno. I shoved my phone into my pocket, not planning on calling him back. I’m not giving him the decency in calling him back. No fucking way.

I folded my arms across my chest, slowly walking alongside the shoreline just as I had only a few days ago. But last time things were different; much different. In a way I wished I was still as oblivious to all of this as I had been yesterday. That way I wouldn’t be in this position right now.

I finally sat down in the sand, holding my knees with my hands as I stared at the waves once more. I felt a few more tears escape as I tried my best to hold myself together. But my mind was racing with so many emotions that I didn’t know how long it would be until I finally just broke down and screamed at the top of my lungs.

This entire time I trusted him that everything was fine, I thought as I wiped away a tear. Just to have it all slapped back in my face. I couldn’t decide whether I was more mad at the fact that he lied to me or that he cheated on me. But putting them both together sure as hell made me feel like shit. I hate him, I thought as I sniffed, my eyes blurring once more. I hate him, and this time I mean it.

I heard my phone ringing in my pocket, making a rather loud echoing noise through my jacket. I pulled it out, expecting it to be Bruno. Letting out a sigh of relief at the caller ID, I answered my phone.

“Hello?” I sniffed, my voice slightly cracking.

“Abby?” Ally’s voice sounded concerned as she replied to me. “Is everything alright?”

I paused for a moment, taking a deep, shaky breath. “Not exactly,” I replied, rubbing my nose with my sleeve.

“Oh honey, I’m sorry,” She said in a sad, motherly voice, probably knowing what happened after she handed over the magazine to me. “Where are you?”

I shook my head, sniffling once more. “It doesn’t matter. I’m fine.”

“Abby, I’m worried about you. Where are you?”

“Nowhere,” I replied, wanting to just be alone.

“You’re not at Brun—“

“No, I left,” I stated, cutting her off before she had a chance to even ask.

“Tell me where you are,” She said with a small sigh. “I’ll come get you.”

I shook my head once more. “I told you I’m fine,” I replied, digging my free hand in the cold sand.

“I know you’re not really fine,” she said with yet another sigh. I felt my eyes watering up again at her words, knowing I was a horrible liar. He’s lucky I can’t lie like that, I thought as I tried to steady my breathing. I know I could never do that to anyone, I thought in an angry manner, a sudden urge of kicking him extremely hard filling throughout my body.

“I’m down by the rocks past the boardwalk,” I finally said with a small sigh, glancing over at it not too far away from where I sat.

“Alright,” Ally said in a light tone. “I don’t care what you tell me, I’m going to come.”

I softly nodded my head, biting my lip. I feel like such a little kid, I thought, suddenly feeling helpless.

“I’ll be there in a half hour,” Ally finally said before she hung up, leaving me to just me and my thoughts once more.

I punched my fist at the sand next to me, angry. Why does this happen to me?Every fucking guy is an asshole, I thought as I picked up a handful of the sand, letting it slip through my fingers.

‘In the studio’ my ass, Bruno. Thank you for ruining my life because you can’t fucking keep it in your pants. I punched the ground again, crying as I did so. And I’m sure that’s where you’ve been for the past week, fucking around with Sydney.

But Bruno was genuinely caring, I thought in converse. And then he goes and fucks everything up. I shook my head, making a decision on the spot as I glanced across the water again.

I’m not going to believe him this time when he decides he’s really messed up, I thought, shaking my head. I’ve been through situations like this far too many times to be left as the idiotic girlfriend who believes in everything.

I’m tired of this bullshit. I’ve got too many other things to worry about, and I don’t need anyone to get in the way of it further.

And with that, I glanced down at my phone once more, seeing it was Bruno who was calling again. I ripped the battery from the back of it, temped by all means to throw both pieces into the water in front of me.

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A million thoughts ran through my head, yet I couldn’t make myself to say anything. All I did was watch her leave. And I did nothing to stop her.

In fact, half of the truth was I didn’t know what to say. I knew her mind was already made up the second she asked that brutally honest question I didn’t have the decency to even answer. By that point there wasn’t even reason to try and beg her to stay. She was already gone.

I paced around my living room, kicking the corners of chairs as I tried to gather my thoughts. I looked down at my phone, dialing out Abby’s number for the third time since she left. It rang nonstop until her voicemail picked up. I cussed a few mumbled things under my breath, not knowing what to do next.

Should I go to her house and try to talk to her? I thought as I squeezed my hands into tight fists around my curly hair. I shook my head. No, she won’t even let me in. Phil, I need to talk to Phil. He’ll know what to do.

I looked back at my phone, calling Phil. It rang for a few seconds before he picked up, sounding natural as he always did.

“You were right,” I said as I ran a stressful hand over my face, ignoring his delightful hello.

“What?” Phil asked, sounding completely lost.

“Abby found out,” I stated flatly. “She left, and I don’t know where she went.”

Phil let out a long, exasperated sigh. “I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not really,” He finally stated plainly.

I closed my eyes, nodding my head stiffly. I understood he was mad. “Now what am I supposed to do?” I asked, feeling my hand slightly shaking.

“Well, there isn’t much you can do anymore,” Phil added with another sigh. “If she really meant it, then you best just give her some time.”

“But I can’t just leave her,” I said, sitting down in a chair. “You should have seen her when she left; she was a mess. I’m worried.”

“You haven’t tried talking to her, have you?” Phil asked, sounding slightly concerned.

“I called her ten times already. I keep calling, but I get nothing…”

“Don’t call her,” Phil said in a parental voice. “Don’t make things worse.”

“But you don’t understand,” I said, standing up from my chair again. “I can’t just let her leave like that. I need to try and make it better.”

“Listen man,” Phil replied with another sigh. “Stop calling her, and don’t go over to her place. She’s not going to want to talk to you right now anyways. Give her some time, and if she ever wants to even speak to you again, she’ll call you.”

“So what the hell am I supposed to do then?” I asked in an annoyed voice, mad that Phil wasn’t trying to help me through this.

“Deal with it,” Phil simply stated. “There’s really not much you can do except move on.”

I shook my head, furrowing my eyebrow. No, I thought as I continued to shake my head. That’s not right. I took a small breath, holding myself back from lashing out on Phil over the phone. “Well thanks for the support,” I flatly stated before hanging up.

I ran another hand over my face, still pacing. I need to talk to her. I need to talk to her now, I thought as I grabbed my hat from a table, putting it on my head. She just needs to hear what I have to say. Then she’ll understand.

I grabbed my keys and quickly ran out of my house, getting into my car. My mind raced as I tried to dodge through traffic, worried she wouldn’t be there by the time I arrived. When I pulled up outside of her apartment building, I took a small breath, trying to calm my nerves.

I walked into the main lobby, looking around for a moment, slightly forgetting what I was doing. Several people were walking through, giving me curious glances when they recognized my face. But nobody said anything.

I nervously walked over to the main desk, still looking side to side as I walked up. The man across from me asked to help me but I spaced out for a minute, forgetting what I needed.

He stared at me for a few seconds as I calmed my breathing, avoiding his eyes. “Um,” I choked out, my voice raspy. I cleared my throat with a cough before speaking again. “Do you know if an Abigail Midley came by anytime today?” I asked, shifting in my spot.

“I’m sorry, but who are you?” The guy asked, giving me a sketchy look.

“I’m uh,” I said, tripping up on my words. “She’s my girlfriend,” I softly mumbled, knowing that statement was probably false after today.

“Oh right,” the guy said, seemingly cleared up now. “No, actually she hasn’t been back. Sorry.”

I nodded my head, thanking the guy as I turned from him, standing in the lobby, confused. Where the hell did she go? I thought, wondering where else Abby may have gone to. She wouldn’t go back to work I know for sure. Unless she was with Ally.

I shook my head, racking my brain for something, anything that would help me.But she doesn’t like to be around people when she’s stressed, so she would have had to have gone somewhere alone, I continued to think, now beginning to walk in a circle.

Somewhere to…think, I thought, an idea suddenly filling me. I quickly walked back onto the street, getting into my car again. She’s got to be there. I just know it.

I drove for another twenty minutes until I reached the familiar ocean-side road. I glanced out the side window, seeing the beach was nearly deserted due to the time of the year. I scanned the parking lots, trying to recognize her car.

I was nearing the area where I first took her to that evening when I spotted her car sitting by itself. I knew she would be here, I thought anxiously, pulling up a bit away from her.

I got out of my car, looking around at the beach as only a few people were still out. I took a hard swallow as I decided on turning right, heading over to the small area behind the rocks. The longer I walked, the more nervous I got, and before long I was slightly jogging across the sand.

She’s going to hear me out. I know she’ll understand when I explain, I thought, my heart racing. I neared the edge of the rock that covered a large area of the beach, blocking off the other half that laid beyond it.

I slowed my pace as I rounded the edge, playing with my hands nervously. I took a small breath as I took a few more steps, closing my eyes when I finally reached around the rock. Taking a deep breath, I opened my eyes once more, my heart sinking at the sight.

Sand spread out in front of me for as long as my eyes could see.  Not a single person could be seen from where I stood. But most importantly, Abby wasn’t there.

She’s gone.

I walked over a little further until I finally collapsed in the sand, bringing my head into the palms of my hands. What the hell did I do? I thought as I shook my head, angry at myself.

Maybe Phil was right after all, I thought, bringing my head up to look at the ocean.I’m just going to have to deal with it.



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“Oh my god, hurry up, Abby!” Ally cried from outside of the bathroom. “I’m leaving in the next five minutes if you’re not out here.”

I quickly twisted the top of my mascara back on, tossing it into the bathroom drawer. “Chill out,” I replied back, gathering my things together quickly. “It’s not like we need to be anywhere.”

I opened the door to find a very impatient looking Ally, rolling her eyes at me. “I know, but I don’t want to be waiting all night just for you to get ready.”

I gave her a soft smile, shrugging my shoulders. “Well we can go now,” I said, grabbing my purse from the counter. “Is Jake still coming?”

“Yeah…” Ally replied, eyeing me as I gathered a few things. “Are you sure you’re ok?” She asked with a hint of concern to her voice.

I stopped, looking up at her. “Yeah, I’m fine,” I said with a reassuring smile, her statement reminding me that it had already been a week since I last spoke to Bruno.

It was kind of strange now, a small part of me still felt extremely unspoken about this whole thing. Almost like I wanted to talk to Bruno. But the last thing I said to him was when I walked out of his house last week.

Although it wasn’t like he hadn’t tried contacting me. Bruno tried calling me more than several times in the past seven days, but I never once got the courage to answer the phone. The past two days he didn’t call once, to which I was relieved. Ididn’t want to talk to him, and the fact that he clearly didn’t understand what I meant when I left bothered me.

I wasn’t stupid. I knew Bruno would only try and tell me what I wanted to hear. He would literally say anything just to make things better. And I wasn’t going to fall for it with him. Especially when I believed him the first time he claimed everything was ‘alright’.

I’ve made stupid mistakes in the past with guys, but I learned things are better off left where they stand. And quite frankly, I was ready to forget about this. I didn’t need something like this to hold me down, even if he did hurt me.

“Alright,” Ally said after a few moments of silence, bringing me out of my thoughts. She nodded her head towards me, accepting my answer. “You ready to go?”

I nodded my head. “Yeah,” I replied, giving her a small smile. “Let’s go.”

We met up with Jake and a few of his friends outside of my apartment building, walking down a few blocks to a popular club. It’d been a couple of weeks since I’d gotten out and done something for myself, so I was looking forwards to the evening.

Halfway through the evening, I stood by a table, my head slightly dizzy. A small tap on my shoulder caused me to spin on my heels, not helping with my head. I came face to face with Ally, nearly running into her.

“Oh my God Abby,” She said, taking a step back. “Guess who’s here,” She said, slightly raising her voice over the music.

I shrugged my shoulders, not bothering to guess.

“Well, he wants to see you…” She said, raising her eyebrow.

“Just tell me already!” I said anxiously, beginning to get annoyed with her.

“Jameson Night,” She stated after a moment, wriggling her eyebrows. I gave her a curious look at her reference to the guy we’d met several times through work. He worked with a different company, but through several opportunities we’d had a chance to work with him a couple of times.

“Hmm,” I said, nodding my head at her statement.

“Hold on, let me go get him,” She said, running off before I even had a chance to protest.

He was a typical known asshole to anyone you asked. They’d all say the same thing about how conceited and selfish he was. He was lucky he was good at his work.

“Abigail Midley!” I heard a happy voice shout out. I turned around, seeing Jameson walking toward me. “It’s been a while,” He said, opening up his arms as he walked towards me. “And you’re looking great!”

And not to mention he is extremely hot, I thought as I smiled at him. Maybe that’s just what I need. Someone like him to forget about it, I pondered, suddenly changing my mind as I leaned into his arms, giving him a hug.