Chapter 4

09/05/2011 17:48

“Hey Bru…….JASON!?” I said with a surprising tone

“umm yeah, sorry I see you were expecting someone else” he said

“oh yeah, im going out” I told him


At that time,I hear footsteps coming up the stairs so I turn my head to see Bruno coming up the stairs with the biggest smile on his face. His dimples when he smiled made me get butterflies as usual but as he got closer and closer toward me, I noticed something different,  I saw his smile slowly fade away into this angry face I’ve never seen on him. His eyes turned red and he clenched his fists as he took one good look at Jason.


“why the fuck are you talking to him” Bruno yelled

“you’re going out with this fucking perv” Jason yelled back


“just lock the house door Ashley, lets get going”

“but, how do you guys…”

“JUST LOCK THE FRICKIN DOOR!!!” he said as he grabbed my hand and ran downstairs.


I just stood there with my hands on my hips all confused as Bruno opened his car door for me to get in. I could still hear Jason from a distance shouting and yelling at Bruno. I’ve never seen neither of them so angry but I’m glad it didn’t go all physical because boy, have I witnessed guy to guy fights and let me tell you, they never have pretty endings.

I got into the front seat of the car and Bruno started driving. I could tell he was still angry about what happened at the apartment. I had lots of questions that I wanted to just blurt out but I didn’t know if it was right timing. So I just shut my big mouth, which was of course a hard thing to do and just looked out the window staring at the streetlights as we passed them by.


“I know you want to, so just spill it” Bruno said

Did he just read my mind?? That was creepy!! I thought to myself and raised my eyebrows.

“spill what??”

“I know you have a lot of questions, so shoot”

“okay, umm… are you gay??” I asked with a witty face

“whaaa!!!! …..u serious!!!??“ he started laughing uncontrollably

“what?? You wanted me to spill the beans babe! Im kiddin” I laughed

He was laughing so hard, I doubted whether his eyes were on the road.

“you do have a good sense of humor” he laughed

“okay tell me, how do you know Jason?’

“I might have dated his sister when I was in high school”

“might have??” I stressed

“okay fine, I went out with her and lets just say it didn’t end that well”

“what happened?”

“she cheated on me, broke my heart, so I did some stuff to get back at her, Jason, her brother entered the scene, some other stuff happened, messed up everything and we’ve been fighting ever since but that was a long time ago”

“that clears it, so lets just drop that topic and not talk about it anymore”

“sounds cool” he said as he started singing some tune


His voice sounded so wonderful but as I listened to it, it felt there was a slight sorrow in the way he was singing it so I started concentrating on the words. It went like this,


"i Know i'm not perfect

But at the end of the day

Who is ? 


she wanted someone thats perfect 

Well Okay 

But can you tell me Who is ? "


I knew that even though he had gotten hurt a long time back, there were still some memories lingering in his mind that he’s trying so hard to forget. I couldn’t stand him being unhappy.


“i Know i'm not perfect 

But at the end of the day 

Who is ? “


“YOU ARE” I shot back as we pulled over “you are perfect Bruno”


He looked at me in shock; his eyes were like a solar flare but masculine and loving at the same time. He slowly reached for my face and caressed my cheek softly with his fingers as he smiled like sunshine.


“come on beautiful, lets go inside” he said as he jumped out of his car.

He held my hands and entwined his fingers with mine as we walked towards his friends. He seemed really cheerful and so was I.