Chapter 5+6

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#Chapter 5 I'm so afraid that she leaves! he told to his friend, with tears in his eyes


Bruno went downstairs in the living-room. He looked at the couch, hesitated and got out to the garden -which it was in the lengthening of his house, inaccessible for the paparazzis- He walked to the garage, got in his car and sit on the seat. He strikes a mighty fists on the wheel, angry. He took his head between his hands, as if he wanted to concentrate his rage, cleared his thoughts. A few minutes later, he caught his phone and dialed Phil's number.


__So, how was your conversation? Phil asked.

__Bad. She’s still extremely mad at me.

__You aren't going to blame her, your scandal is pretty actual.

__"My" scandal? Excuse me but you and Phredley are in this too, you told me to take this f****** drug! He said, getting mad. 

__I remind you that you had a past way before you knew me! He shouted. 

__Phil stop please! Bruno told him, losing his patience. I was fifteen, I was young and I had stopped myself before you gave it to me two weeks ago!

__But I'm not more culprit than you Bruno, stop blaming me! Take your responsibilities! You were drunk before I gave you the drug, you will maybe going to tell me that it was my fault if you were drunk?! 


Bruno didn't answer. Phil resumed. 


__I know you're the famous guy B., I know that you're the one to blame first, It's hard I can imagine but you didn't know…Plus, you weren't even aware when we were arrested...

__Can we rather talk about Kay' please. I don't want to think about Las Vegas.


Bruno sighed and started to talk to Phil about me. 


__I don't know what to do! She knows that I love her, she knows that she counts more than anybody else to me! Yet, she still keeps to doubt! She spent the whole day to cry! Bruno said, upset.

__It's normal that she cries, she thinks that you're going to take drugs again...

__How can she be thinking that?! I already stopped for five years! I mean "had stopped". 

__Oh, you won't tell me that you never smoked a joint in five years, I perfectly know that Phred gave you one, I was there. Phil said, to not allows him to reply. It totally proofs that you hadn't really stopped it!

__What about you so? Bruno quickly replied. 

__Me? But we're not talking about me right now Bruno. Anyway, if we would have talk about me, I tell you "I often take drugs", Kaylee knows it as much as you. He told me, as it was something normal. (Well, for a singer, it's kinda usual).


Bruno, still tense, returned to the first subject of the conversation. 


__How do you think this story is going to end? He said, worried. 

__I don't know Bruno, I don't know. He sighed, preoccupied by his best friend's happiness too.

__I'm so afraid that she leaves! He told to his friend, with tears in his eyes, noticeable although it was a telephone conversation.

__Come on Brunz don't cry! 

__I'm crying. Bruno said, with a trembling voice.  

__Don't be like that! You want to go to see Kaylee or come at my place? 

__I'm going to take my guitar and see how she's doing. I'll maybe come.

__Ok. Keep me in touch, I want to know if she's okay. 

__Yes, bye. 


Bruno hang up, got out of his car and entered in the house again. He climbed the stairs. He took his guitar which it was in an another room, a big room used only as a place to play music, compose it. There was a grand black piano, a ukulele, several guitars, a trumpet, drums and a bunch of other instruments. It was like Bruno's antrum. He stopped himself in front of the closed door of our room, and listened. I wasn't crying anymore. He slowly opened the door and saw me, asleep like a baby.

Despite all the sadness he was feeling, this fear he got, he smiled when he sees me.

He put his guitar in the corner. He came next to the bed, on tiptoe, he leans with his hands on the mattress and he gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek, full of tenderness. "Sleep tight angel." He whispered to me.

He left as quiet as he came, his guitar on the back.

He went back to his car and got out of the garage, he took the way to Phil's home. 

He parked in front of the house, checked his hair in the mirror, the one of the shelf attached to the ceiling of the car then he walked until the door. He rang. 

A tall brunette girl, fair-skinned and blue-eyed opened the door to him, with a large smile. She was Philip's girlfriend Karri.

Bruno feigned a smile. It wasn't that he didn't like her, she was quite nice, but he wasn't in a happy mood today.


__Honey, Bruno just arrived! She screamed to Phil, who was in the living-room.


Phil jumped, he almost ran to his friend and dismissed his girlfriend. 


__Thank you Karri, can you leave us alone please? He nicely asked his girlfriend.


She seemed surprised at first, her smile disappeared and she left, shyly. "I'll be at the spa." She said, in case of it would interest Phil. But he didn't even seem to listen to her. He stared at Bruno, as if he will pass on the answer he was waiting for, just by telepathy. Bruno seemed embarrassed by his friend. Why the hell he was looking at him like that? He thought that it was because he was waiting for Kaylee's news. Anyway, he won't tell anything in Karri's presence. She was maybe nice, but he didn't know her for so long so he won't tell her all his life like that! She maybe wasn't trustworthy! 


__You know the house. Phil told me, to break the ice. It was a way to suggest the music's room to him too. 


Bruno entered in the corridor on the left and walked towards the bottom part. He opened the door, put his guitar while he entered, in the corner and settle him up on the piano -a wonderful black grand piano- identical to his.


__What do you want to do? Phil asked to Bruno.

__I'm going to write a song for Kay'.

__Oh. Phil said gravely. 


He put his fingers on the white keys ivory-colored and made them vibe. He closed his eyes and got carried away, as he wanted to feel every note, got rid of the weight of his guilt. The melody was composed of sharp notes, soft. It should perfectly match up with Kaylee. This song should be a praise of the love of his life. Through this melody, he should tell her how much he loved her, how much he was sorry to caused trouble in their idyll, for being so badly behaved, for not stayed himself in any circumstances. And this simple melody translated all of this. Phil was stunned.


My name is Kaylee, I’m 18 and I’m Bruno Mars’s girlfriend.


#Chapter 6 He started to play the song he wrote for her earlier in the day


He started to sing. It was beautiful, Phil even got this tear on his cheek. It was a meaningful song, it was deep and very true. It was a song for the girl he loved. 

He sighed. It was hard for him to sing it. His face froze, he thought about how it would be great to make his girlfriend happy again. He took a paper and a pen and he wrote the entire song, with a little help from Phil, that is all. When they ended, he took his guitar, thanked his friend and took the way home. He entered slowly and quietly in the house, maybe she was sleeping. Well, she wasn't. Kaylee sat on the couch, looking at the tv. Actually she wasn't watching it, she just tried to get all of this nightmare out of her mind. FAIL. She didn't talk, Bruno neither. He put down his guitar and joined his girlfriend on the sofa. She turned her head in his direction. Bruno thought she would say something, but she only stared at him, livid. He took her face in one of his hand and forced her to look at him. "I love you." He told her. She didn't respond, she just stared at him once again. Her face was cold and devoid of expression. She couldn't help but look at him. Bruno sighed and got out of the couch. He came to her and took her hand, he told her to sit on the bench in front of the piano next to him. Then he started to play the song he wrote for her earlier in the day. 


Everyday I wake up next to an angel


Bruno turned his head towards Kaylee, he smiled to her. This smile was the first, the first really big smile in less than a month. He was proud of his song, he was happy for the first time in less than a month. But he realized too how everything he wrote about his girlfriend was true, how an angel she was. He was keeping smiling.


More beautiful than words could say


Kaylee was a little bit surprised. She didn't know that he went out to write her a song and let-alone that he would be there, playing the piano and singing it to her. 

Plus, check the lyrics! Oh my god, he was definitely the cutest boyfriend she ever had.


They said it wouldn't work but what did they know?

Cause years have passed and we're still here today


Yes Bruno, it's true. Even if they're in pain now, even if their couple has suffered because of Bruno's mistake, they're still together and they couldn't break up for anything. 


Never in my dreams did I think that this would happen to me


Bruno started to sing louder, it almost was the chorus. He couldn't do anything but smile and stare at Kaylee. The more he thought about the more he thought that she could be the one. She was perfect, just the way she is.


As I stand here before my woman


My, he said "My". Kaylee knew she was important to him before but now, he hadn't clearly formulated it until now. 


I can't fight back the tears in my eyes


Even if Bruno was smiling, he wasn't insensitive. He knew how much Kaylee was sad and depressed these days. He really loved her and he couldn't stand seeing her like that anymore. His eyes started to shine, they were quite moist. 


Oh how could I be so lucky


It's been a year that they're together. Bruno never stayed with a girl for so long. Plus, Kaylee is different, she's not like the other girls that started to date him when he suddenly turned famous. Kaylee loved Bruno for what he is and not for what he earned or something. She wasn't superficial. 


I must've done something right

And I promise to love her


Kaylee couldn't contain her to want to cry. She caught a piece of Bruno's shirt and pressed it very hard in her hands. She came closer to Bruno. 


For the rest of my life


He sang these words more acute and was still looking at Kaylee, straight in the eyes. She hugged him so hard, pressed her body against his, she needed to smell his perfume. She needs him. He wiped her tears and continued to play. 


Seems like yesterday when she first said hello


Bruno chuckled. He remembered the first time he met her. She was so shy, she was really cute and impressed by him. She could barely say "hi". 


Funny how time fly by when you're in love


He winked at his girlfriend. 


It took us a lifetime to find each other

It was worth the wait 


She made a small smile. Bruno started to sing a little bit slowly. It was an important moment, he had to know how she would react. 


Cause I Finally Found The One


Kaylee made big eyes and she stared at Bruno, as if she would say something like "is it true? am I the one for you?". Bruno looked more intense at her and she took it as a "yes". She put her head on his shoulder and pressed his arm against her, as if she wanted to keep him forever with her.


When he ended to sing, he undid her embrace. He put himself in front of her, took her hands and squeezed them. He leaned towards her and kissed her hands. She threw herself on him and he grabbed her really hard against him. "I love you." She whispered in his ears. She could feel him smile behind her back. He kissed her forehead and replied "I love you too" in her hair. She looked at him, almost imploring him and they kissed each other, intensely. 


Kaylee quickly took a look at the window. It was the night already. Bruno removed Kaylee' arms of his and went in the kitchen to fix them something to eat. It'll be chinese food tonight. Bruno heat up chinese noodles and nems in the microwave and he made a nice trail with all this yummy food. They ate together in the living-room on the couch, watched tv, as couples do in movies. 

It was time to go to bed, so they went upstairs to put their pajamas and to go sleep. Shower? check. Teethes brushed? check. Pajama on? check. 

Kaylee wore her violet nightie and Bruno wore his red plaid underpants. 

Ps: he was really sexy. 

She jumped on the bed and folded the blanket over her. Bruno was lying on the bed, staring at Kaylee, leaning his head on his hand, smirking. She turned her head towards him. "What?" She asked, giggling. He didn't respond, turned the lights off and came closer to Kaylee. He lay on his belly and he put his arm around her. "Sleep tight baby." He said to her. They closed their eyes and started to dream about each other. What a lovely couple. 


My name is Kaylee, I’m 18 and I’m Bruno Mars’s girlfriend.