Chapter 5+6

04/09/2011 11:45

Kay's pov:

"I don't understand him, at first he's all sweet and now he act like an asshole. What's next?" I thought to myself. But I can't be like this, duh I'm nothing compare to him, I'm just another hooligans, maybe that's what he thought. Oh well, I still wish the best for him, but I hate it.

Its almost 7pm, its time for the concert, abb, dee and me change our clothes. They wear a dress, which I think its a bad idea. But they won't listen to me, their lost.. I put on my white v-neck tshirt with peace logo and a  denim short hotpants and put my red converse hi top. Off we go to the concert.

At the concert, we three are standing in the third row, right in front where bruno are performing. I can't enjoy the concert because of what bruno did to me earlier at the park. So I stand there listening and watch everybody singing and screaming while he sings nothin on you, the jtwya came. I smile at him, but he stare at me as if he don't want me to come, I knew it, he hates me a lot. I don't know why. And this is when I really hates him. Talking to the moon came, and I can't stand it no more. I am pissed off just by seeing him now. "I'll wait you guys outside" with that I walk outside the concert.

No one's pov:
Bruno notice that kay walk out of the concert, he traced her walking out toward the exit. Bruno stop singing, and just sighed. The band was confused, phil put his arm around his shoulder and hands the mic toward the audience, signals them to continue the song, so the audience think that bruno let them sing with him.
The concert is done.

Kays pov:
I wait for abb and dee in front of the gate. I've been waiting for so long, maybe an hour and a half. Wow. I can see Dre walking toward me, "there you are kay!" he asked me to go backstage with him. I asked why, but he didn't answer. He just grab my hand and pull me to go backstage. I don't know why, my hearts beating so fast, I'm scared. There I see all the band without bruno. "Umm hi" I said. "Hey girl" "so why am I here?" With that, Bruno walked in, "you know what, you're a bitch! I gave you the ticket here and you just went outside!" I was shocked. What the hell is wrong with him. "SO WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?" "DON'T ASK ME WHAT TO DO!" "OH OKAY, I'LL PAY THAT FUCKING TICKET!!" I was so pissed and I'm really mad. I grab my purse and open it, I have a $500. I don't know how much the ticket is but without even thinking I grab all the money and put it in his hand. "There!" "I don't need this!" He's angry too. Then he throws the money to my face. The whole band saw this. My tear fell to my cheek and my cheeks are red. I'm so angry and I'm ashamed. "Dude!" Phred says, shocked. "Calm down Bruno. What got into you?!" Kenji said, Phil put his hand on his shoulder. I can't control myself from crying. "I hate you! If you don't want me to come, why did you agree on giving me this tickets? I thought you're different! At first you're so sweet then all of a sudden YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE!" I said angry and crying. He just looked at me, I don't know if that's a sorry face, but he looked at me right in my eye then look down. I push him and run away from them. I take a taxi to my apartment leaving abb and dee.

Chap 6

I cried and cried. I hate Bruno. I hate him so much. But I promised them to come to the airport, for a goodbye tomorrow. I don't know when will I meet them again. I'll miss going out with the band except him.

The next day:
I decided to go to the airport, just to meet the band not him. I arrived there, I see Jam and Kenji, "hi guys. You ready for the next trip?" "Hey, hell yeah we are" jam said excited. Then I saw the rest coming. "You okay kay?" Phred asked, worried. "Okay kay, that rhymes haha, yeapp I'm fine" I said, faking a smile. They all giggled. "He's at the restroom, if you're wondering" phil added. "Oh,no no, I wasn't even thinking about him." What a coincidence! I see him out of the restroom. And I don't want to meet him. I saw that he's lookin at me and he started to run toward us. I quickly hug all of them a friendly hug. I said goodbye and take care, good luck and all that. Then I quickly run away. I went inside the taxi and went back to my apartment.

Bruno's pov:

Kay is going to meet us in the airport. That'll be last chance for me, damn. I wanted to say sorry to her, maybe tomorrow.

The next day:
I packed all my things, and we all are ready. We head to the airport. The first thing that I did, is going to restroom. I really need to pee. I went with Dre. I washed my face, I try to put my ego aside. All I can think about I Kay. She did nothing wrong. But I keep on yelling at her. I can't even sleep yesterday. I'm thinking of her nonstop. I can't get my head right. "What's up with you?" Dre asked. "I have to make it right" I said. "Huh?" "Kay" "ohh that girl. You shouldn't have done that to her yesterday" "I know".
I walk outside, and I saw Kay with the band talking. I run to her, she saw me, and she's panicked. I run as fast as I could, but she run away.....again. She left without saying goodbye. I looked at her getting in to the taxi. "I'm sorry Bruno, she's so fast, I can't hold her" phil says. He knows how hurt I am, seeing her. He know that I like her..a lot.
Boarding call, its my time. I can't stop thinking about Kay. The picture of her leaving, run away from me is just so hurt..