Chapter 5-7

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Chapter 5
My phone was ringing constantly.
24 miss calls from bruno 12 from Jessie 2 from Louisa and my messages jut blew up. It’s been 1 week and I’m a fucking wreck. The thing is that i only knew Bruno for 3 days. 3 fucking days and I thought that for once in my life some liked Me. Silly, crazy, freaky, nerdy Penelope, the one everyone bullied at school. The girl who had braces though the WHOLE of their high school years. 1  girl out of 10 that got into Yale then move to LA. The girl with no dad because he died and no mothers because she was never loved. a fucking loner. 
Why on earth would I think a man liked me? 
What’s there to like?
Bruno POV 
Penelope has been dodging my calls since our fight. I still try but she never answers. 3 fucking days and I ruin everything. All I can see when I open my eyes are or Penelope’s green eyes that shine and her long black hair, and her face and how she dressed so easy and looks amazing. Her lips are the perfect shade of pinks and reds. Just the way she is and I’m a fool. I’m crazy in love with her. Crazy sick with it I just can’t get enough. 3 days and she did this to me. I’m just at the bar again taking shots. For my pain. Once again.
Penelopes POV
Doesn’t this guy give up? It 2 in the fucking morning. Damn!
I just decide to answer the phone 
“hello” I say
“thank god you answered” Bruno said 
“what the fuck do you want?”
“no need to be rude”
“then why the fuck are you still calling me?”
“cause I want to talk to you”
“don’t you get it though your thick skull?? I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU!”
I hears him sniffle, I must have really hurt  his feelings but it’s 2 in the morning. Like for fuck sake.
“can I hang up now?” I ask
“yeah sure.” he whispers 
“bye” I say
“what ever” and he hung up.
I must of really really upset him. But I need to sleep.
I wake up screaming and crying in my sleep once again. 
Why do I have these nightmares! It’s killing me; I’m mentally drained.  
I get up and I hear a knock. I go downstairs open the door and Jessie bursted in really angry.
“calm down please”
“it was Bruno enit!”
“no” I shake my head but Jessie sees right though me
“ima fuck an asshole up.”
“NO jessie. It’s okay, we only knew each other for 3 days. It’s just on to the next one”
Jessie stands up and moves to my stereo a starts to play one if my favourite songs. 
“my hearts a stereo” Jessie sings 
“beats for you so listen close” I singalong
“hear my thoughts on every note”
“oh oh” 
We were dancing around the house like maniacs. I’ve always been a good dancer and I was actually smiling.
Bruno’s POV
I put the key in the lock and twist it. I walk in.
“Chanel I’m..”
I turn and I see her all up on this guy. Her top and shorts were on the floor and she was kissing him everywhere. 
she turns around
“SHIT. It’s nit what it looks like”
“Ohh please”
“Chanel who’d this” the guy asked
“her fucking boyfriend.”I said
“I’m her boyfriend” the guy replied
“what the fuck chanel?”the guy says
She doesn’t even look at him.
“Bruno, please. Just listen…  I love you baby”
I start to walk away.
“don’t walk away from me Peter”
“who gave YOU out of all people permission to call me Peter! You don’t care about me. You just want my money. I would catch a fucking grenade for you Chanel. But me and god knows you won’t do the same. 2 timing? Really? 
All I ever wanted was for you to love me the same way I’ve loved you for years. I’d do anything for you. All that pain. I’d take a bullet for you, anything. But you’d just watch me, and never do the same. Never. So you know what? Go to hell and back and I Won’t give a fuck. Just get the fuck out my house. Out my life and don’t come the fuck back. Oh and have a safe fucking journey. You might just crash and die.”
Chanel looked at me with disbelief. 
She comes up to me.
” your so funny. No one else would want you. You suck at sex, and you got dropped from Motown records. No one wants a fucking loser like you Bruno. Your a fucking waste of space. You’ll never find someone like me. Ever. I’m the best your’ll ever have” she grinned at me. She put her clothes on and her Chanel high heels and walked out the house. The guy followed behind her. 
For once I know how it felt when I cheated on all those woman in my past. 
Like shit. 
I go to my cupboard and take out some red wine and a glass. drink my sorrows away.
Penelope POV
“we should go out” Jessie said
“I’m.. Not sure” I reply
“come onnn” Jessie said pleading
“fine” I say though my teeth.
“can I wear one of your dresses?”
“sure, let’s get ready”
I put on a purple dress with blue high heels. Jessie was wearing a blue dress with red high heels. I do my hair up and put my make up. 
We get in the car and go to the club where I met Bruno for the second time.  I sat down on the exact sit at the bar were that guy tried to touch me. I get a shot and start dancing. 
Brunos POV
“brunz, you can’t stay in the house bro” phil said
“it’s true bro” ari said 
“what ever”
“come on lets go and partyyy!!”
“im not going” I said 
“commeee on bro”
The next thing you know I’m in phils car driving to the club I saw Penelope for the second time.
We get in and go straight to the bar. I turn my head and nearly choke. There she is, she looks crazy drunk and she’s dancing on some guy.
How I wish it was me. He starts to touch her everywhere and I can feel myself getting angry. She bites her lip and I swear. She’s turning me on, I keep on taking shots a staring at her. I need to live and let live. I mix some drinks and make my dancing juice.
I get up and go to a girl that’s been eying me for ten minutes and start dancing. I turn my head to see Penelope staring at me. Then winks, what the fuck??
She goes in and kisses the guy she with and I made me so damn angry.  Her hand slides under his shirt.
Penelopes POV 
I can’t believe brunos here. I just carry on kissing the guy and I peck to see Bruno staring. Looking all angry. I start to grind on the guy and kiss his neck.
“oh my life” the guy saids I don’t even know his name.
Brunos still staring he’s face looks red. The music gets faster and I touch this guy all over. Next thing that happens someone’s pulling me back
“WHAT THE FUCK” I shout 
“SHH” I hear Jessie say 
Once we were in the corner.
“what are you doing?” she whispered
“having a good time, party pooper”
“do you want Bruno to kill that guy?”
“why? Its not my problem, we ain’t going out”
“you can tell his jealous, and we both know that you wish you and him where an item. “
“what ever Jessie, can I go now?”
Jessie just looked behind me.



Chapter 6

“can i speck to you?” Bruno said softly

“yea sure”

We walk outside, and i remember kissing him in the rain. That was a total mistake.

“so what do you want to talk about?” i ask 

” er.. sorry” 

“about what?”

“the whole girlfriend thing”

” Its fine” 

“you sure?” 

” of course, why wouldn’t i be??”

” just asking. Can we start over? be friends?” 

did he just play the friend card? 2 can play this game.

” sure.Hey i’m Penelope and you can all me pia sometimes”

“hello i’m peter but call me Bruno..all the time”

I start to laugh.

“okay peter”

“what ever pis”

“piss off peter”

“you piss off pia”

“stop coping me”

“stop coping me”

“ERRR!!” i slap his shoulder.  I guess we can be friends after all. Someone touches my shoulder, i turn around and it was the guy i was dancing with.

“hey, here’s my number call me sometime. My names Dylan by the way”

“hey i’m Penelope. I’ll be sure to call you”  he winked at me and walked off. 

Its freezing.

” i want to go home” I said shivering

” i’ll drop you home”

“no its okay”

“what kind of friend would i be if i never took you home? C’mo n relax”


when we got to my house, i said goodbye and went inside and dropped on my bed.


i woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. I look and its Louisa, ever since she put me on the run-way i’ve been avoiding her calls. 

” hello?”


she kept on shouting so i hung up on her. Then My phone blew up, i turn my phone off and i though on a tank top and jogging bottoms and my nike airs. I grab my ipod and i run out the house. I ran across the shore past my favorite restaurant, then i bump in someone.

” sorry-“


“andrew?” i could do was stare.

” like what you see” 

” i don’t see much” i replied coldly

“WOAH. feisty. i like it” 

“what ever andrew” i walk away and he touches my arm and i have a rush of feelings i had for him when we we’re younger. He was my everything, first kiss, boyfriend. Everything. But i guess sinners never sleep. 

I turn around and run as fast as i can back to my house. i turn my phone back on to see a text from bruno.

want to see the master at work

I text back. 

what master?

He texted back.

the dragon master

I text back.

woahhhh, the dragon mater *kneels to the floor*

He texted 

coming or not you joker 

i text back 

ok, be here in 5 mins

I changes out of my cloths and put on another pair of shorts and a hoodie, with chucks and i never forget my ray bans. I here my doorbell and i run out the door and into brunos bently

“wassup beautiful”

“nothing handsome, you?” 

” nah, just gonna make music”

When we arrive at the studdio he intoduces me to Phil the one i saw him with at the fashion show. 

” hey” phil says

he seems fun

” heyy nice to meet you ” i reply

” why are you with bruno? he’s a loser”

“OIIIII” i hear bruno shout and i laugh. Bruno calls me and phil over and whispers in phils ear and phil starts playing the piano

 These are my confessions

Just when I thought I said all I can say

My chick on the side said she got one on the way
These are my confessions
Man, I’m thrown and I dont know what to do
I guess I gotta give part 2 of my 
If I’m gonna tell it then I gotta tell it all
Damn near cried when I got that phone call
I’m so thrown and I don’t know what to do
But to give you part 2 of my confessions

he sounded… AMAZING. No words could describe it. It was like i was in a different world, it made my heart skip a beat and i felt like i was in heaven. he had a voice like an angel. 


Chapter 7

‘sometimes loving someone and caring for someone is different. Sometimes losing someone is the price your’ll willing to pay  for happiness and sometimes living isn’t worth it. In this world nothing free, loving costs, happiness has a price tag but losing someone you love only costs a penny. Its funny, because you suddenly listen ,actually listen when someone died and they can’t come back’ 

“You like?” bruno asked me 

“NOO I LOVE” I jumped up and hugged him. He was amazing

” do you do origanals?” i asked

” yeah, i’m in the middle of writing one” 

” can i hear it?” i begged “please. Pretty please?”

“hmm… maybe later”


i laughed, phil is so funny

” dont worry, i’m all yours”  bruno said laughing

” don’t leave me, don’t ever leave me ” phil starting singing 

“i’ll never. never, ever ever leave you” bruno sang back 

I was in hysterics 

“bruno, don’t leave me for him” i sing 

Bruno and Phil look at me shocked i stop laughing. 

“what??”  i ask

” you can sing?” bruno and phil say in unison


“er… yes!! ” Bruno shouts

” what ever bru”  did i just give him a nickname? SHIT. He looks at me with a smile on his face

She just called me bru…… that is so damn sexy that it hurts. I wnat her to call me that one more time. Just one more time. 

“come on pia, you sound amazing” bruno told me 

“yeah right bru”

Bruno and phil kept on messing with lyrics and chords and i soon fell asleep to the sound of an angel.


Once again i was running. Running and running but i couldn’t get away. I couldn’t get away from the past. My feet were hurting, my head was spinning; but i kept on running. I turn around in my tracks.



He looks at me and turns away. 


i ran after him but he was no where to be found. I cried and I cried





Brunos POV 

I hear screaming and crying. 

“what the fuck?” Phil says 

“penlope” i whisper and run over to where she was sleeping. She was crying in her sleep again.

“wake up” i shake her as she slowly starts to wake up. She looks at me and she was holding her locket in her other hand. She started to cry again and ran outside. 

Penelopes POV 

I sat outside on the steps and i unhoocked my locket form around my neck and i looked at it. ‘forever and always’ was ingraved on the front. I opened it and there was a picture of me, my dad and my mother. We looked so happy, but everyone has to pay the price for happiness even for a moment. I can’t crying, i can’t even remember what my mother looked like after this picture seems like their only a dream now. My mother and Father were all just a big scrade, a fantasy and alll i can do is cry. I hear someone behind but i don’t move, i feel someone sit next to me and i didn’t need to look to know it was bruno.

“you okay?” he asks and i didn’t respond. All i did was stare at my neckalce, and i remebered those times when my dad hugged me. I bursted out with fresh tears and bruno just hugged me. He held onto me tight and i let it all out. 

” can you please tell me whats wrong?” Bruno asked really upset

i looked into her eyes and all i could see was pain. Pure pain.

“when i was.. 7. My dad left one day. i begged him not to go, bruno i begged him not to leave. he told me to stop being silly and he left. Bruno, that day he didn’t come back alive. 6 years after his death my mother went out and she never came back. She was taking drugs and was always high. Then she disappeared, leaving me at home by myself.I have no-one left and i just have this locket.Its all i have left of my family”

Bruno looked at me and he looked so heart broken that i felt guilty for loading all of my problems on him.

“sorry” i whisper 

“for what?” he asked

” loading all my problems on you”

“i asked for it and i’m sorry about everything and penelope?”

I looked into his eyes and he leaned in to kiss me once again, being friends isn’t going to work. He softly kissed me amd i fell into his arms as he pulled me close to him, being with him made me feel….free. 

For once i was free, free from everything. His lips on mine gave me butterfiles, and while he kissed me i let a few happy tears escaspe my eyes, because i wasn’t locked in a cage anymore and he made me feel like i was on top of the world. Like i belonged, that i was wanted and if i had wings i woud fly and just breathe without having to check i was safe. Bruno, he did it and his lips on mine was like heaven. 

Just heaven.