Chapter 5 - Let's Make a Plan

04/06/2011 10:42

“Hey! Wait up! What happened last night?” Johnathan asked me. He meant how was Bruno and my mom. I shrug and begin to giggle at the thought of Bruno. “You can’t keep me in suspense! I wanna know!” Johnathan is pleading as we walk towards my apartment. I watch him as he bends lower and puts his hand in a praying position. I laugh at him and push him over into the grass. I throw my stuff onto the grass and lay down next to him.
         “Well.. when you left I went back up. Did homework, my mom came back and said she was going on a date with him! Can you believe that?!”
         “No, she didn’t! You’re lying to me!” I laugh at him because he’s so much girlier than he was yesterday.
         “Yeah, and then I storm out and see Bruno. He’s all happy go lucky, so I talk to him in front of my apartment door.” As I explain what happened John would make all these faces and go ‘NO!’…‘Are you serious?’ all of that stuff. It was funny.
         “So now I’m just here.” I hear something in the distance that sounds like singing and I look at John who seems to know exactly where it’s coming from. “What is that?”
         “It’s him singing. He has talent, but he never actually went for the big time. I think at one point he tried but he went against it.” I look so confused. Him? Bruno? Know he’s the music teacher but I didn’t think he was that good, you know? I grab my stuff and John and take us all behind a bush to listen to Bruno. Bruno comes walking over to the spot where we used to be laying and I watched him as he played his guitar on a bench. I can’t believe he is that amazing.
         “Stay here.” I whisper to John. He nods and I creep out from behind the bush and get behind Bruno. As he keeps singing I lean down next to his ear. “Why didn’t you tell me you were so good at singing?” I kiss his cheek and cross my hands over his chest. He looks behind him and sees me. Bruno takes my arms and gets them off his chest.
         “Are you insane? We are in public!” He sounds so mad at me.
         “No one was walking around...” I try and come back at him with that.
         “There are people... in apartments who have windows. Ever heard of windows? I guess not.” Bruno seems upset... great.
         “Okay I get it.” I watch Bruno leave without even a bye… why do we always have to end like this? I wish I had just a day with him… just the two of us. But how? I walk back over to John who pats my back trying to comfort me. I explain to him my idea and he comes up with the perfect solution to Bruno and I being together for a day.

It’s been like two weeks since Bruno yelled at me in front of the apartment and now John’s plan is about to go down. I check the calendar to make sure I don’t have the date wrong. Saturday September 23. Good… everything is set. My mom is off to spend the next two days in another city with some friends, while Bruno is to babysit me. Perfect, I don’t know how she fell for the whole ‘I’m not old enough to be left alone.’ thing.

Mom begins walking out the door and says back to me. “Don’t steal Bruno from me! ‘Kay Sweet heart?” I know she’s joking… but what she doesn’t know is that she should be being serious. I watch out my window as my mom leaves in a cab with all her friends and when she’s finally gone I start screaming. I quickly change into a mini skirt and a cute strapless shirt and a pair of heels. I look in the mirror and I have to say.. I look so cute. I hear someone knock on the door and I rush over.

“Hey! You’re here!” I say trying to not sound so... excited? Bruno’s shirt was unbuttoned a bit at the top and I could see some of his skin.

“I know miss junior girl. Why are you doing this?” He asks me.

“What are you talking about?” I reply with a question.

“You’re old enough to be by yourself. Why do you need me?”

“Bruno... I thought I might need help with my home work. That’s all.” I reply with a sly little smile. He comes walking in and we hang out in my room for awhile and then some time out walking in the stores. I was having fun and I knew he was having fun too, there was no denying it. We had something and this would probably be easier if it weren’t for me lying to him, and him dating my mom. It’s late night and we are getting back from eating at some mall near the apartment.

“I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye.” Bruno says to me. I grab his arm and think about what I should tell him.

“You don’t have to say bye… you can stay over…” I suggest to him. “ Or I can stay with you. I hate being alone at night... it’s scary.” I use to pull this one with my ex-boyfriend Michael. I rarely ever had to make an excuse for him to stay over. Bruno nods his head and chuckles. I can tell he isn’t falling for it.

“You can stay with me...” did he just say yes? I think so! After he leaves I rush back to find my pajamas. I pick a pair of loose shorts and big t-shirt. I walk barefoot to his apartment and knock on the door. He opens up and he’s wearing boxers and no shirt. I feel like fainting, but I know that I just have to stay calm. He’s brushing his teeth so he just waves me to come in and I do. I look around and I see all these instruments. It’s amazing that he can play all of them, but that’s why they hired him for the music teacher.

“Alright... just lay down and fall asleep... ok?” Bruno says to me and I sit at end of the bed and look at him.

“Can I tell you something?” I ask him. He walks over to me and nods for me to go on. “I’m not the person you thought I was… three..four weeks ago.” He bends down to get near my face. I feel the tension. The tension I get at school when I see him and I just want it to be us at that moment and no one else, or at least for people to let us date without it being weird... oh wait I get that moment everytime I see him.

“You don’t make any sense… but that’s ok.” I hold his hands and he whispers to me. “I’m gonna kiss you now.” He leans over and kisses me.