Chapter 51-60

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PART 51:

I sat on the edge of my bed, getting ready for going home. Suddenly I felt from behind a

soft kiss on my neck. ‘Morning beautiful!’ I couldn’t stop smiling. Bruno was already there.

‘Morning Mr. handsome.’ I stood up and walked over to Bruno for getting the biggest kiss I

could get. ‘You’re already here?!’ ‘Sure! I couldn’t let you wait! AND I wanna get you finally

back home!!’ ‘Uhh you sure that you really want to?!’ I held my broken arm up, ‘You know

that I can do almost nothing without you?’ ‘You mean really nothing?’, he asked why

pulling me close to him, biting his bottom lip. ‘Nothing! … Except this!’ I grabbed his neck

and pulled him close to my lips and kissed him softly and then pulled away. I looked at him

and he stood there still with closed eyes. Slowly he opened his eyes and smiled at me.

‘Why did you stop? When it’s the only thing you can do, then give your best!’ I couldn’t help

but giggle and pulled him again close to me and he hold me with a tight grip around my

neck, scared to let me go.

Suddenly a cough from behind. We turned around and saw our best friend. ‘Uh Mr. Ma-

Her-Maly you are already here?! To get your wife? No breakfast for you Mrs. Maly?’ I

grinned over to Bruno. It was really hard not to laugh about her. ‘No, no breakfast for her!’

‘Well … then, the doctor will come in a few minutes for a final talk.’, she answered

confused. ‘Thanks!’, Bruno answered and kept on kissing me and ignoring her, who was

still in the room. I could feel the big smirk of his on my lips. I put my hand on his chest and

punched him softly like I would say “Bruno you are such a jerk!”. Out of the corner of my

eye I could see a confused nurse, not knowing what to do, searching for the door and

running against it.

When she was out of the room we both burst out laughing. ‘I LOVE this nurse!’, Bruno

said. ‘Well, I know that you’re not meaning this that way, so …’ ‘So I better continue kissing

you so you got no time thinking about it!’ ‘This sounds like a plan!’ And so he did …

But then I pulled away: ‘Wait! I hope you planned to eat breakfast with me or I’m really

mad at you, that I miss it here!’ ‘You really wanna eat this slop here?’ ‘If get nothing better

then YES!’ At that moment he put his hands on my hips and swayed from side to side,

almost humming: ‘Mmmmhhh whaaat about breakfast at “Maycies”??’ My eyes plopped

out of my head! ‘That would be amazing!! I haven’t been there since ages!!!!

Uhhhhhyayayayayayaayayaaaa!!! … Oh my god, I’m feeling like a little girl!! … Hey stop

laughing about me!’ ‘Not about you, just with you my little girl!’ I just stuck my tongue out

when the doctor came in. We had our final talk. He said I shouldn’t do too much and

should stay for another week at home, well better not going to work. Just things I already

knew …

Finally we could go and Bruno grabbed my bag and we walked out of the room. I walked

the whole time behind Bruno and couldn’t help but starring at his ass … well I know: Which

Ass??? But I mean arrrg! Why is he so freakin sexy?

‘Baby? Why are you walking the whole time behind me?’ ‘…’ ‘Baby? Stop starring at my

ass!’ ‘Uhhm huh?! I’m not starring!’ ‘Sure you are!’ ‘No I’m not … and which ass???’ ‘Woha

you are MEAN!! Don’t sass me young lady!’ ‘I’m sorry Bruno … but…’ With that I couldn’t

help but jump out of the blue on his back. Bruno stumbled back and forth but then he

stopped and found the balance. I hugged him real tight from behind with the one arm I got

and kissed his neck: ‘Bruno I really really love you!’ ‘Wow … what was this for?’ ‘I missed

you so much!!!’ I hugged him even tighter and gave him a biiiig kiss on his cheek. ‘OK …

NOW I feel even more like a little kid!’ ‘I love this little kid in you! And I love you, too.’ Bruno

continued walking still with me on his back. Right in front of the car he let me off of his

back and turned around to me. Softly he stroked my cheek and gave me a small kiss on

my lips, our foreheads touching. ‘And never forget that I do! And I always will!’ Our nose

tips touched and then he kissed me again, softly but intensive.

We got in his car and drove off to “Maycies”. The waitress came and we ordered our food,

what was really hard because I couldn’t decide between all those tasty things. ‘Bruno it’s

your fault when I’m getting even more fat!’ ‘You know what I would say now, but … OK I

can live with a fatty! … I think I would still love you then!’, he grinned. I just stuck my

tongue out. I’m not the woman that always wants to hear that she’s beautiful and not fat

and all this stuff from her man. And Bruno knows that, so he plays always along. ‘But for

real Bruno! Please stop me when I start to eat uncontrollable! Not that you leave me one

day for those extreme thin hot chicks!’ ‘Nila! You know that I LOVE curves! And yours are

perfect … and no, curves doesn’t mean fat!’ ‘Thank you prince charming …’ Well … OK

sometimes I’m just like every other woman, caring about getting to fat and feeling good

when her man says, he loves her curves. BUT I’m not asking the whole time: “’Honey??

Am I too fat???’ ‘No princess you look amazing!” This is not me! If he got a problem he

shall say it on his own. I’m not going to change myself for others. And if he really loves

you, he will definitely love you the way you are, even when you’re getting fat. …

Sounds cheesy but it is just the way it is.

‘So how much time do you have today?’ ‘The whole day!’ ‘The whole day?? Wow that’s a

lot!’, I answered with shining eyes. Till now he was always there when I really needed him.

But still, the time together is rare and that’s why I’m happy about every second I can spend

with him.

‘And tomorrow and if we need the day after tomorrow, too!’ ‘What??? Don’t make a fool out

of me! And why if we need?’ ‘No I mean it for real! And we need it for getting your stuff in

my apartment, our apartment! And cause you’re not allowed to work hard I am here!’, he

said with a big smile. ‘You know that you’re really talented?’ ‘Hmm yeah … I guess I’m OK

with the music stuff!’, he giggled. ‘I mean really talented to make me so easily to the

happiest girl in the whole wide world!’ I rested on the table with my arm and reached over

to give Bruno a quick kiss and suddenly we heard giggling. We both looked at the same

time to the side and saw three little girls, maybe 12 years old, starring at us while we

kissed. They had so huge smiles on their faces that I thought every second could plop

their eyes out of their faces. They knew who Bruno was, and for sure now also who I was.

Bruno smiled at them and made a move, mentioning for them to come over, and a

questioning look over to me, asking if it’s OK. I just nod. How could it be not OK?

It was cute how the girls tried to stay calm while Bruno treated them like they are the best

fans on this planet. I loved the way he acted with kids, even with those ‘big’ girls. And this

made me thinking for a few seconds about our future.

The girls were already back to their table when suddenly one of them ran back to us and

hugged Bruno again real real tight and gave him a kiss on his cheek. ‘Uhh thank you

sweetie!’ She looked over to me and we both just grinned. ‘Don’t make me jealous!’, I said

to her. Then something happened what I never expected. She came over to me hugged

me also and gave me a kiss on my cheek. Then she turned back to Bruno and said: ‘Take

good care of her! She’s beautiful!’ ‘I know and I will! I promise!’ She waved a last time back

to us and went to the other girls.

Who thought that one little girl could make me so happy! ‘Ha you heard her?! You need to

take care of me!’ ‘And you’re beautiful! … She can read my mind!’ This made me blush.

This is too much cuteness for a day. ‘And because I take care for you, I’ll take you right

now home that no one can steal you from me!’

We drove right back to my apartment and all I have seen was an half empty living room.

‘Huh? What happened to my stuff?’ ‘Already in your new apartment!’ ‘What? When?’


‘Uhhhm (cough) last night (cough)!’ ‘What?? Last night? Are you kidding me?’ ‘I just

couldn’t sleep … and … I thought … it would be a good idea?!’ ‘You are crazy boy! Do you

know that?’ ‘Yeah …crazy for you!’ He walked over to me and came closer wrapping his

arms around my waist and lifted me up. I wrapped my arms around his neck and shoulder

and kissed him as hard as I could!

‘I love you Mr. Mars! You are incredible!’

After a few minutes we were able to get off of each other and started packing the rest of

my stuff.

‘Uh what is this?’ My eyes plopped out of my head. I ran over to him and grabbed that little

book he held in his hand away. ‘Give it to me!’, I said almost screaming hysterical after he

snapped his hand with the book away. ‘Bruno please, please, please give it to me!’, I

begged. ‘What’s in this book I’m not allowed to see?’, he asked teasing with a big smirk in

his face, while holding the book behind his back. ‘Bruno please! It’s nothing! Please give it

to me!!’, I answered, trying to get the book from behind his back. He just held it in the air

instead. I mean he’s short, but still bigger than me, so i couldn’t reach it. I jumped up and

down like a little girl, trying to catch it. ‘Pleeeeeaaaseee Bruuuhhhhnooo!!!’ He held it tight

in his hands and he really wanted to open it. Right at that Moment I grabbed it and ran

away. Bruno right behind me, chasing me. I ran out of the living room right in the next one,

not thinking that this was a dead-end.

PART 52:

‘Haa! Looks like you’re in a trap huh?!’ ‘Bruno! Go away! Please!’ … like he would go

away. I’m so naive! He came closer and closer till he got me in the corner of the room. I

held the book behind my back that he couldn’t reach it.

‘Common! Baby tell me what it is!’, he had his typical puppy dog face on. ‘This doesn’t

work Bruno! No!’ He still came closer. Softly he pushed me with his body against the wall.

‘Please Bruno! Don’t do this!’ ‘What? This?’ I felt his warm breath on my skin, my neck up

to my ears. SENSITIVE!!! Bruno! SENSITIVE!!! And he knows that!!! He knows that too


‘Please…’, I whispered sighing. His lips ran over my skin barely touching. He wrapped his

arms around me and hold my hands behind my back. Slowly he untightened my grip

around the book, and I haven’t realized it. Now he kissed my neck for real up to my ear, bit

it a little and whispered: ‘I know my weapons baby!’, grabbed the book and ran away with


‘Asshole!’, I screamed. He was just laughing while I tried to chase him. Almost reaching

him I tried to kick his butt, while he already opened the book and tried to read it, but he

jumped out of my way, still laughing. I gave up. So he stood on the opposite of the room,

reading my book, smirking and laughing.

‘I think I like him. He is so cute. I think I really like him. His brown eyes and this wonderful

dark hair. I just wanna stare at him all the time. Today he said ‘Hi’ to me. He’s the love of

my life! …’, Bruno read. ‘Man…I was eight!’ ‘Haa this is awesome! Sounds just like me,

huh?!’ ‘Bruno…man please stop reading that!!’ ‘I guess you really got the love of your life!’,

still laughing and reading. ‘Bruno!!! Please stop it!’ It looked like he ignored me and

continued reading. ‘Aww poor Peter!’ Peter? Did he really say that? Enough is enough. I

passed him and walked out of the room.

I was pissed. Why did he need to mention Peter? He never said something. How should I

know that Peter loved me? Peter meant really a lot to me, but I was eight. Eight years old!

How should I know what love is?


‘Aw Nila…I’m sorry…really I shouldn’t have said that!’, he ran after me. ‘Yeah yeah bla bla

bla!’ ‘Common Nila that’s not fair. I said I’m sorry!’ ‘And you think now is everything OK? So

easily?’ ‘But…but baby what else shall i say?’ ‘You shouldn’t say, you should have done!’

‘But what Nila? What?’ ‘For example not reading that book if I don’t want you to!’ I stood

with my back to him looking out of the window. And suddenly I felt how he wrapped his

arms around me and hugged me, kissing my cheek. ‘I’m sorry!’ ‘And don’t do that every

time to make things better, without understanding what I mean Bruno!’, I tried to get out of

his grip. ‘Baby…Where are you going?’ ‘In the kitchen if I’m allowed!’ ‘Oh common

honey…please! I am really really sorry!’ ‘Don’t honey me!…Wow super start for living

together with you’, I mumbled the last part. ‘Nila please don’t be mad at me! I know I

shouldn’t have done this, and I shouldn’t have mentioned Peter! But I really don’t

understand why I shouldn’t read it?’ ‘I really don’t wanna make mountains out of molehills,

I hate it when you always laugh about things like this, cause sometimes it was really

important for me and and…I don’t know how to explain that!’ ‘No no you’re right, I

understand that! I’m really sorry for that! But it was really cute!’ ‘Cute??? That’s awkward!!

…Maybe I overreacted also a little, I’m sorry!’ ‘No don’t be! It’s OK! … Friends again?’

‘Uhhmm lemme think lemme think, ahh what shall I do???’ He grabbed my head and

pulled me in for a sweet kiss.

‘I love you Nila!’, he said while our foreheads touched.

‘The faster we work now, the faster we’re ready and can continue that tonight!’, I said with

a huge smile.

It’s always funny how fast Bruno can work when I dare him things like this and how easily I

forgive him!

I couldn’t believe it but we were almost ready in the evening. Just a few things we had to

do the next day. So we could spend our official first night together in OUR apartment!

It was really romantic. Bruno tried everything to make it perfect! The bed felt extra soft and

fluffy and and a few little candles around … everything was just perfect!

The last thing I realized how I closed my eyes slowly and I fell asleep in his arms.

Everything felt so good! To have him by my side!

Suddenly in the middle of the night I heard how the vibration of his phone went off. I just

felt how he loosened the grip around me and tried to keep silent. He got out of the bed and

walked out of the room, but I was too tired to look for him, if everything is OK. Quickly I fell

back into my deep sleep. But only 30 minutes later I were again awake. I turned around to

cuddle up with Bruno, but his place was just cold and empty. Bruno wasn’t yet back in the


I sat up in bed and saw that the balcony door of our bedroom was open. He sat there

alone just in his boxers and a shirt. Something was wrong …

I took one of his home jackets, which is far far far far to big for me but it is my favorite,

threw it over and walked, also in my boxers I stole him a while ago, out to him. He was

kind of starring into the nowhere. I came up behind him hugged him and let my hand slip

into his shirt, caressing his chest, a small kiss on top of his head.

‘What’s wrong baby boy? So deep thoughts in the middle of the night?’ ‘I just can’t sleep…’

I walked around to him and sat down on his lap, the way I could see his face. He put one

of his hands on my tights an the other one around my back. He sighed quietly and laid his

head against my shoulder. I put my arm around his shoulder and started crawling his neck,

playing softly with his little curls.

‘Baby?!’, I said lifting up his chin, ‘One second OK?!’ I gave him a quick kiss and walked

into the bathroom. Five minutes later I came back, just wrapped in a towel. I grabbed his


hand and made him walking with me back into the bathroom.

‘Hands up little boy!’ I pulled the shirt over his head turned around and let my towel fall.

Slowly I got into the hot tub. ‘Don’t stare, just come in!’ A little cute smile dropped of his

face. ‘Do you think you get this with your shorts on your own?’, I giggled.

I love his bath tub. It’s sooo big! Not too big, but perfect for two. And it’s just perfect!

Without even thinking he got out of his boxers and came in to me into the tub. He sat in

front of me, definitely enjoying the hot water. He splashed himself water into the face and

took a deep breath.

‘Come lay back honey!’, I pulled him softly on his shoulders back and he laid his head on

my tummy. I tried to massage, with the one hand I got, a little his shoulders. He really

enjoyed everything, closing slowly his eyes. I played a little bit with the suds on his skin. It

was funny how he twitched from time to time, when I hit a sensitive spot. I love teasing

him! And I love caressing his chest … it’s even more sexy when it’s wet and full of suds.

Playing softly from time to time with his hair…

‘I love you boo! And if you feel the need to talk, then just do it, OK?! I’m here for you!’ I

kissed his forehead and he opened as slowly as he closed them, his eyes.

He grabbed the arm I laid on his chest and kissed it softly up and down: ‘You’re so perfect

to me baby!!!’ That made me blush and smile at the same time. He looked up to me and

pulled me in for a kiss. ‘Thank you!’, he said against my lips.

‘You look better now, so everything for you Bruno… my lil baby!’, I said pinching his cheek.

‘And I really do feel better! You little wonder maker!…May I kiss you now again?’ ‘Since

when do you ask?’ ‘OK then this! Come here! I kiss you now!’ … ‘This got a little of Peter

Parker and Mary-Jane…this head…*kiss*…over…*kiss*…kissing!’ ‘And I like it!’ ‘My super

hero!’ ‘Hell yeah!’, he screamed a little what made us both laughing.

‘OK Peter Parker! Do you think you can go back to sleep now?’ ‘Uhhm yes right here, right

now!’ And he started snoring. ‘Sheeta!!’ ‘Yeah maybe!’, he said smiling. ‘OK I get it! I’m too

heavy! But thank you! It was amazing!’, he turned around and gave me another kiss. He

jumped out of the tub, grabbed a towel and starred at me, waiting for me, with the towel

wide open, to get also out of the tub. He grabbed my hand and helped me to get out. Both

wrapped in the same towel we stood there hugging each other for a few minutes. Then he

slipped back into his boxers and throw my clothes to me. I also slipped back in them and

suddenly he lifted me up and brought me back to OUR bed.

Woha this feels so good to say it like this!

He laid me on my side and looked right in my eyes for a few minutes…

‘Can we talk now?’

PART 53:

I looked over to the alarm clock, 3 a.m, and then back to Bruno. ‘This is what I’m waiting

for! Shoot!’ ‘…Well…I got pretty short dates for a trip to Europe!’ ‘Short? What means

short??’ ‘Tomorrow night we need to fly!’ ‘WHAT?? Tomorrow night??’, I sat quickly up in

bed. ‘I know I promised I will be here, but there are some TV shows they set really really

short and a few festivals!’ ‘A few??? What means a few? How can they set you so short? I

mean the bands are months before already known!’ ‘Yeah first we canceled that and now

we’re back in!’ ‘And for how long?’ ‘Right at the moment, they set two and a half week.’

‘For real? You have to be kidding me!’ ‘I wish I would!’ Sighing I let myself fall back on the

bed. ‘I mean it’s your job! It’s your life! So what can I say…but you just came back home

and zoom away again!’ ‘You know that YOU are my life!’


This made me smile a little. ‘Maybe I’m a big part of it, but the music is the love of your life!

Imagine Bruno without music! A dead man!’ ‘But…’ ‘I’m OK with that Bruno! This shouldn’t

be a blame!…I’m just missing you!’

I cuddled up into his arms and closed my eyes. ‘I miss you, too Nila!’ I opened my eyes

again and there he was right about to kiss me. I let him do what he wanted to do and

rubbed then softly his cheek with my thumb. ‘You look tired Bru.’ ‘I know…’ ‘Not just

because of tonight!’, I answered again while he laid back next to me.

We both knew that he was exhausted. He needed a break, at least working less. Not trying

to be every day at three places at the same time. It’s on a long time just too much.

Bruno slept the next day until something like 2p.m He really needed this sleep. But just

once in a long time sleeping this long wont be enough. He really needed to rest!

We both spend the rest of the day together in bed until he needed to pack his clothes. I

helped him to finish that a little bit faster.

After that he pulled me right back into the bed. ‘I don’t wanna go without you!’ He hugged

me real tight. ‘Wait! I can’t go!’, he said while siting up in bed. ‘What? Why?’, I asked

confused, while fumbling with his shirt. ‘You remember what happened the last time when I

didn’t took care of you?’, he asked with an eyebrow raised. ‘You can Bruno!’, I answered

while kneeling down on the bed hugging Bruno from behind. ‘I promise! This time for

REEAL! I’ll be careful! And I won’t do anything stupid!…If you promise me the same? That

you wont do anything stupid!’ ‘Why should I do anything stupid?’ ‘Heeeellooo??!! Superstar

status!!’ ‘Pff you should know me better Nila!’ ‘Yeah that’s why I’m saying it!’ He turned

around with his eyes open, but then only thing I did was stoking out my tongue.

I laid back again and pulled him with me. He wrapped his arms around me and there we

go again. We could have lay there forever.

‘What do I have to do, that I can keep hold of you for a moment?’, he sang softly in my ear.

There was it again! Our song! I turned my face to his, grabbed softly his cheeks and kissed

him. Suddenly I felt how a single tear rolled down my face. I couldn’t help it. But it felt like

he went away for forever! Even though I knew it wasn’t like this, but it felt like this.

‘Who ever thought something so beautiful would happen to me, just cause of a simple

concert in New York?! I’m so glad to have you Nila! And I’ll never let you go!’

‘But think…It’s better when you go NOW Bruno! Cause I can’t promise, that I would let you

go if we stay longer like this!’, I whispered back.

We already had to say a lot of goodbyes, but this was definitely one of the hardest.

While Bruno was in Europe I’ve seen a few, or better all the live streams of his concerts, I

could catch. Even if I had to stay awake until the early morning. He was amazing as usual

and put all the power he got in his songs. And I know that he sang all the love songs

directly to me, when he knew that I was watching. But I missed his special sparkle in the

eyes when he was on stage. It looked like he lost it from day to day.

When we found time to phone or skype he looked even more tired as he was when he left.

I wanted my baby as soon as possible back home!

‘Baby…I know you’re tired and you had hard weeks and all, but I got today an invitation to

the wedding of an old friend. And it’s the day after you come back! But would you come

with me?’ ‘Yeah sure, why not sweetie? Sounds like fun!’ His voice sounded almost asleep

and he also looked like this. But then he continued and tried to smile: ‘I have the whole day

before to sleep, so don’t worry babe!’ I looked confused at him. ‘I see you do worry Nila!

You really don’t have to! I’ll make that, I come with you!…And I couldn’t let you go alone


there!’, he smiled. ‘Aww thank you Bruno! You’re the best! I love you!! So now hop in the

bed with you!’ ‘That says the right one! Have you ever looked at the clock??’ ‘Shhht! I’m

not the one who’s almost asleep and can’t keep my eyes open!’ ‘Okay okay!’, he laughed.

‘Okay I give up baby! I love you, too! Good night baby have sweet dreams!’

He blow me a kiss and with that the window closed and all I saw, was the picture of Bruno

and me, I set as my screen picture of my lap top! I never believed that I could someone

love like this, not even miss someone like this!

The days passed, even though it was slowly, but they passed. And that was all that

counted. Two days before Bruno came back home I was all excited, also because of the

wedding and all. I already chose my dress and how I wanted to fix ma hair and all. I just

wanted to have one day fun with my man, without any problems or work in the back of the


‘Baby…I’m so so so sorry! But I can’t come! I can’t go with you to the wedding! We’re

stuck here till the day after tomorrow! The dumb pilots went on strike and now not even

one plane starts!!’ ‘Bruno! This is not the right time for jokes!’ ‘Nila! I’m seriously! I wish I

would be joking! I was so excited for that all! But I really can’t come…I’m so so sorry!’

‘…’Babe? Did you hear me? Please don’t be mad at me!’ ‘No I’m not mad! It’s not your

fault! I just wish once in our life that things work like they should! And I don’t wanna go

without you! This won’t be cool!!’ ‘No! Sure it will be fun! Don’t say that!’ ‘Do you really think

I’ll go there alone?’ ‘Nila please! Please don’t be in a mood cause of me! You know how

much I would love to be with you there! But this shit plane doesn’t let me!’ ’ Yeah I guess I

have to make he best of it!’ ‘PLEASE! And have fun for the both of us! AND don’t steal the

bride the show with your beauty!’ ‘Haha Bruno! Really funny!’ ‘This wasn’t supposed to be

a joke!’ ‘Thanks…’ ‘Why don’t you ask someone to go with you, that you’re not alone?’

Sure will I! I’m not dumb and jump alone in the sea of lovebirds without a person who can

distract me of missing Bruno.

Even when Bruno wasn’t coming with me, the joy for the wedding was back. I wore a dark

blue petty coat dress with light blue and white polka dots and black heels. I felt amazing!

Right at the time the door bell was ringing, I went downstairs and got into the metallic blue

1964 mustang, what waited in front of the apartment. Sounds now like fairytale. Well I think

it felt right at this moment like one!

PART 54:

The bride was beautiful! It was Aileen. I was together in school with her. Actually I need to

say I never really liked her boyfriends but I think she found now the right one. And I was so

happy for her. Me and my dress fit perfectly in the party! Even though the party was a little

bit polish (cause she is polish) it was everything a little bit in 50’s style!

We were dancing! Dancing the whole night!!! And well yeah, polish party means drinking!

And they are not even a bit shy! So I got the whole night questions like: ‘Is this your

boyfriend sweetie?’

Boyfriend? Yes! Boyfriend! I asked my old best friend, and with my luck now also a pretty

good friend of Bruno, Christian! He’s a real sweetheart. I don’t know what I would do

without him. He was always there for me when I felt alone or Bruno is on tour and

everything. He’s really the perfect best friend… Me and my fellas, sounds almost like a

pimp! But that’s definitely the opposite!

I need to say, I had so much fun with him. It was amazing. It was a long time ago that we

spend a whole evening together. But after a while of dancing we sat down and took a small


break. Christian walked over to the bar to get some drinks but suddenly it was closed. I

watched over to him and then I saw Aileen coming right over to me. ‘Hey! What’s up with

the bar man?’ ‘He flipped back and now got a sprained ankle!’ ‘What? Serious?’ ‘Yeah I

know, now take what you want! We got not enough people here. I hope it isn’t getting out

of control!’ With that I winked at her, got up from my chair and grabbed Christians hand,

who was coming back to the table. He looked confused at me, but followed me behind the


This is where we spend the rest of the evening. Mixing cocktails! And not just mixing! We

were pros! We were a pretty good team and while shaking, dancing and making party all

the time. We also twisted around too all our Elvis songs. Just like the good old times! It

was amazing.

My part was it to mix the “Hawaii Blues” and Christian mixed the “Bitter Sweet Sunsets”.

Did I say that I had soooo much fun? It was crazy and the people were standing in ques to

get a drink.

While mixing all those “Hawaii Blues” the feeling of missing Bruno came back. I grabbed

my phone looking for missed messages. Nothing. I was a little disappointed. But I decided

to take a picture of me with a Hawaii Blue and send it to him: “We’re missing you

incredibly!!” Nothing came back! Maybe he was sleeping.

I tried not to get into a mood and decided to continue having fun.

The people slowly left the wedding and it was time for us to take a break. Aileen and her

husband were so thankful for saving them of a disaster! But it was no problem for us, we

did this what we always did when we were together! Having fun!

Aileen left for saying goodnight to some of her guests and Christian checked his phone. I

tried to peek to check if he got some girls at the start, he didn’t tell me about. But then

suddenly a news window popped up.

I couldn’t believe what my eyes have seen.

“Bruno Mars: a different girlfriend every night?!”, was the headline of four pictures in a club

with four different girls, close! Too close!!!

Christian looked shocked at me and mouthed: ‘I’m sorry!’ I took a deep breath and walked

outside. Some fresh air was the right thing at this moment.

‘This little sucker!!!’, I screamed in the dark night and punched with my hand against the

wall of the house. ‘Auuuu!’, another scream. My broken arm wasn’t yet complete healed. I

wanted to cry, letting everything out. But I couldn’t. I just couldn’t! I was so angry! I wanted

to punch him, slap him, kick him, scratch him…

Right at this moment Christian came out to me and hindered me from punching my hand

again against the wall. He hugged me real tight, that I couldn’t move my arms or anything

else. First I tried to refuse. But he didn’t let me go. So slowly I gave in and hugged him

back. Suddenly the tears floated out of my eyes. I didn’t wanted to cry cause of him,

especially not in front of Christian! But as hard as I tried, I couldn’t stop.

‘Shhh Nila! Please stop crying!’, Christian whispered and stroked softly over my head, still

hugging me tied.

‘I really really loved him!!’, I cried in his shoulder. ‘Heey and you still do! Just listen to him

first. Give him a chance to explain!’ ‘A chance to explain?? Are you serious? What the heck

shall he explain? This is a clear thing!’ ‘Well… OK OK…Just sleep first a night over it! Shall

I bring you home now?’ ‘Home? Nohoo right now I will definitely not going home and sleep

in a liars bed! Definitely not!’ ‘What do you wanna do then?’ ‘I just want to forget what

happened. At least for tonight! I don’t want to let him destroy this wonderful day.’


‘Beach party!’, we both said at the same time. ‘Just wait a second Nila! I’m right back!’

A few minutes later he was back with a full bottle vodka and two shot glasses. ‘You’re the

best Chris!’ We linked arms and walked down to the beach. We both thought it would be

the best to let the car where it was.

It felt really good to be free like this. Forgetting the whole trouble. Just sand, water and two

really good friends. I don’t know where I would have been without Chris at this moment.

After a while we decided to go back into the reality. The bottle wasn’t empty yet. But I had

the feeling that most of it I drank. But I wasn’t drunk. OK well…at least I was still able to

walk in an almost straight line.

The whole street knew that we had fun. We weren’t to overhear!

Almost back at the wedding hall I stopped Chris and hugged him real tight. ‘Thank you for

everything!!!’ ‘Sure! You’re my little baby Nila! I’ll always take care for you!’ ‘Aww that’s

cute!’ All I know is that then came out of nothing the typical Chris tickle attack. I couldn’t

stop laughing and screaming and begged him to stop. We both had so huge smiles on our

faces, it was unreal. But Chris’ smile disappeared suddenly and he looked over my


‘What Christian? What’s wrong?’ Softly he stroked my cheek and said: ‘Promise me that

you’ll never loose this smile of yours you have right now!’ And he looked back over my

shoulder, behind me. ‘What Chris? What are you talking ‘bout?’

I turned around to see what he looked at. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

‘I see you have fun with my girlfriend!’ I saw the flashes Bruno had in his eyes, throwing at

Chris. ‘No Bruno…It’s not…we were just talking. I swear we …’ ‘What the fuck do you want

here Bruno?’, I interrupted Chris. ‘We caught an earlier flight. I came home, you weren’t

there yet. So I thought you’ll be for sure still here, I come over and surprise you. And then I

find you both like this?!!’ ‘Bruno really I swear! Nothing happened! I would never…’ ‘What

like this?’, I interrupted him again and shouted at Bruno. ‘Like you got caught every night in

a different city with a new girl? No Bruno it’s definitely not like this! You no I wouldn’t do

this to you! And I was actually so dumb to believe that you are the same!’ I wanted to run

away. But it isn’t that easy like I thought with high heels and the half of a bottle vodka in

your blood. I stumbled …

PART 55:

…But Bruno caught me.

‘Let me go Bruno!! Let me go!!!’, I shouted at him with tears in my eyes. ‘Just let me go!!!’

‘Nila please let me explain! Please!’ ‘What do you want to explain? You and your fucking

superstar status!!! I knew it Bruno I just knew it!!!’, I whispered crying while I sank down to

the floor. I felt Brunos arms tight wrapped around me, just like Christian did it before. I tried

to refuse but he just didn’t let me go.

‘Please just let me go!’, I begged. ‘Nila please please let me explain. Come home with me

please! Let me explain everything! It isn’t like you think! Just let me talk with you!’

I looked over to Christian who came closer. He took my hand and lifted me up. I looked at

him with pleading eyes, in hope he helps me to get away from Bruno. Bruno also threw a

pleading look at him, I guess in hope for help.

Suddenly Chris nod and said: ‘Go with him! Give him a chance!’ ‘What? Are you kidding

me? Are you now on his side?’ ‘I am on no ones side! I just want you to be fair!’ I could see

this thankful look in Brunos eyes.


Totally pissed of I walked over to his car and waited for him to open the door. I heard him

say to Chris: ‘I can’t thank you enough man!’ ‘You let it better be not true! Cause you don’t

want to know what happens when you hurt her!’ ‘I would never hurt her!’

Totally silence in the car. I starred out of the window, my hands on my lap. I didn’t knew

what I felt a this moment, somehow empty. I didn’t knew what to feel.

Bruno touched while driving my hand: ‘Nila it was really not like you think! Please talk to

me!’ ‘Take your hand away Bruno!’ He sighed and let go.

Finally we arrived at the apartment. I jumped out of the car before he had a chance to

open the door for me. I tried to walk to the apartment door but stumbled again. Bruno ran

over and hold me again. ‘Let me Bruno! I’m drunk not old and senile!’ ‘That’s not what I


I walked again, but I felt how the alcohol took more and more over. I stumbled again.

Bruno right behind me.

Suddenly he lifted me up, swung me over his shoulder and brought me in the apartment.

‘Let me down Bruno!!! LET!! ME!! DOWN!!’ I slapped him with the purse in his back and

struggled with my legs. He said nothing. Just his grip got tighter.

Finally in the bedroom he let me down. I kicked off my shoes, grabbed my night clothes

and locked myself in the bathroom. It took a while till I came back outside. Bruno sat on

the bed on his side, just in his boxers. I didn’t look at him. I walked straight over to my side

of the bed, laid down and turned on the side, with the back to Bruno.

‘Baby you’re really not going to talk with me!’, he crawled over to me and had his head

right over me. ‘For sure not tonight Bruno for sure not!’ I switched my light off and closed

my eyes and just wanted this nightmare to end.

‘Even if you don’t believe me Nila, I love you more than anything else in this world! And I

want that you know this!’

I fell quickly asleep with the hope that I wake up the next day and everything was just a

dream. Well, at the latest I knew it wasn’t a dream when suddenly everything in my

stomach turned around and I felt that need to throw up every minute. I got out of bed and

ran downstairs into the bathroom. I didn’t want Bruno to see and hear me like this. This

day was already awkward enough for me!

Fail! It wasn’t! Now it is!

I should have locked the door!

‘Are you okay Nila?’ ‘What does it look like?’, I answered a little snotty, sitting on the floor

next to the toilet. ‘Why are you downstairs?’, he asked worried. ‘I didn’t want to wake you

up!’ No no no what was he doing?! He sat next to me! I wish he just would have gone

outside and let me sit there on my own. I starred on the other wall across the room.

‘Nila why can’t we…’ ‘Bruno…not now!’, I whispered, got up from the floor and washed my

face with cool water. Without even looking at Bruno I walked out of the room straight to the

living room. ‘Where are you going?’ ‘I stay on the couch!’ He walked behind me, ‘No…

come…please, please come back into the bed!’ I throw at him the “you-are-kidding-right”

look and turned back to the couch. ‘OK then: you go back into the bed and I’ll stay on the

couch!’ I felt too weak to discuss with him at this point so I walked just upstairs.

The next morning I woke up with the smell of coffee in my nose and it made me smile at

first. But then I remembered everything that happened. I slipped into some comfortable

clothes, cause I knew this could going to be a long day.


And there he was! In the middle of the door frame with a tray and breakfast. What did I see

there? Awwww … How cute! He put a red rose on the tray…

NOT working!

I walked over to him trying to get out of the room but he didn’t move out of the way.

‘I…I…made this for you Nila!’ ‘Uh thanks really nice!’ I took the pot of coffee and walked

downstairs. Straight back to the couch where still Brunos blanket was. I wrapped myself in

it and sat there with my coffee. I’ve seen from the corner of my eye that he smiled a little

about it, and have to admit I liked it. His smell, the warmth of his body still in it.

Bruno looked crestfallen. Not knowing what to do. He knew every word he would say, I

would block.

‘Nila I can’t take the suspense anymore! Please lemme explain everything’ ‘…’ ‘Nila?’ ‘Go

on! I promised I give you a chance! Take it now or never! I keep MY promises!’

He sat next to me and tried to take one of my hands. ‘Bruno…’ He let go of it.

‘Nila please believe me! Nothing happened in this night! We were just dancing! Just one

song! Not even this, maybe just the half of it!!! Please believe me, you know I would never

do anything like this to you! This dance meant nothing to me! You know I love you!’ ‘…’

‘Nila please say something!’ ‘Just one dance? With one girl? And who are the other three

girls?? Huh? Can you tell me this? And this looked definitely like more than just a dance!…

Bruno do me just one favor and don’t make a fool of me!’ ‘Nila I don’t make a fool of you!!!

We were really JUST dancing! We had in one club an after party! And the other three

pictures are old!!! They are over two years old! You know that the press everything does to

damage the good name! Please believe me!!! This was all before I knew you!!! I love you

so much! And I missed you every single minute! I…I…would never…I love you too much

for…’ ‘Who gives me the certainty that you’re not lying? Who tells me that this was really

just a dance? That it was really just one girl? Who tells me that you never kissed her or

maybe more? How can I trust you Bruno? Tell me how??? I don’t know what I shall believe

and what not! Common Bruno we both know that you’ve before me never been a choirboy!

So why shouldn’t you go back when I’m not around? Who tells me that I can be sure that

you wont do it?? Do you you know how this feels when everyone around you is talking

about your man and they spread rumors and you don’t know what to believe anymore?

And to all that shit when you’re in such a crisis he doesn’t even respond to your

messages??? What would you think when you see those pictures then? Bruno tell me

what???? What Bruno??? What?’, I shouted desperate and crying at him.

I already put the pot of coffee on the table and pulled my knees close to me. I hugged

them as tight as I could.

Suddenly he came up behind me and hugged me.

‘Bruno! Please! This is exactly what I meant the last time! You can’t just hug me and then

think everything is alright!!!’ He let go of me.

PART 56:

‘Nila! I really don’t know what else to do! I don’t know where you’ve seen this all and it

doesn’t really matter. But do you really believe them more than me??? Nila please answer

just this one question! I really don’t know what else to say, that I’ve always been honest to

you! I don’t wanna repeat myself…but I really don’t know what else to say!’ ‘It’s not that I

don’t love you Bruno! You know how much I do! But this is just so…!’, I was still crying, still

sitting on the couch, clutching my hands around my legs. I looked down to my hands, I

didn’t knew where else to look. Bruno came over to me and got on his knees and grabbed


my hands: ‘Please Nila!!! I love you more than everything else in this world! You are my

everything! Nila I really don’t know what I shall do to make you believe that I haven’t done

anything! I can’t loose you! Ask Phil if you don’t believe me, I really don’t know anything


He looked up to me, because before he was also starring at my hands, and then he did

something unexpected. He put one hand in my neck and pulled me closer. Bruno kissed

me. First he kissed me softly, waiting for a response. I couldn’t refuse him! Then it got

more intensive. I put also my hand in his neck and there were we both! Kissing out of


Bruno pulled away and sat next to me on the couch, still with his hand in my neck. My

hand slid down to his chest. I hold his one hand. Our foreheads touched, our lips did the

same, again.

‘Do you believe me now?’ I kissed him again. ‘Why didn’t you reply to my messages?’

‘Because I’ve seen your picture when we landed and then I was in the car and then I drove

to you to the wedding…I thought to see me was much better then to answer you!’ ‘OK’

‘OK?’ ‘Yeah OK!…I think I believed you the whole time Bruno! I am just so confused…i

think I can’t handle all the stuff around you!…Can’t we…can I take you forever here with

me?’ ‘Right now? I would love to!!! This is what I waited for the whole time when I was

away from you!’ He came again closer, grabbed his blanket and threw it over us and we

cuddled up under it. I laid my head on his chest and soon enough we both fell asleep.

Bruno cause of his tour, me cause of my major hangover.

When I woke up, I found myself laying on the couch with my head on Brunos lap. Brunos

arm around me, holding my hand. I grabbed his hand and kissed it softly and hold it real

tight. Even though I was sure after all I could trust him, but still I felt not good. Nothing

changed but yet everything.

I turned from my back on my side, facing the TV. I tried to close my eyes again, but I

couldn’t sleep. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t help it. All the thoughts stuck in my head.

After a while just laying there I decided to get up. I tried to be really carefully, not to wake

my little baby. It was already dark in the outside. We must have slept the whole day. I was

on my way into the kitchen and wanted to make a cup of tea, when I stopped at a small


There were two pictures of me and Bruno. Cute that he set them there, weird that I never

really realized them. I mean I always knew that they were there, but somehow they were

out of my view.

The first one was Bruno and me and right after one of his concerts. It was the first concert

he took me backstage. Well OK the first concert after we were officially together. He came

there right from stage, just dried from his towel, so all sweaty. Remembering this situation

made me smile like a lot. He came up running behind me wrapped his arms around me

and laid his head on my shoulder. We both smiled like fools. It was amazing. I’ll never

forget this evening!

The second picture was Bruno and me the first time when we were together at my

grandparents old house. The weekend we both spend together there and suddenly my

parents appeared. Thinking about it was hilarious. He took the picture of us on the boat

bridge. I sat on his lap and he kissed my cheek.

We had really wonderful times together. I starred a few minutes longer at the pictures. I

grabbed the picture from the concert and tried to absorb every little detail of my memories.

I couldn’t believe that the time ran so fast. We had our ups and downs, so long together,

but I still couldn’t handle his fame?


Actually I’ve never really been to one of his award shows or stuff like this. Sure I was at

every concert I could go and supported him, but backstage! I mean everyone knows me as

Bruno Mars’ girlfriend. Here and there some flashlights of cameras. Then some freaky

teenagers when we TRY to go on a date ALONE. But already this is too much for me. It’s

not that he tries to hide me or something. He wanted me so many times to go with him to

his award shows, but it was always my decision! I just couldn’t. As much as I tried. Even

the few cameras when we’re walking on the street are too much for me. I feel

uncomfortable. This is not me! How would I feel with thousands of celebrities around me?

I am a part of his world, but at the same time not. In the beginning was everything cool. No

one expected something from me. Everything was new for me! But now? I was still not on

his side like he wanted me to be. I’ve never felt so close to Bruno than the last few months.

But somehow I got the feeling we distanced us at the same time. Or was it just me? Maybe

I was too far away from him, to understand how the things work in his world.

Maybe it was now really my turn to change spots?! I didn’t want to loose him.

Suddenly I smelled Brunos scent around me. He pulled my hair away and I felt his warm

breath tickling against my neck. He laid his head on my shoulder and wrapped his arms

around me. Just like in the picture.

I closed my eyes when I felt the soft touch of his lips on my neck. I laid my head back

against his head. ‘I forgot to tell you yesterday that you looked gorgeous!! You were so

unbelievable beautiful and I wished I would have been the man on your side.’ He took my

hand and flipped me around looking in my eyes. ‘YOUR man! I liked it when you said that

earlier!’ I said nothing. I looked still with a smile on my face, from his eyes down to his

chest. I don’t know why but I blushed. It’s so dumb that I never can control it. I grabbed a

little bit with both of my hands his shirt and buried my face in his chest. He wrapped again

his arms around me and kissed the top of my head. ‘I would be really really pretty dumb to

let you go Nila!’ ‘Then just don’t do it idiot!’, I said against his chest.

‘Are you crying?’ ‘No.’, I answered still with my face buried in his chest. ‘And why feels my

shirt then so wet?’ ‘I don’t know?’ ‘Either you’re drooling or…’ He loosened the grip around

me an lifted my chin up with one finger. ‘Why?’ ‘I don’t know!’ I let my head fall back

against his chest. And he wrapped his arms back around me and kissed again my head.

He hugged me a little bit tighter and buried his face in my hair.

A few minutes later he took my hand and led me back to the couch. He sat me down and

sat right next me, put his arm around me, pulled me closer and played with my hair. I laid

my head back on his chest. Slowly I looked up to him and he just smiled at me. I closed

my eyes again and laid my head back on his shoulder until I felt his lips on mine. As he

pulled away I sucked a little his bottom lip.

Another single tear dropped out of my eye. ‘Damn! I really need to stop that!’, I said while I

whipped my cheek. ‘Just let it out! When it needs to…and…it would help me a lot to know

why!’ ‘It’s…I can’t handle this all. It feels so good to be with you. But how often do we have

those moments? And you know I don’t blame it on you!…God the more often I say that the

more does it sound like I would blame it on you! But I really don’t! I mean I knew what I

was going to do when this all started with you. And I really thought I could handle that!…

But it seems like I can’t! And I don’t wanna see that…cause it doesn’t look good for us

both!’ ‘Nila don’t tell me that you mean what it sounds like!’ ‘Bruno…honestly I don’t know

what it shall sound like!’ I sat up, that I could look better at Bruno. ‘I just know…That I don’t

feel like…like a complete part of your world.’ ‘What? Nila you ARE my world. You are my

Nila on Mars! Don’t say that Nila! Please!’ ‘It’s not your fault! It’s just how I feel. I mean I

don’t feel like I give enough.’ ‘What wh’ ‘Wait! I mean…do you remember the last time

when I was at one of your concerts? And I don’t mean backstage! That doesn’t count. …


Do you remember that I’ve been with you to one of your events or something? No! Cause

I’ve never been. Cause I never wanted to! Cause I never were able to handle that! … And

now when I hear me talking like this … I think there are too much “I’s” and “me’s” in my


I let myself fall back on the couch and sighed deeply. ‘What you’re laughing about?’ He put

his hand on my tight. ‘How you get yourself shirty! Baby…I know that it is all hard for you!

And exactly cause of this I respect it when you don’t want to come with me to those

events. Somehow it’s a good thing. Cause you’re my home base! You know?! It doesn’t

matter how much everything sucks, I know that you’re waiting for me! That you’re always

here to keep me down, to hold me! And I think this is the special thing between us. For me

is it one of the most precious things I have. What we have! What doesn’t mean that I

wouldn’t love to have you with me!’

While he said all those things he got off of he couch and kneed again in front of me, took

my hands and pulled me a little bit forward.

‘I know Bruno! But I hate myself for just being at home for you there!’ ‘But Nila I can’t

constrain you to come with me!’ ‘Arrg why is this all so complicated…honestly I totally

forgot how this all began! All I know is that I wanna be ALWAYS there for you! And don’t

wanna miss you all the time!’

Our foreheads touched. ‘What about small steps?’ I nod. ‘I feel somehow selfish now.’ ‘Nila

enough now!’, he kissed me. ‘I think this is really cute! You don’t know how much this

means to me that you bring yourself to do this all for me! I love you Nila!’ ‘Sorry that I

blamed that all on your superstar status! I was just so pissed, that I knew nothing about

that all…cause I didn’t want to know anything about this part of your life! I mean I wanted

to but I didn’t knew’ He stopped me with a kiss. ‘I know what you mean! And we try to do

the best TOGETHER! Just promise me that you never ever let those thoughts you had,

back again in your head! You gave me really a heart attack! I don’t wanna imagine that!’

Another kiss. ‘Please promise me sweetie!’ I nod again. ‘Yeah I promise!’

Again rolled a tear down my cheek. Bruno smiled at me. ‘I hope this are now tears of joy!’ I

couldn’t really speak and just nod.

Suddenly Bruno stood up kissed me a little bit stormy, throw me on the coach and kneed

over me. ‘And now: we forget this all and I blow your mind a bit!’ ‘You wh…’ I had no

chance to answer. I was already in his claws and I liked it.

Right at the moment where I needed to take a breath Brunos phone rang.

‘Arrg not now!’, Bruno sighed and let his head fall in my neck. ‘Common take it. Seems to

be important.

He got off of me took his phone, looked at it and had a bright smile!

PART 57:

He showed me the display and we both started to laugh. He turned on the loudspeaker

and answered the call: ‘Heeey yo waddup bro!’ ‘Hey Brunz! I just wanted to hear if

everything’s alright with ya lady?’ ‘Yeah I think so!’ ‘You think so??? Man I hope for you!’ I

couldn’t help but laugh about how sweet and worried he was and said: ‘Heey Phil!!’ ‘Nila??

Oh my! Thank god!! So seems you both are in a good mood! Would you open then the

door for the old man?!’ ‘Yeah wait a sec!’

Bruno hung up gave me a quick kiss, grabbed my hand and walked with me over to the

door. He put his arm around my shoulder and opened the door.


‘Aww look at you two lovebirds!!’ Phild said with a huge smile. I think our smiles were just

as huge as Phils. Bruno pulled me closer and gave me a kiss on my cheek.

‘So now OK enough now Bruno!’, Phil interrupted Bruno and came in and hugged me real

tight. ‘Oh man Nila! I was already believing I saw you the last time! Thank god your still

here kid! I would have kicked his ass!’ And he hugged me even tighter and kissed me also

on my cheek. ‘Heeey!!’, Bruno complained. Even though I didn’t know if it was because of

the kiss or the ass kick.

Phil let go of me and Bruno took me back in his arms. Phil looked again at us both with a

huge happy smile. ‘So Nila I’m really happy that you still with that pinhead cause I think

another late night call of a crying Brunz would have been too much!’, Phil continued. Bruno

punched Phils shoulder and said: ‘I wasn’t crying!’, like a little kid. ‘Uhhh you were crying

Bruno! I’ve heard you!’, I cut Bruno. ‘Aww no need to blush baby!’, I continued and

caressed with my other hand his chest and kissed now his cheek.

‘Oh man you both are too cute!…Well OK I was just coming over to see if everything’s

alright now! So I think I can give that to you both now! Enjoy!’ He grabbed from the floor a

bottle wine and gave it to Bruno. ‘Thanks man!’ ‘Thank you Phil!’ I hugged him again and

kissed also his cheek. ‘Good night you two!’, he winked and turned around for going.

Suddenly he turned back around and said: ‘By the way! Tomorrow evening! A little

welcome home party at my place!’ Bruno looked questioning, about our alone time, at me

but I just nod and answered: ‘Yeah sure! We’ll be there Phil! See you tomorrow!’, and

smiled back to Bruno.

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing about their reaction.

Bruno closed the door, turned back around to me and lift his eyebrow and tried to stay

serious: ‘What you’re laughing at, Miss?’ ‘Nothing, mister!’ I grabbed him by his shirt and

pulled him close to me. But instead of kissing me he lifted me up and swung me over his

shoulder. ‘Ahhhh!’, I screamed laughing.

Suddenly we heard Phils laugh and screaming: ‘Kids not right next to the door!’ ‘Shut up

man!’, Bruno screamed back and walked with me over to the living room.

‘Weeew! Nice view from here!’ ‘Hmm I can’t complain either!’, he answered and slapped

my butt. ‘Uhh please don’t kill me mister Hernandez! I’m too young!!’ ‘Mhhm but I wanted

to eat you up!’ With that he laid me back down on the couch in exactly the same position

we were before. ‘And I start exactly here!’ He kissed my lips. ‘And continued there!’ Kissed

up to my jaw bone, over to my ear. ‘And there!’ My ear, nibbled a little on my earlobe and

kissed behind my ear. ‘AND here!’ He kissed down my neck to my collarbone.

I grabbed his cheeks and pulled him back to my face, kissed his lips and said: ‘But it would

be more fun if the two of us play that game together.’ ‘Like this?’ We kissed again. Our

nose tips touched and I whispered: ‘I love you Bruno!’ ‘I love you, too!’

He got off me and set up, looking over to the wine bottle. ‘Do you think what I think?’

‘Hmhm Maybe?!’, I answered. He winked back at me and walked out of the room. ‘Bruno!

Wait! Do you still have the strawberries from breakfast?’ He walked back in and looked

through the open door: ‘Since you ate NOTHING? Sure!’ ‘Oopsie! Sorry … alright!’ He

walked back out, upstairs in our bedroom. I walked in the kitchen watched out for the

strawberries and melted some chocolate.

He walked back in with our blankets and a few pillows. He laid that all down on the floor

and walked over to lit the fire. Just like our first night together in his apartment.

‘Yeah we had exactly the same idea!’, as I hugged him from behind, while he kneed in

front of the fire and kissed his neck. I lent against him, what made it hard for him to get up.


‘Hold on tight Nila!’ ‘What?’ ‘Hold on tight around me. Or be both knock over!’ ‘Uh OK!’ I

wrapped my arms tight around him and he took me piggyback over to the blankets.

‘Uh what’s this?’, he asked curious while he sat me down. ‘THIS!! Is a part of my surprise I

already wanted to give you the last time when you came back!’ ‘OK! Now you got me

curious!’ ‘You should be!’ I took a strawberry, dipped it into the chocolate and fed him with

it. ‘Who said the thing with too young to die?? Girl if you start like this I think I can’t

promise anything!’ ‘You really want to kill me?’ He came closer and kissed me and said:

‘No fear! Just pretty softly!’ ‘Mhm I like that!’, I answered while he also fed me a strawberry

and laid almost on top of me. ‘No! Wait! That’s my part today!’, I stopped him and pushed

him a little bit rough back, down to the floor and crawled on top of him.

‘Uh Niiilaaa! I never knew that this is inside you!’ ‘Baby…’, I kissed him down his neck, ‘…

there’s a lot you don’t know YET about me!’ ‘Daaamn…’, was all he could say, almost just


‘What’s this towel for?’ I took his hands and sat him up. ‘OK first of all: you need to get out

of this!’, he lifted his arms and I pulled his shirt off. I got off of his lap: ‘Now turn around and

lay on that towel and on your stomach!’ He did what mama said and I sat back on him.

‘You’re ready baby?’ ‘For everything!’ ‘So close your eyes and enjoy!’

‘Ohh my god!’ ‘Uh it’s OK! It’s enough when you call me Nila!’ ‘Damn baby! This is

awesome! YOU are awesome!!!’ I kissed him slowly from his neck down his back, trying

not to forget even a little spot of it. I made my way up to his neck and laid with my upper

body half on him. With one hand I teared his hair and the other hand made the way along

his arm up to his hand and intertwined our fingers. First I bit his ear and then whispered:

‘Back part is ready baby!!’ ‘So fast?…This was the best massage I’ve ever got babe!!’ ‘And

this was just the first part! Turn around!’ I slapped his ass and got off.

I sat back on Brunos lap. ‘And why the towel?’, Bruno asked when he put his hands on my

hips. I took his hands and pinned his arms down and moved them along with my hands

and intertwined our fingers again, that I lay again with my upper body on him. Now I could

reach his lips better and gave him the most passionate french kiss I could give him at this


‘This is not what I expected, but I like it!’, he smirked. ‘That’s what I thought!’, I smiled at

him. ‘So at first I wanted to spread the chocolate all over you and lick it!’ I could see how

Brunos eyes shot open he began to smirk. ‘But then I thought this would be pretty dumb!’, I

paused. His smirk began to fade. ‘I thought it would be more fun on the front side!’, I

continued with an evil smile. His smirk came back. I watched his body down and began to

chuckle. ‘So easy huh?!’ ‘I’m sorry baby! But narrrr when it comes to you! I have no


So I continued with his front side and he enjoyed every moment. I began to play with him

like I promised and spread small stripes of melted chocolate over him and licked them

from his body. But he was now in that game and rolled me off of him, himself right on top of

me. It ended up in a big mess of strawberries, chocolate and skin.

In the end I lay in Brunos arms with my head on his chest, both shirtless under a blanket.

‘I hope you liked it somehow..’ ‘It was wonderful!’, he kissed my head and thanked me.

‘So that means you’re in a good mood now?’, I asked while caressing his chest. ‘For

what?’ ‘The truth…’ I saw his shocked face. ‘Bruno I need to tell you something!’, I

stumbled. ‘I think I…well while you were away those days…I think I fell in…I think…I think I

fell in love for someone else!’, I continued, still caressing his chest. ‘You’re kidding right?’,

he asked with a half serious, half joking smile. ‘No actually, actually I think this is serious!

…I think, I think I fell for Frank Ocean!…And his bedtime story!’ ‘Oh my god Nila! We said


no heart attacks anymore!’ I couldn’t help but laugh. He face was just too good. ‘I’m sorry

boo!’, I kissed his chest. ‘But this song is just so amazing and I, I just couldn’t stop listening

to it!

Every time I lay my head down

Baby I, baby I, baby I’m thinking of you

Baby I-I’m thinking of you

Every time I lay my head down

Baby I, baby I, baby I’m thinking of you

Baby I-I’m thinking of you

You’re my bedtime story

Bedtime but I can’t sleep

No bedtime story, bedtime story


Where’s my bedtime story

Just three words in my bedtime story bedtime story oh

I love you’

I hummed more than singing it.

I turned around on my side, that I could face Bruno and said: ‘I missed you so freakin bad!’

Bruno lent over to me kissed me softly and said: ‘Even when I’m miles away, I want that

you get your bedtime story every night!…I love you! And this aren’t JUST three words!’

I hold his face between my hands and kissed him again and smiled: ‘Sorry for cheating on

you with Frank!’, and laid my head back on his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat.

PART 58:

The warm water felt so good on my skin and relaxed a bit my shoulders from the hard floor

where we slept. After a few minutes I turned the water of and went out of the shower.

“BRUNO!! Damn what are you doing here??” Quickly I grabbed my towel and starred

Bruno down. “Since when are you in here?” “So long that I say I should catch you more

often like this!” Bruno sat completely relaxed on the closed toilet and smiled like a fool.

“God! Bruno now get out of here!” I tried to pull him with one hand up and pushed him out

of the bathroom, with the other hand holding my towel. But he was a little bit resistant.

“I really don’t understand you! Your voice is so beautiful! I don’t get it why your always so

shy about it, even in front of me!” “Yeah right especially in front of you…NOT!”, I said with

a smirk, calmed down. “You’re silly Nila!” “Thanks!”

Right at the moment when I wanted to close the door, he poked his head again through it.

“You sure that you want to go to Phils house?” “Yeah sure! They are family and I haven’t

seen them since ages!” “You really sure?” “Yeah! Why?” “You really really REALLY sure?”

“Yaahaa!! Waahhaay?? Don’t you wanna go?” “Well actually I need to say, usually I would

say yes, but” A big smirk creeped over his face, “but”, he looked at me up and down. Me

still holding my towel with a good look on my decollete. “but today I would prefer to eat you


I laughed and rolled my eyes at him. “You silly”, I answered and wanted to close the door.

“What? Not even a kiss?” “Nah to dangerous for me! Now hop!” “I gettchu!” “Yeah




“Wahhh BRUNO! Stop it or you risk that I” He stood right next to the bathroom door and

stopped me with a kiss. “…kill me!” “Kill you?”, he asked with a smirk. “Eh killed me eh

you, ehm I mean I kill YOU! Damn you know what I mean. I pushed him playfully and

walked over the bedroom. “Haha I killed YOU baby and you know that!” “Love you, too!”, I

answered while choosing my clothes.

I turned around and made suddenly a step back. “I’m serious! You are a freak! And that

creeps me! God and with that I’m living together!” What I was seeing was a still grinning

Bruno who stared at me. “Don’t you have something to do? For example getting ready or

something?” “Nah I’m ready! I can fully concentrate on you now! You got my full attention!”

“Yeah I see that and what is it all about?” He said nothing and just smirked creepy. “YOU

are a little KID, you know that?”, I asked him, while I walked over to him to the bed. I

stopped right in front of him and just looked at him. This cute puppy dog eyes. How he

makes me melting away every time when I look at him. I’m so thankful for being with him.

I’ve been through so much shit before, but he is able to let me forget about everything. The

way he smiles. The way he laughs. The way he talks. The way he’s just making me feel

good. That all seems to make him simply perfect. For me he is! It’s crazy how he let me

forget about things like our fight yesterday so easily. I just hope that I don’t fall on my nose

with this one day.

“What are you thinking bout baby?” I smiled down to him. “Nothing kid, nothing.”, I

answered and ruffled his hair like he’s a little school boy.

“Maaaan they were just perfect!”, he screamed in a high tone. “Oh I’m sorry”, I chuckled

and tried to fix his hair somehow but destroyed it even more. “So…Now you look fine

again!” NOT! “You sure?” I bit my lips and tried not to laugh. “Hmm yeah sure!”, I lied.

“Liar!” And he ran over to the mirror.

“Nila! What have you done?? Are you serious??!”, he said with a shocked voice. I rolled

my eyes and laughed about his reaction. It’s important for him to look good and all but he’s

not that type of looking every two seconds in the mirror. If his hair is a mess, than is it a

mess. He’s so humble! And I love this kid for that.

He came back sat on the bed again and starred up to me, pretending he’s mad. “Common

I know you’re not mad!”, I laughed back at his face.

Suddenly he laid back on the bed and pulled me with him. Me right on top of him. I let out

a laughing scream and starred then right in his face with a huge smile. Gently I caressed

his cheek and circled around his cute dimple. Mesmerized by the moment. “You’re so

adorable! With your little cute dimples!” I pinched his cheek like a grannie would do. And

then I laughed about my own dumbness. “What are you laughing about? That’s my

weapon to make every girl falling for me!” “Ah really?!”, I asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes! So go one! What else do you love!” “Uh you want to hear that pretty often, don’t

you?! When was the last time you said that to me?” “I don’t tell you, I show you!” He laid

his hands on my cheeks and pulled me closer, kissing me soft but passionately. When we

pulled away I whispered, looking in his eyes: “Your lips!” He smiled and kissed me again,

moving his hand over my back to my thigh. My thigh up to my butt, resting on it.

“I’m still in my towel.”, I whispered. “I know!”, he whispered back and I could almost feel

the big smirk he had on his lips. “Thanks Bruno! You made me now also not wanting to

go!” “Then let’s just stay here!” “Na we can’t. We promised Phil that we’re coming.” I tried

to fix my towel again and wrapped it a little tighter. Bruno had still his smirk on his face and

laid with his arms under his head on the bed, watching me, while I sat up. “What?” “You

don’t need to wrap it so tight. I wouldn’t mind if it falls down!” “You little, dirty minded thing

you!!” I slapped him with a pillow and got up. “Urgh don’t go away you sexy thing!” “I put

my clothes now on and you fix you hair and then we go to Phil! Is that clear?!” Bruno sat


up, sighed and sat: “Yes mam!” I walked again over to him kissed his cheek and said: “I’m

sorry Bruno. I don’t mean to be so dominant, but if you keep being like this we’ll never get

out of here.” “What? Like this?” He plopped me again over to the bed. He were on top.

“Yeah exactly like this!” His face made me laugh again. Uh man I wonder if he can ever

stay serious.

He got off of me and said: “Ok ok! If you don’t want all of this, we’re going now!”, he

pointed to himself up and down, what made me even more laughing. Thank god for this



The door dropped suddenly open. “Eeeey the lovebirds are finally here!” “Could you

please don’t interrupt us when I make out with my girlfriend?!”, Bruno snapped back,

pulled me closer and let his arm around my shoulder. “Auuu you both are right in front of

my door, you know that right?!” “Oh man you two!”, I interrupted rolling my eyes and

walked in, giving Phil a hug and a kiss on the cheek. When I turned around I saw how Phil

stocked his tongue out to Bruno and he made just a face and followed me.

I walked straight to the kitchen, knowing I would find Urbana there. Bingo! “Heeeey girl!”,

she screamed half. “How’re doing?? Everything alright?” She bombed me with questions

knowing to well that she was talking about the thing between me and Bruno.

“Yeah everything is alright! Feels good to have my man back. Saved by my side!”, I said

smiling looking over to Bruno, knowing he would have heard what I said.

“Niiilaaaa!” “Heeey buddy!!!”, Phils and Urbanas little fella jumped in my arms. I gave him a

little kiss on his head. “You’re so blessed! I love your boys!”, I said, watching again over to

Bruno, sticking my tongue out. “I think it hasn’t hit you so bad either!” “Hmmm…You think

so?”, I laughed again in Brunos direction. He just gave me that ‘You-get-that-back-stare’

and had already our little buddy on his shoulders and made his way to the other guys.

I followed him and when I came in the room I was welcomed by a little cheering. The ALL

new about the story between me and Bruno. ‘Seems like they all tell everyone everything.’,

I thought by myself. But it was no problem in this case. It seemed like they were all really

happy to see me. One by one I greeted all who I know and who belonged to the ‘bandfamily’.

There were also a few guys I didn’t knew yet and it also seemed like Bruno didn’t

knew them. For sure some friends of Phil.

It felt good to be back together with all the fellas. And for sure also with all the other girls.

Even though we’ve seen us very often in the time the boys were on tour. But it was kind of

reunion and somehow for Bruno and me a make up party.

After a while of chatting and eating Jamareo made suddenly made the suggestion to sing

karaoke. My eyes shot open, while everyone else was very excited and agreed. I shot a

look over to Bruno and he laughed at me. I mouthed to him “never!” and he took just his

hands up like he said nothing.

When it’s one thing I really hate, than is it to sing in front of other people. Especially when

there are some people I don’t know yet. I hate it to be the center of attention. In this case

I’m not even a bit like Bruno. He’s joking and laughing around all the time, always in the

middle. He knows how to entertain people. And he loves it. But that’s completely not me. I

prefer standing in the background and watch everything from a little distance. That’s one of

my biggest problems. For example when I meet new people, I can’t go to them and say:

‘Hello I’m Nila: Who are you? Nice to meet you.’ I can’t. I always watch them from the

distance. Kind of checking them out before. Usually I have a really good knowing of the

human nature. And watching new people from behind is a good help to find out real soon if


they are fake or really nice. You got from the distance the better view over things. I don’t

mean that people who are more open for new people are naive. No, definitely not. Those

people also need to exist. That’s maybe the reason why me and Bruno fit so good

together. Opposites attract. I’m in some ways in contact with other people completely shy.

He’s not! The reason, why I’m definitely not going to sing! Never!

Up to that the evening seemed to be really nice. It was a lot of fun to see them all singing.

We were laughing non stop. A really nice evening. Bruno sang also a few songs and came

than right back to me. He pulled me closer and it seemed like he still wanted to make it up

to me, that we couldn’t spend the day together, even though I also wanted to go to Phil.

But it was cute how he cuddled up to me, so I wasn’t complaining.


“So who’s next?” Phil stood in front of the screen with the micro in his hand. “Who else

wants to?!”

“Nila wants to!”

My head shot up! I looked to Bruno. Totally in shock that he said that.

“Yeah right! Nila! We haven’t heard you yet! Common! Your next!” “Ehmm ehh Nope! I’m

not singing! No…thanks it’s alright! Continue with someone else!” “No common! Everyone

is singing tonight! Now it’s your turn!”

I stared Bruno to death. At this moment I wanted to kill him. He was almost a dead man.

‘I hate you!’, I mouthed to him.

This was exactly what I didn’t want for this evening. A relaxed evening. Simply having my

space, enjoying my friends. Thanks Bruno!! I swear I was so mad at him. I could have cute

him in million little pieces.

“Common Nila!”, Phil said again.

I shot Bruno a last death look. He smirked and laid his head relaxed back on the couch. I

stood up and walked over to Phil, grabbing the microphone.

PART 59:

I tried my best to stay calm. Phil smiled at me like there is no problem. For him was there

no problem. How should he know about that all? God!!! This man won’t survive this day!

A million thoughts were running through my mind. I was scared. I couldn’t sing. What if I

totally fucked up. I felt like I need to throw up. Like a school kid that stands in front of the

class and needs to find the solution for a thing, what it never ever in life heard about.

Everyone is starring at you and you feel the attention is fully on you. Like you want to

shrivel up!

I felt dizzy.

“So what do we have here?!” Phil was choosing the song I should sing. “Ahh here!” He

said grinning. “Are you serious Phil??”, I asked in disbelieve. “Well actually…right now I

am!” He looked with the same smile like before over to Bruno. Bruno glanced also in

disbelieve to Phil. And if looks could kill. Woha then Phil would have laid dead on the floor.

Rumor has it by Adele! Is he kidding me? I really wonder what he tried to tell me and

Bruno with that! Whatever it was! It was in this situation not necessary!

And not even this! Hello? Adele?? Does he want to make a fool out of me? ADELE! The


queen of the queens!

I was really going to die!

“Okay okay! First: I can’t! And second of all:I CAN’T!” I said straight to him. “Nahhh okay

just forget everything about that guys!” he looked over to me and Bruno. “Common Nila!

Just have a good time!” I sighed and whispered to him: “You owe me!” I received simply a

smile and he sat next to Bruno.

“Auu” I heard from the corner where the guys sat. Phil hold laughing his arm. I gave Bruno

laughing a thumbs up and he winked back at me.

Oh my god! Was all I could think. I was really going to sing that song. My legs felt shaky

and I just wanted it to end before it even started.


“Bless your soul, you got your head in the clouds. You made a fool out of me, boy. I’m

bringing you down!”

It’s crazy but somehow I lost while singing all the tension. Slowly I began to forget that I

got a whole living room full of people around me. I gave everything I had in me, in this

moment. Somehow it felt good to let it all out. All the emotions, what were still in me. Even

when Bruno and me made up, a small part in me couldn’t let go so easily. And this all

wanted to get out now!

I began to realize, that I really needed some more alone time with Bruno. Just to relax and

bring the past behind me.

“But rumor has it he’s the one I’m leaving you for!”, I finished, not caring how weird it could

have sounded. I took a deep breath and stood there for a few seconds with closed eyes. I

couldn’t believe that I did it for real, and I felt good afterwords. Slowly I turned around to

walk back over to the place where I sat. I stopped when I realized that everyone was

starring at me, kind of shocked. The good feeling I had faded quick!


I didn’t know what to do. In the middle of the crowd was a shy me, saying nothing.

“Oh my god Nila!”, Phil broke the silence. “W-what?! Was it that bad?”, I tried to bring out,

obviously worried. “Bad?? Are you kidding me???”, he asked louder than before and

jumped up from the couch. He walked the few steps over to me and put his hands on my

shoulders, like he wanted to shake me. Then he looked back at Bruno and said: “Did you

know that???” Brunos shocked face already turned into a huge smiling one. He shrugged

with his shoulder like he didn’t know what to say.

Phils hands still on my shoulders, now shaking me for real. “Oh man Nila!!!”, he said

excited like a little girl.

Just at this point I realized that I realized, that I were still the center of attention, everyone

was watching.

“Ok…enough now Phil!”, I said while I took his hands from my shoulders. “Too much

attention!!!”, I whispered in a biting tone. He let go of me and I walked back over to Bruno

sitting next to him. I looked at him and he had still this huge smile on his face, putting his


arm around me. “What??”, I asked as a couldn’t stand this creepy smile anymore. “Nothing

baby, nothing!” I punched him with my fist in his stomach, not too hard, more playfully. “You

know that I hate you, right?!”, asked him dead serious. “Yeah I guess I know that!”, he

answered. “And you know that you’re a dead man, right?!”, I asked him with crossed arms

not facing him anymore. I saw out of the corner of my eye how he scratched his head and

said: “Hmm…I do!”

My luck was that in the meantime everyone else was already busy with other things.

Except of Phil who was back on my side. “Boah Phil! I didn’t know that you can be such a

leech!” “Ha then you know now!” Bruno was just sitting there laughing about our

‘conversation’. “Alright! Now tell me!” “What do you wanna know? I don’t know what you

want Phil!”

“He girl! Can you help me please for a minute??” Urbana grabbed my hand and pulled me

out of the middle of the two fellas.

“Thanks!! Thank you so much!!!” “It’s ok! I saw how much you suffered!”, she laughed. “But

for real girl! Where did that came from? This was incredible!” “Dunno…It’s…I mean I like

this whole singing stuff…but I hate to sing in front of other people! And honestly…i never

really thought I does sound good!” “Are you kidding me??? That was the bomb!!!” Phil

burst through the door, followed by Bruno. I couldn’t help but laugh about Phils tenacity.

“Can you do other things, too? I mean playing guitar, keys, drums??” “Uhh yeah sure!! I’m

a wonder at the drums!” Phil and Bruno looked in shock at me. “For real?”, both asked in a

choir. “Nah! I WHISH I could! But I can’t play anything!” “You can’t?”, Bruno asked with a

raised eyebrow. “And what is about the song you played on the piano and you SANG!”

“Damn! She sang???”, Phil interrupted. “Why you’ve never said anything?? Why you kept

this beautiful voice for yourself Bruno? You’re so selfish!!” Bruno laughed about Phils

statement. “I didn’t keep anything! Cause she doesn’t even sing for me!” “Helllooo?? Could

you please stop talking about me in the third person, like I’m not present??!” “Sorry baby!

But I mean! I knew you were great! But this was…I didn’t know that you got this inside of

your little heart!”, he moved closer to me and gave me a small kiss.

“Who gave you the right to kiss me? Huh? I’m still mad at you!!” “Nah come you aren’t

really mad!” “Sure am I. I mean you know how I think about this! And I hate that you can’t

respect that!” “I’m really sorry Nila! It’s just that I hoped you could bring yourself to sing. I

mean I knew you were great! And I wanted that you start to believe in yourself! But that

you’re this great…I really am speechless!” He wrapped his arms around me and looked

with such a loving smile. “You really think so?” “Yeah! I’m pretty pretty sure about it!” I

sighed softly and buried my face in his chest and felt how he kissed my head.

“Nila you were really awesome!”, Phil interrupted our moment again. Bruno and I starred at

him in disbelieve. “What?? I was just saying! I mean we really could use your voice!” “Phil!

I’m not singing!! I swear! This was the first and the last time that you heard me singing!”

The next thing was that I saw Urbana pulling Phil out of the kitchen. Only me and Bruno


“I swear Bruno I’m not gonna sing anything!”, I said against his chest. “You don’t need to

do anything what you don’t want to!” “Yeah and at the end I stand there in the middle of the

crowd singing karaoke?!” “Except this!”, he giggled. “I’m sorry baby! I didn’t meant to force

you to anything.” “It’s just that you know how much I hate to be the center of attention! And

especially singing!” “You’re right boo! I’m sorry!” I looked up to him and he laid his hands

on my cheeks. “I love you Nila! You know that,right?!” “Yeah, but feels good to hear it from


time to time!…And you know that I don’t hate you, right?!” He kissed me. “I hoped you’ll

say that!” “And you know that I wont kill you, right?!” He giggled his manly giggle and

kissed me again. “I love you, too Bruno!”

He took my hand and we walked back into the living room where the party continued

without us. I looked around the room. I caught the look of one of this dudes who belonged

to Phil. I smiled friendly at him, but he didn’t look away … Grabbing Brunos hand a much


“You alright babes?” Bruno looked at me and then at our intertwined hands. It seemed like

I squeezed the hell out of him. “Uh yeah! Sure! Sorry!”, I smiled nervously at him, loosing a

little the grip on his hands. Still feeling the look on me behind, made me feel a cold shiver

down the back of my neck.

“So babes, huh?! That’s new!”, I whispered Bruno almost seductive in his ear. Trying to

change the topic. He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me with him down on the couch.

I found myself back on his lap, leaning half against the armrest half against Bruno. It was

like Bruno reflected my voice on his face. The way he checked me out from head to toe.

One hand he placed on my lower back, the other hand moved teasingly from knee up to

my thigh over to my tummy, resting for a bit. He looked me for a moment in the eyes and it

seemed like he got lost in them, just as much as I do, every time when he’s looking at me.

Feeling this magical moment like no ones around us!

His hand moved up to my chin and he pulled me close to his face. “There are a lot of new

things I got in petto for you! I’m just not sure if you can handle that all!” “You do?! I think

we’ll only find out, if you show me!”, I whispered back into his ear.

His kiss on my neck made me jump a little! This was not what I expected in this moment…

“You really sure? I mean I got really a LOT for you!”

I lent back on his shoulder and looked up to him, trying to read his mind. You never know

what this little kid is doing next! Always good for a surprise.

I looked in his face and studied every inch. His full lips, with such wonderful clear contour! I

think I’ve never seen and kissed more beautiful lips!

His cute froogy eyes, I can’t help melting away every time I see them… Not to forget his

hair! All the little curls I want to play with all the time. He seems to be just perfect! He made

me thinking about how I could cope in life before I had this wonderful man in it. Even his

smallest smile makes the sun rise in my heart. Even at the baddest days, as soon as he

opens the door, I know the world is big. But I feel right at this moment like home and I don’t

need to go anywhere else. A piece of him is like a piece of luck! And like the sun will never

set. Is it wrong to think so sweet about him, right after that all?! I love him with every inch

of me! And I trust him! I give my best!

The little moments with him don’t let and wouldn’t let me go. I would love to know how he

did this all to me, cause I really don’t know!

I closed my eyes for a moment just to see Bruno looking at me when I opened them again.

He flashed me a simple smile, those smiles which warm up my heart. “Hey!”, he said.

“Hey!”, I answered with a huge smile. “We weren’t ready with all the new things!”, he said

with a wink. My hand moved up to his face, caressing over his jaw bone, moving over to

his neck. Things gone somehow crazy in my head. All I know is that I pulled his face close

to me and I sat straight on his lap, like I wanted to ride. I bit my lower lip back and pressed

my lips on his. It was like the whole world stopped around us. The kiss got deeper and my

arms found their way around Brunos neck, my hands in his curly hair. His hands found


their way to my butt and squeezed it.

“Nila…”, Bruno whispered almost out of breath, leaning his forehead against mine. “There

are still people around us!”, with a smirk on his face. This were the moment where I

realized where we were. I felt kind of embarrassed and began to blush. “Maybe we should

keep the best and the rest of the new things for the end!”, he whispered.

“Guys here are still some kids in the room!” Phil came laughing up behind us. I kind of tried

to laugh but it was more like a nervous giggle.

“So here two shots for our two special guests tonight! “, Phil said with a huge smile. “No

thanks Phil. I need to get us back home in one piece! I already drank a bit!” “Nah it’s ok!

Gimme the keys! I’ll drive.”, I looked at Bruno with a stretched out arm and waiting for his

reaction. “No it’s ok! I don’t need to drink today!” “You already did?! Don’t you trust me? I

promise I won’t crash your lady!” “I would no one trust more than you with my ‘lady’ but are

you sure?” “Why do I hear those words today so often from you? I am sure! It’s maybe

better for me to keep away from alcohol today.”, I answered, remembering the major

hangover I had the day before. “Ok then here!” He pulled the key out of his jeans pocket

and put it in my hands. I took it, rolled of from Bruno watching behind us to the other part

of the crowed.

A cold shiver run down the back of my neck! Again!

Was he watching me the whole time?


“Hey, where are you going Bru?” Why did he have to leave in this situation? “Just getting a

drink.” He couldn’t go away in this situation. I felt like a little child in this moment. But I was

serious. If he would have left, I was at this mans mercy. I felt quiet uncomfortable under his

look. Think Nila, think! Make him stay! Of course I couldn’t chain Bruno up with me.

“Wait!”, I screamed half. But he turned around to me. “You forgot something!” I kneed on

the couch and crawled over to him. Bruno looked at me with a funny face, no knowing why

I was acting like this. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my lips on his lips.

“What was this for?” “Just that you don’t forget me on your way!” “Are you ok?” “What?

Why? Can’t I show you my love to you?”, I asked dramatic with a smile. “No no forget what

I said!” He pecked my lips again. “I promise I wont forget you!” With that he turned again

around and walked away. “I’ll miss you!”, I cat-called at him jokingly. He turned again

around and giggled his sexy manly giggle.

Logic that this was just senseless.

He was still starring. …

PART 60:

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you read the beginning of this chapter!!! And for all the other hooligans: Google the name

of the man who’s starring at Nila!

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like it as much as i do!!!

And PLEASE!!! Tell me what you think!!!

Now thanks and bye bye :D!!


I turned quick back around and sat on the couch. In hope that someone will distract me

from this situation.

“Hey! Is here free next to you?” I looked up and there he was, standing next to me. “Uhh

ehm yeah at least it seems to be free.” Without saying anything more he sat next to me

and hold his hand out. “Hey I’m Rufus! Rufus Martin!” “Uhhm hello.” I shook his hand

hesitant. “You’re Nila, right?! I mean that’s what I caught.”, he smiled. “Ha yeah then you

caught right.”, I smiled nervously back. What does he want?

“I just wanted to say you sang earlier really really beautiful!” “Uhmm thanks?” “You don’t

like talking that much, huh?! More kissing?!”, he laughed. “Ehh may I ask what you want? I

mean coming over here, talking to me like this and starring the whole time at me? What’s

your fucking Problem?” “Yeah you know, sorry for that starring, but you know…it’s pretty

hard for a man, to talk to a beautiful girl like you and…”, he said in a strange shy voice. It

seemed not to be like his usual behavior.

“Wait! What are you trying?”, I interrupted him quickly. “You were right earlier when you

said kissing! What does it telling you? I really don’t understand why you’re trying so hard to

flirt with me! Just stop it!” I told him a little annoyed. Already on my way to get up from the

couch, away from. Doesn’t matter where, simply away!

“Hey, wait!” He grabbed my wrist and tried to stop me. “You are right! Sorry! It was a stupid

beginning! Please let us start again.” I rolled my eyes at his reaction and I don’t know why,

but let myself plop back on the couch.

“Thank you Nila!”, he said smiling. “Would you please let go of my wrist!”, I answered still a

little pissed. “Uh yeah sure, sorry!…So ehhm…You are his girl, huh?!”, he said. “What?”, I

asked with and raised eyebrow. I knew exactly what he meant. But he was that kind of

man who couldn’t stand to say the name of the ‘enemy’. “You know what I mean…Brunos!”

“What? I’m not his ‘girl’ gosh we’re not in the high school anymore! But yes, we belong

together. Like you could see it from the best side while you stalked me with your look!” “Ok

I see how it is…are you happy with him? I mean you know he’s a superstar n stuff…”

“GOSH! What do want?” “Well…yeah ok –“, he sighed deeply and hold suddenly his hand

out to shake. “Hi, I’m Rufus Martin. You’re really beautiful and your voice is amazing, but

you seem to be really happy with Bruno, so I don’t even try to flirt with you! And you are?”

This sudden of change of this conversation made me somehow laugh. It was cute how he

tried to put himself together. I decided to give him a last chance.

“Hey, I’m Nila.”, I answered and hold also my hand out to shake “Nice name…so you’re

singing?” I began to laugh at this statement! “Hell no! I do everything else than singing!”

“What why?? You sound amazing! This is a waste!” “Yeah maybe…but the only one who’s

going to hear me sing is the shower head!” “Uh really? Then maybe I should come over

from time to time and sneak in to listen! I’d be a big fan.” Did he say that for real?, I asked

myself shocked. “Uhm what? For sure not! You know, Brunos security would be also there

for me 24/7! And believe me you don’t wanna get in trouble with them.”, I answered with a

stare. “Ok ok I get it. Dumb idea!” “Yes! So what about you? What are you doing here?”


Bruno’s P.O.V:

“Phil what is he doing here?”, I asked with a clenched jaw, nodding over to this dude. “He’s

back from Germany for a while. Visiting his father, friends and all this stuff. Why you’re

asking?” For a moment I ignored Phil cause I tried to find out what this man was trying to


“Yo man! Are you ok?!”, Phil looked obviously confused. But I continued starring at Nila

and him. “Bruno?! Are you serious?…Don’t tell me that you’re jealous.” “I’m not!” “Then,

why are you looking like you want to kill Rufus?” “I don’t want to kill him!”, I answered,

maybe a little bit snappy. “Come here drink this and stay cool.” Phil gave me another shot.

“You know that I don’t like this guy?! Already when you introduced me to him in Germany

after the show!” “Why? What’s your problem with him?” “Nothing!”, I mumbled to myself.

Angry that about myself, that I was kind of jealous. “Bruno…He’s a cool guy. I know him

now since a few years. For real! He’s a dude like you and me, simply making music…!” “I

need another one!”, I answered holding my glass to Phil, waiting to fill it with a new shot.

“If it’s such a problem for you that she’s talking with him alone, then go over to them!”

“Listen! I have no problem!” I know I sounded already a little more than pissed and handed

him again my glass. “I really don’t understand you! I mean it’s not like you never talk to any

other girls. She’s just talking to him, having a bit fun! So where is the problem?! Cause you

obviously have one!” “For the last time I HAVE NO PROBLEM!”

“What are you laughing bout?” “About you Bruno, about you! I know you really love her

but…” “Yeah yeah, I mean just look at them! How he’s looking at her??? Doesn’t he get

that she belongs to me??!! Another one please!”, I gave him my glass.

“I really don’t remember that you’ve ever been so jealous Bruno!” “I love her! And and…I

don’t wanna loose her!” “Then tell her, show her! Then go over to her! Even though I think

it’s not necessary, but show him that she’s yours!”

He was right. I’ve never been so jealous! But I really do love her. I can’t stand see her

around other guys, who almost drool about her.

I laid my head on the table, pushing my glass over to Phil for another shot.

“Don’t you think you had enough?!” “Noohh!”, I answered, talking against the table. I felt so

stupid. I really never felt this way before about a girl. Why couldn’t I simply act normal? I

mean, she’s never being like this…and I think is far more difficult with me. I felt like an


“Common! I need another one!” “You had enough Bruno! I don’t wanna see you doing

something stupid! And now go get her!” “Are you sure I should go over to them?” “More

than ever!” “Don’t you think it is pushy?”, I asked seemingly uneasy. “Nah. Go…I mean

most of the people are already gone…and they talked long enough!”

I smiled still uneasy over to Phil and turned around to get up. I definitely had too much

shots. Honestly, up to that moment I haven’t realized how much I drank for real.

Slowly I stood up and made my way over to my pretty lady. I wouldn’t have thought that it

could be so hard to walk a straight line. But I tried my best, cause this would have been

quite embarrassing!

“Hey baby!”, I said half loud in her ear. I came from behind and laid my arms around her,

kissing her cheek. She laid her hands on my hands and I could feel her smile, when my

cheek touched hers. I don’t know why but I felt like a king when I saw her smile. I felt like it

gave me super power!

“Dance with me!”, I whispered in her ear, trying to sound somehow seductive. Dance with

me??? What the heck??? “Dance with you?” She sounded quite amused and that made

me feel awkward. “Don’t you think you drank a little too much for that?”

Fail! She was right! I couldn’t walk a straight line, but wanted to dance with her? Gosh!

What did I think? “No, no! I feel good! I had only a few shots! I’m fine! Common please

baby!”, I kissed her neck, trying to ignore the fact that I couldn’t dance with her with so

much alcohol in my blood. “Bruno we can’t dance!” “Whhhhyyyyy???” My voice sounded


definitely whiny. God what is this alcohol doing to me? This shouldn’t be so awkward right

now. “Cause it seems like you can’t even stand on your own, the way you’re hanging on

me!” Right! I’m hanging on her! That’s what I realized the moment she said it.

“Oh I’m sorry…I really can dance with you!”, I begged. I begged! And this dude was still

sitting next to her. For sure enjoying how I made a fool out of myself!

“I think she’s right! You guys maybe better go home?!” Did he say that? He is telling me

what I shall do? Who the heck did he think who he is?

“And who did ask you?”, I answered slightly aggressive. “Sorry…But it seems like a bit

sleep would do you well.”

I simply wanted to kill him. Not even that he’s trying to mac on MY girlfriend, nooo he

wants to tell ME what I have to do???

Right at that moment when I wanted to answer him, Nila started: “Baby he’s right! I’m tired

as hell, and I think it would be for you also good.” She kissed softly my hand. She kissed

my had. I love the way how she’s able to calm me down so quick.

I still felt anger against this dude and tried to say: “But he got not…” “Okay okay…time for

me to go!”, Rufus stopped me and stood up from the couch.

“Nila, it was a pleasure to meet you!” I let my head fall on Nilas shoulder and mumbled

something like: “Yeah sure! That’s what I thought!” At that moment when I heard her giggle

I knew she heard what I said.

“And you Bruno, sleep well!” I looked for a few seconds up to Rufus and let then my head

shaking fall back on Nilas shoulder.

Nice as Nila always is she said in the cutest way “Bye!” How much I love this woman!

“Come baby! Let’s go!” She kneed on the couch and faced me, still holding my hands. But

she moved them up to my face and gave me the sweetest kiss on my cheek. “You’re so

cute Bruno Hernandez!” “And why don’t I get then a real kiss?”, I asked poking out my

bottom lip. “Beecaaauuuseeee Mr. Hernandez, I don’t like to kiss a bottle of vodka! And

noooooow please let us go!”

I turned around and tried to walk back over to Phil to say bye, when I felt slightly dizzy.

“Wait Bru!” Nila! A gift from heaven! She run over to me and swung my arm around her

shoulder and helped me to walk a straight line.

She’s so awesome! I love her more than myself! I couldn’t help and kissed her cheek.


Somehow I found myself back in the passenger seat of the car. Nila was still at the door of

Phils house she said bye and came then back to the car. Driving off back home.

“How are you feeling babes?” She stroked my knee while driving. I needed to laugh about

her use of ‘babes’ and I could see her smile about it, too. I took her hand and said: “Well…

I’m fine, I guess…Like someone…who drank too much! Yeah I guess that’s the point!” I

saw her smiling in the changing lights of the cars, which drove on the other side of the

street. She looked so beautiful! I wanted to kiss her! I wanted to touch her!

Even though I felt like shit, I couldn’t help but stare at her. She was more than beautiful!

She was my world! Her beautiful smile…it seemed like it’ll never fade.

Slowly I moved over and put my hand on her thigh, rubbing it softly. I laid my head in her

neck and kissed it softly up to her ears. My hand made its way under her shirt, right when


she grabbed my hand and pulled it away.

“What what are you doing Bruno?” She was confused. “Please stop it Bruno. It’s raining

and it’s dark and I’m tired. I really need to concentrate. You’re not really helpful to get us

safe back home!”

This was not the reaction what I hoped for. Actually I don’t know what I was thinking.

“Yeah sure, I’m not Rufus!”, I said more snappy than it should be, and just when the words

came out of my mouth I knew what I said. My eyes shot wide open. “Wh wha what did you

say?” “I’m I’m so so so sorry! This was not what…I didn’t mean that!”

I expected everything! I expected her screaming at me, punching me, crying … but he

simply started laughing. Laughing!!!

“Auuh baby you’re so cute, you know that?!” “Wait, what?”, I was so confused by her

saying. I expected really everything! But not this!

“My little baby is jealous!!! Aren’t you???”, she said. She looked over to me and pinched

my cheek like I’m a little child. “No I’m not!!”, I answered, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Sure, you are baby!!! And I think it’s pretty nice! I mean it has its good side!”, she said

smiling over to me from time to time, trying to concentrate still on the street.

“I really try my best to stay cool Nila! But I simply can’t! I can’t see you with another guy

who’s smiling like he did at you! You are my everything! I don’t wanna loose you!”

“Awww Bruno, baby!! You’ll never loose me! I promise you! Even if you try to get rid of me,

you wont have success with it!”, she had still her hand on my knee. “I love you Bruno and

no one else in this world!”, she caressed again my cheek. “You are my world, Bruno!” She

looked shortly over to me and then back on the street when I grabbed her hand and

squeezed it.

“Nila, then…” She looked again over to me, waiting for what I got to say. I squeezed her

hand tighter. “Then, marry me!” “W w what?” She looked still at me, but this time more like

she has seen a dead person. “Nila, please marry me!!”

Suddenly I heard squeaking wheels and I flew in direction window.