Chapter 5

18/04/2011 21:33

I woke up not so refreshed. All last night I just couldn't sleep. All of the tossing & turning that I was doing. It felt as though someone was watching me sleep, hovering over me, breathing on my neck but I didn't dare to open my eyes. Too afraid to see who, and I didn't want to see who was watching over me. I stretch, & yawn but in the corner of my eye I see something in my window. I start to walk up to the window, my heart beating so fast I pull back the curtains....

“Oh thank GOD”.

It was just a note with a heart on it. I open my window, take it off, & flip it over but there was no name, just some words. I'm watching you love. Getting the he-be-GE-bes, I go downstairs, go to the kitchen & open my icebox. My stomach rolled. So I closed the icebox. I go outside to check my mail, just bills, bills, and more bills. Then I hear a noise. I look around and dont see anyone. I take a deep breath, i'm freaking myself out here. I turn around to walk back into my house when out pops a person. I punched who ever it was in front of me and ran my ass into my house, lock the door and grabbed my butcher knife when I hear a familiar groan. 
“Ooo why did you do that to me?”


I open the door to see Eric flat on his back with a fat lip. I couldn't help it but I started to laugh at the poor guy. I go over to help him inside and grab an ice pack to put it on his lip.

“Damn girl you have an arm on you!”

“i am so sorry Eric I didn't know it was you.” I said as I laugh

“yeah I see, why you so scared?”

“Nothing but dont you think it's a little early to be calling me love?”

“What are you talking about?”

“The note.”

“what note?”

My stomach rolled and I felt sick.

“you didn't put this on my window last night?”

As I show him the note he grabs it from me and just shakes his head. OK that's not good at all but if it wasn't Eric them it had to had to be....God please I dont want it to be, him. With an instant my head starts to pound and my eyes start to water.

“i'll be back.”

“whats wrong?”

I run upstairs to the bathroom to splash water on my face. I take a couple of breaths and look into the mirror, and say to myself that i'm ok. No tears. So I smile, wipe my face, and go back downstairs. I see Eric on my stove making something.

“you ok beautiful?”

“yeah all better now, what are you making?”

“breakfast so sit down, smell the roses I gave you and drink the orange juice I made you.”

“Eric if it was you don't be embarrassed about it”

“if it was me, I would have wanted you to know that it was me”

“ok. i believe you”

“do you have an ex boyfriend that's still in love with you?”

I was to embarrassed to say but I never really had a true boyfriend. Maria and I always had O.N.S. They were the closes to boyfriend I’ve ever had. But it just had to be him. Once again I was having a pounding headache. I’ve got to get him out my mind. I grabbed the rose that was on the table. I hate roses, they smell, everyone loves them and they don't come in purple. Just to be nice I smile at him & smell the ugly flower. Too bad my vase is in pieces so I put it in a glass of water. He finishes with my omelet and I eat it in silence. When I get finished, he grabs my hand.

“lets go out for a walk, you look like you need one” he said


I run upstairs, take a shower, get dressed into an all red high waist dress with my black flats with the red bows, put on my make up and go back downstairs. I grab my black sweater jacket and grab his hand.

“so where we headed?” I ask

“anywhere, lets just walk”


We walk out the door and ended up at Gi-Gi’s. The best burger place in town, we sit down on a booth and order. All I get is a Large Vanilla shake because I really needed one. Really Bad.

“you always order those”

“i love milk shakes” I say

“so you like white creamy stuff huh?”

“yes but not like that you pervert!”

he just laughs while I push him a little. We talk for a little. He talks about some dream that he had but I wasn't really listening because all I kept smelling was cinnamon. I look around to try to figure out where it was coming from. I get up and follow the smell.

“what are you doing?” he asked

I know I looked loony but I needed to know where this was coming from. As my heart beats faster I get closer to the smell as it gets stronger. Then I stop, it was a guy with curly brown hair just like him and he's with a girl. My heart stops and I tap on his shoulder. As he turns around I sigh with relief. It wasn't him. Eric grabs my hand and turns me around thinking of something quick to say..

“what's wrong with you?”

“i just um, you were the one walking around like a hound dog” he says

“i thought I knew this guy but I didn't but tell me more about your dream”

He smiled like the sucker he is and walked me back to the booth telling me about this dream he had last night. I just smile up at him but I felt like a idiot. I really wanted that guy to be him. So badly I wanted it to be him. And that's when I realized we had to leave. Because there was Phil and Maria making out on his care, I assume, and if there's a Phil, there's a Bruno. Maria stopped and waved at me to come to her but I shook my head no. So I sucked down my milk shake.

“lets go to the park” I said


I grabbed his hand at walked out of

the diner so fast but as I looked back maria was red in the face mad. I didn't mean to ignore her but, I really didn't want to see him....i just couldn't.

We get to the park and I run to the swings.

“race you” I said and sprinted

“hey you cheat!” he said

I get to the swings when he tackles me to the ground. Next thing you know we start bust out laughing. With him on top of me I tried to push him off but he didn't budge.

“get off of me please” I said

“wait...let me see something”

He took a blade of grass out of my hair and smiled at me. “perfect” he said. He just kept staring at me and I already knew what was next. He kissed me but as I kissed him back, it didn't feel right. I felt more like I was kissing a friend than an lover so I stopped because I heard a growl.

“did you just growl at me?”

“no, you ok?”

I look around and see no one. Maybe I was loosing my head,loosing my mind. He kisses me again and still, it didn't feel right. No spark, or heat or fireworks. Just plain ole nothing. He pulled away and smiled at me so I smiled back. He pulled me off the ground and put my hair behind my ear.

“ you should wear the beehive wig, you look better with that”

I just frown at him but then quickly give him a peck on his cheek.

“take me home”

He grabs my hand and we walk to my house. When we get there I open my door but he stops me.

“not yet ok. No sex yet”


“i'll call you later ok?”

I just nod. He gives me a quick kiss and leaves. I go into my house. Eric is such a gentlemen and I like that about him but...i dont know. I lock my door & look over to my table to see that my rose is gone. Which is really strange. I also notice my door was unlocked to. GOD no. I grab my knife on the kitchen counter and walk into the living room. No one there. So then I go upstairs and bust open my bathroom and scream. my cabinet door was open. So I close it and there was another message written looked like it was written with my eyeliner. No it wasn't Eric, it was me Love. With another heart on it. I hear a noise coming from my room. I walk over to my room and open the door slowly....

Nothing but it looked as thought someone made my bed and laid in it and my window is open. I run over to my window and look out but there's no one. I close my window, lock it and close the curtains. With my knife close to me I take off my clothes and put on my pajamas. Walking over to my bed ,with a knife in my hand, I get under the covers and stare at my window. Not being able to fall asleep because I no longer feel safe.

My phone rings.




still nothing

“look who ever this is, i'll find you out”

there was a pause in the breathing

“ no you wont”

They hung up the phone. The voice was so quiet that I couldn't really tell if it was a man or a women. When my phone rings again

“Looky here..”

“hey it's me Eric”

“Oh, I thought...never mind. I'm glad you called”

“whats wrong?, someone bothering you?”

“no but come over tomorrow ok, I wouldn't mind your omelet again”

I could feel the smile in his voice as he said ok and hung up the phone. I turned off my lamp and pulled my knife closer to me. Waiting. & unable to sleep because i'm scared out of my mind.

Somehow some was I fell asleep but popped right up from my bed screaming. My window was open, it was raining and I know someone was watching me. I walk over getting ready to kill and look out the window. The wind was howling and it was pouring out but hearing footsteps I stepped out onto my roof. It was dark so I could really see but I seen something moving.


No answer

“WHO ARE YOU!!!??”

I try to move forward but then I slip and fall. I stab the knife to the roof but it's not stable enough. The rain pouring on me, I lose my grip and fall. I hear a scream, hit the ground and black out.