Chapter 5

21/05/2011 22:07

I turned around to see who it was. I was surprised when I saw Jamie. He looked like a mess and smelled like liquor. ‘What the hell is he doing here?’  “Ca… Cam.” He mumbled. “Seriously! What do you want?” “I.. I wan… I want YOU!” “Jamie, fuck off, it’s over.” I said with a calm tone. “Come on, Cam, let’s go.” Isabella said as they walked away. “Yeah, I’m coming!” Just as I turned around, Jamie pulled my arm and holds me tight around my waist. I tried to push him away from me but he was too strong. “Let me go!” I was looking around for Chrissie and Isabella but they were already gone. As I looked I realized there were just 4 people besides us here. They couldn’t do much, I don’t know them and those girls didn’t looked like the strongest. He pulled me closer to him. “Come on Cam, ju… just like the old days.” ‘Urgh… That is the thing I absolutely DON´T want.´ “NO! Jamie it’s over and it will stay over!” I closed my eyes and sighed. And before I knew it, I noticed that Jamie was turning around with his head. I opened my eyes to see who it was. It was Bruno. “Hey dude, are you bothering her?” “No, of… of course I don’t bother her! She’s my girl!” “NO I’M NOT! NOW LET ME GO!” I yelled! “If she’s your girl, why doesn’t she agree?” Bruno said as he stayed calm. I kept trying to push him away. ‘Dang, I need to do some work outs.’  “Just let her go, alright?” “No, she… she’s mi-ine.” I kept trying and trying to get out of his grip but he was really strong even though he was drunk. Jamie faced me again. His lips came closer to mine. How hard I tried I just couldn't get away. When his lips where an inch from mine, he was tapped on his shoulder. it was Bruno and he looked pissed. Before I realized what was happening Jamie got hit in the face. His nose was bleeding. Bruno stepped closer to me. "Are you alright?" "Yeah, I'm fine I guess..." "Who was that?" "I'm sorry but that's none of your business." "Please.." "I got to go now." I walked through the doors. "Hey, where have you been?" Chrissie asked. "Inside, dummy." I said with my fake smile. "Ooohh, did something happen?" Isabella wondered. "No, nothing. Let's go home, okay?" "Okay!" they both said really happy. I just couldn't be happy after what happened. As we went home in a cab, the only thing I could do was think.'Why did he had to come? I was doing great... Urgh, I shouldn't think about him. I should focus on going back to work tomorrow.' "Hey, girl lost in thoughts, you alright?" "Huh... yeah I'm fine Chrissie, how are you?" "Same here and you Isabella?" "Also fine." she said with a British accent. All we could do was laugh. We finally got home. "Imma take a shower, kay?" "Sure." "Kay but doný drown!" Isabella always had to come up with weird jokes. "I won't drown relax! I might be dumb, but I'm not stupid!" "We'll see about that, Miss Rodriquez..." I laughed a bit as I went upstairs. I took my clothes off, hopped into the shower and came out 25 minutes later. I got into my sleepy clothes, I always call them like that cause they make me feel really sleepy. "Hey! I'm back!" "Ssshhh.... Isabella is sleeping." "Oops.. Sorry." I whispered. "I'm gonna go to bed too. I don't feel so well and I have to work tomorrow, you know." "Kay, I'm coming in half an hour. I'm just gonna leave her on the couch." I finally got into the bed. I was tired and couldn't take anything for now. 'I hate this day. I don't want this ever again!' After a while I finally fell asleep.