Chapter 5

25/05/2011 15:44


I finally called Bruno back and when I did he sounded really excited. "Hi, how are you doing?", I asked. "Pretty good. Hey um I was wondering if you maybe wanted to come over sometime.", he said nervously. I laughed. "Hmmmm I don't know. Let me check my schedule and see if I can fit you in.", I joked. "Oh,well ok.", he said sounding dissapointed. "I'm kidding, I'm kidding.", I said, "When and where do you want to meet?". "Well I’m on a tour right now so I might have to send a private jet to pick you up and then we could meet at a nice restaurant or something.", he said. I was silent for a few minutes,then Bruno said, "Hello? You still there?" "Yeah, I'm here. But would I really get to ride in a private jet?", I asked. He laughed, "Well yeah, of course.", he said. "Awesome! When am I going to get picked up?", I asked. "How about Saturday around nine?", he asked. "Sure, sounds great", I said. After we both hung up I realized something, Bruno didn't know I had a boyfriend and I had a feeling that my boyfriend wouldn't be too happy if he found out that Bruno was sending a private jet to pick me up so we could hang out. I decieded to tell my boyfriend that I had to go on a business trip instead of telling him where I was really going. "Hey babe, I'm going to be gone for a little while next week.", I said. "What for?", he asked. "Just a business trip,nothing big.", I said. "Oh cool, well have fun I guess.", he said. I had a feeling that he could tell I was lying. He didn't say anything else though, he just walked up to our bedroom and stayed there for the rest of the night. When I went up to bed Chris was laying there staring at the wall. "What's wrong baby?", I asked. "Nothing, I just want to be left alone.", he said. "Fine, whatever.", I said. Chris got up,grabbed a pillow and blanket, and walked out of the room. I waited a few seconds then I ran after him. "Tell me what's wrong right now!", I yelled. "You're lying to me!", he yelled. Oh my gosh,he could tell that I was lying. I didn't say anything. "Wow.", he said and then stormed out. I heard his car start and he pulled out of the driveway really fast. I sat down and cried for an hour. I finally went up to my room and layed in bed. As I tried to fall asleep I couldn't help but notice how empty the bed seemed without Chris. Chris didn't come back at all that week and I didn't want to leave without saying goodbye to him but at eight thirty on Saturday morning I finally decieded that I had to go. I drove to the airport and borded the airplane. It was so nice inside, there were flat screens everywhere and everything was clean and sparkly white. I sat down and a few seconds later a flight attendant came by and asked me if I wanted anything to drink. "Um sure, I'll take a Dr.Pepper.", I said. She left and came back a few minutes later with a glass of Dr.Pepper instead of one of those plastic cups that you usually get on an airport. A watched a movie Honeymoon In Vegas (my favorite movie),and when it was over I got my ipod out and after listening to it for about five minutes and then I heard a voice beside me. "Whatchu listening to?", the person asked. I turned to see who it was and almost had a heart attack. Bruno was sitting beside me! "I thought you had to do a concert.", I said. "Nope, I just told you that cause I wanted our day to be a surprise", he said. I smiled, Bruno was so sweet. After a little while we landed and got off the plane. Bruno took my hand and led me into the parking lot. He stopped at a shiny silver mustang. "Get in princess.", he said. I smiled and got in the car. Bruno took my bags and put them in the trunk then he got in and started the car. He looked at me and said, "You ready?" I laughed, "Yeah, let's go.", I said. We went to a really nice restaurant and then went to the park and played around for a while. Then we  got back in Bruno's car and after a while he pulled up at a really nice hotel and got out. Then he walked around and opened my door for me. What a gentleman I thought to myself. He took my hand and we walked in the hotel. We walked to the elevator and rode to the top floor. Bruno unlocked our hotel room door and walked inside. I dropped my bags. The hotel was huge! There was a beautiful view and one whole side of the room was made out of glass. There was a flatscreen that was almost as big as the ones in the movie theaters. And there was also a huge hot tub in the middle of the room. I picked up my bags and walked inside. "This is awesome!", I yelled. Bruno laughed and said, "You like it?" "Of course! It's amazing!", I said. He smiled, "I picked it out just for you." Phil and the rest of the band showed up a few hours later and we ordered pizza and played wii and xbox. Phil and the band went to their hotel rooms (they were all staying in this hotel until their next concert) after two hours but me and Bruno stayed up and kept talking for a while though. I was starting to really fall in love with him. He was so nice to me and he was so funny. Not to mention how gorgeous he was. "Where am I going to sleep?", I asked. He got a shy look on his face, "Um well, where ever you want, I guess.", he said. "You wanted me to sleep with you, didn't you?", I asked. "Yeah, kinda.", he said. I smiled. It was so tempting to sleep with Bruno. I mean come on, who wouldn't want to? But I really didn't want to cheat on Chris again. I sat there and stared at him for a while. "Well, I'm going to go get another room.", he said. "No don't!", I yelled. He looked surprised but happy. I grabbed him and led him to the bedroom. I knew it was a bad idea but I just loved Bruno so much.