Chapter 5

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The light on the window hurt Isabella as she opened her eyes. She closed her eyes back then pulled the covers and turned around. She then felt warm breathing on her cheeks. She opened her eyes. Isabella jumped out of the bed as she saw Bruno lying on the bed with her.

"Oh my God... We slept on the same bed... Together..." Isabella's knees weakened with that thought on her mind. She felt impure and dirty when she thought of that.

Bruno then started to open his eyes and rubbed them. He yawned and sat down, looking at Isabella. "What?" He said, half-asleep.

Isabella turned red and looked away. "Nothing... Uh... I'll cook breakfast." Isabella immediately went out of the room and brushed her teeth first before she cooked. She looked in the mirror. 'Ohh... We didn't have sex... But I still feel dirty...' Isabella said to herself as she frowned.

Bruno opened the bathroom door and Isabella got surprised as she looked at him. She then quickly looked back at the mirror as she brushed her teeth faster. Bruno took his tooth brush and put toothpaste on it and brushed his teeth, standing beside Isabella. Bruno looked at their reflection on the mirror. Isabella's face was burning red as she looked down on the sink. Bruno smiled. 'She looks cute when she blushes.' He said to himself.

Isabella finished brushing her teeth and immediately went out of the bathroom. She then started cooking breakfast.

Bruno went out of the bathroom and sat on the dining table, watching Isabella as she cooked their food.

Isabella felt that Bruno was looking at her, and so she didn't look at him, she didn't say a word.

"What's for breakfast?" Bruno asked as he stood up and walked towards Isabella.

Isabella's heart started thumping faster, but she kept silent. She didn't wanna answer Bruno.

Bruno looked over Isabella's shoulders. "Mmm... Omelets... Nice." Bruno said. He crossed his arms as he leaned on the counter.

Isabella was nervous. Bruno wasn't usually doing this, watching her as she cooked. 'I wonder why he's like this today..'

"What are you thinking?" Bruno said, looking at Isabella with curious eyes.


"I'm asking you, what are you thinking?" Bruno said as he moved closer to Isabella.

"Uhh... I'm thinking why you are staring at me like that. Why you're watching me as I cook. You're not normally like that." Isabella said, not looking at Bruno.

"Ohh... Well, I'm watching you 'cause I'm curious. That's all." Bruno said. Bruno really wasn't just curious. He wanted to see Isabella's cute, shy, red face. He noticed that whenever he comes too near, Isabella would blush. And he likes that. He likes teasing her.

Isabella then took the omelets and put them on a plate. She walked towards the dining table and put the plate there. Bruno took some plates and utensils and put them on the table. Isabella and Bruno then started eating.

"Who's Jacob?" Bruno asked as he ate his omelet.

Isabella looked up at Bruno, surprised. 'How in the world...?'

"Well you were shouting his name last night. That's how." Bruno smiled.

Isabella's jaws dropped. 'I said it out loud...'

"So, who is he?" Bruno asked, intrigued.

"Uhm... He's..." Isabella was finding the right words to say.

'Isabella... Don't lie, but don't tell him a lot about Jacob.' The rabbit spirit said.

Isabella sighed. She doesn't even know what to say to Bruno.

"Well?" Bruno said as he waited for Isabella to answer.

"He's..." Isabella closed her eyes as she sighed. Then she opened them and looked at Bruno. "He's my first love."

"Ohh..." Bruno said as he again munched the omelet. Now he wished he shouldn't have asked about it.

"Sooo... When are you going to confess your feelings to Chanel?" Isabella asked, trying to divert the topic.

Bruno shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know... I don't when, I don't how. I don't even know if I could say it to her, since she's so happy with her boyfriend right now..." Bruno sadly smiled as he looked at his plate.

"You should tell her your feelings, even though she loves someone else. That way, maybe she'd realize that it's you that she loves, and not her boyfriend." Isabella smiled at Bruno.

"How do you even know that she really likes me?" Bruno said, smiling back.

"I don't know... I'm not really sure if she likes you. But it's better if you told her about how you really feel towards her, right?" Isabella asked.

Bruno sighed. "It's not like that, Claire. Things won't get better just because you told someone you like them. In fact, I might ruin my friendship with Chanel just because I told her how I felt. It's not always like a perfect love story. Sometimes, the person you love just takes all from you, but never gives anything back. They sometimes don't give you the same feelings that you gave them." Bruno said as he looked into Isabella's eyes.

Isabella then thought hard. She then related what Bruno said to her situation and realized that not because Bruno looks like Jacob, he will also be like Jacob and treat her the way Jacob does. She shouldn't expect things from Bruno just because she is giving her all for her to notice him. "I get it now..." Isabella said as she nodded.

'She really is innocent... Naive...' Bruno said to himself as he ate his omelet. Bruno then finished his meal and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Isabella washed the dishes and brushed her teeth as well. Bruno then started preparing his clothes.

Isabella put on the TV and watched a show in animal planet.

"Claire, did you see my red flannel?" Bruno asked as he looked into his closet.

Isabella then stood up and went inside Bruno's room. "Red... What?" Isabella said as she tilted her head. She didn't know what that thing was that Bruno was looking for.

"My red flannel... You know, the one that looks like this..." Bruno took his yellow flannel and showed it to Isabella.

"Ohh.. It's just there in your closet. But why don't you wear that yellow one instead?" Isabella asked, curious.

"Because I wanna wear red today. And I want it bad. Now are you going to help me find my red flannel or what?" Bruno spoke like an impatient five year-old kid.

"Alright, Alright, I'll find it." Isabella said as she stood infront of Bruno's closet and put her hand on her chin. "Now... Where did I put that red thing of yours?" Isabella said as she looked around Bruno's closet.

Bruno smiled when he saw that expression from Isabella. Then he changed his facial expression and acted impatient. "Come on, find it! Now!"

"Oh alright young master, I'll find it right away for you." Isabella said grumpily as she immediately searched and looked for Bruno's flannel. Bruno smiled as he watched Isabella search for his red flannel. He liked ordering Isabella around or asking her to find something for him, 'cause he can get close to her when he does that.

"Here, I found it." Isabella said as she took Bruno's red flannel and handed it to him.

"Thanks." Bruno grinned at Isabella.

"You're welcome." Isabella smiled back as she then walked to the couch and sat down as she continued watching the TV.

"Aren't you gonna prepare your clothes too?" Bruno asked, curious.

"Why?" Isabella asked.

"Because you're coming with me. I'll drop you to Chanel's dance studio or you could just stay with me and Phil today if you want." Bruno said.

Isabella's ears rang when she heard Bruno mention the dance studio. "Really?"

"Really." Bruno grinned.

"Alright, I'll prepare my clothes right away. You go take a bath already." Isabella said as she quickly went inside her room and prepared her clothes.

Bruno chuckled as he shook his head. He then walked inside the bathroom. He brushed his teeth, took a shower and changed to his clothes. He went outside the bathroom and he saw Isabella sitting on the floor, smiling from ear to ear.

"You done already?" Isabella asked.

"Yeah. You can go take a shower now." Bruno said as he smiled and went to his room. Isabella immediately entered the bathroom.

Bruno was combing his hair when he heard Isabella singing. He slowly walked towards the bathroom door, and saw that the door was slightly open. 'It won't hurt if I peek even just for a minute..' Bruno smiled to himself as he leaned closer to the bathroom door and peeked.

"Da... Da da da da... Da daaaa!" Isabella smiled as she danced in the bathroom. She was really excited about going to the studio.

Bruno looked at her breast, her booty and her whole body. 'Damn...' Bruno felt heat all over his body as he watched Isabella dancing.

Isabella then quickly finished taking a bath and wiped her self off. She saw a plastic bottle in the sink and wondered. 'This one's new...' Isabella said as she looked at the bottle and took it. She read the large prints on the bottle.

"Hand and body... What's this?" Isabella narrowed her eyes as she tried to read it. "Lotion?" Isabella shrugged her shoulders as she opened the bottle. She shook it, then something white came out of the bottle. "Ohh..." She squeezed it and put it on her palm. "What's this?" She said as she looked closer at the white liquid-like thing. She kept reading and saw the instructions part. "Instructions: Apply lotion with a massaging circular motion over entire body. To gain the maximum benefits from this lotion, apply after bathing when skin is still moist." Isabella then rubbed the lotion on her body and smelled it. "Hmm... This smells nice..." Isabella smiled as she continued applying lotion. She then started feeling sticky, but she didn't mind. Isabella then wore her clothes and went out of the bathroom. She saw Bruno lying on the couch, sleeping.

'He fell asleep? Well... I must have stayed too long in the bathroom...' Isabella said to herself as she went inside her room.

Bruno opened his eyes as he heard the door shut. 'Whew... That was close... I thought I was going to get caught...' He said to himself, very happy of what he saw. He sighed as he closed his eyes, smiling.

Isabella then went out of the room and looked at Bruno. "Bruno? You still sleeping?" No answer. She walked towards him and sat on the couch. She smiled. 'He looks so cute when he sleeps... Too bad I have to wake him up...' Isabella said to herself. "Bruno, wake up. We can go now. I'm ready." Isabella said as she shook Bruno's shoulders.

Bruno then slowly opened his eyes, pretending that he just woke up. "Huh? What?"

"I'm ready. Let's go." Isabella smiled at Bruno.

'That smile... Damn...' Bruno said to himself as he looked at Isabella. "Can you dance for me?" Bruno said in a low-toned voice.

"Wh-what?" Isabella tilted her head as she looked at Bruno, confused.

Bruno sighed as she shook his head. "Nothing... Let's go." Bruno said as he stood up and smiled at Isabella.

"Okay..." Isabella said, still curious about what Bruno meant. They went to the car and drove to Chanel's studio.


 I'll be back later by lunch. See ya." Bruno said as he went to his car and started it.

"Bye. Drive safely alright?" Chanel said as she waved goodbye to Bruno.

"I will." Bruno said as he drove his car.

"Well my dear student, what do you wanna learn today?" Chanel said as she looked at Isabella, smiling.

"Everything! I wanna learn about everything!" Isabella said as she grinned at Chanel, her eyes sparkling with excitement.

"Alright, let's start right away then! Learning 'everything' is gonna take us lots and lots of time." Chanel said as she walked inside the dance studio. She then started teaching Isabella some new dance steps and Isabella kept up with everything that Chanel taught her. She was focused and serious about learning it, and she accepted the corrections and Chanel's not-so-nice comments about her dancing. After all, it's part of the learning process.

Time passed, and it was already lunch time. Chanel felt hungry, so she took a plastic bag full of sandwiches that she made just this morning.

"Here, have some." Chanel said as she handed the plastic bag to Isabella.

"Thanks." Isabella smiled as she took one sandwich and took a bite from it. "Mmm... This is delicious!" Isabella said as she tasted the sandwich.

Chanel just smiled as she ate her sandwich. "Uhm... Claire... I wanna ask you something..."

"What is it?" Isabella asked, curious.

"Well... What do you think about Bruno?" Chanel asked with serious eyes.

"Bruno?" Isabella asked.

"Yes, Bruno. What do you think about him?" Chanel asked.

'I was right.. She likes Bruno! She's asking me about him! She really likes him!' Isabella said to herself as she smiled. 'Maybe I should act as the bridge for them... Yeah, that's right... I'll shower Bruno with compliments so Chanel would realize how great Bruno is...'

"Well?" Chanel said as she waited for Isabella's answer.

"I think Bruno is a very handsome and a very talented guy. He's very kind too! You know, he's the man that every woman wants to be with." Isabella said, smiling.

"So you like him?" Chanel asked, smiling.

"Ye--wait... What? No!" Isabella shook her head.

Chanel smiled as she gave Isabella a suspicious look. "Hmm... Really? You don't like him?"

"Of course not!" Isabella answered. 'I don't like him... I love him.' Isabella said to herself. And besides, you two look perfect together! You're going to be a perfect couple!" Isabella said as she grinned.

Chanel then laughed at Isabella.

"What? Did I say something funny?" Isabella asked, curious.

Chanel looked at Isabella, still laughing. Then she breathed deep and spoke. "Claire, Bruno and I are just friends! And I have a boyfriend, so what you're saying now is really impossible."

"But you like him, don't you?" Isabella insisted.

"Yes, I like him... But only as a friend." Chanel smiled.

"Ohh... I see..." Isabella nodded her head. She felt sad for Bruno. She thought Chanel likes Bruno, but she was wrong. 'Poor Bruno...' Isabella said as she bit her sandwich.

"Claire, come on. I'm gonna show you something." Chanel said as she dragged Isabella to the chair on the side of the dance studio where her bag was placed. "Sit here." Chanel said as she sat down on the chair and took her bag. Isabella then sat beside her, curious. Chanel opened her bag and took her make-up kit. She then smiled at Isabella. Isabella looked at Chanel, curious. "I always bring my make-up kit wherever I go so." Chanel said as she smiled at Isabella. Chanel then took one of her face towels then handed it to Isabella. "Wipe your sweat first."

Isabella nodded and wiped the sweat on her face, then on her neck. "Done."

"Come closer." Chanel said as she took the foundation and applied it to Isabella's face. She then started applying the eye shadow, eyeliner, blush on, and lastly, the lipstick. "There, all done." Chanel smiled as she looked at Isabella. "Look here." Chanel said as she pointed the mirror beside them.

Isabella looked at herself. She can't believe herself. For the first time, she looked really beautiful. "Wow..."

"The make up looks really good on you." Chanel smiled as she looked at Isabella's reflection on the mirror.

Isabella and Chanel then heard the door on the dance studio open, and Bruno, Phil, and Phredley have arrived.

"Yo Phred! Haven't seen you in a while! How are you?" Chanel said as she stood up and walked towards Phredley.

"I'm good, I'm still cool and good-looking." Phred grinned as he hugged Chanel. "How about you? You busy right now?" Phred asked.

"Nahh... I don't have that much dance projects or work to do... So I just stay here in the dance studio everyday to practice my dancin'." Chanel said as she walked towards Isabella.

"Hi Phredley." Isabella said as she stood up and smiled at Phred.

"Oh hello there, my beautiful, lovely Claire. I see that you've applied make-up eh? Did you do it because you knew that I was coming?" Phred grinned.

Isabella chuckled. "No, I don't. I don't know you were coming. Chanel just wanted to apply make-up on me. That's all." Isabella said.

"So, how is it? How's my make-up skills? Does she look good?" Chanel asked as she crossed her arms.

"She doesn't. The make up is nice, but it doesn't look good on her." Bruno said as she looked at Isabella.

"Aww Bro, that's just rude!" Phil said.

"Come on Bruno, you've gotta be kidding me! Claire looks goreous!" Phred said.

"No, it's okay. It's Bruno's opinion. Well... After all, we can't please everybody." Isabella said as she smiled at Phred.

"She's right. It's my opinion. What can you do about it?" Bruno said grumpily.

"Bruno, what is wrong with you? You were in a good mood earlier. Why are you acting like a bitch now?" Chanel asked, raising her voice.

Bruno didn't answer. Truth is, he also didn't know why he suddenly went angry. He just didn't like how Phred sounded when he said 'my beautiful, lovely Claire' and that Isabella smiled back at him. He sighed.

"Okay folks, calm down, calm down. It's just make-up, alright?" Phil said as he went in between Chanel and Bruno.

"You know, I'm hungry. Let's go out and eat lunch. Is that alright with ya'll?" Phred asked.

"Hey, I heard that the Wall-E movie is kinda cool. Why don't we go watch that movie after we eat our lunch?" Phred asked.

Now Isabella was getting confused by all this talking. She wasn't paying attention now. Then she looked at Bruno. He wasn't paying attention either. He was just looking on the floor, serious.

"Bruno, what's wrong?" Isabella asked?

Bruno looked at Isabella, then he calmed down and smiled. "Nothing, just... Nothing." Bruno said.

Isabella wasn't contented with Bruno's answer, but she didn't wanna ask further.

"Come on guys, let's go watch that movie that you all are talking about." Chanel said as she went out of the dressing room.

"Let's go then." Phil said and they all went out of the dance studio and went to their own cars.

They drove to the nearest movie theater and bought some tickets, popcorn and drinks for the movie and went inside the theater. They chose good seats and they all sat down. Isabella sat in between Phred and Bruno. Chanel sat beside Phil and Phil sat beside Bruno. They all waited for the movie to start.

Isabella then looked around at the theater and was amazed by how many the seats were inside one big room and there is this one large screen infront.

"First time?" Bruno asked Isabella as he smiled. Isabella then turned her head to Bruno and nodded as she smiled back.

The movie then started, and they all paid attention and watched.

Bruno kinda saw Isabella on that Eve robot. Mysterious, angelic, but so innocent about things. And Wall-E was kinda like him too. He taught Isabella almost anything that Isabella wanted to know. And like Wall-E, he never had the chance to get near to the person that he likes to know more. He sighed and looked at Isabella.

Isabella was laughing her ass out. "Oh my gosh.. I laugh horribly!" Isabella said as she looked at Phred.

"No you don't!" Phred said, smiling at Isabella, and they both continued watching the movie.

Bruno leaned closer to Isabella. "Your laugh... I think it's sexy." Bruno whispered in Isabella's ears. He then smiled as he moved away from Isabella, his eyes on the screen.

Isabella turned her head to Bruno, surprised by what he said. Then she smiled. Bruno looked at Isabella, and smiled back. He then raised his eyebrows as he grinned.

Isabella smiled as she shook her head, then she continued watching the movie.

Phil noticed them, and then he looked at Chanel. Chanel smiled at Phil and gave him an "I know right" look and Phil smiled back.

The movie was finished, and they all went outside the movie theater and ate lunch.

"The movie wasn't that great, but the robots were funny." Phred said as he ate his hamburger.

"I think the movie was great." Bruno said as he smiled.

"Me too. Wall-E is really cute and kind! Plus the story has a moral lesson." Isabella said like she was a five year-old kid.

"Oh come on, the movie wasn't cool. We didn't even really understand what Wall-E and Eve were talking about." Phil said.

"Yeah, and there were some annoying and crazy robots too." Chanel agreed with Phil.

"Well, we all have our opinions, so... Let's just eat? Shall we?" Phil said.

They all smiled as they continued eating their lunch. Isabella finished fast, since she only ordered sandwich. She then drank a glass of water and looked around. 'People... Lots of people...' Isabella started feeling dizzy. She remembered the townspeople again. She closed her eyes and shook her head.

"Claire, you okay?" Phred asked.

"Yes, I'm okay." Isabella opened her eyes as she smiled at Phred.

"You sure?"


Bruno looked at Isabella. He knew there was something bothering her, but he didn't want to ask. He sighed then sipped his iced tea.

"Hey Bru, I wanna go home early today. I'll be going with Urbana for her monthly prenatal check-up." Phil said as he smiled.

"Wow, that's cool Phil. Going with your wife for her monthly check-ups.. That's just so sweet!" Chanel said.

"You know Chanel, we can make babies whenever you want." Bruno said jokingly.

"Oh stop it Bruno." Chanel said, smiling.

'They would make really cute babies.' Isabella smiled.

Phil's phone suddenly rang, and it was Urbana. "Oops, gotta go. Wifey's calling. See you tomorrow ya'll." Phil said as he stood up and waved good bye to them.

"Bye Phil. Say hi to Urbana for me." Phred said.

"I will!" Phil smiled as he ran towards the parking lot and went inside his car.

"Phil is a sweet husband." Isabella said, smiling as she watched Phil drove away.

"He's a happy go lucky man, but he's a loving husband." Bruno said, smiling at Isabella.

"Now you sound gay there Bruno." Chanel said.

"What's so gay about that?" Bruno chuckled.

"You know bro, I think you should confess your feelings to Phil, now!" Phred jokingly said.

Isabella just smiled as the three had their conversation. She then saw on the corner of her eye a familiar face of a man. She turned her head to that man, and was surprised that the man had the same face of her fathers. She gasped as she stood up.

"Claire?" Bruno said as he looked up at her.

"Claire, what's wrong?" Phred said as he looked to the direction that Isabella was staring at.

"Kiddo Claire, you okay?" Chanel asked, concerned.

Isabella looked at Bruno, Phred and Chanel. "N-nothing... I just... Ugh... It was nothing." Isabella said as she held her head and sat down. She looked around again, but the man was gone.

"You wanna go home and get some rest?" Bruno asked Isabella. He knew something was really wrong about Isabella today.

"Yes... I don't feel good today..." Isabella said as she played with her hands.

"What? Is there something wrong? Are you sick?" Phred said, worried.

"No, no... I just... I just feel weird today... That's all..." Isabella said as she smiled.

"Maybe because it's hot today. Well, you gotta go home now and get some rest girl. You don't wanna be sick for the dance lessons tomorrow, right?" Chanel smiled.

Isabella smiled back at Chanel and nodded.

"Let's go Claire." Bruno said as he stood up.

"Thanks for the time, Phred, Chanel." Isabella said as she stood up and smiled.

"No prob." Phred said as he smiled.

Bruno and Isabella waved goodbye to Chanel and Phred as they went to Bruno's car.

"You sure you're okay?" Bruno asked as he drove the car.

"Yeah... Maybe I just need some rest..." Isabella said as she looked outside the window. She was thinking about the man that looked like her father. She sighed. She shouldn't think about these things anymore. 'Forgive, forget and move on...' Isabella said to herself.

"Hmm?" Isabella looked around. They still weren't at Bruno's place. 'Why did he stop the car?'

Bruno stopped the car in front of a teddy bear shop and went outside his car. He went inside the teddy bear shop and bought a cute brown teddy bear wearing a red dress with black buttons. He then went outside the shop and then to his car. He showed Isabella the teddy bear, and Isabella smiled from ear to ear.

"Wow... This is soooo cute!" Isabella said as she looked at the teddy. "It even has a dress..." Isabella said as she touched the dress.

"Here. It's yours." Bruno said as he gave the teddy to Isabella.

Isabella took the teddy bear and hugged it. "Ohhh! You're sooo cute!" She said as she pinched it's cheeks. She had a teddy bear when she was young, but her father burned it up when he got angry at her. So she is really happy that she recieved this. "But Bruno... Why?" Isabella said, raising an eyebrow as she smiled.

"I just wanted to." Bruno smiled as he drove the car.

"Thanks." Isabella said as he looked at Bruno with serious eyes.

Bruno looked at Isabella, then back at the windshield. "What?"

"Nothing... I'm just happy." Isabella said as she then started pinching the teddy bear.

"You like it?"

"Of course I do! Who wouldn't like a cute teddy bear like this?" Isabella said as she hugged the teddy like she was some five year-old kid who just received her gift from santa.

"What do you want to name it then?" Bruno asked.

"I don't know... Do you have any ideas?" Isabella asked.

"Hmm.. How about... Isabella? Yeah, Isabella." Bruno said as he glanced at the teddy.

Isabella's jaws dropped and her eyes were wide open as she quickly turned to look at Bruno.

Bruno looked at the teddy, then at Isabella. "What? Isabella's gonna be a cute name. So yeah, let's just name her Isabella. Is that okay with you?" Bruno asked.

'He might get suspicious if I said no... Ohh... What to do!' Isabella was becoming nervous now.

"So, silence means yes?" Bruno said, smiling.

"Al-alright... Isabella. Yes, let's name her Isabella." She said as she threw a fake smile.

"Well then, Isabella it is." Bruno said as he smiled.

'Well... I guess I'd just call you 'little me' then...' Isabella said to herself. She then suddenly remembered about her conversation with Chanel about Bruno. "Uhm Bruno... Are you... Going to confess your feelings to Chanel?"

Bruno then thought hard. He wasn't afraid to confess, he was afraid of rejection. He knows that Chanel loves his boyfriend so much. He sighed. "I don't know... I don't know if she likes me back... Or if she does, I don't know how to make her realize that I'm the right man for her..."

"Ohh..." Isabella said. She didn't wanna talk any further. She knows that Chanel doesn't really like Bruno, and she didn't want to push Bruno to Chanel, she was afraid that he'd just get hurt in the end.

Few minutes have passed, and they already arrived in Bruno's place. Isabella carried the teddy bear to the house and she sat down on the couch and started staring at the teddy.

Bruno was thinking of how he could make Chanel see him as a man, not just as a friend. Something suddenly popped into Bruno's head. "Ahh! I know!" He stared at Isabella.

"What is it?" Isabella asked, curious.

"Claire, I've got a plan." Bruno said as he smiled.