Chapter 5

20/06/2011 01:27

Ashleigh’s POV

I woke up with the vibration of my phone buzzing underneath my pillow. Whilst it was having a fit between my pillow and mattress I looked over and the clock on my bedside table; 11:36am.

No work today so I relaxed a little. I went to look at my phone and I had 9 missed calls from my dad, oops…

I wanted to ring him back but I had a message too, it was from Bruno…my heart stopped for a second and I quickly opened the message:

Morning beautiful, what are you doing today?

I’m performing at the bar where I met u y-day.

Come and see me perform?

Meet me outside the bar at 8pm, and I’ll get u in :)

Bruno x

Shall I go or not? Let me just see what my dad wanted first. Before I even pressed the green button to call him, he was already calling me.

‘Hey dad, sorry I didn’t pick up the phone I was sleepi-‘ I said quickly into my phone.

‘Who’s this kid you were with last night Ash?’ he said sternly down the phone.

Uh oh…how’d he know?

‘Huh!?’ was all I could say.

‘Don’t act dumb with me Ashleigh! Who is he!?’ he shouted.

‘Erm…Just a-a fr-friend daddy..’ I stuttered.

He obviously knew I was lying, I always stutter when I’m nervous or lying.

‘You know I don’t like it when you hang around with boys!’ he shouted down the phone.

‘Yes I know dad, but I only met him last night, so we’re just friends. How did you know anyway?’ I asked. But seriously, how did he know?

‘Stay as friends only, I don’t want you to be crying back to me when he just used you for se-‘

‘DAD!!! I won’t ever let him use me for that! How could you possibly think of that!?’

‘That’s what boys are like honey, but just please be careful. Remember what happened last time…’ he said, bringing back awful memories in my head.


There was lightning, thunder and extreme wind. This weather totally suited my mood. I ran through the pouring rain whilst I was crying my eyes out as I shut my car door. My clothes were completely soaked and I was shivering like I’d just come out of a cold shower.  I approached the big doors and rang the doorbell, my father opened the door, and before he had a chance to say anything I ran up to him and hugged every bit of him.

‘He ch-ch-cheated’ I shivered as I remember the sight of him and the dumb blonde laying on the couch.

My dad hugged me back even though he knew he was getting soaked from my tears and the rain that washed my clothes a few seconds ago.

He quickly closed the door so he doesn’t get any rain inside his beloved house.

‘Shh shh; it’s okay. Tell me everything once you’re relaxed’ he calmly whispered into my ear, whilst patting the back of my head, hugging me and swaying me side to side.

‘C-can I get ch-changed please’ I finally said whilst fighting back more tears that were approaching.

‘Sure, here let me take you upstairs. You’re freezing.’ He then held my hand and we walked upstairs, I was still balling my eyes out.

My face was wet and I don’t know if they were tears or the rain.

I walked into my old bedroom, which felt like years since I haven’t seen it. Since I had my apartment I never came to stay at my dad’s place anymore, just a visit.

I still had some of my old clothes in my closet which surprisingly still fitted me. I put on my Snow White pyjama bottoms on, a blue tank top and a warm red sweater that my Aunt Janet got me for my 16th birthday that year.

I got dressed in my room whist my dad waited outside. I walked out of my room and we both walked downstairs silently, it’s like he knew this day would come and he’s been waiting and preparing for it to become reality.

We both walked into the living room and he told me to wait and sit on the couch, he then disappeared off into the kitchen. I knew exactly what he was doing, he was making hot chocolate, he always used to make that whenever we talked and whenever I was upset or not feeling too well.

He then walked out with two cups of hot chocolate with cream nearly dropping off the sides of the cup, there was one flake chocolate in his and 2 flake chocolates in mine, I’ve always had two.

He placed the hot chocolates on the coffee table in front of me and sat on the floor behind the coffee table, making him directly opposite me. He has no expression on his face, so I couldn’t really tell what he was thinking.

I could smell the hot chocolate and I just wanted to gulp it all down, but I could see the white steam floating above the cup which is an obvious warning of not to drink it just yet.

I had relaxed a bit after I changed and sat down on the extremely comfortable couch.

After what seemed like forever, my dad eventually said something:

‘I knew he was a bad kid.’ He spat out.

I just sat there, thinking of something I could say.

‘I know, but please don’t start pointing fingers at me at this time, I need support, not anger’ I sympathetically said. I don’t need my dad shouting and telling me off at this point in the situation, I need his support, who else could I turn to? Sure I have Vanessa, but she just jokes about everything and right now I’m not in the laughing mood, I just want to feel loved and wanted.

 ‘You’re right honey, I’m sorry, but I did tell you.’ He stated.

‘Yes, yes I know. Ugh I don’t even want to know how many other girls he fucked!’ I spat out with anger, not meaning to swear.

‘Ashleigh! Do not swear in my house, or you can get out! What did he do to you?’ he shouted. Gosh, he’s acting like I’m not even his daughter! Yes, I’m still young but I’m angry! Ugh.

‘Cheated on me with some dumb blonde...IN. MY. OWN. APARTMENT!!’ I shouted, emphasising the last bit. I would’ve said ‘our’ but I kicked him out so it’s practically mine now.

‘What an idiot!! Honey, you’re going to have boys like them in your life, but these boys should make you stronger, not weaker.’ He simply said.

I cracked a smile, I love it when my dad speaks like that, he always makes me feel better.

‘Thank you daddy, but how do I know if he hasn’t been screwing other girls.’ I said, starting to get angry just thinking about it.

‘Who cares, heck yeah he probably has been screwing other girls, but just be happy you caught him and you can move on and find someone better than him.’ He never fails to please me with boy talk.

I smiled an even bigger one than last time.

‘Thanks so much daddy, I love you’ I said grinning at him.

 I stood up off the couch and walked around the coffee table, sat down on the floor and hugged him. We then drank our hot chocolate together, whilst talking about EVERYTHING.

I eventually stayed the night there and returned to my apartment two months later with Vanessa being my new roommate.

It was good to be home in them two months.


‘Ashleigh..? You there honey?’ my dad bellowed into the phone

‘Yeah, yeah I’m here, sorry I was just day dreaming.’ I truthfully said.

‘About James, huh?’ he literally read my mind.

‘Kind of..?’ I lied. ‘..Yes I was.’

‘I’m just glad you’re moving on, but don’t make the same mistake as last time.’ He said proudly.

‘Okay daddy, I have to clean this apartment now, it’s so dirty, and I’m going out again tonight, so I’ll talk to you later’ I said, whilst I quickly said the last bit.

‘Where do you think you’re going young lady? I am not having my daughter roam the streets and being front pages on magazines worldwide again!’ he protested.

‘Huh?’ what was he talking about?

‘How do you think I found out about Mr Lover last night Ash..’

It took me a while to get that.

‘I WAS FRONT PAGE ON THE MAGAZINES!? OH MY GOSH!!!’ I screamed down the phone. ‘Oh my gosh! Dad, how did I look!?’ I excitedly screamed down the phone.

‘Ashleigh! It’s not about how you look! It’s about WHY you’re on the FRONT PAGE of the magazine!’’ he shouted.

‘Oh well, but dad I promise you I will not be in any magazines tomorrow, I will stay low profile tonight! I PROMISE!!’ I begged him.

‘Okay, but if you’re meeting Mr Lover, no naughty business. I’m only saying this so you can move on from James.’

‘Yes, yes, yes. THANK YOU DADDY!!’ I screamed with a massive grin on my face.

‘It’s okay, but calm down woman!’ he joked.

I heard a bit of mumbling in the background and his voice mumbling too.

‘Hey listen honey, I got to go. Work is calling me’ he frowned. ‘I’ll speak to you soon; I love you and no cheeky business tonight.’ He joked whilst giggling at the end.

‘Bye daddy, I love you mo-‘ he hung up.

It’s like his work is taking over his social life now, gosh I hate it.


Once I finished cleaning my apartment and showering, Vanessa came home from work and I told her that I’m going out again tonight to meet up with Bruno. She really wanted to come but she said no because she had to mark her students class work, I frowned a bit but I was kind of excited inside because then she won’t interrupt and get in the way of mine and Bruno’s…date?

Was this a date or just a meet up, drink, talk kind of thing?

I’ll just see how the night goes, then decide.


It’s around 6:30pm now, before I was just relaxing and watching some cartoons me and my dad always used to watch when I was younger, watching it brought back so many old memories.

I walk into my room and pick out a dark turquoise simple dress that’s just has frills at the bottom, I thought I’d just jazz it up a bit with a long black necklace with a black heart pendant and black bracelets. For my make-up I done smoky eye liner and since my eye lashes are already long I just put a little bit of mascara on. I never put foundation on so I just put blusher and lip gloss on.

Once I was done with my outfit and make up I then started thinking what I should do with my hair. I was thinking of curling it because it’s quicker than straightening it, so I got my curlers out and started curling my hair. I was finished in about 15 minutes which isn’t too long.

It was now 7:45pm; shall I leave now or in about 10 minutes?

I then suddenly realised I hadn’t even text Bruno back!! I was about to text him when someone was calling me…Bruno.

I quickly pressed the green button;

‘HEYYYY!!’ I shouted down the phone.

‘Hey beautiful’ he romantically said.

‘I was just about to text you and say I’m up for tonight, I’m going to leave in about 5 minutes’ I said excitedly.

‘I’m so glad you’re coming; I can’t wait to see you, but please don’t mess up my performance like last time’ he joked and laughed.

I giggled with embarrassment, ‘I’ll try not too’

‘Would you like to come back to my place after?’ he quickly breathed.

I was taken back at first, what shall I say? Is he like the other guys? I really like him, he’s so funny and he’s super cute too..

‘Sure, it would be a pleasure.’ I grinned.

‘Awesome! I’ll see you in a bit, yeah?’ he asked as I could hear him smiling down the phone.

‘Sure thing!’ I exclaimed getting a bit over excited.

I then hung up the phone and had the fattest smile on my face  ever.                             

‘Bye Nessa!’ I shouted from the hallway of the front door.

‘Bye girl! Have fun!’ she shouted like she was so bored.

I was just about to walk out of the door when my phone suddenly exploded with text messages, my messages were piling up literally each time I breathed.








I was so confused...Worldwide tour...MY dad..?