Chapter 5

22/06/2011 14:52

Bruno hadn’t seen Melody for a little over a month. He had been in town every now and then, but he wasn’t sure whether seeing her would be such a good idea. She had a boyfriend, and didn’t want to give out any wrong messages. Melody was at the back of his mind during interviews and performances. He couldn’t explain why, it’s like there was something missing between them, and he had to work it out.


Phil and Bruno were throwing a mini basketball back and fourth between each other at Phil’s house. Phred, Kenji, Jamareo and Eric were all in the other room, grabbing something to drink.


Bruno grabbed the ball and held onto it for a second. Phil looked at him, confused. “What’s up man?” he asked.

“There’s no light in this room, it’s so bright, we got you, you shine like gold…” said Bruno. “Wait… you shine like go-o-o-o-ld… wait, that’s too high, I’ll sing it lower..”

Bruno dropped the ball and went to the keyboard that was on the far side of the room. He started playing a few chords. Phil went over to him.


“Song idea?” asked Phil. Bruno nodded.

“Did the basketball’s beauty inspire you?” joked Phil.

“No man, I don’t know, it just came to me…” Bruno grabbed a pen and wrote down the words before he would forget them.

“I’ll have to try a few variations. But that would be the chorus, what I just sang.”

“I smell a hit my friend!” said Phil.


Phredley and Kenji quickly opened the door.

“How you guys feel about a gig?” said Phred.

“When?” said Bruno and Phil, simultaneously.

“Uh… about an hour?” said Kenji. Bruno laughed.

“We’re not gonna make it to wherever it is, set up and work out a setlist in an hour.” Said Phil. “Why such a sudden offer?”

“Theres some gala for new designers or something and someone cancelled. They had my number and knew I played with you.” Said Kenji.

“Nah, tell them we can’t, it’s a bit rushed” said Bruno.

Eric came in the room, holding his phone. “Bruno, you should check this out before you make a decision.”

Eric handed Bruno the phone. It was an article about the gala. It had a list of all the designers there, and everyone saw his face light up as he noticed one name in particular. It was a no brainer for him.


Melody’s hair was in an elegant updo, and she had simple make up with red lips. She wore a white lace dress that had a low back. It had intricate detail and was a classic dress. Hannah walked into the ballroom on her side, wearing a black, strapless dress that showed off her figure.


The New Designers Gala was a very exclusive event, and Melody felt honored to be there. The ballroom was decorated with fairy lights hanging from the ceiling and gorgeous glass candelabra centerpieces on all the tables. It was all like a fairytale.


Melody and Hannah found their way to their table, and sat where their place setting was. There was an empty space next to Melody, with Sean’s name written on the little card. Melody sighed. They got into a big fight right before the gala, and Melody couldn’t deal with him. She didn’t want him to come. She felt embarrassed by him.


The entrée and first course was perfect. Melody got a chance to talk with other designers she was sitting with, and found herself having a good night. Sean was in the back of her mind all night, his constant harassment lingering on her. Hannah turned to Melody.

“Look at the stage… does that guy look familiar?” asked Hannah. Melody turned her head, and saw a group of people setting up drums, amplifiers, and a mic at the centre of the stage. Hannah pointed in the direction of the drums.

“Which one?” asked Melody.

“The tall one at the back.” Said Hannah. Melody shrugged her shoulders.


The girl next to her tapped her boyfriend on the shoulder. “Oh my gosh, is that Bruno Mars?”

Melody whipped her head around, and saw Bruno dressed in a blue suit with his hair looking very classy. She felt a heavy feeling in her chest for some reason.


“That guy was Phil! I remember him now” said Hannah. Melody stood up without even realizing and walked over to the stage.


Bruno looked around. There were hundreds of tables and the room was full of chatter. People had started to look up and point at him, which he didn’t really take notice of. He was only looking for one person.


Melody looked up at Bruno, who hadn’t noticed her yet standing at the base of the stage. His lips were curled, and he seemed so concentrated on whatever he was doing. He looked cute when he was concentrating.

“Well hello there, stranger”. Melody finally spoke up. Bruno was slightly startled when he looked down to see her there. She looked stunning.


“Fancy seeing you here, Miss Stewart” said Bruno. He tried to act like he didn’t even know she was going to be there, and she seemed to have bought it.

“I didn’t know you were performing tonight,” said Melody.

“Neither did I, till about an hour ago. Funny how things work, hey?” said Bruno. Melody smiled.

“I haven’t heard from you in a while. You never took my number so I was just expecting you to show up again at my door at any random moment.”

“I didn’t want to show up unexpected like the last time. That was a bit rude.” Said Bruno.


“Don’t be silly, that was such a fun night” said Melody. Phil came and stood next to Bruno.

“Well, Melody! What a surprise.” Said Phil. Bruno had to nudge him, because the way he said it gave something away.

“Nice to see you too Phil. I’ll leave you guys to it. Break a leg.” Melody gave a little wave before walking back to her table.


“She looks cute tonight.” said Bruno.

“She does look very nice… she shines like go-o-o-old… see what I did there?” added Phil. Bruno had a look of concentration on his face again. Phil waved his hand in front of Bruno’s face, but he was still doing that goofy look.

“Earth to Mars, Bruno.” Said Phil. Bruno blinked.

“Sorry. Was just thinking. I think you’ve helped me finish that song.”


Bruno & the band performed a couple of their songs and two covers. Melody and Hannah found themselves singing along to a majority of the songs. Melody couldn’t help but notice the way Bruno presented himself – he was very charming, charismatic, he made everyone swoon over him.


They finished their set and went off backstage. Hannah loved the performance.

“Bruno kept looking in our direction.” she said. Melody agreed.

“I wonder if he’ll come out afterwards.” said Melody. She was interrupted with a tap on her shoulder. Bruno was there, looking down at them. The people in the room were shocked, watching.


“Hey Bruno Mars!” said Hannah. Melody giggled.

“Just call me Bruno, Hannah. It’s cool.”

“Bruno Mars just said my name…” said Hannah.

“You wanna sit?” asked Melody. Bruno looked at the empty seat next to Melody, and saw Sean’s name on the place card. “Don’t worry, he’s not coming.”

“Why not?” asked Bruno. Melody sighed. “It’s a long story…”


Bruno sat down next to her. He looked into her eyes, that we’re now green.
“Every time I see you, your eyes are a different colour!” said Bruno.

“Makes me more mysterious, I suppose.”

“That’s good. Mystery’s good. I like mystery.” Said Bruno. Melody began to feel a bit uncomfortable – she could feel eyes watching her from all over the table and the room. Bruno could sense this.

“You wanna go outside?” asked Bruno. Melody nodded.


They stood out on the terrace, overlooking the city. All of the lights were spectacular.

“I kinda miss just looking up and seeing the stars glow back in Hawaii... you know what I mean?” said Melody.

“Yeah, I do.” Said Bruno. A shiver went down Melody’s back.

“Here, take my jacket” Bruno said this as he took if off. Melody tried to refuse but Bruno was happy to give it to her. He went to put it over her shoulders when he noticed a bruise on her back. It looked like she had tried to cover it up with make-up.


“What is that?” asked Bruno. Melody tried to turn her head to see where Bruno was looking. She sighed.

“Oh, I didn’t even realize I had that. It’s probably nothing.” Said Melody. Bruno put the jacket over her shoulders and stood next to her.


“Are you sure?” asked Bruno. Melody nodded.

“You’re lying.” Said Bruno. “You’ve gone quiet, and your nostrils flare when you lie. And you do that thing where you bite your lip.” Melody turned to him.

“What did you just say?”

“You’re a mystery, Mel, but sometimes I can see right past it.”


Melody felt a bit shocked. No one had ever said that to her. Melody wanted everyone to believe she was strong. She didn’t want to worry anyone with her problems. Why Bruno saw past it of all people, she didn’t know why. She didn’t know what to say to him. She looked over the balcony.


“I don’t want to talk about it right now.” she said.

“That’s fine with me.” Said Bruno. Again, that shocked Melody. He cared enough to know she didn’t want to talk about it, so he knew not to ask questions. She had never experienced that with anyone.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Bruno said, smiling.

“You… I don’t get you.” Said Melody. She shook her head as she said this.


There was silence as they both looked out over the city. Bruno just wanted wrap his arms around her. He couldn’t bring himself to admit it, but he was starting to like her, a lot. Melody was thinking about Sean. He treated her so wrong.


“Why are you the only one that sees past me?” said Melody. She looked into his eyes, and he did the same back. “Was that a rhetorical question?” he asked.

Melody thought about it for a second. “Hmm… I’m not sure…”

“I’ve never thought of it as seeing past you… I just see you.” Bruno’s words were sweet.  


Melody felt something she hadn’t felt in a long time… when Bruno’s lip turned into a smile, it made her almost melt. She noticed the small curl that had fallen out of place at the side of his head. His eyes had a glow she had never noticed before. There was only one other time she felt like this, and that was at the school dance many years ago, with Bruno. ‘Melody, snap out of it’ she thought to herself. She couldn’t do this now, especially with him. But she couldn’t keep being with Sean either.


“Bruno… there’s something I have to do, but I need you there in case anything happens. Can you help me?”

Bruno was unsure of what she meant. Her eyes had a hint of sadness. “Whatever you need, I’m here, okay?”


Melody and Bruno walked up the stairs. They found themselves at the door of Melody’s loft. The football could be heard from the TV inside. Melody took a few bobby pins out of her hair and the soft curls fell to her shoulders. She took off her heels.

“You know you make me feel short when you wear heels-“ Melody placed her finger over Bruno’s lip. She giggled quietly though, and Bruno’s face lit up as it did whenever she laughed.

“I need to go grab some things, and I have something to do. I need you to wait here, incase anything happens, okay?” she whispered. She had a genuinely scared tone to her voice.

“Mel, what’s going on?” asked Bruno. Melody closed her eyes, took a deep breath and put her right hand on Bruno’s shoulder. “Please don’t leave, okay? Just stay right here.”


She got out her key and opened the door.

Bruno watched her go inside and could hear her footsteps down the hallway. He stood around, confused, admiring the architecture of the building. First he could hear Melody talking calmy. Then it turned into loud, distant voices which caught his attention.

“I’m done Sean, you don’t treat me right!” he heard her say. Muffled words came out of Seans mouth and they began yelling over each other. Bruno moved closer to the door. He heard a glass shatter, and a thump on the ground as Melody’s piercing scream ran down the hallway. He began shaking the doorknob furiously, trying to get it open, but it was no use. He began banging on the door. “Melody!”


He heard sobs coming from inside. Bruno felt panic go through his body.

“We aren’t over until I say so!” shouted Sean.