Chapter 5

03/07/2011 12:05

"Jen I need some help over here!" I yelled across the diner

"Give me a sec! Im trying to take orders!" She yelled back

Its already 12pm & the lunch rush was getting crazy. Jen & I were doing most of the work. Taking orders, fixing drinks, & cleaning tables while Marissa was just flirting with some guy. Marissa was the other waitress, I really didnt-- No, I dont like her at all. She walks around here like she is the bitch in charge but she is not. I mean the only reason why she got the job is because she is banging the manager & all the employees knew about it. C'mon going in his office everyday & comes back 1 hour later with your dress unbuttoned, hair messed up. It was obvious but everybody just plays dumb like they dont know what is going on.

"She needs to stop fucking flirting & help us" Jen says coming behind the counter.

"Jen you know she is not going to help us"

"Wanna bet?" Jen looks at me with a smirk on her face

"Jen what are you about to do?"

"You'll see" she said as she walks away from me

"Ok" I said

Jen walks over to where Marissa & the customer was. Marissa looks up & sees Jen standing at the table.

"Marissa, we need your help"

"No you dont, I see you & that bitch Tori are doing just fine without me" She says as she rolls her eyes, & then looks at the guy

"Really? You think so? well we thought that we might need your help also since you are REALLY good at SERVING"

Marissa took her eyes off the guy & glared at Jen. The guy is looking really confused. Jen turns around & looks at me. I knew exactly what she meant by that look. Basically she was saying "Tori get your ass over here before I have to beat this bitch's ass". I walked over there as fast as I could.

"What the fuck are you trying to say?" Marissa says as she gets into Jen's face

Jen didnt say anything back she just stared at her with a smirk on her face. Hell she didnt even move either.

"What is she talking about?" the guy says looking at me

"Umm.. how can I say this nicely? Oh yeah.....THIS SKANK IS BANGING THE MANAGER! YES THE MANAGER!" I said to him

She takes her eyes off of Jen & glares at me. Her eyes were filled with so much anger that her eyes were red & they look like they were going to pop out of her head. I just looked at her with a smile on my face.

"Thats exactly what im talking about" Jen says to him with a smile

"Thank you Tori for saying it for me" she says to me

"Ah, it was no problem" I said back as I smiled

"Wait the manager? Really? Oh boy you know he is married right?"

"MARRIED!?" Jen & I said together

"YES! & he is my uncle. Oh boy his wife is NOT going to be happy about this. When she found out about the last one, all hell broke loose. All im going to say is never mess with a woman who has a 9mm in her purse."
"You mean she--" Before Jen could finish he put his hand up & stopped her

"Yeah, she shot at her a couple of times, but missed her though"

Marissa's eyes were getting bigger & bigger by the second. I could tell she was scared to death. I knew up under all that "Im a hardcore bitch, dont fuck with me" exterior, there was a scared & insecure woman on the inside. She looked at all 3 of us, & walked away with tears in her eyes. Jen & I sat down.

"Woah" Jen says

"That's what I said"

"She carries a 9mm in her purse?"

"What? Jen!" I hit her in her arm

"Ow! C'mon what woman do you know carries a 9mm in her purse?"

"Oh, I know--" Before I could finish Jen put her hand up

"Madea is NOT a real woman Tori! She is a fictional character"

"Well damn Jen! I was trying to lighten up the mood here with a little joke"

"Oh my bad, well you wasnt trying hard enough"

"Ow!" she yells out as I hit her arm again

We almost forgot the guy was right there. He just smiled & then laughed at us.

"Oh well sir we have to get up & go finish our shift or else your uncle is going to make us work double tomorrow"

"Ok it was nice meeting you ladies" he said with a smile

He gets up & grabs his wallet from his pocket. He handed Jen & I $20 each.

"What is this for?" Jen asked

"For telling me about her & for making me laugh. Who ever yall are dating, have to be some very lucky men. God knows I would have been very happy to be taken by 1 of you beautiful ladies."

"Aw look at you! trying to sweet talk us, whats your name sweetheart?" Jen says


"Jamareo?" I said

"Yes thats my name" he said with a smile

"No, I know that-- I meant to say you're Bruno's friend right?" I said

"Yes & your the girl who waitressed us last week right?"
"Yeah, im Tori"

"Oh so you're the Tori that Bruno keeps talking about" he says with a huge smile on his face
"Um, yeah I guess so. He talks about me alot? Really?"
"Of course! Dont worry, he says the most wonderful things about you"

"Good to know" I said with a smile

"Jen, Kenji talks about you alot also"

"What!?" Jen says

"He does, he keeps saying he is very happy with you & you are the most funniest girl he has ever met. He wasnt lying about that part. You are funny"

"Oh well....OK!" she says with a huge smile on her face

"I think I said too much, its time for me to go now. Nice to see you ladies again. Bye & have a great day" he walks away

"Bye Jamareo" we said together

"Oh hey Jamareo!" Jen yells out & she runs up to him

"Are you going to tell your uncle's wife?"

"Oh no, im going to give him time to tell her. If he doesnt then I will"

"Ok, well let me get back to work. bye again" she says with a smile

He leaves & I notice he kept staring at Jen with smile on his face as he was getting in his car. I didnt say anything, plus I know he wouldnt try to do anything especially if he knows Kenji is talking to her.

So Jen & I got back to work & before we knew it, the lunch rush was over. It was break time & we both sat down at one of the tables.


"So what Jen?"

"Heifer dont play dumb with me! what the hell you & Bruno talked about last night?"

"Nothing really we--"

"Please tell me you didnt tell Bruno about him?"

"No I didnt but he did ask me did I love him & I said I did until I saw his true colors"

"Do you want to tell Bruno the whole story about him now?"

"Not the whole story. im only going to tell him half of the story"

"Oh. when?"

"I dont know, when ever I see him again" I said looking down at the floor

"Enough with this, lets talk about last night" Jen says

"Ok, well Bruno asked me is he going to he to see me dressed down more often & I told him I dont know, maybe. He then said he hopes so because he never had a girlfriend--"

"Damn he said girlfriend?"
"yeah but he then switched it over to girl."

"He needed to stop he knew what the hell he meant the first time"



"You gonna let me finish or not?"

"Yeah girl! go ahead"
" So he said he never had a girl to dress down & be happy with it. Then he started talking about how his ex girlfriend was so worried about what she was going to wear & what her hair was going to look like. He use to tell her she was beautiful without makeup & everything"

"Awww!!" Jen says

"I know right!"

"So what else happened?"

"Um, well I asked him about the 'never had a girlfriend- I meant girl' thing, & then I asked him was he saying we're together now?"


"He said yes & then I said we only been on 2 dates! He said I know but its just something about you that I really like, you are not like all the other girls I dated."

"Well damn how many girls there were before you?"

"Thats what I asked! he then said to be honest with you, I dated girls but I only had 4 real girlfriends. So what about your love life?"

"And what did you say?"

"I said well put it this just wasnt meant to be & im going to leave it at that. I dont know why but I started to tear up after that. But he promised that he wouldnt hurt me like the other one did."

"He is such a sweetheart! God I hope he keeps his promise because im so tired of seeing you getting hurt Tori & you know that"

"Yeah I know, but lets talk about you & Kenij. So what happened when Bruno & I went outside?"

"Nothing we were watching the movie-- well I was trying to but it was freaking me out. So he just wrapped his arms around me & that made me feel so much better. He started to ask me about my relationships & I told him they never worked out because I always ended up getting cheated on. I asked him the same question & he said they never worked out, he didnt know why. His last girlfriend said she wasnt really in love with him & that really broke his heart. He then said he is hoping that im the one to pick up the pieces of his heart & mend it back together. I know we are going to be great together, I just know." she says with a smile on her face.

"Yeah I have to agree, im just happy for you Jen"

" too" she says as she looks out the window

"Enough with all this relationship talk, lets talk about--"

"Tori. Jen. my office NOW!"

We both knew exactly who it was, Leo, the manager of Moe's. Leo took over the diner after his grandfather, Moe, passed away 5 years ago. Jen & I got up walked to the back of the diner & followed him into the office. We walked into his office & of course Marissa was in there. She was still crying, then she looked at me, I can tell she was still pissed but I didnt care. I mean, she kinda had it coming. Flirting on the job, especially wit Leo's nephew Jamareo. Sleeping with Leo also & knowing he has a wife, that was wrong & she knew it. Jen sits in the chair near the door. There was only 1 chair left & it was by Marissa. I didnt want to sit by her but I know if Jen did, it might wouldve been the last time I see Marissa in the damn office.

"Now what the hell is going on with you 3? Huh? why cant you ladies save what ever drama yall have for after hours?"

"Well Leo, If you must know Tori & I needed help with the lunch rush today. So I noticed Marissa over at a table flirting with another man. I took it upon myself to go ask her for her help. She tells me no you dont, I see you & Tori are doing just fine without me. So I--"

"She told me I was REALLY good at SERVING people!" Marissa yelled out

"Really? well the was nice of you Jen--"

"Not that way Leo! Look, they both know we are sleeping with each other."


"Well Leo we already knew we just didnt want to say anything at all we--"

"Tori shut your productive ass up!" he says to me

I sat there I looked at Jen & she look at me, & she looks at Leo.

"Its. about. to. go. DOWN." She says as she pulls out her phone from her apron & begins texting

"You damn right it is!" I said

So I got up & went to his desk

"No Leo, how about you shut your cheating ass up!"

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me! With your lying ass"

" you keep this up & I will fire the both of you! "

"Hold up Leo! I need my check so dont put me in this! I didnt call you a cheater."



"You just did"
"Oh, well" she says as she begins texting on her phone again

I turn around & look at Leo & he looked a little paranoid. Then he finally spoke

"Cheater? I am NOT a cheater! I never have--"

"Oh stop with the bullshit Leo, we all know you have a wife at home. From what a certain someone told us, she almost killed the last girl when she found out you were cheating."

He just sat there just sweating, & looking around. You can tell he was shocked about what I told him.

I pushed all the stuff off his desk, sat right on top of it & looked at him.

"Now I know you would hate for your wife to find out about this skank you been sleeping with. So--"
"Skank!? I got your skank" Marissa yells as she gets up

"Hefier sit your ass down!" Jen says while laying back in the chair

"Are you blackmailing me?"

"Ha! I wouldnt call it black mail, I would call it an understanding"
"What do you want from me!?"

"Woah, woah take it easy Leo, I dont want anything from you. I just want you to give us a raise."

"A raise? Ha! you have got to be fucking kidding me."

"Or we can tell your wife about you 2. You know she comes in here every friday." I say to him

He sighs & rubs his head

"Alright" he mumbles

"Im sorry I didnt hear you"

"Thats what I like to hear. Come on Jen lets go"

"Marissa you stay in here" he tells her

Jen & I make our way back to the front of the diner, fixed us a drink, & sat down at the table. I notice Jen staring at me with the huge grin.

"What Jen?"

"Look at you, getting all gangsta on me"
"What? no!"

"Uh yes! bringing your inner Tupac out. Ive taught you so well!" She says & the starts to laugh

"Shut up Jen!" I start to laugh

"What time is it now?" I asked

"Um its 4:30"

"Ugh! I cant wait 30 more minutes! im ready to go home now" I said

"So what should we do until then?" Jen asked

"I dont know I guess--"


We heard a loud scream, a thud & someone yelling. We got up from the table & ran to the back. All the noise was coming from Leo's office.

"You fucking told them about us!"

"No I didnt I swear! They figured out on their own!!!!!"

"I dont fucking believe you! Shut up"

We hear a loud smack & a thud on the floor. We both just stood there with both of our hands over our mouths.

"Alright Jen im going in."

"What are you fucking crazy!?"

"I may be, but I cant stand for a man to hit on a woman like this! Look I know we both dont like her but we have to help her. C'mon Jen."

"I sure as hell dont like her but do I have to?"
"Jen, what would--" I say before Jen cuts me off

"Ah! you better not say it Tori" Jen puts her hand down

"Jesus do?"

"Damnit Tori! I hate when you do that! The question is what would Jen do?"

"Walk away like nothing happened" I said

"Exactly! Now im gonna walk away"

She turns & begin to walk away. I grabbed her by her black shorts & pulled her back in my direction.

"Damnit Tori! let me go!"

"No! Just think if that was you in there"

Jen sighs & looks at me

"Ok lets go." she says

We burst through the door only to see Marissa on the floor & Leo on top of her with his fist balled up. He glares at us gets up & comes after me & starts to yell

He swings at me & I ducked then I uppercut him with my right fist. He falls back & his head hit the edge of the desk. Jen & I ran over to Marissa & helped her up.

"Come on lets get out of here before he get up!" I say to Jen

"Ok. Jen take her to my car & I will meet you out there."

"Hurry up Tori! PLEASE"
I ran to get my keys & purse. I made my way back outside, Marissa was already in the backseat & Jen was in the front. I hopped in the car & drove away quickly. We finally made our way to my house. I got out to go open the front door, then went back to the car to help Jen get Marissa out of the car. Once we got her in the house we laid her on the sofa. I went upstairs into the bathroom & grabbed the first aid kit from under the sink. I went back downstairs & help Marissa clean herself up. Her face was swollen & the brusies on her were huge.

"Thank you both" Marissa says

"Your welcome" I said to her Jen did not say anything at all

"But why?" Marissa says

"why what?"

"Why did yall help me?"

"Uh for the record I was forced to help you. It wasnt out the goodness of my heart"

"Jen shut up"

"What Tori!?"

"You must have used the WWJD phrase on her?" Marissa asked

"As a matter of fact Marissa, I did"

"Yeah she did, I call that the guilt phrase" Jen says

"Why do you call it that?"

"Because Marissa, it makes me feel guilty" Jen says

"Oh, well I want to thank you both again. I mean after all those times Ive been a bitch to you both, I really didnt deserve your help. Im sorry"

"We forgive you dont we Jen?"

Jen is looking around like she doesnt hear me. So I hit her arm

"Yeah....we do" she says as she glares at me

"Well Im going to call my sister & let her know im going to be staying with her for a couple of days."

"Wait what? Are you sure?" I asked

"Yeah. I'll be fine"


"Marissa why?" I asked

"Why what Tori?"

"Why were you sleeping with him for your job? You know there are other diners here in LA that dont require for you to sleep with the boss to get your job."

She looks at me & then looks down at the floor. Then she finally spoke

"I dont know Tori, I just dont know."

We all just sat in the living room, in slience, until a car horn honks outside

"Well thats my sister, thank you both again"

"Ok we will seen you soon & you are welcome." I said

"Marissa?" Jen says


"Even though we dont like you, just know this if you ever have a problem like that again...Its going to kill me to say this but-- Just call us & we will be here for you ok?"

I turn around & look at Jen. I was so shocked from what I was hearing. I couldnt believe Jen actually said that. I have to agree even though we both didnt like her, we had to help her out of that situation. Since that was me once in a similar situation, well subtract the banging the manager part.

"Ok I will thank you so much. Hug?"

"Uh, didnt you catch the we didnt like you' part?" Jen says as she backs away

"Hell I'll take one for the team" I said

"Yeah you do that Tori" Jen says as she pushes me towards Marissa

Marissa hugged me so tight I thought I was going to black out from it. She finally lets go & walks to her sister's car. Jen & I stood at the door until we see the car pull off. I closed the door & both of us made our way back to the living room & sat down on the sofa.

"Well this has been a day from hell" I said

"Yeah Tori, I have to agree"

"Who knew so much can happen between 12pm till now?"

"Apparently not us! This is my drama for the week I can proudly say. Well I have to get going, my bed is calling me & we have to deal with that nutcase Leo tomorrow."

"Yeah, I really dont wanna go to work tomorrow, after all of this happened, hell I dont wanna go at all. But I will talk to you tomorrow Jen."

"Ok, bye Tori"

Jen leaves, I close the door & go upstairs to take a shower. I get out of shower & put on my "Team Mario" shirt & my gray baggy pants. I got down stairs into the kitchen & make myself some dinner. After I was done eating I went back into the living room & began to watch tv. All of a sudden I hear the doorbell ring. I wasnt expecting any company especially at this time. I get up & go answer it. When I opened the door I see Bruno.

"Hey babe" he says with a smile on his face

"Uh, hey?"

"Did I catch you at the wrong time or something?"

"No, im just suprised"
"Why are you suprised?"

"I wasnt expecting you to come over. You didnt text me all day either"

"Babe I was busy with work, im sorry I didnt text you all day. I had to see you tonight" He says as he kisses my cheek

"Aww well isnt that sweet of you?"

"Well you know how I do" he says as he fix his jacket

"Shut up & come on in"

"I was waiting for you to say those words"

"Shut up?"

"No, come in" he begins to laugh

He comes in, closes the door behind him, & follows me to the living room. We both sat down on the sofa, he then put his arm around me.

"So what are we watching?"

"True Blood" I say with a huge smile on my face

"True Blood" is one of my favorite shows to watch. It has everything I was looking for in a tv show. Drama, murder, mystery, & not to mention a sexy vampire named Eric Northman.

"Oh I see you like the show with the fangbangers huh?"

"Fangbangers? Really? I wouldnt say that, you would call them vampire lovers."

"Either way the vampire is still getting some action. More than I am" he mumbles the last part under his breath

"I heard that! Besides you're not getting any yet! If you keep this up then you wont get any at all."

"Why are you doing this to me?"
"Doing what Bruno?"

"Teasing me!"
"How in the hell am I teasing you?"
"With the way you dress after work, you know that turns me on & not to mention the sexy photos you sent me. By the way could you send me so fully naked pics next time?"

"Well I wont dress like this anymore if it turns you on & NO! im not sending you any naked photos. I only do half naked photos only. You have to wait if you want to see all of this"

"I dont know if I can wait any longer Tori. But I know its worth the wait" he says with a smile


"you know how you asked me about my last boyfriend?"


"Well I think im ready to tell you about us--well at least half of the story"

"Babe are you sure? You dont have--"

"No, I think-- I am ready to tell you"

"Well his name was Matt, he was everything to me or at least I thought so. Everyone loved him, they thought he was "The One" for me. At first I didnt think so, but as the years passed I started to see that. So around March of last year I noticed he was acting a little unusual, he became more angry, fustrated & he use to hit on me constantly. I would never forget this one particular day, I asked him was he seeing another woman. Then all of a sudden I felt a strong hit come across my face. He then told me yes & walked out. I didnt know why I stayed with him, I was so blinded by love that I couldnt see the real him." I said looking down at the floor



"Are you ok?"

"Yeah im fine-- Ok im not. I am pissed! how could he do such a thing to you? Wow I just cant believe this happened to you. I can wait for the other half of the story but right now I dont want to hear nothing else about the guy. Ok?"

"Ok. Look I didnt know it was going to piss you off that bad. I knew I should have never said anything! Damn im so stupid!"

"No you're not stupid, now look at me Tori"

I looked into those beautiful hazel eyes but all I could see was so much anger.

"You have been hurt & im the one who is going to be here for you no matter what. I would NEVER put my hands on a woman, not even you. When I look into your eyes all I see is a woman who has been hurt so many times & im willing to change all of that. I will keep my promise to you, im not going to be the next guy to break your heart. You are a stong, beautiful, & indpendent woman & I love that about you. Hell I love everything about you"

Looking into his eyes, mines start to fill up with tears. Then I kissed him. He was the first man to actually tell me how he felt inside. He kisses me back & hugs me so tight. He then wipes the tears away form my eyes.

"Look baby I have to go, I have to be work early tomorrow. I will call or text you ok?"


He kisses me again & leaves

"Bruno. You never told me what was your job?"

"Oh you will find out on saturday" he says with a smile


"Yes, now go to bed!"