Chapter 5

22/07/2011 08:31

-The next day-

I called Bruno over and over and over but he wouldn't answer. I didn't get why he was acting like this,what was his problem? He had been just fine the day before he left,his mom said he had been acting wierd but he seemed fine. He was making me so mad,I just wanted to punch him in the face! I wish he would have just stayed here,I know it's selfish but I missed him so much. I wish he could have stayed here in Hawaii and became a musician here,I knew he couldn't though. He wouldn't become as famous and not as many people would hear his music.

-Two weeks later-

I felt so sick. Like throwing my guts up sick. And Bruno still hadn't called me back or answered any of my calls so that made it even worse. I missed him so much and it had only been a week,I didn't know how I was going to survive without him. Someone knocked on the door and I got up to go open it. My boyfriend Jason walked in,"Hey baby. You want to go do something today?",he asked. I sighed,"I want to but I can't.",I said. "Why are you always f*cking like this?! You're cheating on me aren't you?!",he screamed. He slapped me so hard I fell to the floor then stormed out,slamming the door. I covered my face with my hands,it hurt so bad. I hated him,he was the worst boyfriend in the world. He asked me out the day after Bruno left and I had said yes because he seemed so nice. A few days later he had started throwing these litttle tantrums and being abusive,I tried to break up with him but he threatened to kill me and I didn't know what to do so I just stayed with him. I went and layed down in my bed and tried to fall asleep but I couldn't because I kept throwing up,I called the doctor and made an appointment for tomorrow. Hopefuly it wasn't anything too serious.

-The next morning-

I got out of bed and got some breakfast then I got Elvis his breakfast,"Hey baby. Mama's going to the doctor,I'll be back soon.",I said patting him on the head and grabbing my keys. I got in my car and drove to the doctor's. When I got there I told him my symptoms and he did a few tests,"Ok when the results come back I'll give you a call.",the doctor said. "Ok thank you.",I said walking out of his office. I went home and layed on the couch,I still felt so sick. I fell asleep and when I woke up Jason was sitting in a chair watching TV,I pretended I was asleep but it didn't work. "Don't play with me! I know you're awake! Get your lazy a*s up and make me something to eat!",he said. I got up and walked to the kitchen,I could hardly make it though. My stomach was killing me. I tried to cook something but everytime I got up I felt like I was going to throw up and I had to sit back down. I heard Jason coming and I tried to get up but before I could he walked in,"What are you doing? Get up and make me something to eat you useless piece of sh*t!',he yelled slapping me again. I got up and ran to the bathroom as fast as I could,I locked the door and hoped Jason wouldn't find the key. Jason banged on the door and yelled at me,a few seconds later I heard barking. I smiled,Elvis. He always tried to protect me when Jason came over,he was such a good dog. "OOOOWWWW F*CKING DOG BIT ME!!!!",Jason yelled. I heard a crack and then Elvis whimpered,I wanted to go out there and help him but I knew if I did Jason would hurt me again but worse this time. The door slammed and I waited a few minutes before coming out of the bathroom,"Elvis. Come here boy.",I said. He walked over to me,it looked like he was hurt,"Oh baby,what happened to you?",I asked. I got his leash and hooked it to his collar,"Come on,let's go to the vet.",I said. When we got to the vet I told them what was wrong and they took him into an examination room. The doctor came back twenty minutes later,"Your dog has a few broken ribs. Do you want us to do surgery?",he asked. I was shocked,had Jason really broken some of Elvis's ribs? "Um yeah,go ahead and do the surgery.",I said. "Ok,he'll have to stay here for a few days. We'll call you when he can come home.",the vet said. I was scared to death,without Elvis at home there would be nothing to stop Jason from hurting me worse than he usually did. I was NOT going home tonight,I knew Jason would be waiting for me. I drove to a hotel on the far side of town and got a room there.

-3 days later-

"Hello,this is the vet's office calling to tell you that your dog can go home. But be gental with her,she's probably a little sore.",a lady said. "Ok thank you.",I said hanging the phone up. I layed back down in bed and fell asleep,thirty minutes later I woke up to the sound of a rining phone. "Hello?",I asked. "Where are you?! You can't hide from me!",Jason yelled. I hung the phone up,I made the stupid mistake of not looking at who was calling before I answered it. I looked at my phone,nine missed calls. All from Jason. I grabbed my keys and left the hotel,he would be able to find me now. This wasn't going to be fun. I ran downstairs and went up to the front desk,"Hi um I need to check out of my hotel room.",I said. The lady looked up at me,"So soon?",she asked. I nodded,"I have a um family problem that I need to take care of.",I said. "Oh well ok. I can't refund the money for the room though.",she said. "That's fine.",I said leaving and running to my car. It was raining REALLY hard,just my luck. I drove slowly to the vet's office trying not to crash,I could hardly see and my windshield wipers weren't doing anything. I got to the vet's office,"Hi I'm here to pick up my dog Elvis.",I said. The lady at the front desk didn't look up,"Just a minute.",she said. I sat down in one of the chairs and fought the urge to fall asleep or throw up. A few minutes later the vet walked out with Elvis,"Make sure he doesn't run or jump for the next few weeks,it'll really hurt him.",he said. I nodded,took Elvis's leash,and walked out to the car. It was still raining,"Ugh Elvis I can't see anything.",I said. I drove around for a while before I found a really nice looking hotel,I can't stand cheap gross hotels. "Elvis Stay.",I said getting out of the car. I went inside and went up to the front desk,"Do you guys allow dogs to stay in the rooms?",I asked. He looked up at me,"For anyone else no but for you yes.",he said with a smile. I blushed,"Thank you. I need a room for two days.",I said. He typed a few things into the computer then handed me some keys,"Room two fifty.",he said. "Oh how much do I owe you?",I asked. He smiled,"Don't worry about it,I got it.",he said. I smiled,"That's very nice of you but won't you get fired if your boss finds out?",I asked. He laughed,"Who says he has to find out?",he said. I laughed,"Well I have to go,I'll see you later.",I said. "I'll take that as a promise.",he said giving me a sexy smile. Ugh it was so tempting to say something like,"You know what room I'm in." or "I'm in room two fifty if you need me." but I didn't because I didn't even know him and knowing my luck,Jason would show up here. I went out to my car and brought Elvis in,"Is that your dog?",the guy at the front desk asked. I laughed,"Nope I just stole him from a little old lady I met outside.",I said. He laughed,"Oh that was a stupid question wasn't it?",he asked. I smiled,"Nah I've heard stupidier.",I said. He walked around the desk and walked up to me until his body was just a few inches away from mine. "I love you.",he said looking into my eyes. I backed away a little,"No you don't. You don't know me.",I said. "I want to know you.",he said moving closer to me and putting his hands and my hips. "No you don't,trust me.",I said backing away again. "Yes I do,you're beautiful.",he said walking closer to me again. "Stop it! I'm in love with someone!",I said backing away. I couldn't back up anymore,there was a wall behind me. He put his hands on the wall,trapping me. "Get away!",I yell. He pressed his lips hard against mine,I struggled to get away but I couldn't move. I snaped my fingers trying to get Elvis's attention,he looked up at me and then looked at the guy. He started to growl and then he bit the guy. He backed away holding his hand,"Stupid dog! I should call the cops on you!",he yelled. I laughed,"And I should call the cops and your boss on you.",I said walking to the elevator. I went up to my room and layed down in the bed,Elvis jumped on the bed and layed beside me,"Hey you're not supposed to be jumping!",I said petting him. He was such a good dog,I didn't know what I would do without him. After laying there for a few minutes I remembered something,when Bruno had given me Elvis hadn't he said something like "He can be your guard dog." or something when he gave me Elvis? Did he know something that I didn't? Or something I hadn't know at the time?

-The next day-

I was in the kitchen in the hotel room making some breakfast when I heard a knock on the door,"Who is it?",I yelled. "You know who it is!! Let me in!!",Jason yelled. How did he find me?! "NO! Leave me alone!!",I yelled. I heard the door open. "Where are you? You can't hide from me baby!",he said walking in the kitchen. "Why do you always have to be like this? I'm not cheating on you!",I said. "Well the guy at the front desk doesn't agree.",he said. "He's a lier,he forced himself on me,I promise.",I said. He shook his head,"Why don't you love me?",he asked. "Hmmm let me think. Oh yeah cause you abuse me and you're mean!",I said. "Ok I'm sorry,can we just start over?",he asked. "Jason I don't know,I don't think I can trust you know.",I said. "One time! I cheated on you one time!",he yelled. "Yeah well you lied about it and you're always abusive because you think I'm cheating on you!",I said. "Please forgive me,I'm sorry and I regret it so much.",he said. "Just go,I'll think about it.",I said. He looked dissapointed but he didn't say anything else,he just left. I sat down on the couch beside Elvis and watched TV,"What do you think Elvis? Can I trust him?",I asked. He just looked at me,"That's what I thought you'd say.",I said. A few minutes later my phone rang,"Hello?","Yes this is the doctor's office with the results from your test.",a lady said. "Oh thank you,finally.",I said. "Mhm anyway the results from the test said that you're pregnant...with twins.",she said. I dropped the phone,this couldn't be happining. I couldn't be pregnant. "Hello? Are you still there?",the lady asked. "I'm here.","The sickness you were feeling is your morning sickness. It's normal,nothing to be worried about.",she said. I hung the phone up,she was wrong. There was something to be worried about. Jason was going to be a terrible father,I didn't want him around my kids. He was going to be abusive to the too,I knew it. But there was something I was more worried about,I was almost positive these were Bruno's babies....