Chapter 5

27/08/2011 17:58

Chapter 5

Bruno grabbed my hand.
"Hey, are you okay?" he asked with a weird face.
"No! Whats wrong with her?! We're just bestfriend! duhh," i said. He put his head down. He's still grabbing my hand. He stared at my bracelet. 
"Come on," he faked a smile and pulled me to his car. I hopped inside and he started the engine. Few minutes later, he parked his car in front of the shop named "The Tuxs". He grabbed my hand as i jumped out from the car. And pulled me into the shop. A guy with a white shirt and a purple tie came.
"Hi, I'm Brendan. How am I gonna help you?" he smiled and stared at me.
"I'm looking for a tux for my prom night." Bruno faked a smile, AGAIN. Oh this boy will never learn.
"Are you going with your girlfriend over here?" Brendan stared at me again. My face turned really red.
"I'm not his girlfriend," i said.
"Can we continue this LATER?!" Bruno said with a high voice.
"Sure," Brendan said and started to look a nice tux for Bruno.

Few minutes later, while Bruno were trying out some tux inside the fitting room,
"Go on a date with me?" Brendan asked. I looked at him. His face looks older than me. His green eyes. He's not Mr. Right.
"Erhmmm, nope, youre not Mr. Right. Sorry!" i said. Brendan looked disappointed but who cares?
"One date? Please?" he begged. I wanted to say no when suddenly Bruno came,
"This is perfect!" he looked into the mirror. "What do you think babe?" he smiled to me.
"Perfect! You look handsome!" i smiled. He payed for the tux and we went and looked for my dress, after 30 minutes of searching, I've found this beautiful red dress with a ribbon on it. I love it, so i payed for it and Bruno and I went home. We didnt talk much after what happened at the shop. Whats wrong with him anyway?
"Are you okay?" i asked.
"NO, I'M NOT." he replied with a high voice.
"Why?" i nodded.
"Because Brendan asked you to go out with him!" he parked the car on his porch.
"So what? You have to be jealous? I thought we are BESTFRIEND!" I screamed and jumped out from the car. I slammed his door and ran to my house. I jumped on my bed. I cant sleep. But I left my balcony door wide open. Its hot inside here anyway. I wont look into Bruno's balcony. I checked my computer and played some online games.


I didnt mean to hurt her. I know, who cant be jealous to that? Everyone wants to date her! But me?! I really need to say sorry to her. I wrote a song. I bet she's gonna love it. And I hope she'll forgive me. I looked at her balcony. The door's open. But I cant see her. Maybe she's on her bed, or downstairs. I walked downstairs with a sad and worried face.

"Bruno!" Eric said.
"Yes?" i looked at his face.
"Whats up with you?" he asked.
"Nothing," i said. i took some food and started to eat dinner.
"No, you've never been like this before. Whats wrong? You had a fight with S?" Eric called her S. Its easy he said.
"No," i lied. I dont want him to know. But he's my brother, he knows everything.
"I hope you and S are going to be okay, we all know youre meant to be together." he smiled.
"Hope so," i finished my food and washed my dishes. I walked upstairs. I grabbed my guitar and looked at Sasha's balcony. I practised the song I wrote for her. It sounds PERFECT. I tried to make it sound amazing but, its okay. The lyrics are fine, telling people how i felt. And I walked to my balcony with the guitar in my hand. I changed into my red boxer and a pink shirt. And I'm ready for it. I stand on my chair at the balcony. And I......